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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

World Premił«re of One-Woman Cabaret

World Premił«re of Carolyn Guillet's One-Woman Cabaret

Plucked, Hammered and Strung

How many poems, songs, films and plays have been written about love and yet we never tire of the subject in all its mystery. This fall Inifnithłęłótre explores the topic, from two very different perspectives, both of them female. Running concurrently for two weekends at the Bain St-Michel with Carole Frłęchette's John and Błęatrice, is the world premił«re of Carolyn Guillet's one-woman cabaret, Plucked, Hammered and Strung.

A woman, a piano, and five lovers. Six obsessive love songs. Nine dying fathers and a forgotten spouse or two. A theatrical performance event full of passion, lamentation and frivolity. Themes of yearning, absurdity and insanity are played out to the tune of Chopin's Funeral March and Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. This is Kurt Weill's Threepenny Opera meeting Aeschylus' Electra; a cross between Peggy Lee and Mozart improvising "Variations on the Theme of Love".

Juxtaposed with Frłęchette's mythic fairytale, Guillet plays it close to the bone with this semi-autobiographical (or is it?) rendering of all the "first loves" of her lifeĺ─Âso far. The piano, her closest confidante throughout, plays a major role in her life and the piece, as Carolyn weaves original songs as well as pop ballads and a few choice classical piano solos into the storyline. In an attempt to deal with the death of her father and the subsequent muddy resurgence of all her dead affairs, Guillet takes the audience though a labyrinth of fantasy and reality; funny, dark, brutal and touching. Dovetailing perfectly with the other two themes of Infinite's 2008 ĺ─ý 09 season, 'Hope' and 'Faith', Plucked, Hammered and Strung is a story of eternal renewal.

Regarding the issue of semi-autobiographical material, Guillet, the writer admits, "I steal things. And then I lie. I 'use' the truth, twist it just enough to make it entirely believable." However, Guillet, the actor, felt a little over exposed. "I thought the character was a little too close to the real me. But as the work developed, the characters multiplied and I got all these different names to play with, like different hats in a costume box. Every time she [the character] sits down at the piano, she's someone elseĺ─Âor a slightly different version of herself. I have to fall in love over and overĺ─Âdiscover the pleasures of sex over and over again, as if for the first time."

Guillet, who is working on a sequel to her first original script, Seventeen [Anonymous] Women, entitled Seventeen [Particular] Men asked Diana Fajrajsl to dramaturge the work as she developed it through a CALQ grant. "Diana was indispensable. She kept me at it, kept me laughing, got me out of the mud and into a place of wit, clarity and elegance." Arianna Bardesono, an NTS graduate having just come off her successful directorship of Repercussion Theatre's The Tempest, is directing. Bardesono had attended a reading of Plucked at Playwright's Workshop Montreal and when she and Guillet met last summer at an international master class for directors in Ottawa, they hit it off.

OF SPECIAL NOTE: "Strung Out on Sushi" - an additional fundraising performance of Plucked, Hammered and Strung will be held on Monday, November 10th to raise money to support Infinithłęłótre's ongoing mandate to discover, develop and produce Qułębecois writers. Sushi dinner at 6:00 PM with the performance following. For those enticed by the play AND keen to support local theatre, this is the perfect combo! Call Infinithłęłótre for more info at (514) 987 ĺ─ý 1774.

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The American Federation of Musicians


Passage of the Prioritizing Resources and Organization for Intellectual Property Act will Stem the Growth of Music Piracy and Protect AFM Membersĺ─˘ Hard Work

The American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM) applauds Congress for passing the Prioritizing Resources and Organization for Intellectual Property ĺ─˙PRO-IPĺ─¨ Act. This bill will greatly increase the federal governmentĺ─˘s ability to fight music and video piracy and enforce intellectual property and counterfeiting laws. Music piracy and intellectual property theft represent some of the most serious threats to musicians, the music industry and AFM members. The AFM thanks Congress for its passage of the PRO-IP Act and its support for the creative community.

The AFM, working in a labor-management coalition, advocated for passage of the bill. The Senate unanimously passed the PRO-IP Act (S.3325) on Friday, September 26, and the House of Representatives overwhelmingly, 381 members voting for passage to 41 members voting against, passed the bill on Sunday, September 28.

The PRO-IP Act will increase penalties for copyright violations and counterfeiting. It will strengthen the governmentĺ─˘s ability to enforce intellectual property and counterfeiting regulations by providing funding for additional FBI agents and Justice Department personnel dedicated solely to intellectual property protection and prosecuting those caught violating the law. Finally, the bill creates the position of Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator in the White House. This position is designed to coordinate the federal governmentĺ─˘s intellectual property and counterfeiting enforcement operations across all departments and agencies.

About the AFM

Founded in 1896, the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM), AFL-CIO, is the largest organization in the world dedicated to representing the interests of professional musicians. With more than 90,000 members, the AFM represents all types of professional musicians, including those who record music for sound recordings, film scores, radio, television and commercial announcements, as well as perform music of every genre in every sort of venue from small jazz clubs to symphony orchestra halls to major stadiums. Whether negotiating fair agreements, protecting ownership of recorded music, securing benefits such as health care and pension, or lobbying legislators, the AFM is committed to raising industry standards and placing the professional musician in the foreground of the cultural landscape.


La jeune fille et la mort par Les Violons du Roy - 3 octobre 10h30 et 20h

La jeune fille et la mort
Słęrie Grands Rendez-vous

Jean-Marie Zeitouni, chef dĺ─˘orchestre

Vendredi 3 octobre, 20 h
Salle Raoul-Jobin, Palais Montcalm (Qułębec)

Słęrie chefs-dĺ─˘ëýuvre du matin
Vendredi 3 octobre, 10 h 30
Salle Raoul-Jobin, Palais Montcalm (Qułębec)

B. Britten Prłęlude et fugue pour 18 cordes, opus 29
B. Britten Variations sur un thł«me de Frank Bridge, opus 10
F. Schubert Quatuor en rłę mineur Č┤ La jeune fille et la mort Ȭ, D. 810
(Arrangement pour orchestre łŢ cordes de G. Mahler)

Qułębec, le jeudi 11 septembre 2008 ĺ─ý La saison 2008-2009 des Violons du Roy sĺ─˘ouvrira avec le premier concert de la słęrie Grands Rendez-vous, le vendredi 3 octobre, 20 h, łŢ la Salle Raoul-Jobin du Palais Montcalm. Pour lĺ─˘occasion, Jean-Marie Zeitouni dirigera des ëýuvres de Benjamin Britten et lĺ─˘un des chefs-dĺ─˘ëýuvre du rłępertoire romantique, le Quatuor Č┤ La jeune fille et la mort Ȭ de Franz Schubert dans lĺ─˘arrangement pour orchestre łŢ cordes de Gustav Mahler. Cette dernił«re ëýuvre sera aussi donnłęe en matinłęe, łŢ 10 h 30, dans le cadre de la słęrie de concerts commentłęs Chefs-dĺ─˘ëýuvre du matin.

La premił«re partie sera consacrłęe łŢ deux ëýuvres pour orchestre łŢ cordes de Benjamin Britten, toutes deux composłęes pour un ensemble londonien rłęputłę, lĺ─˘Orchestre łŢ cordes Boyd Neel. Le concert sĺ─˘ouvrira avec le Prłęlude et fugue, opus 29, une ëýuvre qui met bien en lumił«re la virtuositłę de chacun des musiciens, tous łętant traitłęs en soliste. Suivront les Variations sur un thł«me de Frank Bridge, opus 10 crłęłęes au Festival de Salzbourg en 1937. Dans cette słęrie de variations, Britten rend hommage łŢ son małĂtre, Frank Bridge, mais surtout, il prend un plaisir łęvident łŢ łęvoquer le style de nombreux prłędłęcesseurs et contemporains, notamment Beethoven, Verdi, Rossini, Mahler, Ravel, Bach et Bartłäk. Cette ëýuvre destinłęe łŢ faire briller lĺ─˘orchestre contribua grandement łŢ la cłęlłębritłę du compositeur alors łógłę de 24 ans.

En deuxił«me partie, Jean-Marie Zeitouni dirigera lĺ─˘arrangement pour orchestre łŢ cordes du Quatuor en rłę mineur Č┤ La jeune fille et la mort Ȭ de Schubert, rłęalisłę par Gustav Mahler dans le but de rendre plus accessible ce magnifique chef-dĺ─˘ëýuvre. Mis en musique par Schubert en 1817, le court poł«me de Matthias Claudius, Der Tod und das Młždchen (la mort et la jeune fille) relate le dialogue entre une jeune fille effrayłęe et la Mort. Sept ans plus tard, le compositeur, alors confrontłę łŢ sa mort prochaine, reprend son lied et sĺ─˘en inspire pour crłęer son quatorził«me et avant-dernier quatuor. Cette ëýuvre en quatre mouvements, portłęe par un souffle dramatique puissant, constitue sans contredit lĺ─˘un des sommets de tout le rłępertoire romantique.

La Caisse de dłępłąt et de placement du Qułębec est le partenaire prłęsentateur de ce concert. Espace musique, la radio musicale de Radio-Canada, est le diffuseur officiel des Violons du Roy. La saison 2008-2009 łŢ Qułębec est prłęsentłęe par Hydro-Qułębec, partenaire de saison łŢ Qułębec.

Słęrie Grands Rendez-vous : Cinq concerts dĺ─˘envergure
Pour ceux qui aiment la diversitłę, la słęrie Grands Rendez-vous propose cinq grands concerts oł╝ lĺ─˘on pourra entendre des ëýuvres magnifiques telles La jeune fille et la mort de Schubert, La nuit transfigurłęe de Schoenberg, La messe de minuit de Charpentier et młüme de la musique klezmer. Truls Mork, Karina Gauvin, lĺ─˘ensemble Kleztory et La Chapelle de Qułębec figurent parmi les invitłęs de marque de cette słęrie aux saveurs variłęes !

Słęrie Chefs-dĺ─˘ëýuvre du matin
La słęrie Chefs-dĺ─˘ëýuvre du matin est de retour, cette fois avec une offre de cinq concerts. Ces concerts commentłęs par les chefs et ponctułęs de dłęmonstrations des musiciens permettent aux młęlomanes dĺ─˘enrichir leur expłęrience du concert. Dĺ─˘une durłęe dĺ─˘environ 70 minutes sans entracte, ces concerts ont lieu en matinłęe łŢ 10 h 30.


Abonnez-vous łŢ lĺ─˘une des słęries de la Saison 2007-2008 et profiter dĺ─˘un rabais sur le tarif rłęgulier et de nombreux privilł«ges. En vous abonnant avant le 3 octobre, vous courez la chance de gagner lĺ─˘un des trois prix du concours Č┤ Trois chances plutłąt quĺ─˘une Ȭ. Tous les dłętails sont disponibles dans la brochure de saison ou sur le site :
Nouveautłę : la formule Trio Dłęcouverte permet de crłęer votre słęrie de 3 concerts parmi 14 grands concerts du soir et de dłęcouvrir ainsi la gamme variłęe du rłępertoire des Violons du Roy. Vous pouvez młüme choisir autant de trios que vous le dłęsirezĺ─Â
Le tarif 29 ans et moins de retour !
Un concert de haut niveau au młüme prix quĺ─˘un film, soit seulement 12,50 $.

Information et Rłęservation

Billetterie du Palais Montcalm
(418) 641-6040, poste 0
(418) 692-3026

Concerts łŢ venir au Palais Montcalm :
Mardi 4 novembre łŢ 10 h 30 : Flł¬te alors !
Concert commentłę par Bernard Labadie,
Słęrie Chefs-dĺ─˘ëýuvre du matin
Mardi 4 novembre, łŢ 20 h Flł¬te alors !
Avec Bernard Labadie, chef; et Maurice Steger, flł¬te łŢ bec
słęrie Bach avant-tout

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PSO Kinderkonzert Series Begins October 20th

Introducing young children to instrument families and musical concepts

PORTLAND, Maine ĺ─ý The Portland Symphony Orchestra (PSO) kicks off its popular Kinderkonzert series of the 2008-09 season with "Strings: Four Seasons" beginning October 20 and running through November 19.

The PSO String Quartet will guide kids aged 3-7 through the experience of how music can remind us of our surrounding environments. The PSO String Quartet, comprised of violin, viola, cello and double bass, will demonstrate how music can tell a story in much the same way as words and pictures. Various stringed instruments can conjure different seasonal weather patterns and their subsequent moods ĺ─ý the plucking of violin strings might make one think of a rain shower while the deep sounds of the double bass may being to mind a thunderstorm.

The "Strings: Four Seasons" program opens on October 20 at the Crooker Theater in Brunswick High School and then travels to nine other locations in Maine and New Hampshire for a total of 24 performances.

Kinderkonzerts are entertaining, interactive programs with Portland Symphony musicians where kids ages 3 - 7 can sing, dance, wiggle, clap, and have fun listening and learning about music and instruments. School systems can coordinate the Kinderkonzert visit with Science and English Language Arts instruction in addition to Visual and Performing Arts. Specially prepared worksheets designed to support Maine's Learning Results are available online or by contacting the PSO.

Sponsored by Time Warner Cable, all Portland Symphony Orchestra Kinderkonzert tickets are $3 per person with advance reservation, $4 at the door (adult or child). For additional information, reservations and ticketing information visit or call (207) 773-6128.

# # #

PSO Kinderkonzert Schedule for Strings: Four Seasons:

October 20, 2008 | 9:30, 10:30, 1:00

Crooker Theater, Brunswick High School

116 Maquoit Road, Brunswick

October 21, 2008 | 9:30, 10:30, 1:00

Gorham High School

41 Morrill Ave, Gorham

October 22, 2008 | 9:30, 10:30

South Portland High School Auditorium

637 Highland Avenue, South Portland

October 23, 2008 | 9:00, 10:00, 11:00

Olin Arts Center, Bates College

75 Russell Street, Lewiston

October 30, 2008 | 9:30, 10:30

Reiche Community School

166 Brackett Street, Portland

November 3, 2008 | 9:30, 10:30

Manchester Elementary School

17 School Street, Manchester, ME

November 7, 2008 | 9:30, 10:30, 1:00

Fairfield School

75 Beach Street, Saco

November 14, 2008 | 9:30, 10:30

Town & Country Motor Inn

Route 2, Shelburne, NH

November 18, 2008 | 9:30, 10:30, 1:00

Oxford Elementary School

79 Pleasant Street, Oxford, ME

November 19, 2008 | 10:30 *

Hear Me Now

New Gloucester, ME

* Sold out

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2009 JUNO Awards Submissions Start October 1st

Get in the Running for the 2009 JUNO Awards
- Call for Submissions Start on Wednesday, October 1st -

CARAS introduces new partnerships and
changes to category and voting guidelines

Toronto, ON (September 30, 2008) - The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) announced today that submissions for the 2009 JUNO Awards open on Wednesday, October 1st; giving Canadian artists the opportunity to enter eligible works to be considered for the 38th edition of Canada's Music Awards. The 2009 Juno Awards Weekend will take place in Vancouver, BC, March 26-29, 2009.

This year, CARAS has introduced new category guidelines, voting criteria and an all-new partnership with YANGAROO to streamline the judging process. Using YANGAROO's patented Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS) which is a secure, accessible and easy-to-use digital file transfer system, eligible submissions will be distributed electronically to judges during the voting period.

CARAS is also pleased to announce that PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP will be the official ballot accountants for the 2009 JUNO Awards.

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Submissions for the 2009 JUNO Awards open October 1, 2008
  • Early-Bird deadline (to receive discounted submission rates) is October 22, 2008 before 5 p.m. (EST)
  • Final submissions for CRAFT Categories (5-39) must be received by
    November 12, 2008 before 5 p.m. (EST)
  • Final submissions for SALES Categories (3-4) must be received by January 7, 2009 before 5 p.m. (EST)

2009 eligibility applies to works released during the period between September 1, 2007 to November 12, 2008. For a complete list of JUNO Awards categories, eligibility rules, voting criteria and submission forms, go to

Along with the announcement of submission dates and deadlines, CARAS has also introduced significant changes to several JUNO Awards categories effective for 2009.

Voting Criteria Changes: Nominations for Artist of the Year and Group of the Year will now be determined based on split criteria of 50% sales and 50% Academy member votes, with the winner decided by a final Academy members' vote.

Category Crossover: Aboriginal Album of the Year* and Contemporary Christian /Gospel Album of the Year can now cross over into another genre category (provided the album meets the specific genre category criteria). *Aboriginal Album of the Year is now a FULL album category. Single track submissions will no longer be considered for this category.

Voting: To receive voting ballots for 2009 Single of the Year, Group of the Year and Artist of the Year, participants must be current CARAS members as of December 1, 2008. For all other member-voted categories, voters must be current CARAS members prior to February 1, 2009. Registrations received after this date will be ineligible to vote for the 2009 JUNO Awards.

Sponsors of The 2009 JUNO Awards include FACTOR, Canada's Private Radio Broadcasters and the Government of Canada through the Department of Canadian Heritage's "Canada Music Fund," The Province of British Columbia, The City of Vancouver and Radio Starmaker Fund.

About CARAS:
The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences/L'academie canadienne des arts et des sciences de l'enregistrement (CARAS) is a not-for-profit organization created to preserve and enhance the Canadian music and recording industries and to contribute toward higher artistic and industry standards. The main focus of CARAS is the exploration and development of opportunities to showcase and promote Canadian artists and music through vehicles such as The JUNO Awards. For more information on the 38th Annual JUNO Awards or the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences' (CARAS) please visit our websites at and


Monday, September 29, 2008

Yuli Turovsky conducts I Musici de Montreal

The VSO Presents Yuli Turovsky and I Musici de Montrłęal

Vancouver BC ĺ─ý I Musici de Montreal is one of Canadaĺ─˘s top chamber orchestras, specializing in Chamber and Baroque. The VSO is proud to present them, with their founding director, Yuli Turovsky, for the opening concert of the Bach & Beyond series in a perfect baroque concert: the music of Bach and Handel. I Musici de Montreal performs at The Chan Centre for Performing Arts on October 10th and 11th.

ĺ─˙Turovsky, a man of high passionĺ─¨

--The Montreal Gazette

ĺ─˙I Musici de Montreal is a decidedly virtuoso groupĺ─¨

--South China Morning Post, Hong-Kong

Founded by cellist and conductor, Yuli Turovsky, I Musici de Montreal is a chamber orchestra of 15 musicians that specializes in Baroque repertoire. Maestro Turovsky has joked that back in 1983, he purchased a few batons on sale while in New York City and decided that since he had these new batons, he needed an orchestra to conduct. With this new goal, he went back home and founded I Musici de Montreal. This string orchestra is now celebrating its 25th anniversary and performs over one hundred concerts annually at home and abroad.

I Musici de Montreal visits Vancouver as part of their Western Canadian Tour, which also includes performances in Kelowna, Penticton and Vernon. The VSO presents them for the first concert of the 5-concert Bach & Beyond series, while the VSO is on its Asia-Pacific Tour.


Bach & Beyond Series

The VSO Presents I Musici de Montrłęal

Friday, October 10, 8pm Chan Centre for the Performing Arts

Saturday, October 11, 8pm Chan Centre for the Performing Arts

Yuli Turovsky, conductor

I Musici de Montreal

Handel Concerti Grossi, Op.6, No.1 in G Major

Handel Concerti Grossi, Op.6, No.4 in A minor

Handel Concerti Grossi, Op. 6, No.12 in B minor

JS Bach Goldberg Variations

Tickets: $35 to $59 (Senior, Student and Subscriber discounts available)

Tickets available from Ticketmaster Charge-by-Phone, 604.280.3311, VSO Customer Service at 604.876.3434, or online at

The VSOĺ─˘s Bach & Beyond Series Endowed By:

The Chan Foundation of Canada

The presentation of this series is made possible in part through the generous assistance of the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts of the University of British Columbia.

Radio Sponsor:



Yuli Turovsky, conductor

Born in Moscow, dynamic and visionary conductor Yuli Turovsky began studying the cello at age 7. He continued his studies at the prestigious Tchaikovsky Conservatory with Galina Kozulupova and in 1969 received First Prize in the USSR Cello Competition. After graduating, he toured the world as a member of the celebrated Moscow Chamber Orchestra, under the direction of Rudolph Barchai.

After immigrating to Canada and establishing himself in Montrłęal, Yuli Turovsky formed I Musici de Montrłęal Chamber Orchestra in 1983. An ensemble of 15 strings with a repertoire that extends from the baroque to the contemporary, I Musici de Montrłęal performs over 100 concerts per year throughout the world.

I Musici de Montrłęal

Founded by cellist and conductor Yuli Turovsky, I Musici de Montrłęal is a chamber orchestra of 15 musicians that performs a vast repertoire extending from the Baroque to the Contemporary. The orchestra presents a busy schedule of over 100 concerts per season throughout the world, including three series in Montreal. This extraordinary amount of activity places I Musici de Montrłęal among the most important touring orchestras in Canada. Since its beginnings, I Musici de Montrłęal has released more than 40 CDs for the Chandos and Analekta Record Labels that are distributed in more than 50 countries around the world.

These recordings have won the orchestra and Maestro Turovsky many awards, including a Diapason dĺ─˘Or for their 1988 recording of Shostakovichĺ─˘s 14th Symphony and a 1992 Penguin Guide Rosette for their Concerti grossi, opus 6 by Handel. I Musici de Montrłęalĺ─˘s recording of Handel has since become a reference recording of the highest standard. In December of 1998, the Conseil qułębecois de la musique gave two Opus Awards to the orchestra for Recording Event of the Year and Best Recording - contemporary music for a CD grouping works by Gorecki, Płžrt and Schnittke. In August 2001, BBC Music Magazine named as their CD of the Month I Musici de Montrłęalĺ─˘s 40th CD, a recording of Miaskovsky, Schnittke and Denisov, naming it ĺ─˙Pickof the monthĺ─¨. In 2007, the orchestra won the Opus Award for their latest record Shostakovichĺ─˘s Circle and was nominated for a Juno Award.

In 1999, I Musici de Montrłęal was awarded the Grand Prix by the Montreal Urban Community for their exceptional contribution to music presentation in and around Montreal. In 2004, the Orchestra and Maestro Turovsky received a uniquely special award for International performances presented by the Conseil qułębłęcois de la musique. This award saluted the 20th anniversary of the orchestra and the whole work that made the reputation of the orchestra throughout the years.

Under the dynamic and visionary direction of Maestro Yuli Turovsky who also performs as cello soloist with the orchestra, I Musici de Montrłęal has performed in some of the greatest halls in the world: New Yorkĺ─˘s Lincoln Center, the Gewandhaus in Leipzig, Germany, the Seiji Ozawa Hall in Tanglewood, the Tonhalle in Zł║rich, the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, the Kioi Hall in Tokyo and Philharmonie in Luxemburg, among others. Public enthusiasm and critical acclaim underlining the precision, cohesion and virtuosity of their performance as well as the brilliant and distinctive sound of the orchestra confirm I Musici de Montrłęalĺ─˘s importance on the worldĺ─˘s musical stage.

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NACO, Oct. 9-10: Measha Brueggergosman

Measha Brueggergosman sings Barberĺ─˘s Knoxville: Summer of 1915 and Bolcom cabaret songs with the NAC Orchestra on October 9 and 10

Ottawa (Canada) ĺ─ý Marvellous Measha Brueggergosman, Canadaĺ─˘s soprano sensation, returns to the National Arts Centre Orchestra to sing *Barberĺ─˘s Knoxville: Summer of 1915, a musical interpretation of an elegant memory poem by James Agee (poet, novelist and scriptwriter of The African Queen), as well as three cabaret songs by William Bolcom. These opening concerts of the Bostonian Bravo Series on Thursday, October 9 and Friday, October 10 at 8 p.m. in the NACĺ─˘s Southam Hall are led by young American conductor James Gaffigan making his NAC debut. Gaffigan will also lead the NAC Orchestra in Rossiniĺ─˘s Overture to The Italian Girl in Algiers and Beethovenĺ─˘s Symphony No. 1.

James Gaffigan says, ĺ─˙This program is like the perfect dinner, the audience gets a taste of everything, without getting too full. A Rossini overture is the ideal appetizer in a concert program; it whets the appetite with loads of charming humour and unexpected drama in just eight minutes time. Measha then takes the stage with two contrasting but equally engaging vocal works. The first being the elegiac Knoxville: Summer of 1915 by Samuel Barber, followed by the effervescent cabaret songs of Wiliam Bolcom. These pieces will show the depth of diversity in these American composers as well as in Meashaĺ─˘s interpretive abilities. After intermission, the orchestra shifts gears to the classical meat and potatoes in Beethovenĺ─˘s first symphony. This work combines the intensity often associated with the composer, as well as passages of alluring beauty.ĺ─¨

The cabaret songs by William Bolcom ĺ─ý ĺ─˙Georgeĺ─¨, ĺ─˙Total Stranger in the Gardenĺ─¨ and ĺ─˙Amorĺ─¨ ĺ─ý will be heard in new orchestrations by the composer performed live for the first time in Canada after being recorded by Measha Brueggergosman on her Juno Award-winning Deutsche Grammophon recording entitled Surprise! She says, ĺ─˙What these songs do so brilliantly is to create highly theatrical mini-dramas in which the music is borne out by the texts ĺ─ý not the other way around. Itĺ─˘s catching the sly mix of the casual and the formal in these songs that is their particular challenge.ĺ─¨

Critically acclaimed by the international press as much for her innate musicianship and voluptuous voice as for a sovereign stage presence far beyond her years, Measha Brueggergosman has emerged as one of the most magnificent performers and vibrant personalities of the day. Her appearances this season include performances with Ensemble Intercontemporain, London Symphony Orchestra, lĺ─˘Orchestre symphonique de Montrłęal, and concerts with the Cleveland Orchestra in Cleveland, Miami, and at Carnegie Hall. She has performed several times with the NAC Orchestra, most recently this past July during ĺ─˙Orchestras in the Parkĺ─¨.

James Gaffigan, born in 1979, is the Associate Conductor of the San Francisco Symphony and Music Director of CityMusic Cleveland, a chamber orchestra which presents free concerts throughout the city. His appearances as a guest conductor have included appearances with the Philadelphia Orchestra, Toronto Symphony, and Tonhalle Orchestra, and this season he makes his debut with, among others, the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic and Chicago Symphony as well as the NAC Orchestra.

Tickets for these Bostonian Bravo Series concerts on Thursday, October 9 and Friday, October 10 at 8 p.m. are on sale now at $19.00, $39.00, $49.00, $59.00, $69.00 with box seats at $86.00 (GST and Facility Fee included) at the NAC Box Office (Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.), and through Ticketmaster (with surcharges) at 613-755-1111. Ticketmaster may also be accessed through the NACĺ─˘s website at

Half-price tickets for students in all sections of the hall are on sale in person at the NAC Box Office upon presentation of a valid student ID card. Live Rush tickets (subject to availability) for full-time students (aged 13 to 29) are $11 at the NAC Box Office from 2 p.m. the day before the concert to 6 p.m. the day of, upon presentation of a valid Live Rush card.

Groups of 10 and more save 15% to 20% off the regular price of tickets to NAC Music, Theatre and Dance performances. To reserve your seats call 613-947-7000 ext. 384 or email

*Measha Brueggergosman requested a change of programme. The Barber and Bolcom will be performed in place of the previously announced Les Nuits dĺ─˘łętłę by Berlioz.

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Prix Zof du partenariat 2008 : appel aux candidatures

Fłędłęration culturelle canadienne-franł▀aise - Visitez le site Web


Prix Zof du partenariat 2008 : appel aux candidatures

Prix Zof 2008 Crłęation de l'artiste Donald Doiron
Prix Zof 2008
Crłęation de l'artiste Donald Doiron
Ottawa, le 29 septembre 2008 - Pour une 6ł«me annłęe, la Fłędłęration culturelle canadienne-franł▀aise (FCCF) s'associe au gouvernement du Qułębec pour honorer un partenariat gagnant entre un organisme du Qułębec et un organisme des communautłęs francophones et acadienne dans le domaine des arts et de la culture. Le Prix sera remis en 2008 en marge du Forum sectoriel des arts et de la culture qui se tiendra du 20 au 21 novembre łŢ Qułębec.

Si vous connaissez un organisme qułębłęcois et un organisme des communautłęs francophones et acadienne qui oeuvrent dans le domaine des Arts et de la Culture; qui, ensemble, contribuent łŢ promouvoir la francophonie et qui, par leur(s) initiative(s) commune(s), renforcent les liens entre le Qułębec et la francophonie canadienne, faites-nous en part en remplissant le formulaire de candidatures sur notre site , rubrique Prix Zof.

Un jury, composłę de reprłęsentants du gouvernement du Qułębec et du secteur des Arts et de la Culture de la francophonie canadienne se rłęunira pour słęlectionner la meilleure initiative qui se sera distingułęe par la qualitłę et l'originalitłę du partenariat ainsi que par son impact sur le rłęseautage des arts et de la culture entre le Qułębec et les communautłęs francophones et acadienne.

Les candidatures doivent parvenir soit par courriel łŢ , par courrier au 450, rue Rideau - Bureau 405 - Ottawa K1N 5Z4 ou encore par tłęlłęcopie au (613) 241-6064 au plus tard le 3 novembre 2008.

D'ores et dłęjłŢ, nous tenons łŢ remercier toutes celles et ceux, qui par l'envoi des candidatures, contribuent łŢ faire connałĂtre la richesse et la diversitłę des initiatives de la francophonie au Canada.

La Fłędłęration culturelle canadienne-franł▀aise est un organisme national dont la mission est de promouvoir l'expression artistique et culturelle des communautłęs francophones et acadienne. Elle rłęunit des reprłęsentants de sept regroupements nationaux en thłęłótre, en littłęrature, en chanson-musique, en arts młędiatiques et en arts visuels, ainsi que des reprłęsentants de onze provinces et territoires du Canada.

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Pink Martini Show Announcement




Friday, June 19 at 8 PM

Tickets on sale to FriendsFirst members Sept. 30 at 10 AM; to the Public on Oct. 4 at 12 NOON

$69.50 - $49.50 - Call 416-872-4255 or online at

or visit the Roy Thomson Hall Box Office

The fabulous Pink Martini, ĺ─˙beautiful and sophisticated,ĺ─¨ as declared by The New Yorker, returns to Toronto after a highly successful debut on March of 2008. In writing about the groupĺ─˘s last appearance in March, the Toronto Star wrote, "Pink Martini represents all that Toronto aspires to - sophistication, cosmopolitanism, and a type of delight that sometimes involves dressing up and carousingĺ─Âwith its heterogeneous tastes and facility in languages, the pop orchestra might have sprung from our own diverse metropolis, but hails instead from Portland, Oregon.ĺ─¨ And the National Post wrote, "Like the cocktail they're named after, Pink Martini packs a punch when you get past the frothy sweetnessĺ─ÂIt's music to dress up for, in heels and pearls; music that gets the ballroom buzzing."

The Portland, Oregon-based ĺ─˙little orchestraĺ─¨ was founded in 1994 by Lauderdale, a Harvard graduate and classically trained pianist, to perform at political fundraisers for progressive causes such as civil rights, the environment, affordable housing and public broadcasting. In the years following, Pink Martini grew from four musicians to its current twelve, and has gone on to perform its multilingual repertoire on concert stages and with symphony orchestras throughout Europe, Asia, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Canada and the United States. In the US, the band has performed with such symphony orchestras as the Boston Pops, the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and the Los Angeles Philharmonic; and special engagements have included the grand opening of the Los Angeles Philharmonicĺ─˘s new Frank Gehry designed Walt Disney Concert Hall; the opening party of the New York Museum of Modern Art; and the 100th birthday celebration for the William Morris Agency with soul legend Al Green.

ĺ─˙Pink Martini is like a romantic Hollywood musical of the 1940s or ĺ─˛50s ĺ─ý but with a global perspective which is modern,ĺ─¨ says founder and artistic director Thomas M. Lauderdale. ĺ─˙We bring melodies and rhythms from different parts of the world together to create something which is new and beautiful. All band members have studied different languages and music from different parts of the world, so because everyone in the band contributes in the writing and arranging of songs, the repertoire is wildly diverse. At one moment, you feel like youĺ─˘re in the middle of a samba parade in Rio de Janeiro, and in the next moment, you are suddenly in a French music hall of the 1930s or in a palazzo in Napoli. Itĺ─˘s like an urban musical travelogue,ĺ─¨ says Lauderdale.

Pink Martiniĺ─˘s debut album, Sympathique, was released in 1997 on the bandĺ─˘s own label Heinz Records (named after Lauderdaleĺ─˘s dog) and quickly became an international phenomenon, garnering the group nominations for ĺ─˙Song of the Yearĺ─¨ and ĺ─˙Best New Artistĺ─¨ in Franceĺ─˘s Victoires de la Musique Awards. Seven long years later the high-anticipated follow-up, Hang on Little Tomato, was released and climbed to #1 on Amazon.comĺ─˘s best sellers list. A new CD is in the works (details to come before the June concert date), but until then, Pink Martiniĺ─˘s last album was Hey Eugene!, released in May 2007. This recording is a twelve-track sonic journey that travels the globe with uplifting songs of hope and beauty. The title track ĺ─˙Hey Eugene,ĺ─¨ an audience favourite for years, is delivered with sultry grace by lead singer China Forbes, who wrote the song about a boy she met at a party who asked for her number and then never called.


Friday, June 19, 2008 at 8 pm / Roy Thomson Hall

178 Victoria Street, Toronto
Tickets $69.50-$49.50
- Call 416-872-4255 or visit the Roy Thomson Hall Box Office

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OSM / les concerts du mois d'octobre

October at the OSM

Great violinists at the OSM:

Joshua Bell, James Ehnes and Itzhak Perlman

5 to 8 is back

with Hubert Reeves and Andrłę Robitaille

Pianist Alain Lefł«vre in the land of the tsars (sold out)

Tribute to musical creativity


Symphonic Matinees: two OSM musicians in the spotlight

Montreal, September 24, 2008: The programming for the month of October at the OSM will appeal to a huge audience. On October 1, the last chance to hear remarkable violinist and Grammy Awardĺ─ýwinner Joshua Bell perform The Red Violin Concerto written by John Corigliano. An American composer, Corigliano won an Oscar in 1999 for the soundtrack to the film The Red Violin. The concerto, conducted here by Jacques Lacombe, is an expansion of the soundtrack and incorporates some of the more memorable themes of the original score. At intermission, Joshua Bell will be in one of the Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier lobbies for a record-signing session.

The popular series 5 to 8 at the OSM opens on October 7 when astrophysicist and scientific popularizer Hubert Reeves shares his musical selections with the audience. Hosted by actor Andrłę Robitaille and led by OSM conductor in residence Jean-Franł▀ois Rivest, the 5 to 8's at the OSM are a pleasant way to wind up the day in music.

As part of the Air Canada Classical Escapes series, well-known pianist Alain Lefł«vre will perform Rachmaninov's celebrated Second Concerto at a concert on October 14 conducted by Jean-Franł▀ois Rivest and devoted entirely to masterpieces of Russian music. In addition to Rachmaninov, the program features Prokofiev, Borodin and Stravinsky.

Canadian violinist and Grammy winner James Ehnes revisits the OSM and conductor in residence Jean-Franł▀ois Rivest on October 5 with one of the most beloved works in the violin repertoire, the Sibelius Concerto. On October 29, the OSM presents Tribute to musical creativity. Conductors Walter Boudreau and Susanna Młžlkki will lead the Orchestra and violinist Chantal Juillet in a program bringing together works by five composers of our time: Paul Frehner, Andrłę Prłęvost, GyłĆrgy Ligeti, Steve Reich and Claude Vivier.

On October 21 and 22, violinist and conductor Itzhak Perlman will perform and conduct Johann Sebastian Bach's Violin Concerto BWV 1042. He will also conduct Mozart's "Haffner"Symphony as well as Prokofiev's Symphony No. 5. Finally, on October 15, the audience will get to hear OSM concertmaster Richard Roberts and principal oboe Theodore Baskin in a concerto Bach wrote for the two instruments, among other works. Also on the program, Dvo뢳░k's Symphony No. 5.

Information and reservations: 514-842-9951 or


October 1 at 8 p.m. (Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier) Grand Concerts: Joshua Bell and The Red Violin. Jacques Lacombe, conductor; Joshua Bell, violinist. At 7 p.m.: pre-concert discussion: Kelly Rice welcomes Ramon Humet.

October 5 at 2:30 p.m. (Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier) Musical Sundays: James Ehnes and the Sibelius Concerto. Jean-Franł▀ois Rivest, conductor; James Ehnes, violinist. At 1:30 p.m.: pre-concert discussion: Kelly Rice welcomes Joseph Zuskin, Gilles Moisan and Olivier Thouin.

October 7 at 7 p.m. (Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier) 5 to 8 at the OSM: Hubert Reeves' choices. Jean-Franł▀ois Rivest, conductor. At 5:30 p.m.: cocktail reception (Piano Nobile).

October 14 at 8 p.m. (Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier) Air Canada Classical Escapes: From the Land of the Tsars. Jean-Franł▀ois Rivest, conductor; Alain Lefł«vre, pianist. At 7 p.m.: recital by a young pianist (Piano Nobile).

October 15 at 10:30 a.m. (Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier) Symphonic Matinees: OSM Stars in the Spotlight. Charles Olivieri-Munroe, conductor; Richard Roberts, violinist; Theodore Baskin, oboist.

October 21 and 22 at 8 p.m. (Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier) Grand Concerts: Perlman Plays and Conducts. Itzhak Perlman, conductor and violinist.

October 29 at 8 p.m. (Thłęłótre Maisonneuve) Non-series concert: Tribute to musical creativity. Walter Boudreau and Susanna Młžlkki, conductors; Chantal Juillet, violinist.

Information on the month's concerts:

Grand Concerts:

Joshua Bell and The Red Violin

Violinist Joshua Bell, winner of a Grammy Award and the coveted Avery Fisher Prize, hailed by critics and acclaimed by the public, revisits the OSM in The Red Violin Concerto by John Corigliano. The work, in four movements, dedicated to the memory of the composer's father, concertmaster with the New York Philharmonic for nearly a quarter-century, is an extension of the soundtrack to the movie The Red Violin, which won an Oscar for best original score in 1999. The composer first extracted a Chaconne, a concert piece performed on disc by Joshua Bell, but wanted to expand it into an impassioned, romantic violin concerto. The work was premiered and recorded by Joshua Bell last year with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and is being presented in Montreal for the first time.

Jacques Lacombe, principal guest conductor at the OSM from 2002 to 2006, whose career was rewarded in 2005 with the Prix Opus for his reputation abroad, also revisits the Orchestra's musicians in Bartłäk's Concerto for Orchestra, one of the most remarkable orchestral works of the 20th century.

Opening the program, Ramon Humet, winner of the Olivier Messiaen Prize at the first edition of the OSM International Composition Prize, offers a premiere, Escenas de viento.

There will be a pre-concert discussion at 7 p.m.: Kelly Rice, producer-coordinator and host on CBC Radio Two, will welcome Ramon Humet, composer.

Grand Concerts

September 30 and October 1 at 7 p.m.: pre-concert discussion

September 30 and October 1 at 8 p.m.: concert

Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, Place des Arts

Jacques Lacombe, conductor

Joshua Bell, violinist

Ramon Humet Escenas de viento, world premiere, OSM commission

John Corigliano The Red Violin Concerto

Błęla Bartłäk Concerto for Orchestra

Tickets from $24.75

Information and reservations: 514-842-9951 or

Musical Sundays:

James Ehnes and the Sibelius Concerto

Violinist James Ehnes, winner of a Grammy Award in 2008, returns to the OSM and conductor in residence Jean-Franł▀ois Rivest in the Sibelius Concerto, one of the most magnificent and most difficult for the instrument, with its many virtuoso passages. The concerto is bookended by works by Shostakovich: a short piano piece orchestrated by Joseph Zuskin and an imposing symphony, the Eighth, which evokes the tragedy and horrors of war, and which aspires to a tranquil peace. In its depth, its expressive intensity, its wealth of feeling and its epic properties, the work is one of the most personal and powerful the composer created, and one of his best loved.

At 1:30 p.m. there will be a pre-concert discussion: Kelly Rice, producer-coordinator and host on CBC Radio Two, will welcome Joseph Zuskin, orchestrator, Gilles Moisan, clarinettist and saxophonist and Olivier Thouin, OSM associate concertmaster.

Musical Sundays

October 5 at 1:30 p.m.: pre-concert discussion

October 5 at 2:30 p.m.: concert

Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, Place des Arts

Jean-Franł▀ois Rivest, conductor

James Ehnes, violinist

Dmitri Shostakovich Prelude and Fugue, Opus 87, No. 24 (orch. Zuskin)

Jean Sibelius Violin Concerto

Dmitri Shostakovich Symphony No. 8

Tickets from $24.75

Information and reservations: 514-842-9951 or

5 to 8 at the OSM:

Hubert Reeves' choices

Special moments of after-work relaxation, 5 to 8 at the OSM, hosted by actor and veteran host Andrłę Robitaille, is an original way to end the day. Musical discovery joined to pleasures of the palate, this one-hour concert conducted by Jean-Franł▀ois Rivest, the OSM's conductor in residence, will lead the audience into the rich universe of the inspiring astrophysicist and scientific popularizer Hubert Reeves. In addition, audience members can mix with other music fans when, starting at 5:30 p.m., tidbits and fine wines are served in the Piano Nobile starting at 5:30 p.m.

5 to 8 at the OSM

October 7 at 5:30 p.m.: cocktail reception at Piano Nobile

October 7 at 7 p.m.: concert at Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, Place des Arts

Jean-Franł▀ois Rivest, conductor

łÔrik Satie Gymnopłędie No. 1

Gilles Tremblay Vers le soleil, excerpt

Felix Mendelssohn Overture to A Midsummer Night's Dream

Jean Sibelius The Swan of Tuonela

Arnold Schoenberg Transfigured Night, excerpt

Maurice Ravel Suite No. 2 from Daphnis et Chlołę

Tickets from $38.50

Information and reservations: 514-842-9951 or

Air Canada Classical Escapes:

Pianist Alain Lefł«vre in the land of the tsars

Alain Lefł«vre, a standard bearer of the romantic repertoire, will be performing Rachmaninov's Second Piano Concerto, certainly the most renowned concerto of the 20th century, a tormented, passionate and particularly lyrical work. The program also includes Borodin's captivating Polovtsian Dances, the suite from Stravinsky's magnificent ballet The Firebird, excerpts from Prokofiev's opera War and Peace and the grand-scale 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky, everything under the direction of OSM conductor in residence Jean-Franł▀ois Rivest.

At 7 p.m. there will be a recital at the Piano Nobile by a young pianist.

Air Canada Classical Escapes

October 14 at 8 p.m.

Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, Place des Arts

Jean-Franł▀ois Rivest, conductor

Alain Lefł«vre, pianist

Sergei Prokofiev Overture from War and Peace

Sergei Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 2

Alexander Borodin Polovtsian Dances from Prince Igor

Igor Stravinsky Firebird Suite (1919)

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture

Tickets from $24.75

Information and reservations: 514-842-9951 or

Symphonic Matinees:

OSM Stars in the Spotlight

Two of the first chairs of the OSM, concertmaster Richard Roberts and principal oboe Theodore Baskin, are soloists for a program focusing on concerto works. Richard Roberts will first perform a jewel of Mozart's before yielding to Theodore Baskin in a concerto by Bellini, both works of great elegance and lyricism. The two musicians will then share the stage in the Bach Concerto BWV 1060, a work of great polyphonic richness and emotional range. Dvo뢳░k's intense Symphony No. 5 will conclude the program.

Symphonic Matinees

October 15 at 10:30 a.m.

Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, Place des Arts

Charles Olivieri-Munroe, conductor

Richard Roberts, OSM concertmaster

Theodore Baskin, OSM principal oboe

Johann Sebastian Bach Concerto for Violin and Oboe, BWV 1060

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Adagio for Violin, K. 261

Vincenzo Bellini Oboe Concerto in E-flat major

Antonłén Dvo뢳░k Symphony No. 5

Tickets from $24.75

Information and reservations: 514-842-9951 or

Grand Concerts:

Perlman plays and conducts Bach, Mozart and Prokofiev

One of the true stars of the violin, Itzhak Perlman is one of those exceptional artists who touch the hearts of audiences around the world, through his remarkable technique but above all thanks to the profundity with which he conveys the subtleties of the repertoire. Here he will be both soloist and conductor in a program consisting of Bach's Violin Concerto BWV 1042 ĺ─ý a work in which the writing and the architecture are subtle and contained ĺ─ý Mozart's "Haffner" Symphony and Prokofiev's Symphony No. 5, a work of powerful epic spirit.

Grand Concerts

October 21 and 22 at 8 p.m.

Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, Place des Arts

Itzhak Perlman, conductor and violinist

Johann Sebastian Bach Violin Concerto in E major, BWV 1042

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphony No. 35, K. 385, "Haffner"

Sergei Prokofiev Symphony No. 5

Tickets from $24.75

Information and reservations: 514-842-9951 or

Non-series concerts:

Tribute to musical creativity

Since the very first years of the OSM's existence, steady attention has been brought to bear on the creation of new works. A number of these have over the years become the classics of today. This concert, to begin with, will mark the 10th anniversary of the premiere of the Violin Concerto by Andrłę Prłęvost, performed by its dedicatee (and the violinist who premiered it), Chantal Juillet. Orion by Claude Vivier, a composer the 60th anniversary of whose birth and 25th anniversary of whose death are being noted in 2008, was commissioned and premiered by Charles Dutoit and the OSM in 1980. The American Steve Reich, meanwhile, is represented by his City Life. We will also hear Lontano by GyłĆrgy Ligeti, as well as Lila by Canada's Paul Frehner, a work that won its author the Claude-Vivier National prize at the OSM's International Composition Prize in 2007. Walter Boudreau, artistic director of the SMCQ, and Susanna Młžlkki, music director of the prestigious Ensemble Intercontemporain de Paris, share this unique and bold program, which eloquently demonstrates the vitality of contemporary creativity.

Non-series concerts

October 29 at 8 p.m.

Thłęłótre Maisonneuve, Place des Arts

Walter Boudreau, conductor

Susanna Młžlkki, conductor

Chantal Juillet, violinist

Paul Frehner Lila

Andrłę Prłęvost Violin Concerto

GyłĆrgy Ligeti Lontano

Steve Reich City Life

Claude Vivier Orion

Tickets from $24.75

Information and reservations: 514-842-9951 or

The Orchestre symphonique de Montrłęal is presented by Hydro-Qułębec

in association with National Bank

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Le 10e festival d'automne Orgue et Couleurs



info-festival et billetterie : 514-899-0938
achats en ligne et info :

: Les contemporains Č┤ REMIX Ȭ leurs classiques ; un voyage Č┤ interplanłętaire Ȭ avec lĺ─˘interprłętation de la suite orchestrale Les planł«tes de Gustav Holst ; un hommage original łŢ Olivier Messiaen ; les chanteurs Marie-Denise Pelletier, Patrick Olafson et trois chanteurs de lĺ─˘Atelier lyrique de lĺ─˘Opłęra de Montrłęal, les sopranos Caroline Bleau et Marianne Lambert ainsi que le baryton-basse Stephen Hegedus, nous convient łŢ un rłęcital de grands airs dĺ─˘opłęra et de młęlodies de cłęlł«bres comłędies musicales ; et en clłąture du festival, lĺ─˘Orchestre symphonique de Trois-Rivił«res (cordes, trompette et percussions) sous la direction de Jacques Lacombe.

LES MIDIS ł─ LA CARTE : Douze jeunes organistes łógłęs de 14 łŢ 28 ans, łętudiants des neuf classes dĺ─˘orgue des conservatoires et universitłęs du Qułębec, en prestation lors de cinq rłęcitals dans cinq łęglises ĺ─ un menu de choix pour dłęcouvrir la relł«ve et la richesse des orgues de Montrłęal, la ville aux cent clochers.

LES CONCERTS APłÔROS łŢ 17 h : Des concerts intimes de musique de chambre, suivis dĺ─˘une rencontre avec les artistes, agrłęmentłęe dĺ─˘un verre de vin. Dans les chëýurs des łęglises, lĺ─˘orgue se fait intime et dialogue avec lĺ─˘art lyrique.

łÔglise Saint-Nom-de-Jłęsus : 4215, rue Adam (młętro Pie-IX, bus 139 Sud)
łÔglise Trł«s-Saint-Rłędempteur : 3530, rue Adam (młętro Joliette ou Papineau, bus 34 Est)
łÔglise Saint Andrew & Saint Paul : rue Sherbrooke, coin Bishop (młętro Peel)
Musłęe du Chłóteau Dufresne : 2929, avenue Jeanne-dĺ─˘Arc (młętro Pie IX)


De grandes rencontres entre lĺ─˘orgue et ses complices

Chaque Grand concert dłębutera par la Fanfare du 10e Festival dĺ─˘automne, ëýuvre en deux versions instrumentales (une pour orgue et quintette de cuivres, lĺ─˘autre pour orgue et deux cuivres) commandłęe au compositeur Enrico O. Dastous. Elle sera interprłętłęe par lĺ─˘organiste Raymond Perrin et les musiciens du quintette de cuivres Buzz : les trompettistes Sylvain Lapointe et Frłędłęric Gagnon, le corniste Marc-Antoine Corbeil et les trombonistes Jason De Carufel et Sylvain Arseneau (prestation orgue et quintette : les 26 septembre, 3 et 5 octobre // orgue et deux cuivres : les 27 septembre, 2 et 4 octobre).

jeudi 2 octobre (łÔglise Saint-Nom-de-Jłęsus), 20 h ĺ─ý 15$-20$ ĺ─ó REMIX de classiques!
Les contemporains Č┤ REMIX Ȭ leurs classiques ! Une soirłęe oł╝ les hommages transcendent les sił«clesĺ─ avec la crłęation dĺ─˘une ëýuvre pour orgue et łęlectroacoustique, Chorals ornłęs (2008), du compositeur montrłęalais Yves Daoust, dĺ─˘aprł«s des chorals du recueil Orgelbł║chlein de J.S. Bach, avec lĺ─˘organiste Rłęgis Rousseau. En premił«re partie, lĺ─˘organiste Isabelle Demers joue des ëýuvres de compositeurs du 20e sił«cle qui rendent hommage łŢ certains de leurs prłędłęcesseurs : Hommage łŢ Dietrich Buxtehude de Eben (1987), Variations sur un thł«me de Clłęment Jannequin de Jehan Alain (1936), Ricercare Č┤ Ommaggio a Girolamo Frescobaldi Ȭ de Ligeti (1953), Fantaisie et fugue sur B.A.C.H. de Reger (1900).
Concert prłęsentłę en collaboration avec Rłęseaux des arts młędiatiques

vendredi 3 octobre (łÔglise Saint-Nom-de-Jłęsus), 20 h - 20$-25$ ĺ─ó Orgue en orbite
Lĺ─˘organiste Raymond Perrin et les membres du quintette de cuivres Buzz ĺ─ý Sylvain Lapointe et Frłędłęric Gagnon (trompettes) Marc-Antoine Corbeil (cor) Jason De Carufel et Sylvain Arseneau (trombones) ĺ─ý nous emmł«nent en voyage Č┤ interplanłętaire Ȭ avec lĺ─˘interprłętation de la suite orchestrale Les planł«tes de Gustav Holst dans une transcription du compositeur montrłęalais Enrico O. Dastous oł╝ les cuivres et lĺ─˘orgue rłęsonneront avec łęclat et splendeur. En premił«re partie de programme : Fugue en sol mineur BWV 578 de Johann Sebastian Bach, Premier Choral en mi majeur de Cłęsar Franck, Sextuor opus 335 de Michel Colombier, Fugue sur le Salve Regina de J-Antonio Thompson et Flourishes de Carlyle Sharpe.

vendredi 3 octobre (łÔglise Saint-Nom-de-Jłęsus), 22 h 28 ĺ─ý 10$ ĺ─ó Banquet pour O
Un hommage original łŢ Olivier Messiaen, soulignant son 100e anniversaire de naissanceĺ─Â
Le temps nĺ─˘est plus, le temps sĺ─˘łętire et nous hypnotise avec cette rłę-interprłętation du Banquet cłęleste de Messiaen qui passe de 10 łŢ 100 minutes ! Euphorie, łęmotion et envoł¬tementĺ─ une expłęrience łŢ vivre avec lĺ─˘organiste Patrick Wedd et un chëýur muet qui marquera le passage du temps en allumant une chandelle łŢ toutes les minutes, de 22 h 28 łŢ 00 h 08. Une idłęe originale de Scott Tresham

samedi 4 octobre (łÔglise Saint-Nom-de-Jłęsus), 20 h - 20$-25$ ĺ─ó Opłęra vs Broadway : une rencontre au sommet
Les chanteurs Marie-Denise Pelletier, Patrick Olafson et trois chanteurs de lĺ─˘Atelier lyrique de lĺ─˘Opłęra de Montrłęal, les sopranos Caroline Bleau et Marianne Lambert ainsi que le baryton-basse Stephen Hegedus, nous convient łŢ un rłęcital de grands airs dĺ─˘opłęra et de młęlodies de cłęlł«bres comłędies musicales, faisant ainsi se cłątoyer certains des personnages de ces deux univers. Ils seront accompagnłęs par un quatuor łŢ cordes placłę sous la direction du violoniste Philippe Dunnigan, par lĺ─˘organiste Rłęgis Rousseau et par le pianiste Pierre BenołĂt qui rłęalisera łęgalement les arrangements.

Au programme : Berger/Plamondon, Le monde est stone (Starmania) // Bernstein, Tonight, Maria et Somewhere (West Side Story) // Bizet, Air du Torłęador et Habał▒era (Carmen) // Catalani, Ebben? Ne andrłż lontana (La Wally)
Delibes, Duo des fleurs et Air des clochettes (Lakmłę) // Donizetti, Una furtive lagrima (Lĺ─˘Elisir dĺ─˘amore) // Gershwin, Summertime (Porgy and Bess) // Lerner/Loewe, I could have danced all night (My Fair Lady) // Mozart, Non pił╝ andrai (Le Nozze di Figaro), LłŢ ci darem la mano (Don Giovanni), Duo Papageno-Papagena (La Flł¬te enchantłęe) // Rodgers/Hammerstein, Some enchanted evening (South Pacific), The hills are alive (The Sound of Music) // Verdi, Addio des passato (La Traviata), Va, pensiero (Nabucco) // Webber, All I ask of you (Phantom of the Opera), Donĺ─˘t cry for me Argentina (Evita).

dimanche 5 octobre (łÔglise Saint Andrew & Saint Paul), 19 h 30 - 20$ ĺ─ó Symphonies de couleurs
Pour clore le festival et souligner la 1ł«re łędition du nouveau Concours international dĺ─˘orgue du Canada łŢ Montrłęal (CIOC), un grand concert avec lĺ─˘organiste amłęricain James Higdon ĺ─ý membre du jury du CIOC ĺ─ý et lĺ─˘Orchestre symphonique de Trois-Rivił«res (cordes, trompette et percussions) sous la direction de Jacques Lacombe. Au programme : les pił«ces dĺ─˘orgue Litanies et 2e Fantaisie de Jehan Alain, les ëýuvres orchestrales Rakastava de Jean Sibelius, The unanswered question de Charles Ives, Cantus in memory of Benjamin Britten de Arvo Płžrt et le Concerto pour orgue, orchestre łŢ cordes et timbales, en sol mineur de Francis Poulenc.
Concert prłęsentłę en collaboration avec le CIOC et lĺ─˘OSTR.



Une tribune pour la relł«ve de lĺ─˘orgue
29, 30 septembre, 1er, 2 et 3 octobre, midi ĺ─ý Entrłęe libre
łÔglises Trł«s-Saint-Rłędempteur, Saint-Nom-de-Jłęsus,
Saint-Lłęon de Westmount,
du Gesł╝ et Saint-John The Evangelist

Douze jeunes organistes łógłęs de 14 łŢ 28 ans, łętudiants des neuf classes dĺ─˘orgue des conservatoires et universitłęs du Qułębec, en prestation lors de cinq rłęcitals dans cinq łęglises ĺ─ un menu de choix pour dłęcouvrir la relł«ve et la richesse des orgues de Montrłęal, la ville aux cent clochers.
Le lundi 29 septembre, Błęatrice Lłętourneau et Nicolas Delisle-Godin (classe de Josłęe April, Conservatoire de Rimouski) et Jean-Luc Clauzier (classe de Mireille Lagacłę, Conservatoire de Montrłęal) ;
Le mardi 30 septembre, Marie-Claude Duchesne (classe de Cłęline Fortin, Conservatoire de Saguenay) et Jordan de Souza (classe de John Grew, Universitłę McGill) ;
Le mercredi 1er octobre, Carl-Mathieu Neher (classe de Danielle Dubłę, Conservatoire de Gatineau) et Nicolas-Alexandre Marcotte (classe de Rłęjean Poirier, Universitłę de Montrłęal) ;
Le jeudi 2 octobre, Laurence Jobidon et Emmanuel Bernier (classe de Danny Belisle, Conservatoire de Qułębec) et Franł▀ois Pothier-Bouchard (classe de Raymond Perrin, Conservatoire de Trois-Rivił«res) ;
Le vendredi 3 octobre, Marie-Hłęlł«ne Greffard (classe de Richard Parłę, Universitłę Laval) et Jonathan Vromet (classe de Jean Le Buis, Conservatoire de Montrłęal).


Concerts intimes de musique de chambre,
suivis dĺ─˘une rencontre avec les artistes, agrłęmentłęe dĺ─˘un verre de vin.
29, 30 septembre, 1er et 2 octobre 2008 łŢ 17 h 30 [15$ et 12$]
łÔglises Saint-Nom-de-Jłęsus (SNJ) et Trł«s-Saint-Rłędempteur (TSR)
3 octobre łŢ 17 h au Musłęe du Chłóteau Dufresne (CD)
[15$ et 12$]

Dans les chëýurs des łęglises, lĺ─˘orgue se fait intime et dialogue avec lĺ─˘art lyrique :

lundi 29 septembre, 17 h 30 (SNJ) ĺ─ó Deux cycles, deux visions
Lĺ─˘organiste Tim Pyper et le contre-tłęnor Daniel Cabena prłęsenteront deux cycles musicaux : la Missa in Simplicitate du compositeur franł▀ais Jean Langlais (1907-1991), une mise en musique des textes sacrłęs dĺ─˘un office religieux, et le cycle Aspects of Time du compositeur canadien Barrie Cabena (nłę en 1933), basłę sur des textes profanes de provenance variłęe, de dictons et proverbes traditionnels łŢ des extraits de pił«ces de Shakespeare en passant par des textes originaux du compositeur lui-młüme.

mardi 30 septembre, 17 h 30 (SNJ) ĺ─ó Le charme franł▀ais
Lĺ─˘organiste Denis Bonenfant, la soprano Aurelia Calabrese et le baryton Słębastien Ouellet nous feront goł¬ter au romantisme franł▀ais, łŢ travers de belles młęlodies, de pieuses prił«res et dĺ─˘łętonnantes pił«ces dĺ─˘orgue sous le charme du romantisme franł▀ais. Au programme, les ëýuvres vocales D'un cëýur qui t'aime, Ma belle amie est morte et Prił«re de Gounod, Si mes vers avaient des ailes et C'est ma banlieue de Hahn, Les berceaux, Le secret et le Cantique de Jean Racine de Faurłę, la Barcarolle dĺ─˘Offenbach, et les pił«ces dĺ─˘orgue Andantino de Andlauer, Cantilł«ne religieuse de Dubois, Trois gnossiennes de Satie et Prił«re łŢ Notre-Dame de Boł┤llmann.

mercredi 1er octobre, 17 h 30 (TSR) ĺ─ó Arioso
Lĺ─˘organiste Dominique Gagnon et le contre-tłęnor Jean-Franł▀ois Gagnłę nous rłęvł«leront lĺ─˘art du chant, les plus belles expressions que peut prendre la voix selon les styles et les łępoques. Au programme : Ouverture de Girolamo Frescobaldi, Nel dolce tempo et Cara sposa de Georg Friedrich Handel, Nulla in mundo de Antonio Vivaldi, Alto Giove de Nicola Porpora, Du bist die Ruh, An die Musik et Litanei de Franz Schubert, Adieu, Mai et Le secret de Gabriel Faurłę, Incipit vita nova de Gavin Bryars.

jeudi 2 octobre, 17 h 30 (SNJ) ĺ─ó Aux temps des fłęes
Lĺ─˘organiste Louis Brouillette et la soprano Caroline Demers nous entrałĂneront dans un univers magique et enchanteur tel quĺ─˘imaginłę par diffłęrents compositeurs łŢ travers les łępoques. Au programme : Le baiser de la fłęe de Stravinski, Alles hł║llt sich in Dunkel (Die Reinnixen) dĺ─˘Offenbach, The fairies de Trevor Bax, Danse de la fłęe Dragłęe (Casse-noisette) de Tchałěkovski, Hark, ĺ─˛tis fairy Music stealing de Blewitt, Dear Delight et The Fairiesĺ─˘ Dance de Head, Elves de Rowley, The Forest fairyĺ─˘s Song de Horn, Dans la forłüt du charme et de lĺ─˘enchantement de Chausson, O vous quĺ─˘en mes rłüves dĺ─˘enfance (La fłęe aux chł«vres) de Varney, Les elfes de Bonnet, Aux temps des fłęes de Këýchlin, et les rłęcentes crłęations de deux jeunes compositeurs qułębłęcois, Aventure fłęerique de Jocelyn Lafond (nłę en 1989) et Imaginaire contrłąlłę de Vincent Hamel (nłę en 1979).

Au Musłęe du Chłóteau Dufresne :
vendredi 3 octobre, 17 h (CD) ĺ─ó Hommage łŢ Messiaen
Dans le cadre des cłęlłębrations soulignant le centenaire de naissance dĺ─˘Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992) placłęes au Qułębec sous le vocable de lĺ─˘Automne Messiaen, la pianiste Louise Bessette, le violoniste Jonathan Crow, le clarinettiste Simon Aldrich et le violoncelliste Yegor Dyachkov interprłęteront le fameux Quatuor pour la fin du temps (1940) de Messiaen et, avec cette młüme formation instrumentale inusitłęe, une ëýuvre hommage du compositeur montrłęalais Nicolas Gilbert, Le temps des impossibles (2008).

Le FESTIVAL Dĺ─˘AUTOMNE est nłę il y a dix ans dans le quartier Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, dans la foulłęe de la restauration du grand orgue Casavant de lĺ─˘łęglise Saint-Nom-de-Jłęsus, pour mettre en valeur ce magnifique instrument aux 6 200 tuyaux et faire connałĂtre davantage le rłępertoire diversifiłę de lĺ─˘orgue łŢ un plus large public. Fondłę par Pierre Larivił«re, directeur de la Maison de la culture Maisonneuve et par Rłęgis Rousseau, titulaire de cet orgue et directeur artistique et głęnłęral de ORGUE ET COULEURS, ce Festival annuel dłęsire rłęvłęler la polyvalence de lĺ─˘orgue, et propose ainsi des mariages inusitłęs entre celui-ci et diffłęrents instruments. En 2001, une autre łęglise du quartier, Trł«s-Saint-Rłędempteur, sĺ─˘est ajoutłęe aux lieux de diffusion, suite łŢ lĺ─˘installation en ses murs dĺ─˘un orgue du facteur qułębłęcois Karl Wilhelm.
Rapidement, ORGUE ET COULEURS a łęlargi son champ dĺ─˘action en prłęsentant diffłęrentes activitłęs tout au long de lĺ─˘annłęe : la LIGUE Dĺ─˘IMPROVISATION ł─ Lĺ─˘ORGUE (2001-2006) dont les matchs se dłęroulaient dans plusieurs villes du Qułębec de janvier łŢ mai ; lĺ─˘łętonnant marathon dĺ─˘orgue LES 24 HEURES DU BANC (2000-2006) łętait prłęsentłę lors du week-end du Grand Prix automobile de Montrłęal ; lĺ─˘activitłę ORGUES OUVERTES (2000-ĺ─Â) prłęsentłęe durant les Journłęes de la culture permet, chaque annłęe depuis neuf ans, łŢ une trentaine dĺ─˘organistes łŢ travers le Qułębec de faire connałĂtre le roi des instrument aux rłęsidants de leur quartier respectif.
ł─ lĺ─˘łętłę 2003, le Service culturel de la ville de Montrłęal a confiłę łŢ ORGUE ET COULEURS lĺ─˘organisation des CONCERTS POPULAIRES DE MONTRłÔAL, une słęrie estivale de musique symphonique prłęsentłęe au Centre Pierre-Charbonneau. Pour sa 44e saison (2008), LES CONCERTS POPULAIRES DE MONTRłÔAL, ont attirłę plus de 8 000 spectateurs.
ORGUE ET COULEURS a reł▀u, du Regroupement indłępendant des diffuseurs dĺ─˘łęvłęnements artistiques unis du Qułębec (RIDEAU), les prix Initiative 2001 pour le FESTIVAL Dĺ─˘AUTOMNE et Initiative 2003 pour la Ligue dĺ─˘improvisation łŢ lĺ─˘orgue; du Conseil qułębłęcois de la musique, le prix Opus 2001-2002 Directeur artistique de lĺ─˘annłęe (Rłęgis Rousseau) et le prix Opus 2002-2003 Diffuseur de lĺ─˘annłęe pour le 4e FESTIVAL Dĺ─˘AUTOMNE; de lĺ─˘Office franco-qułębłęcois pour la jeunesse, le prix de la Č┤ Meilleure reprłęsentation łŢ lĺ─˘łętranger Ȭ pour son projet Musicora/Paris 2003.

ORGUE ET COULEURS błęnłęficie du soutien et de la collaboration de plusieurs partenaires dont le ministł«re du Patrimoine canadien, le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Qułębec, le ministł«re des Affaires municipales et des Rłęgions du Qułębec, le Conseil des arts de Montrłęal et le Service du dłęveloppement culturel de la ville de Montrłęal.

INFOS : 514-899-0938 -

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łÔric Błęlanger łŢ POP Montrłęal

Eric Błęlanger łŢ Pop Montrłęal le 4 octobre !

Montrłęal, le lundi 29 septembre 2008. ĺ─ý Auteur-compositeur-interprł«te, Eric Błęlanger a lancłę son premier album, Bananaspleen, le mardi 16 septembre dernier. Il sera de retour sur scł«ne le samedi 4 octobre dans le cadre du Festival Pop Montrłęal. C'est łŢ 21 h 30 au Gymnase (4177, rue St-Denis) que l'on pourra łęcouter łÔric et dłęcouvrir sa fał▀on unique d'habiter la scł«ne. Il partagera la soirłęe avec Jane Ehrhardt et Darren Hayman (Hefner).

Pop Montrłęal est un festival international de musique indłępendante qui rend hommage aux superstars łętablies ainsi qu'aux łętoiles montantes. Le Festival prłęsente des talents francophones et anglophones internationaux jumelłęs avec les meilleurs artistes du Qułębec et du Canada.

Finaliste et gagnant de plusieurs prix au Festival de Granby 2006 (coup de cëýur du ROSEQ, coup de cëýur de Tadoussac, coup de cëýur festival Pully-Qułębec en Suisse), participant de l'aventure On s'en va łŢ Granby (diffusłęe sur les ondes de Musimax en 2007) et gagnant de deux prix au concours Vue sur la relł«ve (coup de pouce Pop Montrłęal et coup de pouce Vue sur la relł«ve / Crłęation etc.), łÔric Błęlanger fait ses dłębuts dans l'univers de la musique. Il revient tout juste de Suisse, oł╝ il a pu charmer lors du Festival Pully-Qułębec. Psycho-łęducateur auprł«s des jeunes en difficultłę, il łęcrit et chante depuis łŢ peine 5 ans.

Bien que relativement nouveau sur la scł«ne musicale qułębłęcoise, łÔric Błęlanger compte bien s'y installer ĺ─Â et y demeurer ! Bananaspleen est disponible en magasin depuis le mardi 9 septembre. Les billets pour le spectacle du samedi 4 octobre sont en vente au

Photos et entrevues disponibles sur demande.

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NMC - November Mini Festival

New musical inventions that provoke, awaken and inspire

November Mini-Festival

GENERATION 2008 ĺ─ý November 1



Toronto, September 29, 2008: New Music Concerts launches its 38th season with a splendid trio of concerts to brighten up the month of November. Once again, NMC looks forward to a colourful variety of challenges in a quest for outstanding performances. ĺ─˙Presenting a convincing musical performance through interaction with the composer, realizing their every wish, is one of the most satisfying pleasures of performing music todayĺ─¨, ponders Robert Aitken, renowned flute virtuoso and artistic director of NMC. ĺ─˙Ideally, a performer should work with the composer. Imagine the excitement of playing for Bach or Mozart. A performerĺ─˘s interpretation of a work should be a mirror of the composerĺ─˘s mind and guide the listener along the path of his musical imagination.ĺ─¨

With this concept as a starting point, NMC proudly presents GENERATION 2008 on Saturday, November 1 at The Music Gallery. The touring program of lĺ─˘Ensemble contemporain de Montrłęal (ECM+) under the direction of Vłęronique Lacroix has become a bi-annual feature of New Music Concerts programming. It is 100% Canadian and illustrates the fabulous compositional talent we have in the youth of this country. Four young composers are chosen by jury and invited to compose for ECM+, where the pieces are workshopped and eventually performed. These compositions will be given their world premiere performances in Toronto on November 1 including works by Fuhong Shi (a Toronto-based composer whose NMC commissioned Lightenings went on to win the 2008 Karen Kieser Prize for Canadian Music), Scott Good (Toronto), Michael Berger (BC) and Brian Harman (Montreal).

When polling NMCĺ─˘s audience, the name of the composer most frequently mentioned is Karlheinz Stockhausen. So NMC is pleased to bring The MONTREAL STOCKHAUSEN PROJECT to the Enwave Theatre (Harbourfront Centre) on Saturday, November 15. This concert features Montrealĺ─˘s celebrated flutist Lise Daoust and four other Montreal musicians who have worked extensively with Stockhausen, and whose performances have met with his satisfaction. ĺ─˙Our original idea was to commemorate his 80th birthdayĺ─¨, explains Robert Aitken, ĺ─˙but with his passing at 79 on December 7, 2007 there is even more reason to present this concert with musicians who know exactly how his music should be performedĺ─¨. The program of works for flutes, basset horn and electronics includes AVE and ENTFł˙HRUNG; FLAUTINA and KATHINKAS GESANG. These live performances will be preceded by a presentation of the seminal electronic composition GESANG DER Jł˙NGLINGE.

GENERATION 2008 and The MONTREAL STOCKHAUSEN PROJECT are part of Harbourfront Centreĺ─˘s Qułębec Now ĺ─ý A celebration of contemporary Qułębec arts and culture in Toronto

From September to December 2008, Qułębec Now! showcases the best of contemporary culture from Qułębec in theatre, dance, music, visual arts, literature and film. Harbourfront Centre is very proud to partner with the Bureau du Qułębec łŢ Toronto

and the Ministre de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition fłęminine du Qułębec to present Qułębec Now!, one of the largest organized Qułębłęcois arts and cultural celebrations to take place in Toronto.

On Sunday, November 30, composers SYDNEY HODKINSON, HOPE LEE & DAVID EAGLE share the stage at The Music Gallery. Winnipeg born composer Sydney Hodkinson feels himself very much a Canadian in spite of having spent his professional career south of the border. Hodkinson taught composition and conducting at the Eastman School and now directs the Contemporary Music Ensemble at the prestigious Aspen Colorado Music Festival. His works are fascinating, highly crafted and original; they provide a marvelous contrast to the music of Calgary-based composers Hope Lee and David Eagle who decided to celebrate 25 years of marriage by producing a CD of their chamber works for the Centrediscs label. The disc includes a New Music Concerts broadcast recording of Leeĺ─˘s Voices in Time (commissioned by NMC) and new recordings of her Fei Yang for string quartet and accordion (also an NMC commission) and David Eagleĺ─˘s Breath for string quartet and electronics. Both of these works feature NMC core string players Accordes, with Joseph Macerollo the accordionist on Fei Yang. NMC is happy to mark the launch of the CD by including these two pieces on the November 30 concert.

Saturday November 1, 2008 at The Music Gallery (197 John Street, Toronto)

GENERATION 2008: ECM+; Vłęronique Lacroix;

Tim Brady, electric guitar; Scott Good, trombone;

Michael Berger (Canada, b.1980) ĺ─ý Skeleton (2008)

Scott Good (Canada, b.1972) ĺ─ý Shock Therapy Variations (2008)

Fuhong Shi (China/Canada, b.1976) ĺ─ý Kaleidoscope (2008)

Brian Harman (Canada, b.1981) ĺ─ý Gregarious Machines (2008)

7:15 Illuminating Introduction with the composers / 8PM Concert

Tickets: 416-204-1080 - $33 (reg)/$20 (seniors/arts workers)/$10 (students)

Saturday, November 15 at the Enwave Theatre (Harbourfront Centre, 231 Queenĺ─˘s Quay)


Lise Daoust; Genevił«ve Dłęraspe; Chlołę Labbłę; Franł▀ois Duval; Marie-Hłęlł«ne Breault

Karlheinz Stockhausen (Germany 1928 ĺ─ý 2007):

FLAUTINA (1989) (flutes)

AVE from MONTAG AUS LICHT (1984/85) (G flute and basset horn)

ENTFł˙HRUNG from MONTAG AUS LICHT (1986) (piccolo and electronics)

KATHINKAS GESANG from SAMSTAG AUS LICHT (1983) (flute and electronic music)

7:15 Illuminating Introduction includes GESANG DER Jł˙NGLINGE (1955-56) / 8PM Concert

Tickets: 416-973-4000 - $33 (reg)/$20 (seniors/arts workers)/$10 (students)

Sunday, November 30 at The Music Gallery (197 John St., Toronto)


Accordes; Joseph Macerollo; Fujiko Imajishi, NMC Ensemble conducted by Sydney Hodkinson

David Eagle (Canada, b.1955) ĺ─ý Breath (1998)

Sydney Hodkinson (Canada, b.1934) Rogatio Gravis (2003)

Hope Lee (Taiwan/Canada, b.1953) ĺ─ý Fei Yang (2001)

Sydney Hodkinson ĺ─ý Bricks: Concerto fantasia for solo violin and chamber sextet (2005)

Sydney Hodkinson ĺ─ý Requiescant: Elegy for chamber sextet (2001)

7:15 Illuminating Introduction with the composers / 8PM Concert followed by CD release party.

Tickets: 416-204-1080 - $33 (reg)/$20 (seniors/arts workers)/$10 (students)

Subscriptions (6 events): $135 | $80 | $30

Pick 3 (or more): each $25 reg | $15 snr | $7.50 student

New Music Concerts

157 Carlton Street, Suite 203 Toronto ON M5A 2K3

416.961.9594 / fax 416.961.9508 /

New Music Concerts gratefully acknowledges the support of The Canada Council for the Arts; Toronto Arts Council; The Department of Heritage through Arts Presentation Canada; The Province of Ontario through the Ontario Arts Council & the Ontario Arts Foundation Endowment Fund; The Goethe Institut; The Julie-Jiggs Foundation; The Koerner Foundation; The McLean Foundation; Roger D. Moore; The SOCAN Foundation; The Imperial Tobacco Canada Foundation; The Amphion Foundation Inc.; The Aaron Copland Fund for Music, Inc.; Edward Epstein and Gallery 345

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Le CRTC accorde une nouvelle frłęquence łŢ Radio Ville-Marie

Dans une dłęcision rendue publique le vendredi 26 septembre dernier, le Conseil de la radiodiffusion et des tłęlłęcommunications canadiennes accorde une nouvelle frłęquence łŢ Radio Ville-Marie (CIRA-FM), soit le 104,1 FM łŢ Rimouski. Č┤Ce młędia spłęcialisłę a connu une vive croissance au cours des cinq dernił«res annłęes. Nous sommes fiers de cette dłęcision car elle rłępond łŢ une demande rłępłętłęe de la population de Rimouski.Ȭ mentionne Jean-Guy Roy, directeur głęnłęral. ł─ l'aube de ses 14 ans d'existence, le rłęseau de la Sociłętłę Radio Ville-Marie occupe maintenant une place enviable dans le paysage młędiatique qułębłęcois.

Entrłęe en ondes en 1995, Radio Ville-Marie diffuse prłęsentement aux frłęquences 91,3 FM łŢ Montrłęal, 100,3 FM łŢ Sherbrooke, 89,9 FM łŢ Trois-Rivił«res et 89,3 FM łŢ Victoriaville. Selon un vaste sondage CROP, rłęalisłę auprł«s de 4112 rłępondants, Radio Ville-Marie rejoint 306 000 auditeurs dans le Grand Montrłęal et l'Estrie. Ce młędia spłęcialisłę qui aborde les grandes questions humaines, sociales, culturelles et spirituelles a le vent dans les voiles. Č┤Radio Ville-Marie a du succł«s parce qu'elle touche le cëýur et les prłęoccupations des gens de chez nousȬaffirme Jean-Guy Roy qui est łŢ la barre de cette radio depuis bientłąt neuf ans.

Devant la diminution des łęmissions sociales, culturelles et spirituelles, la question identitaire des Qułębłęcois et la recherche de valeurs inspirantes, Radio Ville-Marie rłępond łŢ un besoin rłęel et le grand public lui manifeste sa vive satisfaction. Č┤En tant que młędia spłęcialisłę, RVM s'inspire des grandes valeurs et traditions qui ont fał▀onnłę notre histoire, notre patrimoine collectif et notre identitłę commune. RVM, propriłętłę d'une sociłętłę łŢ but non lucratif, se dłęfinit comme un service de radiodiffusion d'inspiration chrłętienne. C'est une belle radio et les gens s'y reconnaissent.Ȭ ajoute Jean-Guy Roy.

Elle est devenue au fil des annłęes, l'une des radios des plus culturelles du Qułębec. Radio Ville-Marie c'est un vaste rłęseau de personnes et d'organismes engagłęs au cëýur de la sociłętłę qułębłęcoise pour la promotion des valeurs de justice, de solidaritłę, d'intelligence et de respect. La nouvelle station devrait entrer en ondes au dłębut 2009 łŢ la grande joie des Rimouskois. Radio Ville-Marie, tout un monde łŢ dłęcouvrir!

Pour informations : (514) 382-3913
Courriel :

Une radio branchłęe sur la vie;
Un carrefour culturel impressionnant;
Une radio de solidaritłę;
Un młędia d'avenir.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

American Federation of Musicians


AFM International President Tom Lee Presents Congressman John Conyers with a Lifetime Achievement Award and Honorary Membership

On Saturday, September 27 the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM) will present House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his continued and steadfast support of the AFM, music and musicians. Chairman Conyers also will be made an honorary member of the AFM. These awards will be presented to Chairman Conyers by AFM International President Thomas F. Lee.

The awards ceremony will be held during a two-hour brunch at The H.R. 57 Center for the Preservation of Jazz hosted by the musicFIRST coalition, of which AFM is a member. Performing at the brunch will be jazz impresarios Jimmy Owens, Vic Juris, Winard Harper and Dr. Larry Ridley. The brunch is being organized to thank Chairman Conyers for his support of music and musicians, but most importantly for the Performance Rights Act (H.R. 4789) and the Prioritizing Resources and Organization for Intellectual Property ĺ─˙PRO-IPĺ─¨ Act (H.R. 4279), for which he has been a consistent and successful advocate.

Both the Performance Rights Act and the PRO-IP Act are merely two examples of issues for which Chairman Conyers has fought on behalf of musicians. For that reason AFM has chosen to honor Chairman John Conyers.

About the AFM

Founded in 1896, the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM), AFL-CIO, is the largest organization in the world dedicated to representing the interests of professional musicians. With more than 90,000 members, the AFM represents all types of professional musicians, including those who record music for sound recordings, film scores, radio, television and commercial announcements, as well as perform music of every genre in every sort of venue from small jazz clubs to symphony orchestra halls to major stadiums. Whether negotiating fair agreements, protecting ownership of recorded music, securing benefits such as health care and pension, or lobbying legislators, the AFM is committed to raising industry standards and placing the professional musician in the foreground of the cultural landscape.

Opera Atelier posts surplus for 2007-08 season

Opera Atelier posts surplus, celebrates an outstanding year

Toronto, ON (September 26, 2008) ĺ─ÂJane Hargraft, general manager for Opera Atelier, reported the company closed its 2007/08 season with a $64,000 surplus posted on an annual operating budget of $2.4 million. Ms. Hargraft attributed the successful year-end results in particular to record-breaking ticket sales for Idomeneo and a significant increase in development revenue (+ 28 %).

ĺ─˙We continue to build on the momentum generated last season,ĺ─¨ said Ms. Hargraft. ĺ─˙Our subscription revenues are 14% ahead of last year and we are forging exciting new partnerships with donors and sponsors.ĺ─¨

Opera Atelier launches its 2008/09 season with a new production of Mozartĺ─˘s The Abduction from the Seraglio (November 8 ĺ─ý 15, 2008) followed by The Coronation of Poppea (April 25 - May 2, 2009) at the Elgin Theatre. The company is pleased to announce that male soprano Michael Maniaci has been cast in the role of Nero and Canadian mezzo-soprano Kimberly Barber will make her Opera Atelier debut in the role of Ottavia.

Subscriptions for Opera Atelierĺ─˘s 2008/09 season are on sale now and may be purchased by calling 416-703-3767 ext. 24. Single tickets range from $30-$135 and can be purchased by calling Ticketmaster at 416.872.5555 or at . For more information visit .

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Edmonton Opera AGM Results

2007-08 A Banner Year for Edmonton Opera

Edmonton Opera showcased a banner 2007/08 season at its Annual General Meeting yesterday evening. With one sold-out production (Carmen); a Sterling Award for Outstanding Production of a Musical (H.M.S. Pinafore); the Edmonton premiere of one of Verdi's greatest operas (Falstaff); a collaboration with Alberta Ballet and the Richard Eaton Singers (Mozart's Requiem); and a tour through Berlin with Artistic Director Brian Deedrick for eight Edmonton Opera patrons, Edmonton Opera's 44th season was ambitious artistically, as well as financially solvent.

"I'm very pleased to report that, for the sixth year in a row, Edmonton Opera is in a surplus position," said Edmonton Opera's General Manager, Mary Phillips-Rickey. "This surplus was achieved with careful choices in repertoire, cost monitoring in all categories, and increased revenue in several areas." The company has been dept-free for five years, and is looking towards a bright future from this solid financial position.

Outgoing Board Chair Francis Price thanked Board members, staff, volunteers, the Opera chorus members, guild, crews, patrons, and the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra for their generosity and enthusiasm. "I am grateful to everyone who has helped Edmonton Opera to fly and who has soared alongside us," said Price.

Price leaves the Board's leadership to incoming Chair Dianne Kipnes, who noted she begins her term as Chair in an enviable position. "I have the good luck to be the beneficiary of the hard work of all former board members and out past chairs," said Kipnes. "But, Francis Price and his team have worked incredibly hard to put the company in its current position." Kipnes intends to take Edmonton Opera's good financial and artistic position forward aggressively by bringing more opera productions to the Jubilee stage, increasing opera audiences across all age groups and financial levels, and by launching new fundraising experiences.

The 2008/09 Board of Directors was also announced at the AGM, with Dianne Kipnes, Francis Price Dan Wiart, Larrie Boddy, Gabe Shelley, Bill Clark, Helen Cheung, Hilary Rose, Jim Johannsson, Axel Meisen, Katherine Braun, Brian Hetherington, Eleanor Olszewski, June Emery, Daniel Kim, Kyle Murray, Lynn Mandel, Ed Wiebe, David Austen, Laura Fitzgerald, Mary LeMessurier, Betty Kolodziej and Rob Rock as directors.

Edmonton Opera opens its 2008/09 season with a haunting production of Wagner's masterpiece The Flying Dutchman October 25, 28 and 30. All performances begin at 7.30pm and run at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. Subscriptions and single tickets for Edmonton Opera's 45th season are on sale now, visit for details.

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National Arts Centre Roundtable

Broadcaster Valerie Pringle and daughter Catherine Pringle to act as keynote speakers for National Arts Centre Foundation Roundtable on Media, Communications and Technology:
Healthy Mental Development for Children and Youth

Ottawa (Canada) ĺ─ýThe National Arts Centre is delighted to announce that broadcaster Valerie Pringle and her daughter Catherine Pringle, will be this yearĺ─˘s keynote speakers at the National Arts Centreĺ─˘s (NAC) Foundation Roundtable called Media, Communications and Technology: Healthy Mental Development for Children and Youth, to be held on Saturday, October 4, 2008, at 8:30 a.m. in the NAC Salon.

A prominent group of leaders in the medical and social policy fields, as well as arts supporters and senior public policy makers, will join Valerie and Catherine Pringle to discuss how media and the arts can contribute effectively and creatively to improved mental health for children and youth. Mother and daughter will also share their personal experience coping with mental illness.

Participants will discuss topics ranging from pure science to clinical applications, in a language that is both simple and engaging.

The Roundtable is held each year in tandem with the National Arts Centreĺ─˘s Annual Gala, which raises funds for the Centreĺ─˘s National Youth and Education Trust. The Trust supports the artistic development of young Canadians through educational resources, professional training, mentoring programmes and young audience performances. This yearĺ─˘s Gala, featuring Tony Bennett, takes place on the same day as the Roundtable.

ĺ─˙It is an honour for the National Arts Centre to host this important discussion with so many of Canadaĺ─˘s brightest minds, as well as leading Canadian arts supporters,ĺ─¨ said Darrell Louise Gregersen, CEO of the National Arts Centre Foundation.

Roundtable participants include Dr. Stan Kutcher, Sun Life Chair in Adolescent Mental Health, Dalhousie University; Dr. Bruce Ballon, head of the Adolescent Clinical and Educational Services for Problem Gambling, Gaming and Internet Use at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH); Dr. Michael Rich, Director of the Center on Media and Child Health at Harvard and Childrenĺ─˘s Hospital, Boston, and; Dr. David Wolfe, RBC Investments Chair in Childrenĺ─˘s Mental Health Chair at the CAMH.

Beginning in 2002, three NAC roundtables on philanthropy in the performing arts explored the importance of adequate financial resources for arts organizations, to ensure that they can fulfill their vital role of fostering a creative culture in Canada. In 2005, the Roundtable began a series of discussions on healing and the arts, exploring the profound role that music and other performing arts play in different aspects of human health and development. Each year, results of the discussions from Roundtables are shared with more than 3,000 arts and health organizations.

The Roundtables have featured a wide range of Canadian and international participants including the Hon. Michael Wilson, Canadian Ambassador to the U.S.; Louise Blouin MacBain, international arts philanthropist; Richard Bradshaw, the late General Director of the Canadian Opera Company; Martha Piper, former University of British Columbia; President, James Wolfensohn, business leader, arts patron, former President of the World Bank and Chairman Emeritus of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts; Frank Oĺ─˘Dea, Second Cup co-founder, as well as a long list of federal Cabinet ministers.

The National Arts Centre Foundation gratefully acknowledges Sun Life Financial as the Presenting Sponsor and the University of Ottawa and Rx&D as Associate Sponsors of the NAC Roundtable.

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Important Message from the Handel and Haydn Society

Harry Christophers is named Artistic Director of Handel and Haydn Society

Plans for 2009-2010 season, when Harry Christophersĺ─˘ tenure as Artistic Director is launched, include Mozartĺ─˘s Mass in C Minor, an all-Bach program, and expanded media, community, and touring initiatives

Celebration 2009 highlights Societyĺ─˘s 2008-2009 season with Harry Christophers as Artistic Director Designate

September 26, 2008 (Boston, MA) ĺ─ý Today, the Handel and Haydn Society, Americaĺ─˘s oldest continuously-performing arts organization, announced the appointment of Harry Christophers as Artistic Director. Mr. Christophers, a regular guest conductor of the Society, begins his tenure as Artistic Director with the 2009-2010 season and will be the organizationĺ─˘s thirteenth artistic leader since its founding in 1815. As Artistic Director Designate during the 2008-2009 season, Mr. Christophers will oversee all aspects of artistic planning and programming for future Handel and Haydn Society seasons. The initial term of Mr. Christophersĺ─˘ contract with the Society spans through the 2011-2012 season.

Commenting on his appointment as Artistic Director, Harry Christophers said, ĺ─˙I am so honored to be entrusted with the artistic leadership of this exceptional institution. Throughout its history, the Society has established and maintained its reputation as Americaĺ─˘s oldest and one of the worldĺ─˘s most respected performing arts organizations. Our work together thus far has been immensely rewarding, and I am thrilled to continue my relationship with the Societyĺ─˘s outstanding choral and instrumental musicians, and to enrich our audiencesĺ─˘ concert experience with authentic interpretations of the core repertoire whilst also presenting innovative programs of less familiar works and composers from this exceptional period of music.ĺ─¨

ĺ─˙Harry Christophers has distinguished himself as one of the worldĺ─˘s foremost interpreters of Baroque and Classical music, and we are thrilled to continue our work with him as he takes the artistic helm of the Society,ĺ─¨ commented Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer Marie-Hłęlł«ne Bernard. ĺ─˙Harryĺ─˘s work with the group has shown true synergy, a common goal to create excitement in each and every live performance, and a shared passion for authenticity. His appointment launches a new era, one that will honor the Societyĺ─˘s long-held commitment to musical excellence and to education and community initiatives.ĺ─¨

Harry Christophers has conducted the Handel and Haydn Society each season since his first appearance in September 2006, when he led a sold-out performance in the Esterhł░zy Palace at the Haydn Festival in Eisenstadt, Austria. Held in the same location where Haydn lived and worked for nearly 40 years, this Austrian appearance marked the Societyĺ─˘s first in Europe in its then 191-year history. Mr. Christophers returned to conduct the Society in Boston in a critically acclaimed performance of Handelĺ─˘s Messiah in December 2007, followed by an appearance at Symphony Hall in January 2008. Founder and Music Director of the renowned United Kingdom-based choir and period-instrument orchestra, The Sixteen, he is also in demand as a guest conductor for leading orchestras and opera companies worldwide and in the United States.

As Artistic Director of the Handel and Haydn Society, Harry Christophers will craft a balance between the Societyĺ─˘s core repertoire and the introduction of innovative programming for voice and period instruments, highlighting less familiar works of the Baroque and Classical periods. Mr. Christophers plans to conduct annual performances of Handelĺ─˘s Messiah at Bostonĺ─˘s Symphony Hall, with regular cycles of oratorios, operas, and works for smaller ensembles by Handel, Haydn, and their contemporaries. Plans for the 2009-2010 season include Mozartĺ─˘s C Minor Mass (planned for commercial release), excerpts from Gluckĺ─˘s Orfeo, and a program devoted to Bachĺ─˘s secular and religious works. Sir Roger Norrington will continue his work with the Society with performances of Beethovenĺ─˘s Missa Solemnis, and specialist guest conductors will periodically be invited by Harry Christophers to lead programs in the genres with which they have become synonymous. Under Mr. Christophersĺ─˘ leadership, the Society will continue its tradition of showcasing established and emerging artists, and will actively explore the use of new media technology to expand educational and outreach programs. In addition to launching annual releases of commercial recordings, Mr. Christophers and the Society will expand the Societyĺ─˘s international touring schedule and explore concert opportunities in underserved markets throughout New England.

2008-2009 Season Highlights with Artistic Director Designate Harry Christophers

The upcoming 2008-2009 Handel and Haydn Society season with Harry Christophers as Artistic Director Designate is marked by Celebration 2009, in observance of the anniversaries of the Societyĺ─˘s namesake composers. Commemorating the 250th and 200th anniversaries of deaths of Handel and Haydn, programmatic highlights of the season include the opening weekend of concerts with Harry Christophers conducting an all-Handel program; the Societyĺ─˘s 155th annual performance of Handelĺ─˘s Messiah, led by Paul Daniel; and two Haydn programs conducted by Artistic Advisor Sir Roger Norrington, which include a concert performance of the seldom heard Haydn opera Lĺ─˘anima del filosofo that will be recorded for release in May 2009 by Signum Records. Celebration 2009 culminates in a performance of Haydnĺ─˘s masterwork, The Creation, conducted by Principal Conductor Grant Llewellyn.

The celebratory 2008-2009 season demonstrates the Societyĺ─˘s renewed commitment to the Boston community with the launch of cultural and educational partnerships, including collaborations with the Boston Public Library, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Boston Athenaeum, New England Conservatory, Longy School of Music, Northeastern University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tufts University, and others. National and international collaborators include the Haydn Festival in Eisenstadt, Austria, at which the Society performed in September 2006, and which is organizing the worldwide performances of The Creation on May 31, 2009; the Haydn Society of North America, dedicated to promoting the legacy of Haydn; and Handel House Museum in London.

CIFF Last-Minute Closing Gala Tickets



Calgary, AB ĺ─ý Calgary, AB ĺ─ýThe Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF) is pleased to announce the festival will celebrate its closing on September 27th with Brian Hecker's Bart Got a Room. As of Midnight Thursday, September 25, 2008 150 tickets for the screenings of Bart got a Room have been made available to the public for sale.

What: CIFF Closing Gala

VIPs: Director Brian Hecker in attendance

Date: Saturday, September 27, 2008

Time: 7:00 PM and 7:30 PM

Where: Globe Cinema, 617 - 8 Ave SW, Calgary, AB

Tickets are available at: or at the Fido Box Office

The film was a hit at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival, and stars Academy AwardČĂ winner William H. Macy (Fargo, Magnolia), Cheryl Hines, and Steve Kaplan. Bart Got a Room is American writer/director Hecker's first feature, and the hilarious plot and superb cast makes it an ideal closing for the 2008 CIFF.

Featuring cinematography by award-winning Norwegian cinematographer Hallvard BrłÂin; edited by Annette Davey and Danny Rafic. Bart Got a Room is produced by Galt Niederhoffer, Celine Rattray, Tony Shawkat, Reagan Silber, and Jai Stefan. Executive producers are Stephen Benedek, Ed Hart, Dina Burke, Mario Fallone, Pamela Hirsch, Michael LaFetra, Bruce Lunsford, and Randy Simon Writer Brian Hecker. Bart Got a Room will screen at the Volkswagen Closing Night Gala on Saturday, September 27 at the Globe Theatre starting at 7:00 p.m. The Gala reception will follow at Flames Central.

The complete 2008 CIFF line-up, as well as festival tickets and passes, are available online at from August 25, 2008. The Fido Box Office opens at Eau Claire Market and the CIFF Souvenir Program Guide goes on sale at all Calgary Starbucks locations on September 5, 2008.

About CIFF

Founded in 1998, the Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF) is a charitable, not-for-profit, cultural organization based in Alberta, Canada. Inspired by the pioneering spirit and maverick ideals of the community, CIFF showcases films that break traditional boundaries and forge new cinematic ground. CIFF celebrates an unparalleled breadth and depth of cultural diversity through the meaningful, accessible, and artistic medium of film and engages thousands of artists to showcase the best films from filmmakers in over 100 countries around the world. CIFF is held annually at the end of September, screening over 200 films and hosting several gala events, awards, and special presentations. For more information visit

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Gerald Finley news

Lorraine Hunt Lieberson & Julius Drake


8 Lieder und Gesłžnge Op. 57


4 Lieder from Goetheĺ─˘s Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre Op. 98a

Frauenliebe und leben Op. 42

Release Details

Lorraine Hunt Lieberson mezzo-soprano

Julius Drake piano

Schumann Frauenliebe und leben, Brahms 8 Songs Op. 57

Release Date: 27 October 2008

Catalogue Number: WHLive0024


ĺ─ó Lorraine Hunt Lieberson - 1 March 1954 - 3 July 2006

ĺ─ó Wigmore Hall Live are proud to release on their Archive series this very special 1999 live recital by the great, beloved American born mezzo-soprano Lorraine Hunt-Lieberson who tragically died in 2006.

ĺ─ó This release adds to the universally acclaimed 1998 recital also released by Wigmore Hall Live (WHLive0013) ĺ─ý ĺ─˙Now that her recordings are all we have left, this one is particularly valuableĺ─ÂI]t captures the incomparable beauty of Hunt Liebersonĺ─˘s voiceĺ─¨ ĺ─ý

ĺ─ó The dramatic intensity and passionate commitment to her material earned her countless comparisons to Maria Callas.

ĺ─ó Noted for her interpretation of Handel and Bach, this recital of lieder by Schumann and Brahms demonstrates the breadth of her repertoire and her meticulous artistry.

ĺ─ó After her death, she won the 2007 Grammy Award for Best Classical Vocal Performance for her Rilke Songs and again in 2008 for her

performance of her husband's Neruda Songs.


A GRAMOPHONE AWARD NOMINATION to the final shortlist of 3 discs

ALBUM OF THE WEEK - THE INDEPENDENT "This Wigmore disc shows what magic she wrought with Mahler and Handel" The Independent

VOCAL CHOICE OF THE MONTH - BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE "The unique warmth of tone is sounded in the first notes even of the lighter Mahler songs, but there's also a spiritual grace in her approach ... peerless" BBC Music Magazine

Gerald Finley & Julius Drake




Songs and Dances of Death

Ned Rorem

War Scenes

Release Details

Gerald Finley bass-baritone

Julius Drake piano

Songs by Tchaikovsky, Musorgsky ĺ─˛Songs and Dances of Death, & Ned Rorem ĺ─˛War Scenesĺ─˘

Release Date: 27 October 2008

Catalogue Number: WHLive0025


ĺ─ó Gerald Finley writes: ĺ─˙It is with great sense of pride that this disc becomes the 25th release of the Wigmore Live series, in a musical partnership I have enjoyed for many years with Julius Drake. Performing at the Wigmore is always a highlight of any career. The others in the series are distinguished performers I have admired for years and the performances are wonderful. The audiences at the Wigmore are always welcoming and knowledgeable, and this atmosphere is captured perfectly. Already a fine catalogue, I hope the Wigmore Live series continues its honour rollĺ─¨

ĺ─ó Critically praised for his performances both on stage and in concert, this recital of American and Russian song by Gerald Finley offers listeners the rare opportunity to hear one of todayĺ─˘s most in-demand baritones within the beautiful,

Intimate setting of the Wigmore Hall.

ĺ─ó After a recital at Carnegie Hall in March, 2007, Finley was praised by New York Times critic Bernard Holland as having a "bass-baritone of easy luxury" and that his "sensibilities begin with the pre-eminence of words."

ĺ─ó His recording of Stanford's Songs of the Sea and Songs of the Fleet with Richard Hickox and the BBC NOW for Chandos received the Editor's Choice Award at the 2006 Classic FM Gramophone Awards.


ĺ─˙Gerald Finley is one of the few baritones before the public today with whom it's virtually impossible to find faultĺ─¨ Music OMH

ĺ─˙No other baritone can touch him for declamatory expressivenessĺ─¨ The Independent

ĺ─˙Finley and Drake paced them all tactfully, precisely mediating between relaxed storytelling and rapt introspection. Here was very fine singing of truly great songsĺ─¨ The Guardian

ĺ─˙For my money this inspired pianist is now the best in the businessĺ─¨ New York Magazine


Thursday, September 25, 2008

NAC Gala with Tony Bennett on Oct. 4

NAC Orchestra programme announced for NAC Gala with the legendary Tony Bennett on Oct. 4

Ottawa, Canada ĺ─ý The National Arts Centre Gala has been sold out for some time and lucky ticket-holders have a truly spectacular night ahead on Saturday, October 4. Tony Bennett, famously described by Frank Sinatra as ĺ─˙the best singer in the businessĺ─¨, together with his quartet will give a one-hour command performance in the second half of the Gala. And, to launch this night of glamour and style, Pinchas Zukerman will lead the NAC Orchestra in a complementary classical programme.

Two young Ottawa string virtuosos will join Maestro Zukerman and the Orchestra in the opening half. Stanley Leong, a 13-year-old cellist, and his brother 11-year-old violinist Kerson Leong will join forces to perform the Allegro from Vivaldiĺ─˘s Concerto in B-flat major for Violin and Cello, filled with acrobatic highjinks requiring nimble fingers! Both have been multiple top prize winners in the Canadian Music Competition, and both participated in last summerĺ─˘s Tenth Anniversary NAC Summer Music Institute in the Junior Strings Programme.

The five participants in this seasonĺ─˘s Institute for Orchestral Studies (IOS) will be onstage performing with the National Arts Centre Orchestra. They are Emily Westell (violin, 23, Calgary, AB), Amłęline Chauvette-Groulx (violin, 25, Ottawa, ON), Tali Kravitz (viola, 24, Israel), Leat Sabbah (cello, 21, United States), and Theodore Chan (double bass, 24, Ottawa, ON).

The NAC Gala is a benefit for the National Youth and Education Trust, investing in young Canadians through the performing arts. Both the Summer Music Institute and the Institute for Orchestral Studies are among the NAC programmes that are supported by the National Youth and Education Trust.

Maestro Zukerman will also lead the NAC Orchestra in Brahmsĺ─˘ Variations on a Theme of Haydn, and will close the first half with Ravelĺ─˘s thrilling Bolero, an orchestral tour de force that is one of the most popular compositions in the entire classical repertoire.

In the second half Tony Bennett will take the stage with his quartet consisting of Lee Musiker (music director and piano), Gray Sargent (guitar), Jim Hughart (bass) and Harold Jones (drums). Mr. Bennett will announce his programme from the stage.

The Gala Committee NAC is chaired for the third year by Janet Yale, TELUSĺ─˘ executive vice president, Corporate Affairs. Mrs. Laureen Harper is the Galaĺ─˘s Honourary Chair.

There will be a pre-concert reception in the Foyer for all patrons at 5:30 p.m., followed by the concert at 6:30 p.m. Those who have purchased Encore Seating will join Gala sponsors at a post-concert reception in the Foyer, followed by dinner on the Southam Hall stage.

TELUS, Founding Partner of the NACĺ─˘s National Youth and Education Trust, is the Presenting Sponsor of the annual Gala. This commitment reflects TELUSĺ─˘s continuing support of the National Youth and Education Trust, a primary resource for supporting the artistic development of young Canadians through educational resources, professional training, mentoring programmes and young audience performances. The Trust is also supported by SunLife Financial, patrons of the Gala and the National Arts Centre Foundation Donorsĺ─˘ Circle.

Tony Bennett is the stuff of legends. His unforgettable voice has touched the heart and moved the souls of admirers around the globe. For nearly 60 years he has entertained us, yet has remained forever young and wowed generation after generation of new fans. He is an international treasure, honoured by the United Nations as a ĺ─˙Citizen of the Worldĺ─¨. With over 50 million records sold world-wide and platinum and gold albums to his credit, Bennett has received thirteen Grammy Awards and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. His appearance with the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the 1993 MTV Video Awards ceremony introduced him to a whole new generation with his recording ĺ─˙MTV Unpluggedĺ─¨ garnering Grammyĺ─˘s top award, ĺ─˙Album of the Year.ĺ─¨ The New York Times declared ĺ─˙Tony Bennett has not just bridged the generation gap, he has demolished it.ĺ─¨

Tony Bennett is one of a handful of artists to have new albums charting in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond. He introduced a multitude of songs into the Great American Songbook that have since become standards for pop music. He has toured the world to sold-out audiences with rave reviews whenever he performs. To celebrate his 80th birthday in 2006, Tony Bennett recorded Duets - An American Classic with some of the top names in contemporary music, including Bono, Michael Bublłę, Elvis Costello, Celine Dion, Billy Joel, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Sting, Barbra Streisand, James Taylor and Stevie Wonder.

The NAC Orchestraĺ─˘s own Pinchas Zukerman was one of the instrumental superstars on Tony Bennettĺ─˘s Duets ĺ─ý An American Classic. Named Music Director of the National Arts Centre Orchestra in 1998, Maestro Zukermanĺ─˘s genius and prodigious technique have been a marvel to critics and audiences for over four decades. He is equally respected as a violinist, violist, conductor, and chamber musician while his dedication to teaching has been a major catalyst for many of the education initiatives supported by the National Youth and Education Trust. Pinchas Zukerman's discography contains over 100 titles, and has earned him 21 Grammy nominations and two Grammy awards. He was named first-prize winner of the 1969 Leventritt Competition, and, in 1983, President Reagan awarded him a Medal of Arts for his leadership in the musical world. In October 2002, he became the first recipient of the Isaac Stern Award for Artistic Excellence at the National Arts Awards Gala in New York City. Pinchas Zukerman and the National Arts Centre Orchestra donate their services for the NACĺ─˘s annual Gala.

Kerson Leong, violin, and Stanley Leong, cello

Kerson Leong is 11 and has already won the Grand Prize at the Canadian Music Competition for four straight years, each time achieving the highest mark of any age group or instrument. In the recent 2008 competition in Quebec City, the judges awarded him a mark of 99% for his stunning performance. He was recognized in the Galaxie Rising Star Program of the CBC and was also the youngest finalist in the 2006 nationwide CBC Mozart Variation Contest held to celebrate Mozartĺ─˘s 250th birthday anniversary.

Stanley Leong is 13 and has been a top prizewinner at the Canadian Music Competition for 6 years in a row. At the recent 2008 competition in Quebec City, he won First Prize once again and made his solo debut at the CMC Gala with the Quebec Symphony Orchestra under Maestro Yoav Talmi.

Both young musicians have been guest soloists with the NAC Orchestra at a TD Canada Trust Young Peopleĺ─˘s Concert, as well as with I Musici de Montreal, and have performed at the 2008 Ottawa Chamberfest and at the CBC Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto.

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Brł«ve internet - Pauline Julien



Le dimanche 28 septembre, pour souligner le 10e anniversaire du dłęcł«s de PAULINE JULIEN, l'animateur FRANłßOIS DOMPIERRE consacre un segment de son łęmission łŢ cette poł«te et grande dame de la chanson qułębłęcoise, en compagnie d'invitłęs en studio, sur les ondes d'ESPACE MUSIQUE (100,7 FM łŢ Montrłęal).

De 14 h łŢ 15 h, plusieurs artistes rendront hommage łŢ Pauline. Aprł«s une entrevue, la chanteuse CłÔLINE FAUCHER, qui se consacre łŢ l'ëýuvre et au rłępertoire de Pauline Julien, interprł«tera Une sorcił«re comme les autres et La croqueuse de 222 accompagnłęe du pianiste MARC-ANDRłÔ CUIERRIER.

Franł▀ois Dompierre rencontre łęgalement NELSON MINVILLE, metteur en scł«ne d'un spectacle consacrłę łŢ la chanteuse cet automne. Aussi, MARA TREMBLAY et łÔRIC GOULET (M. Mono) chantent en duo Ce soir, j'ai l'łóme łŢ la tendresse, un des grands textes de Pauline Julien sur une musique de Dompierre.

Ne ratez pas, ce dimanche, ce moment łęmouvant dłędiłę łŢ la młęmoire de Pauline Julien offert par Franł▀ois Dompierre et ses invitłęs, sur les ondes de la radio musicale de Radio-Canada.

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Bill Eddins is Joined by H.K. Gruber

Classic Landmarks Masters:

The ESO explores humanity's dark side with a little Man, Myth and Magic.

Bill Eddins conducts H.K Gruber's Frankenstien!!

October 3rd ĺ─ý 7:30pm and October 4th- 8:00pm

Edmonton, AB ĺ─Â The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (ESO) explores humanity's dark side in an outrageous evening of musical storytelling, featuring narration by H.K. Gruber. Composer, conductor, chansonnier and double bass player, Gruber is one of the most well-known and well-loved figures in contemporary music, and yet he remains something of an enigma. His music remains refreshingly non-doctrinaire - a deceptively simple and darkly ironic idiom which often includes a heavy dose of black humour.

Bill Eddins conducts the weekend's performances which feature low-life criminals, the end of civilized society and an outlandish classic horror story - H.K. Gruber's Frankenstien!! Also featured is music from Bernard Herrmann's score to the classic film Fahrenheit 451, The Threepenny Opera Suite by Kurt Weill, and Ravel's lush Concerto in G, with Bill Eddins as soloist and conductor.

Ticket prices for this performance range from $20-$69 (agency fees apply). Student and senior $20 rush tickets are on sale, subject to availability, two hours prior to curtain time.

Afterthoughts will feature conductor Bill Eddins and H.K Gruber. Saturday evening's 7:15pm Symphony Prelude features ESO Music Resource D.T. Baker.

The next performance of The Masters takes place on October 17 and 18 with Conductor Gregory Vajda and Pianist William Wolfram.

This series is generously supported by Classic Landmarks Master Builder

Media Sponsor: CKUA Radio Network

uber's debut with the ESO.

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Le Concours international d'orgue promet d'łęblouir

Le Concours international d'orgue promet d'łęblouir

Le Concours international d'orgue du Canada dłęvoile une programmation digne du Roi des instruments

Montrłęal, le 25 septembre 2008 ĺ─ý Avec l'arrivłęe de l'automne se tiendra le Concours international d'orgue du Canada (CIOC) du 8 au 19 octobre 2008. Cet łęvłęnement est non seulement le premier concours international d'orgue de grande envergure łŢ se dłęrouler łŢ Montrłęal, mais il promet aussi d'łütre un des plus importants et prestigieux concours d'orgue au monde. Č┤ Grłóce łŢ ce concours international, l'auditoire ici prłęsent aura l'occasion d'assister łŢ un spectacle de haut calibre, menłę par de jeunes organistes qui procureront łŢ tous les amateurs de musique d'orgue des moments de pur ravissement Ȭ, a indiqułę son Excellence la trł«s honorable Michał┤lle Jean, gouverneure głęnłęrale du Canada et prłęsidente d'honneur du CIOC, dans un message aux organisateurs du Concours. La programmation de haut niveau fera vivre au public une expłęrience acoustique et visuelle unique.

Un concours international prestigieux

Seul concours international d'orgue des Amłęriques en 2008, le CIOC accueillera łŢ Montrłęal, berceau de l'orgue, 15 jeunes organistes virtuoses provenant de 11 pays. Č┤ Nous cłęlłębrons aujourd'hui le succł«s d'un travail d'łęquipe. Le dłęvoilement de notre programmation est le fruit de ce travail acharnłę. Il reprłęsente łęgalement un pas important pour Montrłęal, puisqu'il rłęaffirme son statut comme capitale nord-amłęricaine de l'orgue Ȭ, a dłęclarłę Noł┤l Spinelli, prłęsident du conseil d'administration du CIOC.

Une expłęrience unique pour le spectateur

Grłóce łŢ des łęcrans głęants ainsi qu'au son enveloppant caractłęristique des orgues, le CIOC invitera les spectateurs łŢ profiter des plaisirs qu'offre un rendez-vous musical unique en son genre. L'entrłęe łętant libre, ils pourront voir 15 artistes de classe mondiale se produire sur ce que Mozart a jadis dłęsignłę Le roi des instruments. Č┤ En combinant des dispositifs visuels aux sons naturels de l'orgue et en rendant l'accł«s au Concours libre, nous permettrons au public de vivre une expłęrience unique Ȭ, a dłęclarłę Renłę Frłęchette, directeur głęnłęral du CIOC. Radio-Canada et CBC marqueront leur prłęsence łŢ ce rendez-vous musical en assurant la diffusion du Concours, tant łŢ la radio que sur Internet.

Orgue łŢ la carte

Le Concours se dłęroulera en trois łępreuves, qui s'łętaleront entre le 8 et 17 octobre. La premił«re łępreuve se tiendra łŢ l'łÔglise Immaculłęe-Conception et sera joułęe sur l'orgue Beckerath du 8 au 10 octobre. La deuxił«me łępreuve aura lieu łŢ l'łÔglise Saint-Jean-Baptiste sur l'orgue Casavant les 13 et 14 octobre. La finale se dłęroulera łŢ la basilique Notre-Dame le 17 octobre et sera łęgalement prłęsentłęe sur un orgue Casavant.

En plus du volet compłętitif, le programme du CIOC comprend des concerts spłęciaux, des rłęcitals des membres du jury, des cours de małĂtre ainsi que des visites guidłęes. Ces activitłęs feront dłęcouvrir au public les artistes, les orgues ainsi que le riche patrimoine architectural de Montrłęal.

Avant la tenue de la premił«re łępreuve, un concert gala d'ouverture, organisłę conjointement avec le Festival d'automne Orgue et couleurs aura lieu le 5 octobre łŢ l'łÔglise St. Andrew & St. Paul łŢ 19 h 30. L'organiste amłęricain et membre du jury James Higdon agira comme soliste, alors que Jacques Lacombe dirigera les cordes de l'Orchestre symphonique de Trois-Rivił«res. Finalement, un Concert gala de clłąture incluant une cłęrłęmonie de remise des prix et des rłęcitals donnłęs par les laurłęats des trois grands prix se tiendra le 19 octobre łŢ 19 h 30 łŢ l'łÔglise Saint-Jean-Baptiste.

Le plus important prix en argent

Le jury de renommłęe mondiale attribuera les plus importants prix en argent jamais octroyłęs parmi les concours d'orgue au monde. Grłóce aux contributions des partenaires du Concours, des prix totalisant 72 000 $ seront remis. Un głęnłęreux don de la fondation Dane and Polly Bales s'ajoute au premier prix le portant łŢ 30 000 $. Le public dłęcernera łŢ l'un des cinq concurrents qui se produiront lors de l'łępreuve finale le prix du public Richard Bradshaw de 5 000 $. Č┤ Ce prix honore la młęmoire de notre ami et collł«gue, le regrettłę Richard Bradshaw, qui a fortement encouragłę la tenue du Concours Ȭ, a prłęcisłę John Grew, directeur artistique du CIOC. Le public pourra voter sur place le 17 octobre ou sur le site Internet du CIOC ( jusqu'łŢ midi le 19 octobre.

Partenaires et visionnaires

C'est grłóce aux efforts et łŢ l'engagement des membres du conseil d'administration du Concours que des appuis financiers importants ont łętłę obtenus. Avec les intervenants du milieu de l'orgue, ses donateurs et ses partenaires fondateurs łŢ savoir RBC, łÔquipe Spinelli, Cantos Music Foundation, Financił«re Sun Life et Hydro Qułębec, le Concours international d'orgue du Canada jouera un rłąle de premier plan pour promouvoir la musique d'orgue grłóce au talent de jeunes organistes qui mettront en valeur ces instruments spectaculaires, souvent inconnus du public. Mentionnons le soutien des ministł«res des Affaires municipales et des Rłęgions, du Tourisme, et de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition fłęminine, ainsi que la Ville de Montrłęal et de nombreux partenaires clłęs. Fort de tous ces appuis, le CIOC garantira le succł«s de sa premił«re łędition et assurera sa continuitłę.

ł─ propos du CIOC

Le Concours international d'orgue du Canada (CIOC) accueille au pays de jeunes organistes recrutłęs łŢ travers le monde. L'organisme effectue un travail annuel pour promouvoir l'orgue comme instrument majeur dans la culture musicale au pays en plus de contribuer au rayonnement de la musique d'orgue grłóce au talent de jeunes organistes. Prłęsentłę sur des instruments de qualitłę dans des lieux d'une grande beautłę architecturale, le CIOC jouera un rłąle important dans la mise en valeur du patrimoine qui a fait de Montrłęal une rłęfłęrence nord-amłęricaine dans le domaine de l'orgue. Pour tous les dłętails, visitez le site Web du CIOC au

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CIFF Doc Series and Animation


Calgary, AB ĺ─ý With only four days remaining of the 9th Annual Calgary International Film Festival, time is running out to catch the many cinematic gems being presented at this year's event. This year, the festival has been marked with a strong line-up of documentaries, narrative features, and parties, and these great shows and fantastic events will continue until Sunday's close.


The Sweetest Embrace: Return to Afghanistan

Soorgul and Amir return to their country in search of their families after 16 years of living as refugees. When their paths diverge, their futures are filled with unexpected and unpredictable turns as they seek to find resolution in their lives. The Sweetest Embrace tells an intimate story set against one of the world's harshest, and yet beautiful, landscapes, where life has been shaped by war, but where spirit remains resilient.

Thursday, September 25, 2008 7:00 p.m. @ Cineplex Eau Claire

Bird's Nest

Bird's Nest follows two Swiss architects on two very different projects: the national stadium for the Olympic summer games in Beijing and a city area in the provincial town of Jinhua, China, as they build bridges between two cultures, two architectural traditions and two political systems. The documentary shows how Chinese culture affects the construction work, the specific architectonic form and the struggle to achieve it, giving insight about the society, the culture and everyday life in China.

Thursday, September 25, 2008 9:15 p.m. @ The Globe Upstairs



This entry into the Life in Focus: Fashion in Film series is a satirical fairytale set in modern Russia, where unbridled capitalism has created a seedy, decadent lifestyle for Moscow's nouveau rich. Galya goes to Moscow to realize her dream of becoming a supermodel, but is promptly rejected and told she is too gangly to become a model. Through perseverance and help from her gangster ex-beau, she is catapulted to the cover of magazines ĺ─ý though in ways she never expected.

Thursday, September 25, 2008 9:30 p.m. @ The Globe Downstairs

Saturday, September 27, 2008 12:30 p.m. @ The Globe Downstairs


Sita Sings the Blues

Three hilarious shadow puppets narrate both ancient tragedy and modern comedy in this beautifully animated interpretation of the Indian epic Ramayana. Director Nina Paley varies her rich animation, site gags and a 1920s jazz soundtrack by legendary singer Annette Hanshaw in order to tell "The Greatest Break-Up Story Ever Told."

Thursday, September 25, 2008 7:00 p.m. @ The Uptown Downstairs

Saturday, September 27, 2008 9:15 p.m. @ Cineplex Westhills

The complete 2008 CIFF line-up, as well as festival tickets and passes, are available online at from August 25, 2008. The Fido Box Office opens at Eau Claire Market and the CIFF Souvenir Program Guide goes on sale at all Calgary Starbucks locations on September 5, 2008.

About CIFF

Founded in 1998, the Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF) is a charitable, not-for-profit, cultural organization based in Alberta, Canada. Inspired by the pioneering spirit and maverick ideals of the community, CIFF showcases films that break traditional boundaries and forge new cinematic ground. CIFF celebrates an unparalleled breadth and depth of cultural diversity through the meaningful, accessible, and artistic medium of film and engages thousands of artists to showcase the best films from filmmakers in over 100 countries around the world. CIFF is held annually at the end of September, screening over 200 films and hosting several gala events, awards, and special presentations. For more information visit

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Nagata Shachu's 10th Anniversary Concert

Nagata Shachu
Japanese Taiko and Music Group
10th Anniversary and CD Release Concert

NAGATA SHACHU, Canada's pre-eminent taiko (Japanese drum) group, will celebrate their tenth anniversary with a release of a new recording, Tsuzure (tapestry), and a very special concert on Saturday, November 29, 2008.

Featuring new works, a number of pieces from the CD, as well as old favourites from Nagata Shachu's extensive repertoire, this year's annual concert promises to be like no other. Featuring an arsenal of taiko (including the massive O-Daiko drum), bamboo flutes, the three-stringed shamisen and an array of gongs, cymbals, shakers and wood blocks, NAGATA SHACHU'S 10th Anniversary Concert will take you on a musical journey beyond all borders.

New works to be premiered will include:
o Mamagoto (composed by Kiyoshi Nagata)
Mamagoto or 'child's play' features two shinobue (bamboo folk flutes), orchestra bells, various taiko drums, cymbals and an array of toys and noise makers. It is a light-hearted and whimsical tune depicting the adventures of children as they play their day away.
o Take Ito Kawa (improvisations by Aki Takahashi, Scott Kusano, and Kiyoshi Nagata)
The contrasting yet complimentary sounds of bamboo shakuhachi flute (TAKE), silk-stringed shamisen (ITO), and the skin of the taiko (KAWA), combined with the performers' improvisational skills and musical instincts, are at the heart of this rapid-fire exchange.
o Jinari "Rumbling of the Earth" (composed by Kiyoshi Nagata)
In this physically demanding and thrilling solo, Kiyoshi Nagata will perform on the massive O-daiko (big drum), that requires body, mind, and spirit to become one.
o Finale
This yet to be titled work is a heart-stopping showcase featuring four drummers playing improvised solos on the large taiko drums accompanied by the sharp and rapid attack of three small drums. This piece is guaranteed to awake the senses and turn Ryerson Theatre into one big boom-box!

Amidst a very busy touring schedule, NAGATA SHACHU will present their 10th Anniversary Concert for one night only, Saturday, November 29, in Toronto. On October 31 and November 1 NAGATA SHACHU will be participating at La TOHU in Montreal and later that month they will be guests at the prestigious CAPACOA in Ottawa. In February 2009 they will travel to the Colonial Theater in Pittsfield, MA, in March to McMaster University in Hamilton, and in April they will tour Michigan.

NAGATA SHACHU (formerly the Kiyoshi Nagata Ensemble) has enthralled audiences with its mesmerizing and heart-pounding performances of the Japanese drum (taiko) since its formation in 1998. The group has toured widely throughout Canada, the US, and Italy, performing in theatres, concert halls, and at major music festivals. While rooted in the folk drumming traditions of Japan, the ensemble's principal aim is to rejuvenate this ancient art form by producing innovative and exciting music that seeks to create a new voice for the taiko. Taking its name from founder Kiyoshi Nagata and the Japanese word shachu, meaning group, Nagata Shachu, has become renowned for its exacting, straightforward, yet physically demanding performances as well as for its diverse repertoire. Their playing is the combination of unbounded spirit and passion with the highest levels of musicianship and discipline. The result is an unforgettable experience that is both powerful in expression and heartfelt in its sincerity.

The ensemble's artistic director Kiyoshi Nagata's career as a preeminent taiko soloist spans twenty-six years. After completing his studies with prominent taiko musicians, he started teaching himself at the University of Toronto's Faculty of Music, as well as at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. For eight years, he instructed two community groups, Isshin Daiko in Toronto and Do-Kon Daiko in Burlington, which he helped establish in 1995. Kiyoshi is also regularly invited by universities and taiko groups to conduct workshops and present lectures. In 1994, Kiyoshi founded the cross-cultural percussion ensemble, Humdrum, whose debut Toronto performance was ranked fourth in Now Magazine's "Top Ten Concerts of 1995". He has composed and performed taiko music for dance, theatre, film and radio and continues to collaborate with artists from all genres of music including traditional Japanese instrumentalists.

"Since 1998, the nine-person group, headed by Kiyoshi Nagata has consistently added new layers of invention to the traditional drumming-and-dancing repertoire." John Terauds, Toronto Star

formerly Kiyoshi Nagata Ensemble
Presents 10th Anniversary and CD release Concert
Kiyoshi Nagata, artistic director - taiko, shinobue
Aki Takahashi - shamisen, vocals, taiko
Scott Kusano - taiko, shakuhachi
Angela Colangelo - taiko, shinobue
Nick Shao - taiko
Atsushi Kato- taiko
Miki Kato - taiko, sanshin

Saturday, November 29, 2008 @ 8pm - One Show Only!
Ryerson Theatre, 43 Gerrard Street East, Toronto (between Yonge and Church)

$25-$30 adults; $20 seniors and students
On-line:; By phone: 416-978-8849

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James Ehnes wins 2008 GRAMOPHONE Award

James Ehnes wins 2008 GRAMOPHONE Award

ĺ─˙...James Ehnes brings to this great concerto a rapt identification, tingling temperament and glowing ardour...Not only is Ehnes's technical address impeccable and intonation miraculously true, his contribution is remarkable for its intrepid emotional scope, athletic agility and (perhaps above all) jaw-dropping delicacy (nowhere more heart-tuggingly potent than in the finale's accompanied cadenza).ĺ─¨ (Gramophone)

ĺ─˙Ehnes, in whom technical acumen and beauty of tone can be taken for granted, captures the passion and wistfulness of the concerto's temperament ideally, the ebb and flow of emotion and pacing finding poignant counterparts in the way Andrew Davis conducts the Philharmonia Orchestraĺ─¨ (Daily Telegraph)

ĺ─˙He plays Elgarĺ─˘s Violin Concerto with an alchemic mix of passionate intensity and clear-headed intelligence, lavishing upon this spacious, hyper-romantic work a sound of staggeringly rich, luscious beauty, from first note to last.ĺ─¨ (Sunday Times)

James Ehnes has won the 2008 Gramophone Award for Best Concerto Recording of the Year for Elgarĺ─˘s Violin Concerto with the Philharmonia Orchestra (London), conducted by Sir Andrew Davis released on the ONYX label. This recording has received unanimous praise from critics worldwide ĺ─ţ ĺ─˙[it] will be heard many times over the years as a model of an exceptionally intelligent and sensitive approach to the work.ĺ─¨ (BBC 3 CD Review).

This is the third major award for James Ehnes this year ĺ─ý his recording of the Barber, Korngold and Walton Concertos with the Vancouver Symphony conducted by Bramwell Tovey (CBC Records/ONYX) won the 2008 GRAMMY and JUNO Awards for Best Classical Album of the year. It also won the Western Canadian Music Award for Outstanding Classical Recording.

James's extensive discography of over 20 titles includes award-winners for the CBC, Analekta, Black Box, Chandos, Telarc, and Sony Classical labels in repertoire ranging from Bach to John Adams. His 250th Mozart anniversary double-disc of the composerĺ─˘s complete works for violin and orchestra won the 2007 JUNO for best orchestral recording and has been hailed as a benchmark recording: ĺ─˙a clear first choice in the fieldĺ─¨ (Classic FM).

ĺ─˙Homageĺ─¨, to be released shortly on the ONYX label, pays tribute to the worldĺ─˘s most celebrated violin-makers. This unique CD\DVD project features performances on 12 of the greatest instruments ever made by Antonio Stradivari, Pietro Guarneri (Peter of Mantua), Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesł╝, Andrea Guarneri, Giuseppe Guadagnini, and Gasparo Bertolotti (Gasparo da Salłż), all belonging to the extraordinary and unique Fulton Collection.

James Ehnes is widely considered one of the most dynamic and exciting performers in classical music. He has performed in over
20 countries on five continents with many of the worldĺ─˘s most renowned orchestras and conductors.
The 2008-2009 season takes him to Malaysia, Western and Eastern Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, the UK, Detroit, Nashville, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa.

James Ehnes performs on the ĺ─˙ex-Marsickĺ─¨ Stradivarius of 1715 and gratefully acknowledges its extended loan from the Fulton Collection.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CIFF Continues

The Calgary International Film Festival Documentary Showcase is dedicated to finding
the best and most inspiring films of the festival season, giving audiences a chance to rub shoulders with complex truths and realities. With a mix of both local and international perspectives, this program includes a diverse and challenging range of cinematic experiences for everyone to enjoy.
Tiger Spirit: Award-winning filmmaker Min Sook Lee sets out on a revelatory, emotionally-charged journey into Korea's broken heart, exploring the rhetoric and realism of reunification through the extraordinary stories of ordinary people.
Wednesday, September 24, 2008 9:15 p.m. @ Westhills
Bird's Nest ĺ─ý Herzog and De Meuron in China: Bird's Nest follows two Swiss star architects on two very different projects: the national stadium for the Olympic summer games in Beijing 2008, and a city area in the provincial town of Jinhua, China. Architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron are literally building bridges between two cultures, two architectural traditions, and two political systems.
Thursday, September 25, 2008 9:15 p.m. @ Westhills
Hi My Name is Ryan: A documentary about Ryan Avery ĺ─ý a milk and cookies connoisseur, a photo-booth artist, a fake moustache aficionado, and a punk rock performance artist determined to make his life super-awesome.
Friday, September 26, 2008 7:15 p.m. @ Uptown Downstairs
Saturday, September 27, 2008 12:00 p.m. @ Uptown Downstairs
Junior: The highly competitive world of hockey is put under the microscope in the National Film Board's fascinating film Junior. Following the Baie-Comeau Drakkar of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, directors Isabelle Lavigne and Stłęphane Thibault focus on the sport's offices, hallways, and locker rooms and illuminate how the boys' financial futures hang in the balance every pressured day.
Friday, September 26 9:15 p.m. @ Uptown Upstairs
Saturday, September 27 2:15 p.m. @ Uptown Upstairs
Black Ice
Elegant, outgoing, gracious and entering middle age, Saara has discovered her husband is having an affair with one of his students. Intrigued, Saara looks deeper and ends up alternating between lies, the truth, manipulating others and giving in to her emotions. It's a gripping portrayal of jealousy and its ravages, a thriller stitched together with raw emotions, fateful coincidences and surprising psychological finesse.
Wednesday, September 24, 2008 9:30 p.m. @ The Globe Downstairs
Confessions of a Porn Addict
*Director Duncan Christie in attendance. Q&A following screening.
Interviews and photo opportunities available.
Mark Tobias (Spencer Rice, Kenny vs Spenny) had it all: a good job, a beautiful wife, and a particularly unhealthy addiction to pornography. His wife, Felice (Lindsay Connell, Lars and the Real Girl), finally gets fed up with the competition and leaves him, causing Mark's addiction to spiral out of control, until one day he is caught literally with his pants down.
Wednesday, September 24 9:15 p.m. @ The Plaza
Tokyo Gore Police
Set in Tokyo in the near future where bitter self-mutilation is so casual that advertising is often specially geared to the "cutter" demographic, the Tokyo Police Corporation is locked in a bloody war with the Engineers. These unstoppable, genetically modified super-criminals can bio-fuse their open wounds with weapons, turning self-mutilation into a deadly combat form.
Wednesday, September 24, 2008 11:00 p.m. @ The Plaza
Sunday, September 28, 2008 12:15 p.m. @ The Plaza
Volkswagen Closing Gala ĺ─ý Bart got a Room
High school senior and student council vice president Danny Stein wants what every young man wants on prom night ĺ─ý a hot date. Do you have yours for the Volkswagen Closing Gala?
Saturday, September 27, 2008 7:00 PM @ Uptown Downstairs
Saturday, September 27, 2008 7:30 PM @ Uptown Upstairs
The complete 2008 CIFF line-up, as well as festival tickets and passes, are available online at from August 25, 2008. The Fido Box Office opens at Eau Claire Market and the CIFF Souvenir Program Guide goes on sale at all Calgary Starbucks locations on September 5, 2008.
About CIFF
Founded in 1998, the Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF) is a charitable, not-for-profit, cultural organization based in Alberta, Canada. Inspired by the pioneering spirit and maverick ideals of the community, CIFF showcases films that break traditional boundaries and forge new cinematic ground. CIFF celebrates an unparalleled breadth and depth of cultural diversity through the meaningful, accessible, and artistic medium of film and engages thousands of artists to showcase the best films from filmmakers in over 100 countries around the world. CIFF is held annually at the end of September, screening over 200 films and hosting several gala events, awards, and special presentations. For more information visit

Shaw Festival Announces Fall Lecture Series

Shaw Festival Announces Fall Lecture Series

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, September 24, 2008 ĺ─Â The Shaw Festival is thrilled to announce its second fall celebrity lecture series: Four Lectures in the Provocative Spirit of Bernard Shaw. Funded by the Government of Ontarioĺ─˘s Celebrate Ontario Festival and Event Enhancement initiative, The Shaw will present lectures by Seymour Hersh, Stevie Cameron, Tomson Highway and Dr. Samantha Nutt.

Inspired by the brilliance, bravery, humanity and humour of Bernard Shaw, the Shaw Festival is a crucible of progressive and provocative ideas which illuminate our understanding of todayĺ─˘s world. Relevant and engaging theatre on the festivalĺ─˘s three stages is enhanced each season with a robust education program. Like Shawĺ─˘s, the work of these four prominent and passionate speakers shines light on the dilemmas of our world, encouraging us all to take action.

On announcing this yearĺ─˘s lecture series, Shaw Festival Executive Director Colleen Blake said: ĺ─˙The speakers we will present in our lecture series this year illustrate how the provocative spirit of Bernard Shaw still lives in discussions about todayĺ─˘s critical world issues. We were thrilled with the audience reception to last yearĺ─˘s inaugural series, which included Ken Wiwa, Mary Walsh, Sir Salman Rushdie and Tim Flannery, and are delighted that, thanks to the Government of Ontario, we are able to continue the series this season.ĺ─¨

Seymour Hersh October 12, 2008

Seymour Hersh is one of Americaĺ─˘s most respected and groundbreaking investigative journalists. He has broken some of the biggest cover ups of the modern era -- from My Lai to Abu Ghraib -- and his work continues to uncover deceit and challenge corruption at the highest levels. In his analysis of U.S. foreign policy, he exposes the often shadowy world where official foreign policy stance meets political reality in other parts of the world. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Hersh is also the author of Chain of Command and The Dark Side of Camelot.

Stevie Cameron October 19, 2008

Award-winning journalist Stevie Cameron is also a successful author, commentator, humanitarian and founding editor of Elm Street Magazine. Cameron's passion for writing, uncovering and dissecting stories of the day have earned her acclaim as one of Canada's foremost investigative journalists. In her lectures, Cameron takes a critical look at Canadian politics, business, society and the future.

Tomson Highway October 26, 2008

Tomson Highway is a playwright, author, musician, multilingual speaker, member of the Order of Canada and recipient of five doctorates. Throughout his life, he has overcome incredible obstacles, including the residential school system, prejudice, and struggles to have his work recognized, to become one of Canadaĺ─˘s foremost aboriginal and creative voices.

Dr. Samantha Nutt November 2, 2008

Dr. Samantha Nutt is Founder and Executive Director of War Child Canada. A medical doctor with over 13 years experience working in war zones and committed to peace, human rights and social justice, her ambition has always been to help war-affected women and children. Called one of ĺ─˙12 Canadians making a differenceĺ─¨ by Macleanĺ─˘s Magazine, she has received numerous awards for her work, including Canadaĺ─˘s Top 40 Under 40 Award.

Each lecture will be held at 11 am in the Royal George Theatre, 85 Queen St., Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Tickets are $20 each or $65 for the series and $10 each for students. Tickets are available online at or by calling the Shaw Festival Box Office at 1-800-511-7429 or 905-468-2172.

The 2008 season is proudly presented by HSBC Bank Canada/HSBC Bank USA, N.A.

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Bill Eddins Leaves the Podium and Becomes Guest Soloist

Robbins Pops:

Bill Eddins leaves the podium and becomes the soloist for the First Night of the Pops!

Friday, September 26th and Saturday, September 27th ĺ─ý 8:00pm

Edmonton, AB ĺ─ÂOn September 26th & 27th, Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (ESO) Music Director Bill Eddins shows Edmonton audiences a different side of himself as the eveningĺ─˘s guest soloist. He shares the stage alongside symphony pops legend- Conductor Bruce Hangen, as the Robbins Pops season gets off to an impressive start, blending orchestral show-stoppers including Eddins at the piano in Gershwinĺ─˘s Rhapsody in Blue. The Epsilon vocal quintet also makes an appearance in a medley of song hits from the Roaring Twenties. Thereĺ─˘s also more music from Gershwin, as well as hits from Bernstein and Berlin.

Ticket prices for this performance range from $24 to $79 (agency fees apply). Student and senior rush tickets are subject to availability and can be purchased two hours prior to performance time. Tickets are available through the Winspear Centre Box Office.

The next performance of the Robbins Pops takes place on October 31st and November 1st and features conductor Jack Everly with music of the 1960s.

This series is generously supported by Bill & Mary Jo Robbins

Friday, September 26th is generously sponsored by Sobeys

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Bugs Bunny on Broadway!

Whatĺ─˘s Up, Doc?!

The VSO presents Bugs Bunny on Broadway!

Vancouver BC ĺ─ý The Wascally Wabbit is back! The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and Global ComedyFest are proud to present Bugs Bunny on Broadway ĺ─ý a unique and extraordinary concert experience that celebrates the worldĺ─˘s favourite classic Looney Tunes cartoons and their real classical scores.

The large video screen show cartoon jewels like Whatĺ─˘s Opera, Doc?, The Rabbit of Seville, Long Haired Hare and a Corny Concerto while the Orchestra plays the classical soundtracks on stage. This roller coaster ride of a concert has sold-out the worldĺ─˘s greatest concert halls from The Hollywood Bowl to the Sydney Opera House (and in the past, the Orpheum and Queen Elizabeth Theatre!) and created an enthusiastically-devoted international audience of animation fans and classical music lovers alike.

Bugs conductor and co-creator George Daugherty takes the podium with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra for this extra-special concert event. During the show, Daugherty explains how the genius of Chuck Jones and Warner Bros. took real classical and operatic scores, such as Rossiniĺ─˘s Barber of Seville and Wagnerĺ─˘s Ring Cycle, and set not only Bugs Bunny cartoons to this great classical music, but many others as well. Itĺ─˘s an eye-opening experience for audiences to learn that as they were growing up watching the hilarious antics of Bugs and friends, they were also listening to classical music!

Bugs Bunny on Broadway is a uniquely spirited, fun, and sophisticated combination of classic animation and spectacular symphonic music. George Daugherty and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra will perform three concerts from December 28 to December 29 at the Orpheum Theatre.

Tickets for Bugs Bunny on Broadway go on-sale Wednesday, October 1st at 10am, exclusively through the VSO website at, and VSO Customer Service at 604.876.3434.

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Bilan de Vues d'Afrique

Bilan de Vues dĺ─˘Afrique

Un cinłęma qui fait rayonner la Francophonie

Qułębec, le 24 septembre 2008 ĺ─ý Le plus grand continent francophone prłęsente son cinłęma ! Cette manifestation consacrłęe au cinłęma francophone du Sud sĺ─˘est terminłęe samedi le 20 septembre avec la fiertłę de dire Č┤mission accomplieȬ. Des centaines de personnes ont constatłę la vigueur et lĺ─˘importance du cinłęma crłęole et africain en assistant aux diffłęrentes projections et dłębats au Musłęe de la civilisation ainsi quĺ─˘aux tables rondes et aux rencontres professionnelles łŢ lĺ─˘Universitłę Laval.

Les rłęalisateurs Cheik Doukourłę, Bassek Ba Kobhio et Arnold Antonin et le critique de cinłęma Baba Diop łętaient tous agrłęablement impressionnłęs de lĺ─˘accueil accordłę łŢ leurs films ou aux films quĺ─˘ils reprłęsentaient. Sĺ─˘arrłüter en terres franł▀aises du continent nord-amłęricain łętait primordial pour eux, surtout en vue du XIIe Sommet de la Francophonie, de młüme que pour la reprłęsentante de l'Organisation internationale de la francophonie, responsable du cinłęma, Mme Souad Houssein.

Č┤Notre collaboration avec lĺ─˘Universitłę Laval et le Musłęe de la civilisation de Qułębec est des plus fructueuse. Nous sommes fiers dĺ─˘annoncer la continuitłę de notre entente lĺ─˘annłęe prochaine avec ces deux partenaires majeursȬ sĺ─˘exclame le directeur głęnłęral de Vues dĺ─˘Afrique, M. Głęrard Le Chłüne. Č┤Il est primordial de nos jours, que la francophonie rayonne łŢ travers le monde et les cinłęmas africain et crłęole, grłóce łŢ Vues dĺ─˘Afrique, y contribuentȬ.

En 2009, Vues dĺ─˘Afrique aura lieu du 16 au 26 avril et fłütera alors son 25e anniversaire. Un łęvłęnement majeur łŢ inscrire łŢ lĺ─˘agenda!

Vues dĺ─˘Afrique tient enfin łŢ remercier la population de Qułębec toujours prłęsente en grand nombre aux rendez-vous de lĺ─˘łęvłęnement ainsi que ses prłęcieux partenaires que sont le Secrłętariat d'organisation du XIIe Sommet de la Francophonie, lĺ─˘Agence canadienne de dłęveloppement international, le Ministł«re des Relations internationales du Qułębec, le Musłęe de la civilisation, la Chaire de recherche du Canada en Littłęratures africaines et Francophonie (Universitłę Laval), le FESPACO et TV5 Qułębec Canada.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Opłęralia sur Espace classique


Grłóce łŢ la webradio d'Espace musique,, les internautes peuvent tout savoir sur OPłÔRALIA 2008, la cłęlł«bre compłętition internationale prłęsidłęe par PLACIDO DOMINGO qui se dłęroule du 18 au 24 septembre dans la ville de Qułębec.

Dans ce grand dossier spłęcial, le public peut prendre le pouls de l'łęvłęnement au jour le jour. Reportages vidłęo sur la compłętition, entrevues exclusives avec les finalistes, blogue enrichi quotidiennement... Le 24 septembre łŢ 19 h, le site diffuse la finale en direct pour la mettre ensuite en ligne gratuitement pendant un an.

Pour les internautes, ce sera l'occasion d'entendre les finalistes du prestigieux concours accompagnłęs de l'Orchestre symphonique de Qułębec dirigłę exceptionnellement par maestro Domingo. Animłęe par SYLVIA L'łÔCUYER et BILL RICHARDSON de Radio-Canada, la soirłęe sera, en plus du Web, diffusłęe łęgalement łŢ l'antenne d'Espace musique et de CBC Radio 2.

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Davis legacy honoured at inaugural concert

The legacy of the family responsible for the world-class Davis Concert Organ in the Winspear Centre for Music will be recognized at Edmonton's first annual Winona and Stuart Davis Memorial Organ Recital. The concert, which spotlights French virtuoso Vincent Dubois holding court on the 6,551-pipe instrument at the Winspear (99 St. & 102 Ave.), Sunday, October 5 at 3 p.m., will also launch the Sundays at 3 Organ Recital Series 2008/2009 season.

The occasion will also bring to attention the establishment of the Davis Concert Organ Maintenance and Performance Trust, created to maintain the instrument in pristine condition and foster additional concerts that feature the organ.

"With 2008 acknowledged as the International Year of the Organ, the timing of this concert and trust is perfect," says Marnie Giesbrecht, who is on the trust's organizing committee and is acting managing co-director of the Sundays at 3 Organ Recital Series. "The trust will honour Dr. Stuart Davis's desire to keep the organ in top shape and enable more people to play and hear it. Organizations that present organists often can't afford the hall, so this trust is a good way to facilitate those possibilities. More groups using the organ will probably enhance more creative use of the Davis family's gift to the city of Edmonton."

Dr. Stuart Davis, a retired University of Alberta professor and a fan of organ music, donated $2 million to assist in the construction of the organ, which was built in the Winspear by Orgues Letourneau. Completed in 2002, the instrument was christened the Davis Concert Organ in memory of the doctor's late wife Winona. Dr. Davis passed away in 2005, having declared in his will that a trust continue to support the organ.

The concert's organist, Vincent Dubois, is currently the Assistant Director of the Conservatoire National of Angers and has been the titular organist at the Cathedral of Soissons since 2001. He's also won the Recital Gold Medal at the 2002 Calgary International Organ Competition and the Grand Prize at the 2002 International Competition of Toulouse, France, which resulted in a performance itinerary that has since stretched around the globe. Dubois will perform an all-French program that includes works by Marcel Duprłę, Cłęsar Franck, Louise Vierne and Maurice Duruflłę,

Tickets for the Winona and Stuart Davis Memorial Organ Recital are $20 and available at the Winspear box office (780-428-1414), Tix on the Square (780-420-1757) or at the door. For more information, contact the Sundays at 3 Organ Concert Series at (780) 429-1655 or visit their website at

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CIFF Italian Party and Screening


Calgary, AB ĺ─ýThe Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF) is pleased to announce a series of special events and parties as part of this year's 9th annual event. As part of CIFF's ongoing commitment to provide stellar cinematic and cultural experiences, this year's festival special events schedule highlights our visiting delegates, local filmmakers, award-winners and gala films.

The CIFF Italian Party is one of the highlights of the event schedule this year. This VIP cocktail reception and takes place at Osteria de Medici (201 10th St. NW) after the screening of CIFF's highlight Italian film, Gomorrah. While the Sicilian Mafia has drawn the lion's share of media attention over the years, it is the Neapolitan mafia, known as the Camorra, who have created an insidious oligarchy of power. Director Matteo Garrone's hotly anticipated Gomorrah (a dark play on words) weaves five storylines culled from the best-selling literary exposłę of the same title about Neapolitan underworld. Like the Godfather films, Gomorrah examines organized crime from the inside out, except that the latter is more concerned with the assorted lowlifes and foot soldiers rather than those at the centre of power.

Event Details

Screening: Tuesday September 23, 2008 7:00 p.m. @ The Plaza

Party: Italian Film Party

Date: Tuesday, September 23, 2008.

Time: 9:00 PM

Where: Osteria de Medici, 201 10th St. NW, Calgary, AB

Admission: VIP and Gomorrah patrons

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Richard Li Young Artist Chair

Young Saskatchewan trumpeter Amy Horvey selected to hold the title of Richard Li Young Artist Chair for 2008-2009 season

Ottawa, Ontario ĺ─ý The National Arts Centre today announced that Saskatchewan-born trumpeter Amy Horvey has been selected to hold the title of Richard Li Young Artist Chair for the 2008-2009 season. This honour is awarded annually to an exceptional young Canadian musician under the age of 35 who aspires to, or is in the early stages of, an orchestral career.

The Richard Li Young Artist Chair was established thanks to the generosity of Hong Kong-Canadian businessman Richard Li. In September 2006 he donated $1 million to the National Arts Centre Foundation ĺ─ý the largest one-time gift in NAC history. In addition to providing a variety of performance and professional development opportunities to Richard Li Young Artist Chair recipients, the donation helps support several NAC young artist training programs, such as the Summer Music Institute and the Institute for Orchestral Studies.

Amy Horvey, 27, has performed with the National Arts Centre Orchestra as an extra musician. As part of her duties as a recipient of the Richard Li Young Artist Chair recipient, Amy will perform solo recitals and teach masterclasses in Saskatchewan during the NAC Orchestraĺ─˘s upcoming tour of Western Canada from October 24 to November 12.

ĺ─˙Arts and music education are vital to maintaining and protecting the cultural fabric of Canada's rural areas,ĺ─¨ said Ms. Horvey. ĺ─˙This is a major priority for me.ĺ─¨

Ms. Horvey grew up on a farm near Cabri, Saskatchewan, a small prairie community which has a long been known for its excellent brass bands. (The Cabri Brass Band featured Bobby Gimby as one of its members. Mr. Gimby gained national attention as the composer of the 1967 Centennial song ĺ─˙Canadaĺ─¨ and later received the Order of Canada for his contributions to the countryĺ─˘s national identity.)

Amy began playing trumpet at the age of six in a family of dedicated brass players ĺ─ý her father plays trumpet, her mother plays French horn while her brother and sisters play the trombone and euphonium.

Amy has studied at the University of Victoria, the Glenn Gould School and the Rotterdam Conservatory. She is currently pursuing doctoral studies at McGill University's Schulich School of Music, studying with the renowned trumpeter and teacher Edward Carroll.

ĺ─˙Amy has a unique and very personal voice on the trumpet that is quietly gaining the attention of the international trumpet community,ĺ─¨ said Mr. Carroll.

In 2006 she toured Canada presenting a solo show of music commissioned from several internationally known composers and was invited by the legendary American jazz musician and composer Dave Douglas to be a featured soloist at the Festival of New Trumpet Music in New York City.

The National Arts Centre established the National Arts Centre Foundation in 2000, with the mandate to raise significant financial support for its artistic and educational programming. The Foundationĺ─˘s mission is to inspire individuals, corporations and foundations to invest in the NACĺ─˘s vision of excellence and innovation as a national centre for performance, creation and learning. The National Arts Centre Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors made up of 23 leaders from across Canada.

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L'Orchestre Młętropolitain du Grand Montrłęal relł«ve de son dłęficit - EMBARGO 26 sept

Lĺ─˘Orchestre Młętropolitain du Grand Montrłęal relł«ve de son dłęficit et prend un nouvel envol

Montrłęal, 23 septembre 2008 ĺ─ý ł─ lĺ─˘occasion du lancement de la saison 2008-2009 de lĺ─˘Orchestre Młętropolitain du Grand Montrłęal dimanche prochain, madame Michelle Cormier, prłęsidente du conseil dĺ─˘administration, annoncera trois dons majeurs : un de 540 000 provenant de madame Jacqueline et monsieur Paul Desmarais et deux de 100 000 chacun provenant de madame Carolyn et monsieur Richard Renaud et lĺ─˘autre de la Fondation J. Armand Bombardier Č┤ Ces dons sont les puissants symboles dĺ─˘un soutien qui augmente jour aprł«s jour envers lĺ─˘Orchestre et son administration. Nous remercions les familles Desmarais, Bombardier et Renaud pour leur głęnłęrositłę. Ils sont de fervents admirateurs de lĺ─˘Orchestre et de son chef, Yannick Nłęzet-Słęguin et grłóce łŢ eux, aujourdĺ─˘hui, lĺ─˘Orchestre peut entił«rement effacer son dłęficit et prendre un nouvel envol Ȭ a affirmłę madame Cormier.

Des gestes administratifs significatifs

Depuis lĺ─˘atteinte de dłęficit de plus de un million de dollars en 2005-2006, le conseil dĺ─˘administration a travaillłę sans relłóche dans lĺ─˘identification de nouvelles orientations menant au redressement financier. Ce dynamisme a attirłę de nouveaux appuis, tant parmi les comitłęs de travail quĺ─˘au sein de son łęquipe interne ou de son conseil dĺ─˘administration. Le conseil dĺ─˘administration accueille dĺ─˘ailleurs deux nouveaux membres dans ses rangs : madame Louise Frłęchette, vice-secrłętaire głęnłęrale aux Nations Unies (1998-2006), et madame Nicole Dubłę, directrice marketing de la Fłędłęration des producteurs de lait du Qułębec.

Aussi, une łęnergie nouvelle souffle aussi au sein de son łęquipe administrative interne, depuis lĺ─˘arrivłęe en mai dernier de la nouvelle prłęsidente-directrice głęnłęrale, madame Luce Moreau CFRE, dont lĺ─˘expertise en philanthropie est reconnue internationalement. Madame Moreau est dĺ─˘ailleurs la premił«re Qułębłęcoise et la premił«re francophone łŢ siłęger comme administratrice au conseil dĺ─˘administration de lĺ─˘Association of Fundraising Professionnals, organisme international reprłęsentant 30 000 membres du milieu philanthropique, oł╝ elle vient tout juste dĺ─˘łütre łęlue.

Č┤ Nous sommes non seulement dans une situation financił«re saine, mais nous avons le bonheur de pouvoir offrir aux amateurs de musique le talent exceptionnel dĺ─˘un jeune chef montrłęalais, reconnu internationalement, Yannick Nłęzet-Słęguin. Nous prenons aujourdĺ─˘hui un nouvel envol et nous sommes enthousiastes ! Nous pourrons mieux assumer notre rłąle dĺ─˘accrołĂtre lĺ─˘accł«s łŢ la musique classique et de promouvoir le travail des interprł«tes et compositeurs canadiens Ȭ a conclu Luce Moreau, prłęsidente-directrice głęnłęrale de lĺ─˘Orchestre.


CIFF Welcomes Special Guests to the 2008 Festival



Calgary, AB ĺ─ý The Calgary International Film Festival brings visiting directors, producers, and cast members to the festival, providing an up-close-and-personal look at the movie-makers taking part in this year's event. Special guests will be in attendance at their film screenings, and available for question and answer periods to discuss their work.


Noah & Logan Miller (Writers/Directors), Touching Home

Tue. Sep. 23, 2008 9:30 PM @ Globe Downstairs

Three months after their homeless father died in jail, twin filmmakers, Logan and Noah Miller cornered Ed Harris in an alley outside of the Castro Theatre in San Francisco and pitched him their autobiographical movie, Touching Home. Nine days later Harris called them and said he wanted the role. Touching Home is a courageous and honest portrayal of a family fighting to overcome the pain of wasted years and the crushing forces of addiction.

Carl Bessai (Director), Mothers&Daughters

Thu. Sep. 25, 2008 7:15 PM @ Uptown Upstairs

Sun. Sep. 28, 2008 3:00 PM @ Uptown Upstairs

Mothers&Daughters explores the hilarious, the ridiculous, and the complicated dynamics of mother/daughter relationships. Three mother/daughter pairs offer a diverse glimpse into the needs, the denials, and the inescapable love that these women feel towards each other. Ultimately, it is a celebration of the inexplicable bond of mothers and daughters.

Kent Tessman (Director), and Jennifer Lo & David Bajurny (Co-Producers), Bull

Sat. Sep. 20, 2008 4:45 PM @ Uptown Downstairs
Tues. Sep. 23, 2008 7:00 PM @

Bull is a darkly comic neo-noir film, set among the heat-wave-baked skyscraper canyons of the Toronto financial district. A hapless stockbroker named Charlie finds himself caught up in a twisty web where no one, no one at all, is telling the truth. Not only did Kent Tessman write, produce and direct this film, he also edited, mixed, completed the visual effects and composed the score, showing his talents as a one man filmmaking tour-de-force.

Najeeb Mirza (Director), Sweetest Embrace: The Return of Afghanistan

Thurs. Sep. 25, 2008 7:00 PM @ Eau Claire

In Najeeb Mirza's The Sweetest Embrace, Soorgul and Amir return to their country in search of their families. The film tells an intimate story set against one of the world's most harsh and yet beautiful landscapes, in a land where life has been shaped by war and hardship but where spirit remains resilient.

Denny Tedesco (Director), The Wrecking Crew

Tues. Sep. 23, 2008 7:15 PM @ Eau Claire
Sun. Sep. 28, 2008 2:30 PM @
Uptown Downstairs

Nicknamed by their conservative predecessors, the Wrecking Crew was comprised of prodigious rock 'n' roll session players in the prolific California music scene. Responsible for the lush instrumentation in Phil Spector's Wall of Sound and in the Beach Boys' seminal Pet Sounds, the Wrecking Crew was behind nearly every hit of the '60s and some of the most enduring songs ever recorded.

GJ Echternkamp (Cast, Producer), Necessary Death

Fri. Sep. 26, 2008 11:30 PM @ Plaza
Sat. Sep. 27, 2008 2:45 PM @

A Necessary Death is a taut dramatic tale of ambitious film students, desperate to be original, who spiral down a creative and moral hole from which they cannot emerge unscathed.


Michael Sparaga, Director Maple Flavour Films
Michael Selditch, Director Eleven Minutes
Murray Siple, Director Carts of Darkness
Taylor Greeson Director Meadowlark
Siu Tran, John Tran, Sam Tran & Daddy Tran, Director, Producer, Subject Daddy Tran
Steven Rose, Director Hi My Name Is Ryan

Juan Francisco Villa, Producer Alondra Smiles
Suzanne Chisholm, Director Saving Luna

Denny Tedescu, Director The Wrecking Crew


Local Filmmakers
Mitch Barany, City of Noise
James Reckseidler, Zinneke
Jonathan Joffe, Boiler Room
Cam Christiansen, The Real Place
Michael Peterson, Curse of The Piano
Devon Bolton, The Promise
Corey Lee, In Translation
Sandi Somers, The Panty Portal

Out of Town Short Filmmakers
Sara St. Onge, Lobotomobile
Jeff Chiba Stearns, Yellow Sticky Notes
Anna McRoberts, The Windfisherman
Ismael Nava, Greedy As A Pig
Randall Okita, Machine Wishbone

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Thursday, October 2, 2008 at 8 PM/ Massey Hall / $69.50 - $49.50

416 872 4255 / Roy Thomson Hall Box Office at King & Simcoe /

Italian blues superstar Zucchero returns to Massey Hall with his raucous mixture of soul and rhythm-and-blues and an offering of his very best hits. Many music lovers count themselves as fans, along with Miles Davis, Bono, Pavarotti, John Lee Hooker, and Eric Clapton to name a few.

Copresented with CHIN Radio and sponsored by Faema.


Friday, October 10, 2008 at 8 PM / Massey Hall / $99.50 - $39.50

416 872 4255 / Roy Thomson Hall Box Office at King & Simcoe /

The extraordinary Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra is firmly established as one of the best and hardest-swinging groups in jazz today. Fifteen of the worldĺ─˘s finest jazz soloists and ensemble players are led by meganova trumpeter and artistic director Wynton Marsalis, performing newly commissioned works and honouring the jazz traditions of legends past.

Sponsored by TD Canada Trust


Manitoba Chamber Orchestra/ Anne Manson, conductor / Serouj Kradjian, piano /

Hampic Djabourian, duduk

Friday, October 17, 2008 at 8 PM / Roy Thomson Hall / $89.50-$39.50

416 872 4255 / Roy Thomson Hall Box Office at King & Simcoe /

Inspired by her first trip to her ancestral home of Armenia, Isabel Bayrakdarian celebrates the music of Gomidas Vartabed (1869-1935), Armeniaĺ─˘s national composer. The program also features music by Bartłäk, Ravel and Skalkottas.


Monday, October 20, 2008 at 8 PM / Massey Hall / $69.50 - $49.50

416 872 4255 / Roy Thomson Hall Box Office at King & Simcoe /

They were catapulted to international fame in 1986 collaborating on the album and international tour of Paul Simonĺ─˘s seminal work, Graceland. Today, led by Joseph Shabalala, Ladysmith interprets the a cappella vocal traditions of South Africa with deep bass voices blending in lush harmonies, with synchronized dance moves and the head-high kicks that are the Zulu tradition.


Thursday, Oct 23, 2008 at 8 PM / Massey Hall / $49.50-$29.50

416 872 4255 / Roy Thomson Hall Box Office at King & Simcoe /

With his latest album, Exit Strategy of the Soul, Sexsmith brings a provocative new approach to his expansive aesthetic. Informed, but not entrapped, by soul and gospel music, backed by Cuban horns and his compelling piano playing, Sexsmith achieves an otherworldly dimension while maintaining breathtaking intimacy.

Sponsored by LEXUS


Friday, October 24, 2008 at 8 PM / Massey Hall /$69.50 - $49.50

416 872 4255 / Roy Thomson Hall Box Office at King & Simcoe /

Milton Nascimento's timeless tunes and unforgettable voice are loved by millions worldwide. This Brazilian icon and the Jobim Trioĺ─ţwith Paulo and Daniel Jobim (son and grandson of the great Antonio Carlos Jobim) and Paulo Bragaĺ─ţcombine forces to celebrate the 50th anniversary of bossa nova.


Saturday, October 25, 2008 at 8 PM / Massey Hall / $59.50 - $39.50

416 872 4255 / Roy Thomson Hall Box Office at King & Simcoe /

Canada's most sublime voice returns to the roots of jazz with an all new record of standards due out this fall. Recently named an Officer of the Order of Canada, Molly embodies all the qualities of the quintessential jazz vocalist - inimitable style, grace and charisma.


Sunday, October 26, 2008 at 2 PM / Roy Thomson Hall / $69.50 - $29.50

Tunes of Glory! The massed military bands, pipes and drums pay tribute to the best Military Music in Canada. This spectacular features a sing-a-long of favourite tunes. Lobby displays begin at 12:30 PM.

Copresented with Royal Canadian Military Institute


Shaw Festival Announces 2009 Season

The Idea

Shaw ĺ─Â Coward ĺ─Â Osborne? The ideas of these playwrights rocked society far beyond the confines of the theatre world. The Shaw Festivalĺ─˘s 2009 season celebrates the brilliance of the work of these writers and opens up a new corner of its mandate to show the continuum of provocative theatre The Shaw is renowned for producing. In announcing the 2009 Season today, Artistic Director Jackie Maxwell said, ĺ─˙Weĺ─˘re thrilled to be embarking on our 2009 adventure. Two exciting events will be highlights of the season: a once-in-a-lifetime celebration of one of Bernard Shawĺ─˘s most famous contemporaries, fellow provocateur Noel Coward, and a new initiative in a new space with a new writer for The Shaw. Weĺ─˘ll do that ĺ─ý and weĺ─˘ll present an additional six remarkable plays, while continuing our exploration of contemporary Shavian writers in our reading series. The choices made this season play to the strengths of our multi-faceted and extraordinary Company and are made in concert with our ongoing emphasis on nurturing the careers of emerging theatre artists and developing new work for our stages. Welcome aboard, and enjoy the ride.ĺ─¨

The Reality

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, September 23, 2008 . . . Artistic Director Jackie Maxwell officially announced the Shaw Festivalĺ─˘s 2009 season today. In 2009 The Shaw takes on a monumental and historic project with full productions of each play in Noel Cowardĺ─˘s famous Tonight at 8:30 collection. The Shawĺ─˘s 2009 productions represent the first time all ten short plays have been performed in repertory by a professional company since they were first produced by Londonĺ─˘s Phoenix Theatre in 1935-36. The plays will be performed in sets of three, one on each of the Festivalĺ─˘s Niagara-on-the-Lake stages, with the tenth, the rarely produced Star Chamber, being the lunchtime production in the Royal George. And to celebrate this idea for the event that it is, on two separate occasions, we will present all ten in one day ĺ─ý an event we are appropriately naming ĺ─˙Mad Dogs and Englishmenĺ─¨.

Ms. Maxwell said of the collection: ĺ─˙As the idea of doing all of Cowardĺ─˘s Tonight at 8:30 came to me, and as I reread the plays, I was struck that each one is a brilliant jewel ĺ─ý like the best short stories ĺ─ý some well known, some not. As is typical of Coward ĺ─ý who was always pushing the envelope in both form and content ĺ─ý the ten plays vary hugely. There are out-and-out comedies, heart-wrenching dramas, fantasy musicals and historical tales. Coward is a brilliant miniaturist, a master storyteller, and any group of these plays, seen together, is a truly satisfying evening at the theatre. The experience of seeing them in one fell swoop, for those who are game, will be thrilling indeed.ĺ─¨

English actor, playwright and composer Noel Coward (1899-1973) is renowned for his full-length plays The Vortex, Hay Fever, Easy Virtue, Bitter Sweet, Cavalcade, Private Lives and Design for Living, most of which have been produced by The Shaw. His ambitious Tonight at 8:30 cycle, which he wrote and starred in with his frequent stage partner Gertrude Lawrence, was originally written to be performed in combinations of three plays for a different playbill each night.

Artistic Director Jackie Maxwell will direct the first set of plays, in the Festival Theatre. Titled Brief Encounters, this includes Still Life, We Were Dancing and Hands Across the Sea. The Royal George set, directed by Artistic Director Emeritus Christopher Newton, titled Play, Orchestra, Play, will include Red Peppers, Fumed Oak and Shadow Play. The Court House group, director to be announced, titled Ways of the Heart, will include Ways and Means, Family Album and The Astonished Heart. Kate Lynch will direct the lunchtime Star Chamber. Music plays a huge role throughout Tonight at 8:30 and The Shawĺ─˘s Music Director Paul Sportelli will be Music Director for the whole project.

John Osborne (1929-1994), playwright, activist and the original inspiration for the phrase ĺ─˙angry young manĺ─¨, revolutionized English theatre in 1956 with his play Look Back in Anger. An outspoken critic of The Establishment and the monarchy, as well as English theatre, Osborne combined unsparing truthfulness with devastating wit. In 2009 The Shaw will produce a limited run of Osborneĺ─˘s 1957 play The Entertainer, directed by Jackie Maxwell in the Festival Theatre Rehearsal Studio. The Entertainer, a boldly theatrical piece combining drama and vaudeville that Osborne wrote for Laurence Olivier, uses the metaphor of the dying music hall tradition to comment on the vicissitudes of post-war life in 1950s England. The production of both Tonight at 8:30 and The Entertainer in the 2009 season will create a vivid juxtaposition between Osborneĺ─˘s angry existential soul search and the polished work of Coward, while also revealing the deep connection between the two.

The 2009 playbill includes six additional full productions. The Shawĺ─˘s celebration of Cowardĺ─˘s witty and subversive world sits perfectly beside the work of house wit and subversive, Bernard Shaw. Bernard Shawĺ─˘s exhilarating The Devilĺ─˘s Disciple, last produced at The Shaw in 1996, is directed in 2009 by renowned Polish director Tadeusz Bradecki, and presented in the Festival Theatre. The upcoming American election and the ensuing new administration will provide a fascinating backdrop to Shawĺ─˘s drama of the struggles between England and her American colonies in the late 1700s. In the Royal George, Shawĺ─˘s hilarious satire of philosophy, playwriting and acting, In Good King Charlesĺ─˘s Golden Days, will be directed by Eda Holmes.

Garson Kaninĺ─˘s classic comedy Born Yesterday, directed by Neil Munro, will share the Festival Theatre stage. An enduring story of a corrupt tycoon and his not-so-dumb blonde girlfriend, the play was a huge hit on Broadway in 1946 with Judy Holliday as Billie Dawn. Denouncing bribery, corruption and greedy corporate interests, this highly entertaining play could well have been written yesterday.

The Court House Theatre season also includes Eugene Oĺ─˘Neillĺ─˘s romantic drama A Moon for the Misbegotten, directed by Joseph Ziegler, who deftly handled Oĺ─˘Neillĺ─˘s Ah Wilderness for The Shaw in 2004. Continuing to programme Canadian classics, Michel Tremblayĺ─˘s phenomenal Albertine in Five Times, in a new translation by Linda Gaboriau and directed by Micheline Chevrier, will complete the Court House season. The play, which provides a wonderful challenge for six female actors, is a brilliant deconstruction of the life of Albertine, a complex, troubled woman who appears in many of Tremblayĺ─˘s plays and is one of theatreĺ─˘s most mercurial characters.

Building on the success of the 2008 seasonĺ─˘s A Little Night Music and Follies: In Concert, The Shaw continues to explore the work of Stephen Sondheim with a production of Sunday in the Park with George, directed by Alisa Palmer, which explores the eternal conflict between life and art through the story of the French Impressionist painter Georges Seurat. The piece is a perfect fit with the intimate jewel-box setting of the Royal George Theatre.

The Shaw Festivalĺ─˘s popular reading series of contemporary Shavian writers continues to be an integral component of each season and an important area of growth for the Company. For the reading series, Jackie Maxwell and director Eda Holmes choose full-length plays that represent contemporary writing at its best ĺ─ý witty and compelling, with a distinct modern-day perspective. Like Shawĺ─˘s, the work of these writers centres on the critical examination of the times and communities in which they live. The 2009 Reading Series focuses on diverse female playwrights with a political voice. It includes the Pulitzer Prize-winning drama Topdog/Underdog, a bitingly funny, hard-hitting examination of poverty in America by African-American playwright Suzan-Lori Parks, directed by Obsidian Theatreĺ─˘s Artistic Director Phil Akin, and further titles to be announced.

The reading series is often informed by The Shawĺ─˘s play development work. As part of the 2009 reading series The Shaw also presents a new musical based on the brief life of Maria Severa Onofriana, a famous Portuguese fado singer who achieved near-mythical status after her death. Maria Severa is written by Shaw Festival Music Director Paul Sportelli and Ensemble member Jay Turvey, whose musical Tristan received its world premiere at The Shaw in 2007.

The Shawĺ─˘s play development programme is actively engaged with writers, providing dramaturgical support, playwright-in-residence opportunities and workshops with actors, often working towards producing new work for The Shawĺ─˘s stages. In addition to Maria Severa, other projects in development include an adaptation of Oscar Wildeĺ─˘s The Canterville Ghost by Robin Patterson, Artistic Director of St. Catharinesĺ─˘ Theatre Beyond Words; Kaj Munk by Dave Carley, The Shawĺ─˘s 2008 playwright-in-residence; an adaptation, by Associate Director Neil Munro, of Henrik Ibsenĺ─˘s The Master Builder; and an exciting new project with Cahoots Theatre Projects exploring and developing work from Asia and China of the mandate period.

For theatregoers who like to dig a little deeper into the world of plays, playwrights, theatre artists, and the world backstage, the 2009 season is complemented by Shaw Enriched, an extensive offering of seminars, workshops and other entertaining and informative behind-the-scenes experiences.

Regular ticket prices for the 2009 season range from $30 to $110 including GST. For Special Matinees, student tickets are $25 and senior tickets are $40. Lunchtime ticket prices are $30. Sunday night performances are available all season from $45 to $60 and, for patrons aged 19-29, $30 tickets are available for most performances. Preview prices are $55 to $70. Family tickets are available in each theatre: for each regularly-priced ticket purchased, one or two youth tickets (18 years or under) may be purchased for just $30. New in 2009 are specially designated $30 seats for most Festival Theatre performances.

Tickets for the 2009 season go on sale to Shaw Festival Members according to Membership level starting November 8. Tickets go on sale to groups and schools on January 5. Tickets go on sale to The Shawĺ─˘s high-loyalty customers on January 3 and to the general public by mail, fax or online on January 5 and by phone or in person on January 10.

Tonight at 8:30 is generously supported by Lombard Insurance.

Shaw Festivalĺ─˘s 2009 Season at a Glance










ĺ─˙Brief Encountersĺ─¨ (1935/36))

Noel Coward

Jackie Maxwell/
William Schmuck

April 11

May 20

October 24


CIBC World Markets

In Good King Charlesĺ─˘s Golden Days (1939)

Bernard Shaw

Eda Holmes/

Camellia Koo/

Michael Gianfresco

April 17

May 21

October 9

Royal George


Sunday in the Park with George (1984)

James Lapine/Stephen Sondheim

Alisa Palmer/

Judith Bowden

April 1

May 22

November 1

Royal George

TD Canada Trust Music

A Moon for the Misbegotten (1947)

Eugene Oĺ─˘Neill

Joseph Ziegler/

Christina Poddubiuk

April 28

May 23

October 9

Court House

Scotiabank Group

Born Yesterday (1946)

Garson Kanin

Neil Munro/

Sue LePage

May 5

May 23

November 1


Sun Life Financial

ĺ─˙Play, Orchestra, Playĺ─¨ (1935/36)

Noel Coward

Christopher Newton/

Cameron Porteous

June 9

July 11

October 31

Royal George


Albertine in Five Times (1986)

Michel Tremblay, Linda Gaboriau

Micheline Chevrier/

Teresa Przybylski

June 24

July 10

October 10

Court House


Star Chamber (1935/36)

Noel Coward

Kate Lynch/

William Schmuck

June 25

July 11

October 11

Royal George


The Devilĺ─˘s Disciple (1897)

Bernard Shaw

Tadeusz Bradecki/

Peter Hartwell

June 14

July 9

October 11



ĺ─˙Ways of the Heartĺ─¨ (1935/36)

Noel Coward


Sue LePage/

Judith Bowden

July 21

August 1

October 11

Court House


The Entertainer (1957)

John Osborne

Jackie Maxwell/

Peter Hartwell

July 31

August 15

September 20

Rehearsal Studio


* titles and dates subject to change

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Operalia 2008





A l'issue de l'audition de 42 candidats les 19 et 20 septembre derniers, le jury a retenu 24 candidats pour participer łŢ la demi-finale d'un concours qui se rłęvłęlait d'un niveau extrłümement łęlevłę.

Ce sont 14 chanteurs qui participeront łŢ la finale le Mercredi 24 septembre 2008 au Grand Thłęłótre de Qułębec, dirigłę par Maestro Domingo łŢ la tłüte de l'Orchestre Symphonique de Qułębec.

Les finalistes sont :

Thiago Arancam, tłęnor, Brazil, 26 ans

Stephen Hegedus, baryton-basse, Canada, 29 ans

Anna Kasyan, soprano, Georgia, 26 ans

Maria Katzarava, soprano, Mexico, 24 ans

Ketevan Kemoklidze, mezzo-soprano, Georgia, 27 ans

Oksana Kramaryeva, soprano, Ukraine, 29 ans

Christopher Magiera, baryton, USA, 25 ans

Aundi Marie Moore, soprano, USA, 27 ans

Marjorie Owens, soprano, USA, 27 ans

Joel Prieto, tłęnor, Espagne / Puerto Rico, 26 ans

Karoly Szemeredy, baryton, Hongrie, 29 ans

Diego Torre, tłęnor, Młęxico, 28 ans

Jacquelyn Wagner, soprano, USA, 26 ans

Elena Xanthoudakis, soprano, Grł«ce/Australia, 30 ans

Dans la catłęgorie Zarzuela 7 finalistes ont łętłę retenus :

Thiago Arancam, Maria Katzarava, Ketevan Kemoklidze, Aundi Marie Moore,

Joel Prieto, Diego Torre et Jacquelyn Wagner.

A noter que les finalistes des airs de Zarzuela sont aussi tous finalistes des airs d'opłęra.

Les 11 membres du jury du concours 2008

Jean-Pierre BROSSMANN, Conseiller artistique ; Jean-Luc CHOPLIN, Directeur Głęnłęral du Thłęłótre du Chłótelet (Paris, France) ; Marta DOMINGO, Metteur en scł«ne ; Thierry FOUQUET, Directeur Głęnłęral de l'Opłęra National de Bordeaux (France) ; Ioan HOLENDER, Directeur du Staatsoper de Vienne (Autriche) ; Peter KATONA, Directeur artistique du Royal Opera House Covent Garden (Londres, Royaume Uni) ; Grłęgoire LEGENDRE, Directeur Głęnłęral de l'Opłęra de Qułębec (Canada) ; Joan MATABOSCH, Directeur Artistique de l'Opłęra du Liceo (Barcelone, Espagne) ; Antonio MORAL , Directeur Artistique du Teatro Real (Madrid, Espagne) ; Jean- Louis PICHON, Directeur Głęnłęral du Grand Thłęłótre Č┤ L'Esplanade Ȭ (Saint-Etienne, France) ; Eva WAGNER-PASQUIER, Conseillł«re artistique du Festival d'Aix en Provence (France ) et du Metropolitan Opera de New-York (Etats Unis).

Les prix d'Opłęralia 2008

Les prix s'łęlł«vent łŢ un montant situłę entre 140.000 et 200.000 $ US (cette somme est łęvalułęe en fonction du classement dłęfinitif, puisqu'il peut y avoir des laurłęats ex-aequo).

Premier prix femme (30 000 $ US) Premier prix homme (30 000 $ US)

Deuxił«me prix femme (20 000 $ US) Deuxił«me prix homme (20 000 $ US)

Troisił«me prix femme (10 000 $ US) Troisił«me prix homme (10 000 $ US)

Prix Zarzuela femme Č┤ Pepita Embil de Domingo Ȭ (10 000 $ US)

Prix Zarzuela homme Č┤ Don Placido Domingo Ȭ (10 000 $ US)

Les deux prix du public (homme et femme) sont dotłęs de montres par notre partenaire Rolex

Placido Domingo et Opłęralia

Tout au cours du processus, Placido Domingo est sur place pour prłęsider le jury (mais ne vote pas) et prodigue ses conseils aux concurrents.

Č┤ Mon but est d'aider les jeunes artistes łŢ passer łŢ travers les łęcueils et les obstacles pour les faire entendre aux meilleurs professionnels.

Mon objectif est de contribuer łŢ reconnałĂtre non seulement les meilleures voix, mais plus encore, trouver les jeunes qui, par leur personnalitłę, leur caractł«re et leur force d'interprłętation, garantissent la rłęvłęlation d'un artiste accompli. Ceux qui deviendront les stars de demain. Ȭ

CUFF Sponsors Film at Calgary Int'l Film Festival with Director attending!

The Calgary Underground Film Festival would like you to meet Ryan Avery ĺ─ý screening Friday September 26 at CIFF

CALGARY, AB ĺ─ý In conjunction with this year's Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF), The Calgary Underground Film Festival (CUFF) is proud to present the Canadian Premiere of Hi My Name is Ryan, along with a special visit from attending director Stephen Rose.

The film's subject, Ryan Avery, is determined to make his life super-awesome. Faced with the trials and tribulations of adolescence, the milk and cookies connoisseur cum punk rock performance artist, displays behaviour that stretches far beyond the typical teenager.

CUFF's Festival Director, Brenda Lieberman, is excited about the collaboration between Calgary's two premier film festivals. "Hi My Name is Ryan is the type of film that we would program for the underground film festival. CUFF and CIFF both bring in world-class independent films that Calgarians would not normally get to see. We hope that our members and CIFF fans alike will come and check it out."

Hi My Name is Ryan screens at the Uptown Theatre Friday on 7:15 pm Friday September 26th and again on Saturday September 27th at 12:00 pm.

For more information, log onto

About The Calgary Underground Film Festival (CUFF):

CUFF elevates Calgary's cultural landscape with the best in local and international independent cinema. We challenge and entertain our audiences with boundary breaking films, compelling artist showcases and engaging events.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Grammy Award-winning violinist Hilary Hahn performs with the VSO!

Grammy Award-winning violinist Hilary Hahn performs Tchaikovsky with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

Vancouver BC ĺ─ý The VSO is proud to present 28-year-old internationally-renowned superstar violinist Hilary Hahn for three performances, from October 4th to 6th at the Orpheum Theatre. Maestro Bramwell Tovey conducts a concert that includes a piece by former VSO Composer-In-Residence Jeffrey Ryan, Tchaikovskyĺ─˘s beautiful Violin Concerto in D Major and Berliozĺ─˘s colossal Symphonie fantastique.

ĺ─˙Hilary Hahn is one of those rare performers who can dazzle you with the warmth of her personality and knock you dead with the dexterity of her technique and the emotional depth of her interpretations.ĺ─¨

--Los Angeles Times

Grammy Award-winning violinist Hilary Hahn is part of a new generation of musical stars dedicated to expanding the fan base of classical music. She was named ĺ─˙Americaĺ─˘s Bestĺ─¨ young classical musician by Time Magazine in 2001 and is well-known for her intellectual and emotional maturity. Hahn maintains a comprehensive website and has launched her own custom-designed YouTube channel which she uses to answer fansĺ─˘ questions. She recently used her You Tube channel to host a buzz-worthy Q&A session in honour of late composer Arnold Schoenbergĺ─˘s birthday. Hahn continues to try to bring classical music to a wider audience in new and sometimes unorthodox ways.

Hilary Hahn will join the VSO again for its upcoming Asia-Pacific Tour from October 10th to 20th where she will perform the same Violin Concerto by Tchaikovsky featured in these Masterworks Diamond and Beltone Symphony Sundays concerts. The Asia-Pacific Tour will see the orchestra perform in China, South Korea, and the Special Administrative Region of Macau. It will also mark the first time a Canadian symphony orchestra will perform at the prestigious Beijing Music Festival.


Masterworks Diamond & Beltone Symphony Sundays Series:

Hilary Hahn Plays Tchaikovsky!

Saturday & Monday, October 4 & 6, 8pm, Orpheum Theatre

Sunday, October 5, 2pm, Orpheum Theatre
Bramwell Tovey, conductor

Hilary Hahn, violin

Ryan The Linearity of Light

Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 35

Berlioz Symphonie fantastique, Op. 14

Hilary Hahn, superstar! This sensational violinist joins the VSO for Tchaikovskyĺ─˘s exciting Violin Concerto, and the orchestra weaves some sonic magic with a musical colossus by Berlioz.

Tickets $25 to $78.50 (Student, Senior and Subscriber discounts available)

Tickets available by phone at 604.876.3434 or online at

Symphony Sundays Series Sponsor:


October 4 Concert Sponsor:

Keir Surgical

Radio Sponsor:



Bramwell Tovey

A musician of striking versatility, Bramwell Tovey is acknowledged around the world for his artistic depth and warm, charismatic personality on the podium. Toveyĺ─˘s career as a conductor is uniquely enhanced by his work as a composer and pianist, lending him a remarkable musical perspective.

Tovey garnered a 2008 Grammy Award and a 2008 Juno Award for his recording with violinist James Ehnes and the Vancouver Symphony. Recently named Principal Guest Conductor for the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl, he works frequently with the Toronto Symphony, Montreal Symphony, Royal Philharmonic and the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestras, among many others. He has presided as host and conductor of the New York Philharmonicĺ─˘s Summertime Classics series at Avery Fisher Hall since its founding in 2004.

As a composer, he was honored with the Best Canadian Classical Composition Juno Award in 2003 for his Requiem for a Charred Skull. New works include a co-commission for the New York and Los Angeles Philharmonicsĺ─˘ 2008 summer seasons as well as a full-length opera for the Calgary Opera, The Inventor, to premiere in January of 2011.

Tovey has been awarded honorary degrees, including a Fellowship from the Royal Academy of Music in London, honorary Doctorates of Law from the universities of Winnipeg and Manitoba, and Kwantlen University College, as well as a Royal Conservatory of Music Fellowship in Toronto. In 1999, he received the M. Joan Chalmers National Award for Artistic Direction, a Canadian prize awarded to artists for outstanding contributions in the performing arts.

Hilary Hahn

For the past decade, GrammyČĂ Award-winning violinist HILARY HAHN has been celebrated for her innovative interpretations and thoughtful musicianship. Her captivating stage presence and emotional sophistication belie her 28 years, while extensive international performances and recording activities confirm her place as one of the most sought-after artists on the concert circuit.

Hahn appears regularly with the worldĺ─˘s leading orchestras and on notable recital series throughout Europe, Asia and North America. In the 2007-08 season, she will tour the United States, Canada, Russia, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Israel, England, Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, Scotland, Croatia, Japan and Korea as guest soloist with, among others, the National Symphony Orchestra (Washington, DC), Montreal Symphony, Detroit Symphony, Milwaukee Symphony, Pacific Symphony, Royal Scottish National Orchestra and BBC Symphony Orchestra. Her recital tours and solo concert collaborations will take her to the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark and Switzerland. Hahnĺ─˘s 2006-07 season brought wide-ranging recital tours of Europe and North America and appearances with major orchestras throughout the world. In April 2007, she was chosen to be the featured soloist in Pope Benedict XVIĺ─˘s 80th birthday celebration at the Vatican, a performance recently released on DVD.

Hahn records exclusively for Deutsche Grammophon and, over the past five years, has released four albums, comprising works by Bach, Elgar, Vaughan Williams, Mozart, Paganini and Spohr. Her most recent recording was a collaboration with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and maestro Eiji Oue, pairing Paganiniĺ─˘s Concerto No. 1 and Spohrĺ─˘s Concerto No. 8. All of Hahnĺ─˘s recordings have received much critical acclaim and have spent weeks on the Billboard Top Ten list. In 2007, Deutsche Grammophon distributed a popular documentary entitled Hilary Hahn: A Portrait, containing exclusive interviews and concert footage. Her next albumĺ─ţthe violin concertos of Sibelius and Schoenberg, with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Esa-Pekka Salonenĺ─ţwill be released in Spring 2008. Prior to signing with Deutsche Grammophon, Hahn made five award-winning recordings for Sony Classical, featuring repertoire by Bach, Barber, Beethoven, Bernstein, Brahms, Mendelssohn, Shostakovich and Stravinsky, in addition to a concerto written for her by American bassist/composer Edgar Meyer.

In 2004, Hahn was the violin soloist on the Oscar-nominated soundtrack to M. Night Shyamalanĺ─˘s film The Village, and in 2005 and 2006, she appeared as a guest on albums by the band ĺ─ÂAnd You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead. Most recently, she wrote and performed violin parts on singer-songwriter Tom Brosseauĺ─˘s record Grand Forks. Unique upcoming projects include concert collaborations with singer-songwriter Josh Ritter and mandolinist Chris Thile, a commissioned concerto by Jennifer Higdon, and a collection of contemporary encore pieces by living composers.

Hahn has received numerous distinctions throughout her career, including a GrammyČĂ for her recording of the Brahms and Stravinsky violin concertos, Diapason's ĺ─˙d'Or of the Yearĺ─¨, ĺ─˙Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritikĺ─¨ (German Record Criticsĺ─˘ Award) and several Echo awards. She has appeared on the covers of all major classical music publications and has received mentions in mainstream periodicals such as Vogue, Elle and Town and Country. In 2001, Hahn was named ĺ─˙Americaĺ─˘s Best Young Classical Musicianĺ─¨ by Time Magazine.

Hahn was born in Lexington, Virginia in 1979. At the age of three she moved to Baltimore, where she began playing the violin one month before her fourth birthday in the Suzuki program of the Peabody Conservatory. For the next five years, Hahn studied in Baltimore with Klara Berkovich, a native of Odessa who taught for 25 years at the Leningrad School for the Musically Gifted. From age 10 to 17, she studied at The Curtis Institute of Music with the legendary Jascha Brodskyĺ─ţthe last surviving student of the great Belgian violinist Eugene Ysayeĺ─ţworking closely with him until his death at age 89. Having completed her university requirements at 16, Hahn deferred graduation and remained at the school for several more years, taking additional elective courses in languages, literature, writing and drama, coaching regularly with Jaime Laredo, and studying chamber music with Felix Galimir and Gary Graffman.

A year and a half after entering the Curtis Institute of Music, Hahn made her major orchestral debut. In March 1995, at age 15, Hahn made her German debut playing the Beethoven concerto with Lorin Maazel and the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra in a concert broadcast on radio and television throughout Europe. Two months later, she received the Avery Fisher Career Grant. She attended the Marlboro Music Festival for several summers and, in 1996, made her Carnegie Hall debut as soloist with the Philadelphia Orchestra. In May of 1999, at the age of 19, Hahn graduated from Curtis with a Bachelor of Music degree.

An avid writer, Hahn keeps a journal on her website,

Christopher Gaze

Born and Educated in England, Christopher Gaze was inspired to come to Canada in 1975 by his mentor, legendary Shakespearean actor Douglas Campbell. He spent three seasons at the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake then moved to Vancouver in 1983. After a couple of experiences with other outdoor Shakespeare events, Christopher recognized the potential in blending excellent Shakespeare productions with Vancouverĺ─˘s spectacular location. In 1990 he founded Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival where Bardĺ─˘s signature open-ended performance tent allowed to actors to perform against a backdrop of the cityĺ─˘s skyline and mountains.

The first summer of Bard on the Beach was a huge success. Beginning as an Equity Co-op production, it staged one play in a rented tent on an ĺ─˛ambitiousĺ─˘ budget of $35,000. Today the Festival, which recently completed its 17th season, has a budget of over $2.7 million and has seen its attendance rocket from 6,000 in that first summer to more than 87,000 in 2007. The growth has been slow and organic, so the Festival has been able to sustain its mandate ĺ─˛to provide quality Shakespeare productions that are accessible and affordable.ĺ─˘ As audiences have grown, so has support from the corporate and private sector, again helping to keep ticket prices among the lowest in the city for a professional production. Not only has attendance burgeoned from the local community, but Bard has contributed significantly to the city as major tourist attraction with approximately one quarter of its patrons from outside the Lower Mainland.

Bard on the Beach has also become a significant employer within the Arts, providing jobs in Vancouver in 2007 for over 100 artists and support staff. This includes a small full time and administration team plus more than 30 actors, 4 directors, 7 designers, 6 stage managers as well as the production crew, box office, front of house. The companyĺ─˘s ĺ─˙Bard in the Vineyardĺ─¨ project in the Okanagan in 2003 also created over a dozen additional jobs for Vancouver artists. Bard employs primarily Equity actors but always mentors a couple of upcoming talents each season both on stage and on the production team. Many emerging actors have cut their professional teeth at Bard and have gone on to secure major roles in subsequent seasons at Bard and with other major theatre companies. Christopherĺ─˘s support and mentoring of these new talents has played a large part in their success.

Christopher also introduced the ĺ─˙Young Shakespeareansĺ─¨ Acting Program at Bard which provides an opportunity every summer for over 250 young people to train with the season professionals on the Bard stages. The Festival has also developed a Student Matinee Series that annually sees more than 7,000 students introduced to the magic of Shakespeareĺ─˘s stories and language. During the past two years, Bard has expanded its education programs with heavily subsidized Bard in the Classroom workshops for students and teachers. This commitment to youth outreach and education has made an important contribution to the development of a knowledgeable and enthusiastic ĺ─˙audience of the futureĺ─¨ for the Arts in general.

Christopher, who trained as an actor at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, is an extremely talented actor and director. During his four decade professional acting career, Christopher has performed locally with the Playhouse Theatre Company and the Arts Club Theatre as well as in virtually every major centre across Canada, and England and the USA. In 2004 he was honoured with a Jessie Richardson Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the Playhouse production of Equus.

In addition to his role as Artistic Director, Christopher frequently performs and directs at Bard on the Beach. His directing credits include A Midsummer Nightĺ─˘s Dream (2003 & 1990), Henry V (2002), The Winterĺ─˘s Tale (1997) and As You Like It (1991). Favourite roles among the innumerable characters he has played at Bard are Bottom in A Midsummer Nightĺ─˘s Dream, Malvolio in Twelfth Night, the title role in Richard III, Cornwall in King Lear and Falstaff in The Merry Wives of Windsor. In 2008 he plays the title role in the great tragedy King Lear.

A gifted public speaker, Christopher frequently shares his insights on the theatre and Shakespeare out in the community with school groups, service organizations and local businesses. He works with several other Arts organizations, notably as host of Vancouver Symphonyĺ─˘s Tea & Trumpets and Christmas Concerts series, guest artist at selected Chor Leoni concerts, and as a guest host on the Knowledge Network. Christopher also works extensively as a character actor in film and radio, and he narrated the Emmy Award winning animation series Madeline. For three years he was on the Board of Tourism Vancouver, serving as the Festival and Events representative.

Christopherĺ─˘s numerous honours include: induction into the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame (2002), Canadaĺ─˘s Meritorious Service Medal (2005), an Honorary Doctorate in Fine Arts from Simon Fraser University (2006), the BC Community Achievement Award, and the 2007 Medallion from the Childrenĺ─˘s Theatre Foundation of America. Most recently he received a Doctor of Letters from University of British Columbia in 2008.

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Day 5 of CIFF Highlights



Calgary, AB ĺ─ýThe Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF) is moving into day-5 of the 10-day event, and tomorrow's schedule includes a wide variety of cinematic fare for every movie-lover Visiting special guests from the Music on Film and Canadian Perspectives program are the highlights of the day, as well as two urban fairytales from the Contemporary World section.


The Wrecking Crew

*Director Denny Tedesco in attendance. Q&A following screening.

Interviews and photo opportunities available.

Nicknamed by their conservative predecessors, the Wrecking Crew was comprised of prodigious rock 'n' roll session players in the prolific California music scene. The Wrecking Crew was behind nearly every hit of the '60s and some of the most enduring songs ever recorded. The Wrecking Crew springs to life with no less than a hundred memorable hits from the era and just as many backstage stories. Guitarist Tommy Tedesco's son, Denny, narrates and directs this loving tribute to the spirited gang behind hit records from Simon & Garfunkel, Jan & Dean, The Byrds, Tijuana Brass, The Mamas & The Papas, Ike & Tina Turner, and many more.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 7:15 p.m. @ Cineplex Eau Claire

Sunday, September 28, 2008 2:30 p.m. @ The Uptown Downstairs


*Director and Calgary-native Kent Tessman in attendance. Q&A following screening.

Interviews and photo opportunities available.

Bull is a darkly comic neo-noir film, set among the heat-wave-baked skyscraper canyons of the Toronto financial district. A hapless stockbroker named Charlie finds himself caught up in a twisty web where no one, no one at all, is telling the truth. Not only did Kent Tessman write, produce and direct this film, he also edited, mixed, completed the visual effects and composed the score, showing his talents as a one man filmmaking tour-de-force.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 7:00 p.m. @ The Globe Downstairs


Mermaid blends age-old myths and youthful imagination into a surreal and beautiful urban romance. It is a fanciful tale of an introverted little girl named Alisa who grows up believing she has the power to make wishes come true. When she is 18-years-old, she meets Him, who needed to be saved and she who was there to save him. Lending a hand, our mermaid's life begins to change and from this point on she learns about love, life and materialism.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 9:15 p.m. @ The Uptown Upstairs

Sunday, September 28, 2008 7:00 p.m. @ Cineplex Westhills

The Amazing Truth about Queen Raquela

A plucky Filipino transsexual hopes porn and prostitution are the gateway to international travel and true love in this so-surreal-it-must-be-true "visiomentary." Exploitation, prostitution, poverty and First/Third World relationships are addressed, but the film's heart lies in the innovative transformation of "reality" into something far more fantastical and fabulous.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 7:15 p.m. @ The Uptown Downstairs

Saturday, September 27, 2008 4:15 p.m. @ The Uptown Downstairs

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Colloque "Entre le Qułębec et le Brłęsil : Rłęinventer les Amłęriques", du 14 au 16 octobre łŢ l'UQAM

Du 14 au 16 octobre 2008 łŢ lĺ─˘UQAM

Colloque Entre le Qułębec et le Brłęsil : Rłęinventer les Amłęriques

Montrłęal, le 22 septembre 2008 - Pour souligner vingt-cinq ans d'łęchanges interuniversitaires entre le Brłęsil et le Canada, le Centre de recherche sur le Brłęsil (CERB), la Chaire de recherche du Canada en esthłętique et połętique (CEP / CRSH) et le Dłępartement d'łętudes littłęraires de l'UQAM organisent un colloque intitulłę Entre le Qułębec et le Brłęsil : Rłęinventer les Amłęriques.

Quand : du 14 au 16 octobre 2008

Lieu : Salle des Boiseries (J-2805), pavillon Judith-Jasmin, UQAM (405, rue Sainte-Catherine Est)

Entrłęe libre

Inscription et renseignements : Denyse Therrien, 514 987-3000, poste 1578

Programme :

La commłęmoration des vingt-cinq ans dĺ─˘łęchanges entre le Dłępartement dĺ─˘łętudes littłęraires de lĺ─˘UQAM et les Instituts de lettres de lĺ─˘Universitłę fłędłęrale Fluminense de Rio de Janeiro et de lĺ─˘Universitłę fłędłęrale du Rio Grande do Sul de Porto Alegre sera lĺ─˘occasion de poser la question dĺ─˘une

Č┤ rłęinvention Ȭ possible des Amłęriques, notamment łŢ travers les productions littłęraires, artistiques et cinłęmatographiques du Qułębec et du Brłęsil, oł╝ se jouent de nouvelles formes dĺ─˘appartenance et de dłępossession qui donnent une coloration particulił«re łŢ la młęmoire et łŢ lĺ─˘imaginaire collectifs. Le Nouveau monde est-il encore nouveau, plus dĺ─˘un demi-sił«cle aprł«s sa Č┤ dłęcouverte Ȭ, quatre cents ans aprł«s la fondation de Qułębec, prł«s de cinq cents ans aprł«s la crłęation de Rio? Lĺ─˘a-t-il dłęjłŢ łętłę, aprł«s les nombreuses cultures prłęcolombiennes qui lĺ─˘ont prłęcłędłę et quĺ─˘on ne cesse de dłęcouvrir dans toutes leurs richesses et leurs complexitłęs? Cette nouveautłę est-elle commune łŢ Č┤ toutes Ȭ les Amłęriques, notamment au Brłęsil et au Qułębec? Reste-il quelque chose łŢ Č┤ dłęcouvrir Ȭ entre ces deux płąles des Amłęriques, qui permet de penser quĺ─˘un nouveau Č┤ monde commun Ȭ est en train de se dessiner? Ce sont autant de questions auxquelles les participants du colloque tenteront de rłępondre.

Le colloque privilłęgiera une approche comparative des cultures qułębłęcoise et brłęsilienne dans leurs tentatives de Č┤ rłęinvention Ȭ de leur amłęricanitłę et permettra non seulement de marquer lĺ─˘histoire des łęchanges entre le Qułębec et le Brłęsil depuis vingt-cinq ans, mais aussi de dłęgager les territoires de recherche encore inłędits qui peuvent donner lieu łŢ de nouvelles collaborations pour les annłęes łŢ venir.

Ce colloque est rendu possible grłóce łŢ la collaboration du CłÔLAT, de la Facultłę des arts, de Figura et de l'ALAQ.

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Violinist Henryk Szeryng Website Launch





September 22, 2008, will mark the 90th anniversary of the birth of Henryk Szeryng, one of the greatest violinists of our time. As part of the commemoration of this milestone, a new website will be launched -- This site, dedicated to Szeryng's memory, will celebrate his reputation as a master of the violin, a performer of brilliance, an accomplished linguist; the Goodwill Ambassador for Culture of his adopted homeland, Mexico; and as a humanitarian whose life and work served to advance the values of civilization. The website, which will be written in four languages -- English, French, German and Spanish ĺ─ý has been commissioned and managed by the Estate of Henryk Szeryng.

The site will contain extensive material concerning Szeryng's life and art - text, historic documents, photos, and excerpts from audio and video material ĺ─ý that will convey as fully as possible the breadth and depth of this great man and artist.

Visitors to the are invited to contribute to the contents of this web site. The purpose of this is to establish contact among individuals who have personal memories of Szeryng or are admirers of his art, or who have string connections, personal or professional, to the world of violin playing. welcomes documents of all kind, personal texts, recollections, anecdotes or tributes to the artist.

It was part of Henryk Szeryng's philosophy of life to create and cultivate relationships between human beings. This web site will endeavor to keep his memory alive by perpetuating what was most important to him.

Henryk Szeryng's Artistry and Reputation

Henryk Szeryng, who was born in 1918 and passed away in 1988, secured his place in the history of music with a rare mastery applied to a wide range of musical styles. Whether involving a Bach Partita or a contemporary work written for or dedicated to him, Szeryng's performances were considered by audiences and fellow musicians alike to be consistently excellent. His interpretations reflected his ardent desire to serve the composer's style and personality and not his own.

Within the full spectrum of musical periods and styles, it was the music of Bach, Beethoven and Brahms, that was inextricably woven into his life and career. Szeryng's legendary interpretation of Bach's Solo Sonatas and Partitas was unanimously acclaimed and remains so today. His first recording of these works for CBS in 1955 remains a milestone in violin performance. To this day, many teachers and students all over the world use his edition of the Solo Sonatas and Partitas published by Schott.

His interpretation of Beethoven's Violin Concerto was best expressed by one of his admirers in the following words: "He does not play, he celebrates [the concerto]." Unsurprisingly, therefore, many radio and television stations feature the Henryk Szeryng version of this concerto for broadcast performances.

Szeryng always felt a particularly strong connection to the music of Johannes Brahms; he performed the Violin Concerto throughout his career. Szeryng's career began in 1933 when he performed this beloved concerto. Destiny decreed that his final concert included this very work.

Audiences who attended his famous "marathons" would hear him play the Bach, the Beethoven and the Brahms concertos in the course of a single concert. He effortlessly did these performances -- disregarding the huge physical effort involved -- fired by the sheer joy and happiness of performing them. Often, the encore at these unforgettable events would be one movement of a Bach Partita!

Szeryng's artistry offers a great example of uncompromising devotion to present and future generations of musicians.

Henryk Szeryng - Biography

Henryk Szeryng was born in the Warsaw, Poland, suburb of Zelazowa Wola, the birthplace of Chopin, into a wealthy family, his father being a highly successful industrialist. At the age of three, his musical studies began with piano lessons from his mother. He was seven when he made the violin his instrument.

Szeryng's first teacher was Maurice Frenkel, an assistant to Leopold Auer (one of the greatest violin pedagogues in the history of music) in St. Petersburg prior to World War I. Although Frenkel was perhaps young Henryk's most influential teacher, it was the renowned pedagogue Carl Flesch (1873-1944) who imparted to Szeryng the brilliantly disciplined training in matters both musical and technical. Flesch nurtured Szeryng's immense talent between the years 1928 and 1932. Credit must also be given to the renowned Polish violinist Bronislaw Huberman who, after hearing the 10-year-old Szeryng play the Mendelssohn concerto, convinced his parents that they should approach Flesch.

From 1935 to 1936, through the elegant and profound French violinist Jacques Thibaud and the coaching and guidance of Gabriel Bouillon, Szeryng became firmly associated with the French school of violin playing. His studies with them led to his graduation from the Paris Conservatory with the coveted First Prize in 1937. While still a student, Szeryng performed on an extensive concert tour that had resulted from his highly successful 1933 debut featuring the Brahms concerto.

Szeryng went on to study with the legendary teacher Nadia Boulanger, his guide in counterpoint and composition, who was responsible for introducing him to such personalities as Heitor Villa-Lobos, Alfred Cortot, Manuel Ponce, Igor Stravinsky and Maurice Ravel.

At the outbreak of World War II, Szeryng was appointed liaison officer and interpreter (he spoke and wrote eight languages) by General Sikorski for the Polish government in Exile. He served in that capacity until 1945, having given well over 300 concerts for allied troops in Europe, Africa and the Americas. In 1942 he joined the exiled Polish Premier in Mexico who was in search of a home for some 4,000 Polish refugees displaced by the war. It was Mexico that finally accepted these desperate and homeless people. Henryk Szeryng was so moved by this humanitarian gesture that he returned to Mexico in 1943 where he was offered the post of director of the string department at the National University of Mexico. In recognition of his musical and cultural merits, he was granted Mexican citizenship in 1948.

Szeryng regularly gave concerts all over Latin America until 1950, when, in Mexico, he met his fellow Pole, Arthur Rubinstein, who encouraged him to extend his musical activities to all five continents. The two men enjoyed a deep friendship built upon mutual admiration and respect for each other as human beings and musicians. Rubinstein, who died in 1982, thought of his friend as an artist of the highest order and remarked: "Real music lovers want emotion -- great moments -- which Szeryng's playing gives them."

Apart from possessing a great technique and musicality, Szeryng was a tonalist and colorist whose broad musical lines and subtle interpretative nuances always reached for perfection. He was one of the most recorded violinists in the history of the industry; his recording career spanned more than forty years.

In addition to the various posts he held over the years, Szeryng served as Special Music Advisor to the Mexican Permanent Delegation to UNESCO in 1970 -- the first artist ever to travel on a diplomatic passport.

Many honors -- decorations, medals and awards ĺ─ý were bestowed upon Henryk Szeryng, giving proof of the high esteem in which the world held this very special man.

The violins that have passed through the hands of Henryk Szeryng is a story of its own. Among these instruments were the "Hercules" Stradivarius of 1734 which had belonged to Eugene Ysaye. Szeryng put this famous instrument into the hands of Teddy Kollek, Mayor of Jerusalem, on December 24, 1972, for it to be used by the first concertmasters of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, as a special token of friendship towards the Golden City.

Henryk Szeryng, a great musician, diplomat, pedagogue and philanthropist, died suddenly in the middle of a tour on March 3, 1988, after a concert in the city of Kassel, Germany. The program of his last performance was the same as for his very first concert 55 years earlier: the Violin Concerto of Johannes Brahms.

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Lĺ─˘Orchestre Młętropolitain du Grand Montrłęal ouvre les festivitłęs

Lĺ─˘Orchestre Młętropolitain du Grand Montrłęal,
sous la direction de son chef Yannick Nłęzet-Słęguin, ouvre les festivitłęs
qui se dłęroulera du vendredi 26 septembre au dimanche 5 octobre 2008


info-festival et billetterie : 514-899-0938
achats en ligne et info :
(Horaire, programmation, biographies, photos haute rłęsolution tłęlłęchargeables)

Le Festival dĺ─˘automne Orgue et Couleurs cłęlł«bre le Roi des instruments et fłüte ses dix ans en faisant rłęsonner les grandes orgues des łęglises Saint-Nom-de-Jłęsus, Trł«s-Saint-Rłędempteur de Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, son quartier dĺ─˘origine qui cłęlł«bre en 2008 ses 125 ans de fondation. Le Musłęe du Chłóteau Dufresne et les łęglises du Gesł╝, Saint John The Evangelist, Saint Andrew & Saint Paul et Saint-Lłęon de Westmount ouvriront łęgalement leurs portes aux festivaliers.

Du 26 septembre au 5 octobre 2008, le 10e festival dĺ─˘automne rłęvłęlera le cłątłę classique et moderne de lĺ─˘orgue qui partagera sa tribune avec dĺ─˘autres instruments et dĺ─˘autres disciplines. Il cłęlłębrera la vitalitłę artistique de son quartier, sera festif, symphonique, lyrique, łęlectro, se commettra łŢ la comłędie musicale et au ballet, honorera Olivier Messiaen, et donnera une tribune łŢ de jeunes organistes des classes dĺ─˘orgue des conservatoires et universitłęs du Qułębec. Vingt concerts et łęvłęnements spłęciaux (dont six gratuits) se dłęrouleront en soirłęe et au cours de la journłęe, avec les Grands concerts et autres Rendez-Vous, les Midis łŢ la carte, les Concerts apłęro, une Initiation łŢ lĺ─˘orgue et des Orgues ouvertes. Indłęmodable, le Roi des instruments !

Plus de soixante-dix artistes, organistes, instrumentistes, comłędien et chanteurs, dont le chef dĺ─˘orchestre Yannick Nłęzet-Słęguin, le tłęnor Marc Hervieux, les sopranos Chantal Lambert, Caroline Bleau et Marianne Lambert, Marianne Fiset, la mezzo-soprano Julie Boulianne, le baryton Stephen Hegedus, les chanteurs Marie-Denise Pelletier, Patrick Olafson, lĺ─˘auteure Pauline Gill, Yves Daoust, les organistes Dominique Lupien et Młęlanie Barney, Rłęgis Rousseau, Isabelle Demers, Raymond Perrin, Matthieu Latreille, Patrick Wedd, le Jeune Ballet du Qułębec dans des chorłęgraphies de Frłędłęric Tavernini et Hłęlł«ne Blackburn...


Vendredi 26 septembre, 20 h ĺ─ó Deux voix pour Berlioz
łÔglise Saint-Nom-de-Jłęsus - (20$-25$) - 4215, Adam (młętro Pie-IX, bus 139 Sud)

Le concert dĺ─˘ouverture du 10e FESTIVAL Dĺ─˘AUTOMNE ORGUE ET COULEURS accueillera lĺ─˘Orchestre Młętropolitain du Grand Montrłęal et son chef Yannick Nłęzet-Słęguin dans leur premier concert de saison, avec la soprano Marianne Fiset et la mezzo-soprano Julie Boulianne, dans un programme de musiques franł▀aise et russe : La Valse de Ravel, Les Nuits dĺ─˘łętłę de Berlioz, la młęlodie Niłę połě krasavitsa pri mniłę de Rachmaninov et Les Tableaux dĺ─˘une exposition de Moussorgsky/Ravel.
(Concert prłęsentłę en collaboration avec le Comitłę Musique Maisonneuve et le Conseil des arts de Montrłęal en tournłęe

Samedi 27 septembre, 20 h ĺ─ó Un quartier, un festival, une histoire!
łÔglise Saint-Nom-de-Jłęsus - (20$-25$) - 4215, Adam (młętro Pie-IX, bus 139 Sud)

Pour souligner les 10 ans du Festival et les 125 ans du quartier Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, plusieurs artistes de ce quartier, le tłęnor Marc Hervieux, la soprano Chantal Lambert, les organistes Dominique Lupien et Młęlanie Barney, le pianiste Martin Dubłę, le Quatuor Molinari et Compagnie musicale La Nef feront, tour łŢ tour, vivre en musique des moments de la riche histoire de ce quartier qui cłęlł«bre ses 125 ans en 2008. Lĺ─˘auteure Pauline Gill incarnera pour lĺ─˘occasion Victoire Du Sault (1845-1908), premił«re femme łŢ exercer le młętier de cordonnił«re au Qułębec, dont lĺ─˘imagination crłęative fł¬t łŢ lĺ─˘origine de la fortune de la cłęlł«bre famille Dufresne. Au programme : plusieurs ëýuvres de diffłęrentes łępoques pour dont deux pił«ces dĺ─˘orgue cłęlł«bres, la Toccata et fugue en rłę mineur BWV 565 de Bach et la Toccata de la 5e Symphonie de Widor, des młęlodies et des extraits dĺ─˘opłęras romantiques, des ëýuvres pour instruments anciens et le 3e Quatuor de Schnittke.

Ces deux Grands Concerts dłębuteront par la Fanfare du 10e Festival dĺ─˘automne, ëýuvre en deux versions instrumentales (une pour orgue et quintette de cuivres, lĺ─˘autre pour orgue et deux cuivres) commandłęe au compositeur Enrico O. Dastous. Elle sera interprłętłęe par lĺ─˘organiste Raymond Perrin et les musiciens du quintette de cuivres Buzz : les trompettistes Sylvain Lapointe et Frłędłęric Gagnon, le corniste Marc-Antoine Corbeil et les trombonistes Jason De Carufel et Sylvain Arseneau (prestation orgue et quintette : le 26 septembre, // orgue et deux cuivres : le 27 septembre).

Dimanche 28 septembre ĺ─ó Orgues ouvertes
entre 11 h 30 et 17 h 30 - Entrłęe libre - horaire spłęcifique pour chaque łęglise
Consultez et
Activitłę prłęsentłęe dans le cadre des Journłęes de la culture 2008

Cet łęvłęnement populaire dłęvoile les mystł«res de lĺ─˘orgue. Les organistes dĺ─˘une trentaine dĺ─˘łęglises au Qułębec (łŢ Montrłęal, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Joliette, Qułębec et Rimouski) invitent le public łŢ monter łŢ la tribune de leur orgue pour une rencontre privilłęgiłęe avec le Roi des instruments. Tout ce que vous voulez savoir sur ce magnifique et complexe instrument vous y sera dłęvoilłę en paroles et en musique !

Dimanche 28 septembre, 16 h ĺ─ó De pied ferme!
łÔglise Saint-Nom-de-Jłęsus - [10$ tarif unique] - 4215, Adam (młętro Pie-IX, bus 139 Sud)

Lĺ─˘organiste Matthieu Latreille et 16 danseurs du Jeune Ballet du Qułębec se partagent tout łŢ tour la scł«ne pour dłęmontrer leur virtuositłę, quĺ─˘ils dansent sur un tapis de scł«ne ou sur le płędalier de lĺ─˘orgue ! Au programme, des pił«ces dĺ─˘orgue pour płędalier solo (sans les mains !), łÔpilogue de Jean Langlais, Variations sur Č┤La belle Franł▀oiseȬ de Jean Le Buis et Variations on a Theme of Paganini de Thalden-Ball, ainsi que deux chorłęgraphies de Frłędłęric Tavernini, Li Fet Met pour 12 danseurs sur une musique de J.S. Bach, et dĺ─˘Hłęlł«ne Blackburn, Expłęrience Blackburn (for Franł▀oise) pour 16 danseurs sur des musiques de Andrea Parker et Steve Reich.
Concert prłęsentłę en collaboration avec Transatlantique, Manifestation de danse contemporaine

[12$ et 15$]
łÔglise Saint-Nom-de-Jłęsus
4215, Adam (młętro Pie-IX, bus 139 Sud)
Des concerts intimes de musique de chambre, suivis dĺ─˘une rencontre avec les artistes, agrłęmentłęe dĺ─˘un verre de vin.
Dans le chëýurs de lĺ─˘łęglise Saint-Nom-de-Jłęsus, lĺ─˘orgue se fait intime et dialogue avec lĺ─˘art lyrique :

Lundi 29 septembre ĺ─ó Deux cycles, deux visions

Lĺ─˘organiste Tim Pyper et le contre-tłęnor Daniel Cabena prłęsenteront deux cycles musicaux : la Missa in Simplicitate du compositeur franł▀ais Jean Langlais (1907-1991), une mise en musique des textes sacrłęs dĺ─˘un office religieux, et le cycle Aspects of Time du compositeur canadien Barrie Cabena (nłę en 1933), basłę sur des textes profanes de provenance variłęe, de dictons et proverbes traditionnels łŢ des extraits de pił«ces de Shakespeare en passant par des textes originaux du compositeur lui-młüme.

Mardi 30 septembre ĺ─ó Le charme franł▀ais
Lĺ─˘organiste Denis Bonenfant, la soprano Aurelia Calabrese et le baryton Słębastien Ouellet nous feront goł¬ter au romantisme franł▀ais, łŢ travers de belles młęlodies, de pieuses prił«res et dĺ─˘łętonnantes pił«ces dĺ─˘orgue sous le charme du romantisme franł▀ais. Au programme, les ëýuvres vocales D'un cëýur qui t'aime, Ma belle amie est morte et Prił«re de Gounod, Si mes vers avaient des ailes et C'est ma banlieue de Hahn, Les berceaux, Le secret et le Cantique de Jean Racine de Faurłę, la Barcarolle dĺ─˘Offenbach, et les pił«ces dĺ─˘orgue Andantino de Andlauer, Cantilł«ne religieuse de Dubois, Trois gnossiennes de Satie et Prił«re łŢ Notre-Dame de Boł┤llmann.

Et plus encore... Jusquĺ─˘au 5 octobre (voir communiqułę en pił«ce jointe)

Le FESTIVAL Dĺ─˘AUTOMNE est nłę il y a dix ans dans le quartier Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, dans la foulłęe de la restauration du grand orgue Casavant de lĺ─˘łęglise Saint-Nom-de-Jłęsus, pour mettre en valeur ce magnifique instrument aux 6 200 tuyaux et faire connałĂtre davantage le rłępertoire diversifiłę de lĺ─˘orgue łŢ un plus large public. Fondłę par Pierre Larivił«re, directeur de la Maison de la culture Maisonneuve et par Rłęgis Rousseau, titulaire de cet orgue et directeur artistique et głęnłęral de ORGUE ET COULEURS, ce Festival annuel dłęsire rłęvłęler la polyvalence de lĺ─˘orgue, et propose ainsi des mariages inusitłęs entre celui-ci et diffłęrents instruments. En 2001, une autre łęglise du quartier, Trł«s-Saint-Rłędempteur, sĺ─˘est ajoutłęe aux lieux de diffusion, suite łŢ lĺ─˘installation en ses murs dĺ─˘un orgue du facteur qułębłęcois Karl Wilhelm.

Rapidement, ORGUE ET COULEURS a łęlargi son champ dĺ─˘action en prłęsentant diffłęrentes activitłęs tout au long de lĺ─˘annłęe : la LIGUE Dĺ─˘IMPROVISATION ł─ Lĺ─˘ORGUE (2001-2006) dont les matchs se dłęroulaient dans plusieurs villes du Qułębec de janvier łŢ mai ; lĺ─˘łętonnant marathon dĺ─˘orgue LES 24 HEURES DU BANC (2000-2006) łętait prłęsentłę lors du week-end du Grand Prix automobile de Montrłęal ; lĺ─˘activitłę ORGUES OUVERTES (2000-ĺ─Â) prłęsentłęe durant les Journłęes de la culture permet, chaque annłęe depuis neuf ans, łŢ une trentaine dĺ─˘organistes łŢ travers le Qułębec de faire connałĂtre le roi des instrument aux rłęsidants de leur quartier respectif.

ł─ lĺ─˘łętłę 2003, le Service culturel de la ville de Montrłęal a confiłę łŢ ORGUE ET COULEURS lĺ─˘organisation des CONCERTS POPULAIRES DE MONTRłÔAL, une słęrie estivale de musique symphonique prłęsentłęe au Centre Pierre-Charbonneau. Pour sa 44e saison (2008), LES CONCERTS POPULAIRES DE MONTRłÔAL, ont attirłę plus de 8 000 spectateurs.

ORGUE ET COULEURS a reł▀u, du Regroupement indłępendant des diffuseurs dĺ─˘łęvłęnements artistiques unis du Qułębec (RIDEAU), les prix Initiative 2001 pour le FESTIVAL Dĺ─˘AUTOMNE et Initiative 2003 pour la Ligue dĺ─˘improvisation łŢ lĺ─˘orgue; du Conseil qułębłęcois de la musique, le prix Opus 2001-2002 Directeur artistique de lĺ─˘annłęe (Rłęgis Rousseau) et le prix Opus 2002-2003 Diffuseur de lĺ─˘annłęe pour le 4e FESTIVAL Dĺ─˘AUTOMNE; de lĺ─˘Office franco-qułębłęcois pour la jeunesse, le prix de la Č┤ Meilleure reprłęsentation łŢ lĺ─˘łętranger Ȭ pour son projet Musicora/Paris 2003.

ORGUE ET COULEURS błęnłęficie du soutien et de la collaboration de plusieurs partenaires dont le ministł«re du Patrimoine canadien, le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Qułębec, le ministł«re des Affaires municipales et des Rłęgions du Qułębec, le Conseil des arts de Montrłęal et le Service du dłęveloppement culturel de la ville de Montrłęal.


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Sunday, September 21, 2008

CIFF continues with Hot Screenings and even Hotter Parties


Calgary, AB ĺ─ýThe Calgary International Film Festival is in full swing, and the week ahead brings a bevy of hot screenings and even hotter parties to satisfy Calgary's film-loving public.


Tuesday, September 23

Italian Film Party

Following screening of hotly anticipated film Gomorrah (directed by Matteo Garrone).

Time: 9:00 PM

Where: Osteria de Medici

Admission: VIP and Gomorrah patrons

Wednesday, September 24

Fashion Spotlight

Diamond event of inaugural Fashion in Film series. Party takes place after screening of Eleven Minutes. Includes live fashion show by Joe Fresh Style.

Time: 9:00 PM

Where: Wild Ginger, 351 ĺ─ý 4th Avenue SW

Admission: VIPs and Eleven Minutes patrons


Breakfast at Tiffany's

Monday September 22, 2008, 6:30 p.m. @ The Globe Downstairs

Long before Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw graced the small or big screen, Audrey Hepburn brought Truman Capote's iconic New York socialite Holly Golightly to life. Part of the Life in Focus: Fashion in Film series, this delightful, light-hearted comedy has enough charm, high fashion and New York opulence to outlast its 47 years in release.


Monday Sep. 22, 2008, 9:30 p.m. @ The Globe Upstairs

Saturday Sep. 27, 2008, 12:30 p.m. @ The Plaza

Shot in the first person by the actors in the film, Fix is a one-day odyssey through a myriad of worlds in Los Angeles. Documentary filmmakers Bella (Olivia Wilde, House) and Milo race frantically to get Milo's brother Leo (Shawn Andrews, City of Ghosts, Dazed & Confused) from jail to a rehab clinic before 8 PM. If they fail, Leo will face a three-year prison term.

Summer Hours

Monday September 22, 2008, 7:00 p.m. @ The Uptown Upstairs

The divergent paths of three "forty-something" siblings collide when their mother Helen Berthier, heiress to her uncle's exceptional nineteenth-century art collection, dies suddenly. Left to come to terms with themselves and their differences, siblings Adrienne (a successful New York designer) Frederic (an economist and university professor in Paris) and Jeremie (a dynamic businessman in China) confront the end of childhood, their shared memories, backgrounds and unique visions of the future.

The Beetle

Monday September 22, 2008 9:15 p.m. @ Cineplex Eau Claire

Tuesday September 23, 2008 9:30 p.m. @ Cineplex Eau Claire

Yishai Orian, the movie's director and the old Volkswagen's owner, is about to become a father. Torn between the imminent responsibility of "growing up" with the birth of his son and his undying passion for his sputtering car, Yishai embarks on a heartwarming journey to get to know his Beetle by tracking down all of the previous owners and understanding the car's rich history.

An Animator's World Shorts

Monday September 22, 2008 7:00 p.m. @ The Globe Upstairs

Tuesday September 23, 2008 9:15 p.m. @ Westhills

The animator is a creator ĺ─ý a magician if you will. Join us as we celebrate the best in animation from around the world with stories ranging from desperate fire dogs to hungry ogres these films are nothing short of extraordinary as they stretch the limits of animation.

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Le 6e Gala du Lys Blues attendu par l'industrie du blues au 400e de Qułębec

Gala du Lys Blues

6e łÔdition

Annonce de la programmation du 6e Gala du Lys Blues

Le 6e Gala du Lys Blues attendu par lĺ─˘industrie du blues au 400e de Qułębec

Montrłęal- Cette annłęe, cĺ─˘est lors des festivitłęs de la fłüte du 400e anniversaire de la Ville de Qułębec que le 6e Gala du Lys Blues aura lieu, le 28 septembre 2008, au thłęłótre petit Champlain de Qułębec.

Seize trophłęes Lys Blues seront remis aux laurłęats du blues sĺ─˘łętant dłęmarqułę au courant de lĺ─˘annłęe dernił«re. Les rłęcipiendaires, łęlu par la voix du public via le, proviennent de tous les coins du Qułębec, cłęlłębrer le blues qułębłęcois.

Bob Harrisson, porte parole de lĺ─˘łęvłęnement, est fier de sĺ─˘associer łŢ lĺ─˘effervescence du Blues qułębłęcois. La relł«ve est trł«s rafrałĂchissante. Plusieurs laurłęats de Lys blues catłęgorie relł«ve, des annłęes prłęcłędentes, sont aujourdĺ─˘hui bien connus du monde artistique. On a quĺ─˘łŢ penser łŢ Jonas Tomalty (2003) mieux connu aujourdĺ─˘hui sous le nom de JONAS, est aujourdĺ─˘hui un artiste accompli.

Cĺ─˘est toujours sous la barre de Martin Lachance, animateur de lĺ─˘łęmission Sous un ciel blues de CHAA FM, que le Gala 2008 se dłęroulera. Vous pourrez voir six reprłęsentations de groupes Blues du Qułębec dont le Bob Harrisson Band pour ne nommer que celui-lłŢ. Ces groupes vous prłęsenteront des exclusivitłęs musicales qui seront entrecoupłęes des prłęsentations de trophłęes.

Cĺ─˘est beaucoup pour encourager la relł«ve que les organisateurs du Gala poursuivent dĺ─˘annłęe en annłęe. Les deux organismes, Le Net Blues et le Gala du Lys Blues de concert sĺ─˘efforcent dĺ─˘aider les nouveaux venus dans le monde de la musique blues. Dĺ─˘ailleurs, un DVD du Gala 2006 est toujours disponibles au, les fonds de la vente du DVD sont un financement direct au gala 2008.

Les billets pour assister au Gala sont en vente sur le rłęseau Billetech.

Date : 28 septembre 2008

Endroit : Thłęłótre du Petit Champlain, 68 rue du Petit Champlain, Qułębec (Qułębec) G1K 4H4 billetterie : 418-692-2631

Heure : 19h30

Un des grands rendez-vous culturel de lĺ─˘automne, le Gala du Lys Blues 2008 saura vous faire vibrer sur des rythmes fous. Prłęsentłę au Thłęłótre du Petit Champlain, cette annłęe, il met en scł«ne des artistes qułębłęcois de partout en province. Ce Gala a dłęjłŢ łętłę applaudit par plus de 5 000 spectateurs de tous les coins du Qułębec.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Arion en concert - le vendredi 26 septembre

ARION prłęsente Splendeurs versaillaises

avec le Chëýur de Chambre de Namur et le chef belge Guy Van Waas

Montrłęal, le samedi 20 septembre 2008. L'orchestre baroque ARION amorce sa słęrie montrłęalaise, Passions et cłęlłębrations, le 26 septembre łŢ la salle Claude-Champagne par une premił«re collaboration avec le Chëýur de Chambre de Namur et le chef Guy Van Waas de Belgique.

Une soirłęe au chłóteau de Versailles

Au titre łęvocateur de Splendeurs versaillaises, le concert fait revivre les fastes sacrłęs et profanes de la Cour de France, łŢ la gloire de Dieu, łŢ la gloire du Roi Soleil, brillamment mis en musique par Henry Du Mont, Jean-Baptiste Lully et Antoine Dauvergne. Un magnifique programme avec des ëýuvres rarement joułęes, certaines partitions proviennent du Centre de musique baroque de Versailles.

Les compositeurs : Jean-Baptiste Lully, Henry Du Mont et Antoine Dauvergne

Au chłóteau de Versailles, la musique est omniprłęsente. Pour rythmer les journłęes de la Cour de France, le roi Louis XIV n'hłęsite pas łŢ s'entourer de musiciens venus d'ailleurs.

L'impłętueux Italien Jean-Baptiste Lully, surintendant de la Musique de Sa Majestłę, est małĂtre d'ëýuvre de presque tous les divertissements chantłęs et dansłęs łŢ la cour du Roi Soleil. On l'associe au thłęłótre : il a łęcrit la musique de plusieurs comłędies-ballet de Molił«re. La pił«ce Idylle sur la Paix, composłęe sur un texte de Racine, est une cantate commandłęe par le marquis de Seignelay en l'honneur de la venue du Roi dans sa propriłętłę de Sceaux. Idylle sur la Paix cłęlł«bre la gloire de Louis XIV et la Paix rłęcemment dłęcrłętłęe entre la France, l'Autriche et l'Espagne.

Le Wallon Heny du Thier, devenu Henry Du Mont quelques annłęes aprł«s son arrivłęe łŢ Paris vers 1640, est nommłę en 1663 sous-małĂtre de la Musique de la Chapelle Royale. Tous les matins aprł«s son conseil, Louis XIV se rend łŢ la chapelle łęcouter trois motets, ces pił«ces musicales composłęes spłęcialement et ne faisant pas partie de l'office. Le roi est entourłę par ses courtisans, plus assidus pour le spectacle musical que par ferveur chrłętienne. Henry Du Mont, trł«s apprłęciłę du Roi et de Lully, a laissłę une quantitłę impressionnante de motets, forme singulił«re de la musique sacrłęe qu'il fait łęvoluer en introduisant des voix de solistes, avec instruments et basse continue, une nouveautłę dans la musique religieuse. Nisi Dominus est un psaume de la Bible mis en musique et Magnificat relł«ve plus de la prił«re et du cantique.

Surintendant de la Musique de Sa Majestłę sous la gouverne de Louis XV et Louis XVI, Antoine Dauvergne est le crłęateur avec Vadłę, en 1753, du premier vłęritable opłęra-comique, Les Troqueurs. Tombłę łŢ tort dans l'oubli, il a consacrłę sa vie łŢ composer pour l'art lyrique. Les quatre Concerts de Simphonies, crłęłęs au moment oł╝ les feux de Versailles dłęclinent, nous amł«nent doucement vers une autre łępoque.

Les invitłęs : le Chëýur de Chambre de Namur et le chef Guy Van Waas

ARION est un orchestre de musique ancienne sur instruments d'łępoque fondłę en 1981. L'orchestre a effectułę de nombreuses tournłęes au Canada, aux łÔtats-Unis, en Europe et en Asie. Rłęcipiendaire de nombreuses distinctions, l'ensemble possł«de une discographie de 24 titres, en formation de chambre ou d'orchestre, distribułęe internationalement et qui a remportłę deux trophłęes Fłęlix, quatre prix Opus et un International Handel Recording Price. La directrice artistique Claire Guimond invite rłęgulił«rement des chefs et des solistes de rłęputation internationale łŢ travailler avec l'orchestre.

Fondłę en 1987, le Chëýur de Chambre de Namur, actuellement sous la direction de Jean Tubłęry, aborde de grandes ëýuvres du rłępertoire choral tout en s'attachant łŢ la dłęfense du patrimoine musical de sa rłęgion d'origine. Habitułę des festivals et des tournłęes internationales, l'ensemble a rłęalisłę une trentaine d'enregistrements dont l'excellence fut soulignłęe notamment aux Victoires de la Musique Classique łŢ Paris. Parmi les prix rłęcemment dłęcernłęs mentionnons le Grand Prix de l'Acadłęmie Charles Cros en 2003, le Prix Liliane Bettencourt 2006 par l'Acadłęmie franł▀aise des Beaux-Arts et l'Octave de la Musique 2007, catłęgorie Č┤ musique classique Ȭ, par le Conseil de la Musique de la Communautłę franł▀aise de Belgique.

Invitłę pour la premił«re fois par l'ensemble Arion, le chef Guy Van Waas viendra aussi de Belgique. Il conduira une formation exceptionnelle pour l'occasion comprenant les 16 choristes du Chëýur de Namur et un orchestre
de 17 musiciens : des cordes, un clavecin, un orgue, deux flł¬tes et deux hautbois baroques. Musicien rłęputłę, Guy Van Waas est de plus en plus sollicitłę łŢ titre de chef d'orchestre. Depuis 2001, il est chef principal des Agrłęmens, ensemble baroque de la Communautłę Franł▀aise de Belgique, partenaire privilłęgiłę du Chëýur de Chambre de Namur, et dont les prestations sont unanimement cłęlłębrłęes par la critique. Organiste, claveciniste et clarinettiste, c'est en se consacrant łŢ la clarinette ancienne qu'il est devenu un interprł«te des plus demandłęs. Aprł«s avoir joułę pendant dix ans dans l'Orchestre des Champs Elysłęes et dans les grands ensembles europłęens avec William Christie, Jordi Savall, il est actuellement clarinettiste de l'Orchestre du XVIIIe sił«cle et de l'Akademie fł║r Alte Musik łŢ Berlin.

Splendeurs versaillaises

ARION orchestre baroque

et le Chëýur de Chambre de Namur

Chef invitłę : Guy Van Waas (Belgique)

Programme du concert

Antoine Dauvergne (1713 ĺ─ý 1797)

2e Concert de Simphonies, oeuvre III nČâ2
Ouverture - Menuet - Menuet secondo - Andante - Rondo - Allegro - Chaconne

Henry Du Mont (1610 ĺ─ý 1684)

Motet Nisi Dominus
Cinq solistes, choeur łŢ cinq parties, orchestre łŢ cordes et basse continue

Cinq solistes, choeur łŢ cinq parties, orchestre łŢ cordes et basse continue

Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632 ĺ─ý 1687)

Idylle sur la Paix (livret de Jean Racine) ĺ─ý 1685
Six solistes, choeur łŢ quatre parties, orchestre łŢ cordes łŢ cinq parties Č┤ łŢ la franł▀aise Ȭ et basse continue

Vendredi 26 septembre 2008, 20h

Salle Claude-Champagne de l'Universitłę de Montrłęal (220 avenue Vincent-d'Indy)

Renseignements et billetterie : 514-355-1825 ĺ─ţ

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Friday, September 19, 2008

L'amour est un opłęra muet, łŢ la demande głęnłęrale !

ł─ la demande głęnłęrale
Pentał«dre, en collaboration avec OMNIBUS, le corps du thłęłótre

L'amour est un opłęra muet
Dĺ─˘aprł«s lĺ─˘opłęra Cosi fan tutte de Mozart
Arrangement pour quintette łŢ vent de Ulf-Guido Schłžfer

Mercredi 1er octobre 2008, 20 h

Une histoire dĺ─˘amour et de trahison joułęe et mimłęe
au cours de vingt-deux extraits du cłęlł«bre opłęra.

Direction musicale Normand Forget
MałĂtrise dĺ─˘oeuvre Jean Asselin

Salle Pollack, 555, rue Sherbrooke Ouest
25 $ - 15 $ (łętudiants/ałĂnłęs) ĺ─ý 514-398-4547 <>

Montrłęal, 4 septembre 2008
ĺ─ý Fort du succł«s remportłę auprł«s du public et de la critique au printemps 2007, Pentał«dre et OMNIBUS sont fiers de prłęsenter, łŢ la demande głęnłęrale et dans le cadre de la Journłęe internationale de la musique, Lĺ─˘amour est un opłęra muet, dĺ─˘aprł«s lĺ─˘opłęra Cosi fan tutte de Mozart, le mercredi 1er octobre 2008, 20 h, łŢ la salle Pollack.

En 2001, le Centre dĺ─˘art dĺ─˘Orford commandait aux mimes dĺ─˘Omnibus un divertissement visuel accompagnant un concert de Pentał«dre, qui a donnłę le spectacle Ce que fait la musique. Dans Lĺ─˘amour est un opłęra muet, elles sĺ─˘aventurent dans un domaine oł╝ le poids des corps dramatise la musique impondłęrable.

Depuis ses dłębuts en 1985, Pentał«dre se consacre łŢ la dłęcouverte d'un rłępertoire de musique de chambre variłę, original et souvent moins connu. Composłę de cinq musiciens talentueux, dont la technique et la prłęcision de jeu sont unanimement reconnues, Pentał«dre effectue des tournłęes au Qułębec, au Canada, aux łÔtats-Unis et en Europe. Rłęcipiendaire du Prix OPUS 2002 du Meilleur concert de lĺ─˘annłęe, musique actuelle, contemporaine, łęlectroacoustique, Pentał«dre collabore avec des artistes de renom et participe łŢ des crłęations audacieuses, dont rłęcemment lĺ─˘opłęra comique A Chair in Love ou Lĺ─˘Amour est un opłęra muet avec les mimes Omnibus. Son enregistrement rłęcent du Winterreise de Schubert (version de chambre de Normand Forget), avec le tłęnor Christoph Prłęgardien, sĺ─˘est attirłę des łęloges de la critique internationale.

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Harbourfront Centre: GEEK OUT!

Amazing performances and interactive activities at Harbourfront Centre's family celebration of GEEKS this Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend, October 12 & 13. Admission is free.

TORONTO, Friday, September 19, 2008 ĺ─ţ Harbourfront Centre is excited to present its free family celebration of GEEKS with two jam-packed days of creativity and plenty of fun on Sunday and Thanksgiving Holiday Monday, October 12 & 13. HarbourKIDS: GEEK OUT! includes Beakman Live!, a live stage spectacle, based on the Emmy-winning show, Beakman's World, featuring large-scale, wacky science demos with lots of audience participation; Darwin, a brilliant show where electroluminescent creatures light up the stage; incredible theatre and music performances; Lego Invention Connection; the Laurentien Clubhouse; the Natrel Robot Reboot Station; a spelling bee; plus awesome interactive activities.

The BiG idEA for October's edition of HarbourKIDS (Harbourfront Centre's new family programme) is the celebration of GEEKS with a weekend of non-stop fun. GEEKS are those that march to the beat of their own drum, and can be artists or designers or architects or astronauts or anyone else with a passion for doing what they do. In other words, GEEKS are cool and amazing people! HarbourKIDS: GEEK OUT! is a chance for kids to do the things they love to do. Maybe they are ace spelling champs. Or master builders. Maybe they are amazing illustrators or video game whizzes.

HarbourKIDS: GEEK OUT! takes place on Sunday & Thanksgiving Holiday Monday, October 12 & 13, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Toronto's Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queens Quay West. Admission is free. For information, the public can call

416-973-4000 or visit

HarbourKIDS: GEEK OUT! Highlights

Beakman Live!

Paul Zaloom (USA)

Sunday, October 12, 2:15 & 4:15 p.m.

Monday, October 13, 11:45 a.m. & 4:15 p.m.

Based on the Emmy Award-winning children's science TV show Beakman's World, Beakman Live! features Paul Zaloom as the eccentric, wacky scientist Beakman, who amazes his fellow humans with a series of death-defying and unbelievable demonstrations of intriguing scientific principles. See Beakman lie on a bed of needle-sharp nails! Watch Beakman make a flying bat materialize from thin air!

Marvel as Beakman breaks the sound barrier in front of everyone's eyes! Ponder the impossibility as Beakman makes a roll of toilet paper fly! Witness Beakman fearlessly stand in the path of a speeding bowling ball as the audience wonders in suspense if it will smash his really big head! Called "one of the most original and talented political satirists working in the theater" by The New York Times, Paul Zaloom is an award-winning performance artist, puppeteer and political satirist, who has written, designed and performed over 10 solo shows. Recommended for ages 5 and up. (For additional details on Beakman Live!, visit


CORBIAN Visual Arts and Dance (USA)

Sunday, October 12, 11:45 a.m.

Monday, October 13, 2 p.m.

Darwin, a Canadian premiere, is an amazing show where electroluminescent creatures light up the stage. Darwin takes audiences on a journey with Darwin, a dinosaur built by the hands of a great artist, Henslow. Kids follow Darwin from his origination as he stumbles over joy, creativity, fear, danger, victory and most importantly loveĺ─ţand like kids, in the process of growing up, learns life lessons and begins to make decisions for himself. CORBIAN brings together dance with the visual arts to present dinosaurs in an innovative and visually striking wayĺ─ţmaking this performance accessible to younger audiences, while also giving a creative spin on dinosaurs, which many kids are already geeks for!

CORBIAN is dedicated to entertaining and educating using new, interesting and often-simple theatrical methods and materials. Much of CORBIAN's content includes sculptures of wire and/or epoxy rods lit over black space bringing forth living crayon-like creatures and characters. In addition to the story, this production has a Q&A that gives audiences the opportunity to learn about the company's use of electroluminescent wire to bring the characters to 'life.' Recommended for ages 7 and up. (For a video clip of CORBIAN Visual Arts and Dance, visit

O is for Ogre

Waterwood Theatre Projects (Canada)

Sunday, October 12, 11:15 a.m.

Monday, October 13, 11:15 a.m. & 1:45 p.m.

Waterwood Theatre Projects presents O is for Ogre, a performance about the joy of reading! It's a tale about a young boy, Owen Osborne and his love of books. A stubborn Ogre begins to take Os out of some of Owen's favourite books. Kids are invited to follow along as Owen figures out how to get them back. Beautiful table top, hand, rod and shadow puppets, along with music make this fun-filled and enchanting show come to life. Waterwood Theatre Projects has been presenting original shows for children and family audiences for over 20 years. Recommended for ages 5-9.

Annabelle Canto (Canada)

Sunday, October 12, 1 p.m.

Bilingual performance in English/French

From Montreal, soprano Christina Tannous becomes Annabelle Canto, the young opera singer who loses both her voice and memory on the morning of an important concert. Annabelle and her pianist, played by Dominic Boulianne, set out on a quest for this magical voice. Annabelle Canto, part of the Music with Bite ongoing family concert series, is a co-production with Jeunesses Musicales Ontario. The performance is also part of Qułębec Now!, a Toronto-wide celebration of contemporary Qułębec arts and culture. Recommended for ages 5 and up.

A is for Awesome Spelling Bee with musical guest Bob Wiseman

Sunday, October 12, 3:45 p.m.

Calling all amazing spellers! It's kids vs. adults. Participants receive ribbons and trophies designed by local artists. Participates must be 7 years of age or older. All ages are welcome as audience members.

Laurentien Clubhouse

Kids make artist cards that they can trade with other kids, and their own geek button at the Get your Button On station.

Lego Invention Connection

Geeks are great inventors. Kids are invited to get inspired by LEGO experts' models of famous inventions and then build their own.

Natrel Robot Reboot Station

Kids create their own robot costume out of Natrel milk cartons, crafts and their imagination. Afterwards, they are invited to join a huge robot dance party.

Electricity Lab with InterAccess

Adding electricity to one's favourite things isn't only easyĺ─ţit's fun! InterAccess is an artist-run centre that invites people to explore art and technology. For additional details on InterAccess, visit

Other not-to-be-missed activities: HyperStory with author Emily Pohl-Weary who enlists the help of participants to create a huge choose-your-own adventure story; cool comic book workshops with Zach Wartan; Impossible Project Institute by Swintak; Dungeons and Dragons; and video games.

HarbourKIDS: GEEK OUT! is supported by the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council, Enwave, Sirius Satellite Radio, Pawsway, Queens Quay Terminal, Natrel, Aquafina, Laurentien and LEGO.

FOCUS: Pause

Harbourfront Centre wants you. to. slow. down. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with information and images, what happens when someone really takes the time to reflect? From September to May, Harbourfront Centre wants you to pause and make a connection to art, technology, the world. Find time for yourself by taking one of our Courses and Workshops; reflect while you wait for the World Stage curtain to rise; indulge in a great book during Authors at Harbourfront Centre. Harbourfront Centreĺ─ýtime well spent.

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Culture Montrłęal dłęvoile sa plate-forme culturelle en vue des łęlections du 14 octobre 2008

Pour diffusion immłędiate

Culture Montrłęal dłęvoile sa plate-forme culturelle
en vue des łęlections du 14 octobre 2008

Les partis politiques appelłęs łŢ prendre des engagements clairs en matił«re dĺ─˘art et de culture

Montrłęal, le 19 septembre 2008 ĺ─ý Interpellant les partis politiques afin quĺ─˘ils sĺ─˘engagent de fał▀on claire łŢ favoriser le dłęveloppement des arts, de la culture et du patrimoine pendant campagne łęlectorale fłędłęrale, Culture Montrłęal lance aujourdĺ─˘hui une plate-forme culturelle qui sera portłęe łŢ lĺ─˘attention immłędiate des candidats aux łęlections. Les six points dĺ─˘engagement de la plate-forme orienteront les łęchanges prłęvus lors dĺ─˘un dłębat entre les reprłęsentants des partis politiques fłędłęraux qui aura lieu le mardi 30 septembre 2008, łŢ lĺ─˘Amphithłęłótre du Gesł╝ (1200, rue de Bleury, Montrłęal). Le dłębat, initiłę par Culture Montrłęal, sera animłę par la rłęputłęe journaliste et animatrice Dominique Poirier.

Č┤Lĺ─˘importance dĺ─˘un soutien accru, adłęquat et rłęcurrent łŢ un secteur aussi vaste et dynamique que celui des arts et de la culture est plus que jamais une question dĺ─˘actualitłę, voire de santłę, pour toutes les collectivitłęs du Canada et plus spłęcifiquement pour Montrłęal, explique Anne-Marie Jean, directrice głęnłęrale de Culture Montrłęal.

ł─ la suite des engagements pris par tous les partenaires du Rendez-vous novembre 2007 ĺ─ý Montrłęal, młętropole culturelle, les Montrłęalais attendent dĺ─˘un nouveau gouvernement fłędłęral des gestes et des investissements qui traduiront dans les faits ses responsabilitłęs pour le plein essor de la młętropole culturelle du Qułębec.

Ainsi, Culture Montrłęal demande que les partis politiques fłędłęraux sĺ─˘engagent łŢ :

1. Investir davantage dans le secteur des arts pour accłęlłęrer le dłęveloppement du secteur culturel et en maximiser les retombłęes łęconomiques et sociales :
  • En portant łŢ 300 millions de dollars le budget annuel du Conseil des Arts du Canada.
  • En augmentant les investissements permettant de consolider lĺ─˘ensemble de la chałĂne culturelle au Canada (formation, crłęation, production, diffusion)
2. Favoriser le rayonnement des artistes et des crłęations artistiques et culturelles dĺ─˘ici łŢ lĺ─˘łęchelle internationale
  • En rłętablissant et en bonifiant les investissements favorisant le rayonnement des arts et de la culture łŢ lĺ─˘łętranger : la tournłęe internationale des artistes ; les projets internationaux dĺ─˘łęchanges, de rłęsidence, de perfectionnement et de coproduction ainsi que les initiatives de promotion des arts canadiens sur la scł«ne internationale.
  • En dotant le rłęseau de reprłęsentation et les ambassades des moyens appropriłęs łŢ lĺ─˘exercice de leur rłąle de promotion des artistes, compagnies et productions culturelles provenant du Canada.
3. łÔlargir lĺ─˘accł«s łŢ lĺ─˘assurance-emploi łŢ tous les travailleurs autonomes
  • En apportant des modifications łŢ la loi fłędłęrale sur lĺ─˘assurance-emploi afin dĺ─˘assurer un meilleur filet social łŢ tous les travailleurs canadiens. Sans rłęduire les acquis, la loi devrait contenir certaines dispositions permettant aux travailleurs autonomes de souscrire łŢ un rłęgime public dĺ─˘assurance-emploi.
4. Participer au dłęveloppement et au maintien des infrastructures culturelles
  • En participant au financement des projets prłęvus dans le cadre du Plan dĺ─˘action 2007-2017, Montrłęal młętropole culturelle, dont :
    - le Quartier des spectacles
    - lĺ─˘accroissement et lĺ─˘amłęlioration des espaces de crłęation, de production et de diffusion
    - la mise en valeur du canal de Lachine, du Vieux- Montrłęal et du Vieux-Port de Montrłęal
  • En mettant sur pied une initiative dłędiłęe au maintien et łŢ lĺ─˘entretien des immeubles łŢ vocation culturelle qui ont błęnłęficiłęs de subventions gouvernementales, de fał▀on łŢ protłęger et valoriser les investissements consentis par les contribuables canadiens.
5. Favoriser lĺ─˘accroissement de la demande en matił«re dĺ─˘art et de culture
  • En instaurant de nouvelles mesures de soutien favorisant lĺ─˘acquisition dĺ─˘oeuvres dĺ─˘art ainsi que la frłęquentation dĺ─˘łęvłęnements culturels dont les auteurs sont des artistes professionnels, citoyens canadiens, vivant et pratiquant leur discipline au Canada telles :
    - Lĺ─˘exonłęration de la TPS sur lĺ─˘achat dĺ─˘oeuvres dĺ─˘art dans le cadre du marchłę primaire, les abonnements culturels comprenant au moins trois reprłęsentations et les abonnements aux musłęes.
    - La crłęation dĺ─˘un programme de prłüt sans intłęrłüt pour lĺ─˘achat dĺ─˘une oeuvre dĺ─˘art dans le cadre du marchłę primaire.
6. Actualiser lĺ─˘intervention du gouvernement fłędłęral en matił«re de protection du patrimoine culturel
  • En dotant le Canada dĺ─˘une loi sur le patrimoine et dĺ─˘un plan dĺ─˘action concertłę avec les provinces et les territoires qui engageraient le gouvernement łŢ la protection et łŢ la mise en valeur du patrimoine dont il est fiduciaire ou qui relł«ve de son champ de compłętences, ceci en cohłęrence avec les conventions internationales ratifiłęes par le Canada.
  • En instaurant une politique dĺ─˘intłęgration des arts łŢ lĺ─˘architecture pour les łędifices fłędłęraux.
Č┤Nous dłęsirons que cette plate-forme soit portłęe tant par acteurs culturels que les citoyens, les leaders de diffłęrents secteurs et les politiciens, conclut Anne-Marie Jean. Il faut maintenir les arts et la culture dans le peloton de tłüte des enjeux łęlectoraux et crłęer des espaces dĺ─˘łęchange transparents et ouverts, comme le dłębat du 30 septembre, ceci dans le but dĺ─˘obtenir de tous les partis les engagements et appuis espłęrłęs.Ȭ


Fondłę en 2002, Culture Montrłęal est un mouvement citoyen et non partisan dont le mandat est dĺ─˘affirmer le rłąle central des arts et de la culture dans toutes les sphł«res du dłęveloppement de Montrłęal. Par le biais dĺ─˘activitłęs dĺ─˘analyse, de communication, de recherche et de concertation, Culture Montrłęal contribue łŢ łędifier lĺ─˘avenir de Montrłęal, młętropole culturelle. Lĺ─˘organisation błęnłęficie du soutien de ses membres, du ministł«re de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition fłęminine du Qułębec, de la Ville de Montrłęal, du Cirque du Soleil et de la Confłęrence rłęgionale des łęlus de Montrłęal.

- 30 -

Pour information : Sandra Oĺ─˘Connor Directrice des communications Culture Montrłęal (514) 845-0303, poste 21

Cliquez ici pour tłęlłęcharger le communiqułę : 080919_commCM_plateforme.pdf

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

September/October Concert Listings

The VSOĺ─˘s September & October Concert Listings

Vancouver BC ĺ─ý And theyĺ─˘re off! The Arts season is starting again in Vancouver ĺ─ý and the VSO begins its exciting new season with cellist Lynn Harrell performing the Canadian premiere of Maestro Toveyĺ─˘s new piece Urban Runway, co-commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic and New York Philharmonic. The VSOĺ─˘s October concerts include Grammy-winning violinist Hilary Hahn (who will also be accompanying the VSO on its Asia-Pacific Tour October 10th through the 20th); a Pacific Arbour Tea & Trumpets matinee concert featuring host Christopher Gaze; and Armenian-Canadian soprano Isabel Bayrakdarian touring with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra.

While on tour, the VSO presents two visiting orchestras and one of the worldĺ─˘s top Cuban Timba bands in three concert series: I Musici de Montreal in the Bach & Beyond series opener at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts; Tiempo Libre in the first London Drugs VSO Pops concert; and the National Arts Centre Orchestra with Maestro Pinchas Zukerman to kick off the PricewaterhouseCoopers Masterworks Silver series. The month is rounded out nicely with Maestro Bramwell Tovey reprising his ĺ─˙Inspector Toveyĺ─¨ persona in the first concert of the Spectra Energy Kidsĺ─˘ Koncerts series, and a co-presentation of Video Games Live! with Live Nation.

The Symphony Season starts with a bang!


Masterworks Gold Series:

The VSOĺ─˘s Opening Weekend

Saturday & Monday, September 27 & 29, 8pm, Orpheum Theatre

Bramwell Tovey, conductor

Lynn Harrell, cello

Lavallee O Canada

Tovey Urban Runway (Canadian Premiere)

Schumann Cello Concerto in A minor, Op. 129

Prokofiev Romeo and Juliet: Suite

The VSOĺ─˘s 2008/2009 Season Opening weekend, featuring the worldĺ─˘s greatest cellist performing Schumannĺ─˘s beautiful Cello Concerto ĺ─ý and a new work by VSO Music Director Bramwell Tovey.

Tickets $25 to $78.50 (Student, Senior and Subscriber discounts available)

Tickets available by phone at 604.876.3434 or online at

Generously Supported By:

Radio Sponsor: CKNW AM980

Pacific Arbour Tea & Trumpets Series:

Opera in the Afternoon

Thursday, October 2, 2pm, Orpheum Theatre

Bramwell Tovey, conductor

Heidi Muendel*, soprano

Christopher Gaze, host

Verdi La Forza del Destino: Overture

Glinka Russlan and Ludmilla: Overture

Dvorak Rusalka: Song to the Moon*

Rimsky-Korsakov Flight of the Bumblebee

Tchaikovsky Sleeping Beauty: Entrĺ─˘acte, Act II, No. 18

Verdi Ernani: Ernani! Ernani, involami*

Wagner Die Walkure: Ride of the Valkyries

Puccini Madama Butterfly: Un bel di*

Puccini Tosca: Vissi dĺ─˘arte*

Tchaikovsky Capriccio Italien, Op. 45

Bizet Carmen: March of the Toreadors

Maestro Bramwell Tovey and the VSO present an afternoon of beautiful operatic favourites, including selections by Puccini and Verdi.

Tickets $36 (Student, Senior and Subscriber discounts available)

Tickets available by phone at 604.876.3434 or online at

Generously Supported By:

Series Sponsor: Pacific Arbour

Masterworks Diamond Series:

Hilary Hahn Plays Tchaikovsky!

Saturday & Monday, October 4 & 6, 8pm, Orpheum Theatre
Bramwell Tovey, conductor

Hilary Hahn, violin

Ryan The Linearity of Light

Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 35

Berlioz Symphonie fantastique, Op. 14

Hilary Hahn, superstar! This sensational violinist joins the VSO for Tchaikovskyĺ─˘s exciting Violin Concerto, and the orchestra weaves some sonic magic with a musical colossus by Berlioz.

Tickets $25 to $78.50 (Student, Senior and Subscriber discounts available)

Tickets available by phone at 604.876.3434 or online at

Generously Supported By:

October 4 Concert Sponsor: Keir Surgical

Radio Sponsor: CKNW AM980

Beltone Symphony Sundays Series:

Hilary Hahn Plays Tchaikovsky!

Sunday, October 5, 2pm, Orpheum Theatre

Bramwell Tovey, conductor

Hilary Hahn, violin

Ryan The Linearity of Light

Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 35

Berlioz Symphonie fantastique, Op. 14

Hilary Hahn, superstar! This sensational violinist joins the VSO for Tchaikovskyĺ─˘s exciting Violin Concerto, and the orchestra weaves some sonic magic with a musical colossus by Berlioz.

Tickets $20 to $56 (Student, Senior and Subscriber discounts available)

Tickets available by phone at 604.876.3434 or online at

Generously Supported By:

Series Sponsor: Beltone


Isabel Bayrakdarian with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra

Tuesday, October 7, 8pm, Orpheum Theatre

Anne Manson, conductor

Isabel Bayrakdarian, soprano

Manitoba Chamber Orchestra

Magnificent Armenian-Canadian soprano Isabel Bayrakdarian graces the Orpheum stage with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra. They will perform works by Ravel, Bartok, and Gorecki, as well as the beautiful music of Armenian composer Gomidas.

Tickets $25 to $78.50 (Student, Senior and Subscriber discounts available)

Tickets available by phone at 604.876.3434 or online at

Bach & Beyond Series:

The VSO Presents I Musici de Montrłęal

Friday & Saturday, October 10 & 11, 8pm, Chan Centre

I Musici de Montreal

Yuli Turovsky, conductor

Handel Concerti Grossi, Op.6, No. 1 in G Major

Handel Concerti Grossi, No. 4 in A minor

Handel Concerti Grossi, No. 12 in B minor

Bach Goldberg Variations

I Musici de Montrłęal is one of Canadaĺ─˘s top chamber orchestras. The VSO is proud to present them, with their founding director, Yuli Turovsky, for the opening concert of the Bach & Beyond series in a perfect baroque concert: the music of Bach and Handel.

Tickets $35 to $59 (Student, Senior and Subscriber discounts available)

Tickets available ONLY through Ticketmaster outlets, Charge-by-Phone at 604.280.3311 or online at

Generously Supported By:

Radio Sponsor: 600AM

London Drugs VSO Pops Series:

Tiempo Libre!

Friday & Saturday, October 17 & 18, 8pm, Orpheum Theatre

Tiempo Libre, entertainers

Tiempo Libre is one of the worldĺ─˘s top Latin bands. Their sound is fresh, fun, exciting, and rife with the glorious rhythms of their Latin heritage.

Please Note: Tiempo Libre performs their musical act without the orchestra.

Tickets $25 to $78.50 (Student, Senior and Subscriber discounts available)

Tickets available by phone at 604.876.3434 or online at

Generously Supported By:

Series Sponsor: London Drugs

Radio Sponsor: 600AM

PricewaterhouseCoopers Masterworks Silver Series:

Master Meets Master: Zukerman Plays Mozart

Saturday & Monday, October 25 & 27, 8pm, Orpheum Theatre

National Arts Centre Orchestra

Pinchas Zukerman, conductor/violin

Alexina Louie Infinite Sky with Birds

Mozart Violin Concerto 3 in G Major, K. 216, Strassburg

Tchaikovsky Symphony No.5 in E minor, Op. 64

The VSO presents the National Arts Centre Orchestra from Ottawa, with their Music Director, Pinchas Zukerman. Maestro Zukerman also happened to be one of the worldĺ─˘s greatest violinists, and performs Mozartĺ─˘s beloved Violin Concerto No.3.

Tickets $25 to $78.50 (Student, Senior and Subscriber discounts available)

Tickets available by phone at 604.876.3434 or online at

Generously Supported By:

Series Sponsor: PricewaterhouseCoopers

Video Screen Sponsor: TELUS

Video screen presentations created and produced by students and staff of digital video productions at Columbia Academy.

Radio Sponsor: CKNW AM980

Spectra Energy Kidsĺ─˘ Koncerts Series:

Inspector Tovey Goes to China

Sunday, October 26, 2pm, Orpheum Theatre

Bramwell Tovey, conductor

Fresh from the VSOĺ─˘s Asia-Pacific tour, Inspector Tovey returns (bearing a striking resemblance to the VSOĺ─˘s Music Directorĺ─Â) to investigate the instruments central to the great Eastern and Western musical traditions.

Tickets $26 (Student, Senior and Subscriber discounts available)

Tickets available by phone at 604.876.3434 or online at

Generously Supported By:

Series Sponsor: Spectra Energy

Premier Education Partner: TELUS


Video Games Live!

Wednesday, October 29, 8pm, Orpheum Theatre

Jack Wall, music director

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

Video Games Live is a multimedia concert experience featuring the best music and exclusive synchronized video clips from the most popular games from the beginning of video gaming to the present. The music is performed live by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

Tickets $29.50 to $69.50 (NOTE: Tickets available through Ticketmaster or the VSO website ONLY. There are no discounts for Video Games Live, and the prices for this special do not include service charges.)

Tickets available ONLY through Ticketmaster outlets, Charge-by-Phone at 604.280.3311 or online at

Tiny Tots Series:

Teddy Bears Music Picnic

Friday, October 31, 10:00am, 11:30am, 1:30pm, Vancouver Playhouse Theatre

Saturday, November 1, 10:00am, 11:30am, Terry Fox Theatre

Let Your Music Shine with Lisa and Linda, entertainers

Bring your teddy bear for this show filled with playful songs, games and musical stories. A family favourite!

Adult Tickets $15, Child Tickets $7

Tickets available by phone at 604.876.3434 or online at

Premier Education Partner:


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Pacific Opera Victoria presents Thałěs

Sensuality, spirituality and a fatal attraction
OCTOBER 16, 18, 21, 23 AND 25, 2008

Pacific Opera Victoria presents Jules Massenet's THAłŔS October 16, 18,
21, 23 and 25, 2008 at the Royal Theatre, 805 Broughton Street in
Victoria. Performed in French with English surtitles. Running time is
approximately three hours with two intermissions. All performances
begin at 8pm. Priced between $25 and $110, tickets are available from
the Royal and McPherson Box Office at (250) 386-6121, or on-line at

Student RUSH tickets for those presenting valid student identification
are available at the door of the theatre, 45 minutes prior to each
performance, subject to availability. RUSH tickets are $15, inclusive
of all box office charges.

Jules Massenet is arguably the best of the romantic French opera
composers, penning rich and glorious scores that are immediately
familiar. After Manon and Werther, THAłŔS is one of Massenet's most
performed operas, considered by many to be a jewel from the golden age
of French Grand Opera. THAłŔS is now enjoying a new place at the top of
the repertoire with high profile productions at Covent Garden, Lyric
Opera of Chicago and The Met. Pacific Opera Victoria joins this
illustrious company with its own production of THAłŔS October 16, 18,
21, 23 and 25 at The Royal Theatre in Victoria.

Based on a novel by Anatole France, THAłŔS (pronounced tah-EES),
contrasts the devout with the decadent and illuminates the search for
meaning, love and everlasting life. The courtesan Thałěs lives a life of
luxury and eroticism, until she is confronted by Athanał┤l, a monk
obsessed with saving her soul. Thałěs eventually repents, choosing
spiritual love and everlasting life, but Athanał┤l discovers too late
that his feelings for her are sensual rather than spiritual. Through
Massenet's voluptuous music, his compelling characters and the tragic
inevitability of the story, he compassionately but relentlessly lays
bare the bond between religious and erotic passion.

Award-winning Maestro Timothy Vernon conducts this company premiere and
the renowned director-designer team of Renaud Doucet and Andrłę Barbe
(POV's The Tempest) return to re-create the sumptuous production of
THAłŔS which they devised for Opera Theatre of Saint Louis and l'Opłęra de
Montrłęal. POV is building Mr. Barbe's stunning sets on a scale to fit
Victoria's intimate Royal Theatre - and introducing a brilliant cast of
singers who will be performing their roles in this opera for the first

Monica Whicher, (POV's The Rape of Lucretia) returns to lend her pure
voice and lustrous tone to the role of Thałěs. Aaron St. Clair
Nicholson (POV'S Carmen), returns to POV after his recent Met debut to
portray the doomed monk Athanał┤l. They are joined by Chad Louwerse
(POV's Madama Butterfly) as Palemon, Luc Robert (POV's Rigoletto) as
Nicias, and Rebecca Hass, (POV's Daphne) as Albine. Julie Daoust,
Mireille Lebel and Charlene Santoni make their company and role debuts
as Crobyle, Myrtale and La Charmeuse.

Performed in French with English surtitles, Pacific Opera Victoria's
production of THAłŔS runs October 16, 18, 21, 23 and 25, 2008 at the
Royal Theatre in Victoria. All performances begin at 8pm. Priced
between $25 and $110, tickets are available from the Royal and McPherson
Box Office at (250) 386-6121 or

Student RUSH tickets for those presenting valid student identification
are available at the door of the theatre, 45 minutes prior to each
performance, subject to availability. RUSH tickets are $15, inclusive
of all box office charges.

For more information, please contact Pacific Opera Victoria at (250)
385-0222 or visit

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Dr. Ulrike Hessler,ČŢFirst Woman in 169 yearsČŢat Dresden Opera

Dr. Ulrike Hessler, First Woman in 169 years will be the next General Director of the famous Semper Opera Dresden

For the first time in its 169 year history, the Saxonian State Opera ĺ─ý home to world premiere performances of most Richard Strauss and several Wagner operas ĺ─ý has appointed a woman as its General Director. Today Saxony's Secretary of Science & Arts, Dr. Eva-Maria Stange, announced the decision that Mrs. Hessler will lead the house starting 2010, succeeding current intendant Gerd Uecker.

Ulrike Hessler (52) has been working at the Bavarian State Opera since 1984, working her way up from assistant to the press spokesperson's to director for public relations and program development. When the Bavarian State Opera was without a GM during the 2006/07 and 2007/08 seasons, she formed an interim directorship with Music Director Kent Nagano, running the day to day affairs of the opera house.

Before working in the world of opera, Mrs. Hessler, who wrote her Ph.D. thesis about Bernard von Brentano's literature of exile, worked as a free lance journalists for Bavarian Radio and a has written for Harper's and Vogue. She is a frequent guest lecturer at Universities abroad and has been an Overseas Member of the Board of Governors der Tel Aviv University since 1990.

According to the Saxonian Ministry of Science & Arts, the factor deciding in favor of Ulrike Hessler was "the way how Mrs. Hessler thinks about the future of an opera house like this and how a very active repertoire- and ensemble theater with such a long tradition will successfully the tough international competition." Another important factor was the vision with which Mrs. Hessler has developed ideas for sharpening the company's profile and the importance she places on better communications of the house both internally and externally. Not the least her extensive leadership experience at the Bavarian State Opera and her range of contacts to singers, directors, dancers, and musicians has played a role. The former Director of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, English National Opera, and Bavarian State Opera, Sir Peter Jonas, was among the advisers to the ministry in this decision. The famous tenor and conductor Peter Schreier welcomed the decision, describing his impressions of Mrs. Hessler as an "incredibly creative and decisive" collaborator.

Helen Kamioner
Creative Consultants
for the Arts

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New website shows the way to US classical concert-goers

Classical music website Bachtrack (, started in the UK this year, is now launched in the US, starting with US listings of over 1,500 top concerts and operas. Bachtrack makes it easy for classical fans to find their favourite composers, works and performers, saying that ĺ─˙many people don't go to concerts because they simply don't know what's onĺ─¨.

Bachtrack has the easiest and most comprehensive concert finder on the Internet covering top events, allowing users to browse its listings by composer, work, performer or orchestra, venue, city, type of work, date or any combination of these. The database now has over 5,000 listings including performances by the top orchestras and opera companies in the US and Europe.

ĺ─˙If you're trying to find your favourite symphony or what concerts are on within an hour's drive from your home, standard search engines simply haven't been usefulĺ─¨, says co-founder David Karlin. ĺ─˙It's too hard to wade through the results, and there's so much great music going on that people just don't get to hear about.ĺ─¨ Bachtrack is convinced that it will increase audiences by showing classical music and opera fans what's on in a way and at a time that's convenient to them.

Bachtrack launched the US version of its site this week, with events from major US orchestras and opera houses (Chicago, New York, Cleveland, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia and others). Listings on the site are free, and Bachtrack is beginning to attract concert promoters of all types in the US to input listings. The site also features a special section to attract kids into classical music with listings of concerts and events for kids and teens.

As well as finding concerts, site visitors can see venues on a map, find recommended CDs of many of the works, ĺ─˙Listenĺ─¨ buttons to play clips from even more, and biographies and pictures of an increasing number of the performers.


The Calgarry International Film Festival Announces 2008 Party and Special Event Schedule


Calgary, AB ĺ─ýThe Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF) is pleased to announce a series of special events and parties as part of this year's 9th annual event. As part of CIFF's ongoing commitment to provide stellar cinematic and cultural experiences, this year's festival special events schedule highlights our visiting delegates, local filmmakers, award-winners and gala films. The line-up has something for everyone ĺ─ý blow-out gala parties, intimate receptions, awards ceremonies, fashion shows, and post-screening festivities offering the opportunity to mingle one-on-one with those whose creations have hit CIFF screens this year.

Special Events Schedule

Thursday, September 18

PRE-PARTY American Express Opening Gala: Blindness

Red Carpet Fashion Show with fashions by Joe Fresh and the Core. Cocktail reception.

Time: 5:00 PM ĺ─ý 6:00 PM

Where: Belgo, 501- 8 Avenue SW

Admission: VIPs and gala patrons

American Express Opening Gala: Blindness

A celebration of the opening film, the gala is the kick-off to the festival and the party of the year!

Time: 9:15 PM

Where: Belgo, 501- 8 Avenue SW

Admission: VIPs and gala ticket holders

Friday, September 19

Iceland Spotlight Party

Post-screening reception following highlight film of Iceland Spotlight, featuring Icelandic food by Iceland Naturally. Director Ragnar Bragason in attendance.

Time: 9:30 PM

Where: Chicago Chophouse, 604 - 8th Avenue SW

Admission: VIPs and Children patrons.

Saturday, September 20

YYC Reception

Post-screening party to celebrate and honour the winners of our Youth by Youth Cinema competition. Filmmakers in attendance.

Time: 5:00 PM

Where: Pulcinella, 1147 Kensington Crescent NW

Admission: VIPs and YYC patrons.

Space Black Carpet Gala

CIFF's first-ever Black Carpet Late Shows Gala. Director Grant Harvey, actors Tom Green and Dave Lawrence, producer Josh Miller, and other cast and crew in attendance. Film shot locally.

Time: 9:45 PM

Where: Pulcinella, 1147 Kensington Crescent NW

Admission: VIPs and Freezer Burn patrons

Sunday, September 21

Industry Party

The annual industry party brings together festival delegates, festival VIPs, and festival staff for a night to meet, mingle, and exchange ideas.

Time: 9:00 PM

Where: Escoba, 624 - 8 Avenue SW

Admission: VIPs and invited patrons

Tuesday, September 23

Italian Film Party

Following screening of hotly anticipated film Gomorrah (directed by Matteo Garrone).

Time: 9:00 PM

Where: Osteria de Medici

Admission: VIP and Gomorrah patrons

Wednesday, September 24

Fashion Spotlight

Diamond event of inaugural Fashion in Film series. Party takes place after screening of Eleven Minutes. Includes live fashion show by Joe Fresh Style.

Time: 9:00 PM

Where: Wild Ginger, 351 ĺ─ý 4th Avenue SW

Admission: VIPs and Eleven Minutes patrons

Wesley Willis After Party

Part of the Music on Film Series. Sponsored by Broken City and CJSW.

Live Music: Mt. Royal, The Hotel Lobbyists. Collapsing Opposites

Time: 11:00 PM

Where: Broken City

Admission: public event

Thursday, September 25

NFB Reception

Time: 9:00 PM

Where: Eau Claire Market, 200 Barclay Parade SW


Friday, September 26

Aboriginal Spotlight Party

Featuring performance by Aboriginal performance artist Skeena Reese (cast member and co-producer of Homestay).

Time: 9:00 PM

Where: Escoba

Admission: VIPs and Homestay patrons

Saturday, September 27

Volkswagen Closing Gala: Bart got a Room

Celebration of CIFF closing gala film. Director Brian Hecker in attendance.

Time: 9:30 PM

Where: Flames Central

Admission: VIPs and closing gala patrons

Sweet Lady with a Nasty Voice After-Party

Part of the Music on Film Series. Sponsored by the Palomino Smokehouse & CJSW.

Live Music:: Stonehocker CD Release, The Garter Girls Burlesque, The Hours, Static in The Stars

Time: 11:00 PM

Where: Palomino, 109-7th Avenue SW

Admission: public event

Sunday, September 28

My Name is Albert Ayler After Party & Awards Presentation

**informal CIFF Wrap Party & Awards Announcement Sponsored by Escoba, C-Jazz, & CJSW

Live Music: free jazz by saxophonist Dan Meichel and music by DJ Rob Faust

Time: 9:00 PM

Where: Escoba, 624 - 8 Avenue SW

Admission: VIPs and Albert Ayler patrons

The complete 2008 CIFF line-up, as well as festival tickets and passes, are available online at from August 25, 2008. The Fido Box Office opens at Eau Claire Market and the CIFF Souvenir Program Guide goes on sale at all Calgary Starbucks locations on September 5, 2008.

About CIFF

Founded in 1998, the Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF) is a charitable, not-for-profit, cultural organization based in Alberta, Canada. Inspired by the pioneering spirit and maverick ideals of the community, CIFF showcases films that break traditional boundaries and forge new cinematic ground. CIFF celebrates an unparalleled breadth and depth of cultural diversity through the meaningful, accessible, and artistic medium of film and engages thousands of artists to showcase the best films from filmmakers in over 100 countries around the world. CIFF is held annually at the end of September, screening over 200 films and hosting several gala events, awards, and special presentations. For more information visit

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This Year CIFF Takes it to the Streets with Festival Central

Calgary, AB ĺ─ý The Calgary International Film Festival presents Festival Central, opening Thursday September 18th. Inspired by film festivals from around the world, CIFF presents a series of special activities around the downtown core to enable all Calgarians to take part in this year's festival. From VW car displays, to filmmaker interviews, Festival Central features a diverse range of interactive experiences!

WHEN: 11:00 AM TO 2:00 PM, SEPTEMBER 18 TO 19 & SEPTEMBER 22 TO 26, 2008



Festival Greenroom
Join celebrity film reviewer Louis B. Hobson as he spends the lunch hour interviewing filmmakers from around the world. Join us as these artists let us in on the creative process and share their inspirations. You don't want to miss this great opportunity to hear the stories behind the festival's most anticipated films.

Greenroom Schedule

*interviews scheduled from 12:00 NOON ĺ─ý 1:00 PM each weekday of the festival

Thursday, September 18: Ragnar Bragason (Children & Parents), Shirley Vercruysse (Secret of the Nutcracker)

Friday, September 19: ChrisScheuerman & Greg Horvath (Hope for the Broken Contender), David Schultz

(45 RPM), Grant Harvey & Dave Lawrence (Freezer Burn)

Monday, September 22: Shane Belcourt (Tkaronto), Kent Tessman (Bull), Ismael Alejos (Greedy as a


Tuesday, September 23: Noah & Logan Miller (Touching Home), Cam Christiansen (The Real

Place), Corey Lee (In Translation)

Wednesday, September 24: Duncan Christie (Confessions of a Porn Addict), Denny Tedesco (The Wrecking Crew), Taylor Greeson (Meadowlark)

Thursday, September 25: Carl Bessai (Mothers&Daughters), Steve Rose (Hi My Name Is Ryan), Jonathan Joffe (Boiler Room), Devon Bolton (Promise)

Friday, September 26: Juan F. Villa (Alondra Smiles), Ed Gass-Donnelly (This Beautiful City), Ryan Mains (Of Golf & God), Brian Hecker (Bart Got A Room)

American Express Fido Ticket Wicket
American Express enjoy the benefit of mobility at a special mobile box office. Avoid missing your favourite film and purchase advance tickets today! Not a cardholder? The American Express Ticket Wicket also accepts cash and debit. Get the latest information and pick-up advance tickets right downtown.

Festival Information

Looking for more information about the festival? Our friendly and knowledgeable volunteers are on-hand to answer any questions you may have. Whether you need a recommendation for a great film to see, directions to a festival venue or updates on the latest celebrity sightings, our Festival Central team is there to help keep you up-to-date on the latest developments.

Can't get enough? Our entire collection of filmmaker interviews, plus some special bonus clips, will be available on the website. Visit to see the latest updates.

Visit Festival Central for the chance to win some fabulous prizes. From complimentary tickets, to an American Express VIP pass for the 2009 festival, you never know what our street team has in store for a lucky winner. Prepare your movie trivia and CIFF knowledge, because one of our street team volunteers may just ask you.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's New at Les Grands ballets Canadiens ?

Les Grands Ballets website gets a makeover

Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montrłęal has new Web presence! Visit our new site, created by Cyber Głęnłęration. In just a few clicks, you'll discover our Behind the Scenes section highlighting the day-by-day offstage life of the company, in Montrłęal and on tour, at rehearsal and on stage.

Find out more at

Memories of an unforgettable summer

Dancer Gabrielle Lamb is also a talented videomaker. With her camera, she followed day-by-day the unfogettable stay of the Company at the łÔtłęs de la danse festival in Paris.

Click or copy and paste this link

Promotions and new arrivals:

Company welcomes 10 new dancers and promotes several artists

It's exciting times at Les Grands Ballets! This autumn the company will welcome 10 new dancers from the four corners of the world and several current dancers have also won well-earned promotions.


Looking for angels, sheep, rats, reindeer, mice, matriochkas and Orientals

Auditions for The Nutcracker are just around the corner!

Auditions for Nutcracker will be held at Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montrłęal studios, 4816 Rivard Street (Laurier młętro) on September 18 and 19 and at the YMCA du Parc, 5550 Park Ave. on September 20. Children chosen for the various roles will perform in The Nutcracker ballet from December 13 to 30, 2008, in Salle Wilfred-Pelletier of Place des Arts. A unique opportunity!

First steps by four winners of Les Grands Ballets' first choreography

competition to be seen at Agora de la danse on September 25, 26 and 27

To kick off the new season, you are invited to witness the first steps of four young Canadian choreographers, winners of the choreography competition organized by Les Grands Ballets. Under the tireless mentoring of the company's Artistic Director, Gradimir Pankov, these young talents have been working in our studios creating new works for the company's dancers. A bold, original, vigorous wind is sweeping through the season! Be part of the excitement for only $15 on September 25, 26 and 27 at the Agora de la danse.


one of the most lavish Grand Ballets productions yet: The Queen of Spades, from Danish choreographer Kim Brandstrup

Hit the jackpot in October with The Queen of Spades (based on Alexander Pushkin's story), from Danish filmmaker/choreographer Kim Brandstrup. This magnificent full-length ballet featuring some 30 dancers boldly combines classical dance on pointe with virtual sets and will amaze you. And as a bonus, the Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montrłęal Orchestra will play Gabriel Thibaudeau's Tchaikovsky-inspired score.

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Baltimore Chamber Orch. vs Fauxharmonic Orch. | Live Vs. Digital







Live versus digital: Can audiences tell the difference? Can a performance created by computer-based sound technology deliver the kind of aesthetic experience that we can expect from a traditional orchestra? These are questions for our time.

On Sunday, November 2, 2008, at 4 p.m., the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra under the baton of Markand Thakar, and The Fauxharmonic Orchestra under the Wii-mote of Paul Henry Smith, will allow audiences to answer the questions for themselves. In the bold experiment of a side-by-side comparison, Mr. Smith's digital orchestra will perform composer Mathew Quayle's Gridley Paige Road first, followed by the live performance by the twenty-one strings of the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra. This performance will take the digital orchestra out of the studio and into the concert hall.

Bang & Olufsen, one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-end audio and video equipment, has generously agreed to supply Paul Henry Smith and the Fauxharmonic Orchestra with their BeoLab 5 loudspeaker system. Picked by Time Magazine as one of 2003's coolest inventions, the BeoLab 5 system will be the "instruments" of the Fauxharmonic Orchestra. The BeoLab 5's adaptive Bass Control system, coupled with Acoustic Lens Technology, ensures optimum sound experience regardless of the position of the loudspeaker.

Tickets for the November 2 event are available through Bargemusic. For reservations, call 718/624-2083 or 718/624-4061, or email: Tickets: $50; student: $25.

Markand Thakar, Music Director of the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra, commented, "The BCO is committed to providing audiences with moving musical experiences, in highly diverse repertory -- from Mozart to Leshnoff, from violins to pipas to computers. Technology is advancing with extraordinary speed, to the point that digitally produced sound can approximate acoustic sound to a startling degree. We don't expect to ever be replaced by a computer, but we find this musical experiment fascinating."

According to Paul Henry Smith, "The BeoLab 5 speakers were the missing element to this live performance. They are the instruments of the digital orchestra. The B & O technology lets me concentrate on performing the music knowing that the sound quality will be great all around the hall."

The Program:

Matthew Quayle: Gridley Paige Road

Performed sequentially by The Fauxharmonic Orchestra and the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra

Jonathan Leshnoff: Trombone Concerto (World Premiere)

Christopher Dudley, soloist

Mozart: Adagio and Fugue, K. 546

Bruckner: Adagio from the String Quintet in F major

Beethoven: Grosse Fuge (for string orchestra)

Tickets for the November 2 event are available through Bargemusic. For reservations, call 718/624-2083 or 718/624-4061, or email: Tickets: $50; student: $25.

What is a Digital Orchestra?

A digital orchestra, as explained by Paul Henry Smith, is the use of digital technology by musicians to approximate the sound of live orchestral performance. Simply put, digital orchestra music is produced on a computer. Like the production of any recorded music, the computer is involved in the mastering and mixing process. But unlike other recordings, the computer is also the instrument on which the music is played. Sound source material is housed on disks (or generated by the computer) and is organized by performance software. Sequencer software is then used to pull in the right sounds for the particular musical elements called for by the score (or by the musical keyboard or other instrument). Computing power is now great enough that the real-time selection of a single note from among hundreds of gigabytes of data is performed in milliseconds.

Conducting a Digital Orchestra

Live digital orchestral music is performed by incorporating real-time performance control into the mix. The conductor is on stage with a wireless controller, known as a Wii-mote, modified from the controller used with Nintendo's Wii gaming console, which acts as a baton. With that, the conductor can modify tempo, loudness, balance, timbre, brightness, and darkness -- many things that a conductor might alter in a given performance.

About Paul Henry Smith
Paul Henry Smith began his conducting studies with Gustav Meier and Leonard Bernstein at Tanglewood and continued with Sergiu Celibidache at the Curtis Institute and in Munich. He studied orchestration and composition with Richard Hoffmann, Lukas Foss, and Steven Scott Smalley. After stints as a conservatory professor and as an Internet entrepreneur he is now devoted to his work with digital instruments to widen the expressive possibilities of orchestral music performance.

In the 1980s, as a visiting researcher at MIT's Media Lab, Mr. Smith worked on early digital orchestra systems. Since then he has been pushing them to approach the facility, simplicity, quality, and responsiveness of acoustic instruments. Recently, these endeavors have begun to flower, due in part to recent advances in computer technology in general, as well as to a surge in the development of software specifically for orchestral music performance.

Mr. Smith is the founder of the Digital Orchestra League, a worldwide non-profit organization that brings together researchers, composers, and theorists, all working on digital orchestral music. He also oversees an annual international composition contest that promotes new orchestral music and encourages composers and performers to explore the artistic possibilities of digital instruments.

An amateur cellist, Mr. Smith lives in Brookline, Massachusetts, with his wife and two children.

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English Montrłęal premił«re of Carole Frłęchette's JOHN & BłÔATRICE

Infinithłęłótre Opens 2008 ĺ─ý 09 Season with

Montrłęal English Language Premił«re of

John & Błęatrice

By Carole Frłęchette

Translated by John Murrell

Directed by Guy Sprung

October 14 ĺ─ý November 9, 2008

Infinithłęłótre's highlights another Qułębecois writer, introducing Anglophones to the award-winning Carole Frłęchettte in the Montrłęal English language premił«re of John and Błęatrice at the Bain St-Michel, running from October 16 through November 9, with previews on October 14 and 15.

Love, that little, four-letter word, mysterious and elusive, evoking a myriad of complex and confusing emotions, with as many definitions as there are people. We want it, crave it, seek it yet also shun it, hide from it or run as far from it as possible. With a season focussing on three themes, Love, Hope and Faith, Infinitheatre's production of John & Błęatrice will be taking a look at love from an unusual vantage: a vacant room on the 33rd floor of a city skyscraper!

"Well-to-do young heiress, intelligent and perceptive, who has never loved anyone

is seeking a man who will interest, move and seduce her.

Substantial reward offered."

Błęatrice has circulated (widely) a "want ad" poster. Now she waits up in her tower for the perfect man to arrive. John answers the call and using simple, unsophisticated language, this enterprising young man stirs emotions in Błęatrice almost before she is aware of his effect. Through John's character, Frłęchette masterfully elicits in her audience all the emotions that Błęatrice yearns to experience. But what then? A cross between Greek myth and fairytale, John and Błęatrice asks the eternal questions of male and female archetypes in their relation to one another. Will the protected female open herself to experience the release and freedom of love? Will the macho male find the grit to become vulnerable enough to gain love's lasting, inner rewards?

The two-hander features Tania Kontoyanni and Frank Schorpion, two Canadian actors who successfully work in both official languages. Director, Guy Sprung, was drawn to the blend of myth and humour that Frłęchette uses to explore the tenets of love in this piece. "Frłęchette is one of our major playwrights and it's time Anglophone Qułębec gets to enjoy her sublime writing. Working with bilingual actors who bring a depth of insight from having read both the French and English scripts enriches the whole process."

Frłęchette had her own demons to contend with when she wrote this play ten years ago. "The monsters that lived in me at the time, incarnated in this woman, arrogant and controlling, and in this man, the calculator, enclosed in himself, make me want to run and hide today." The two characters personify the duality of love. "Błęatrice seeks love sublime, transcendent, love suspended in an apartment between sky and ground. The love of which young girls dream, of which I still perhaps dreamed, secretly, writing this funny duet. And then there is the love that John runs from, choking love, threatening, love that takes you to seventh heaven all the better to let you crash to the floor, love which shakes your will and your identity, misleading love that never completely tells the truth. Love that the boys fear, the love-prison that I still feared, undoubtedly, at the time of writing this funny duel."

The set is designed by NTS graduate and alumnus of l'łÔcole Nationale d'Art Appliqułęes et des Młętiers d'Art, Perrine Biette, with costumes by Ariane Genet, also a NTS graduate, lighting by Eric Mongerson and his assistant, Audrey-Anne Bouchard, with sound by one of Montrłęal's busiest sound designers, Troy Slocum. Tom Fennario captains the video contributions to this production, (he last worked with Inifnithłęłótre on Gas, projecting horrific scenes of the Iraq war onto the walls of the Bain) with stage management by Sarah-Marie Langlois.

Of special interest to note is that the same set for Jean and Błęatrice will be used for the subsequent Infinithłęłótre offering, Plucked, Hammered and Strung, to run concurrently at the Bain the last two weekends in October. It is the quirky semi-autobiographical cabaret of Seventeen [Anonymous] Women playwright, Carolyn Guillet. Information about that play will be circulated presently in a separate release.

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Daniel Hope delivers the Classics Keynote for the Popkomm Conference

The violinist and author is the keynote speaker for the Classics section of this year's Popkomm Conference

He is an internationally renowned violin virtuoso, a celebrated author and one of the stars of the world of classical music: Daniel Hope. Popkomm has been able to acquire the prominent South African violinist as one of the main speakers on the Classics Panel of this yearĺ─˘s Popkomm Conference.

Hope is recognised as an outstanding interpreter of Berg, Britten and Shostakovich, as well as of Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and Vivaldi.

For many years he was the musical partner of the legendary Yehudi Menuhin. As Daniel Hope explains: ĺ─˙Classical music is an important part of our society, and must remain so. At a meeting such as this we, as classical musicians, must show an understanding and a willingness to communicate in order to ensure a discerning and dynamic platform for the 21st century.ĺ─¨ These efforts are also being supported by Popkomm. ĺ─˙The importance of the classics at Popkomm is underlined by the involvement of the Association of Classical Independents in Germany e.V., known by the acronym CLASS, for the first timeĺ─¨, according to the General Manager of Popkomm, Dr. Ralf Kleinhenz.

Daniel Hopeĺ─˘s active life began in 1974 in Durban, South Africa, although the family emigrated only six months later. His father Christopher, a writer, was an opponent of apartheid. In London the mother of Daniel Hope, Eleanor, became Yehudi Menuhinĺ─˘s secretary and later his manager. Hope had his first violin lessons at the age of four, made his first television appearance at ten, and at eleven he played Bartłäk with Menuhin on German television. This was the first of over 60 concerts given by the two violinists. In 2001 the London Evening Standard named Hope as Classical Performer of the Year, and one year later he became the newest member of the legendary Beaux Arts Trio ĺ─ý the pinnacle of achievement for a chamber musician. In 2004 he was appointed deputy artistic director of the Savannah Music Festival, was named Young Artist of the Year at the Classical Brit Awards in London, and received the Deutsche Schallplattenpreis and the first of a total of three Classics Echos. One year later he played in Dachau to mark the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp, and was also nominated for two Grammys. Since 2006 he has been collaborating with Stewart Copeland, drummer with The Police. In 2007 his first book was published, entitled ĺ─˙Familienstł║cke: Eine Spurensucheĺ─¨ (Family Album: Following the Trail), a complex investigation of the history of his Jewish family, who were expelled from Germany by the Nazis.

Dr. Ralf Kleinhenz, General Manager of Popkomm: ĺ─˙With Daniel Hope an outstanding musician has been acquired as a keynote speaker at Popkomm, but he is also a person who thinks outside the box, who is at home in different areas of music and has also experienced success as a writer.ĺ─¨


As an international platform for the music and entertainment industry Popkomm attracts thousands of trade visitors from all over the world. What makes Popkomm so unique is the integrated concept of this event. Popkomm is the only industry meeting place in the world that combines a trade show with a conference and a festival. Consequently Popkomm is a major attraction not only for its core business of music but also because it brings the representatives of other sectors such as concerts, the movies, mobile entertainment and advertising to the exhibition halls in Berlin. The fifth Popkomm is taking place in Berlin in 2008, from 8 to 10 October. It is organised by Popkomm GmbH, Berlin. This year the partner country at Popkomm is Turkey.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ECM devient ECM+

C'est la rentrłęe culturelle et l'automne nous rłęserve une pluie de nouveautłęs!

Un nouveau nom...
PLUS QU'UN ENSEMBLE, l'Ensemble contemporain de Montrłęal est heureux de vous annoncer qu'il s'appelle dłęsormais l'ECM+ (Ensemble contemporain de Montrłęal+), un lłęger changement qui reflł«te les multiples aspects de notre organisme. ECM+live, ECM+prłęsente, ECM+dłębuts, ECM+film... cette annłęe encore, diverses słęries mettront de l'avant la crłęation musicale d'ici.

... une nouvelle saison...
Sur le thł«me Č┤La crłęation łŢ sons naturelsȬ, l'ECM+ vous dłęvoile sa programmation 2008-2009, 100% crłęative! Sans produits chimiques ni agents de conservation, l'ECM+ a cueilli avec soin chaque ëýuvre musicale pour la santłę de vos oreilles.
Ci-joint notre communiqułę de saison. (Vous pourrez trł«s prochainement consulter notre tout nouveau site Web et tłęlłęcharger le dłępliant de saison pour de plus amples renseignements.)

... et un ralliement festif!
Nous profitons łęgalement de ce message pour vous inviter au lancement collectif du Groupe Le Vivier (voir invitation ci-jointe). L'ECM+ est fier de participer łŢ ce groupe qui a pour but de fonder un lieu dłędiłę aux musiques nouvelles. Le percussionniste Olivier Maranda, jeune soliste qui a brillłę lors de notre concert ECM+dłębuts en dłęcembre dernier, reprendra un extrait de la pił«ce Rebond de Xenakis. Offrez-vous łŢ nouveau le plaisir de l'entendre et venez nous rencontrer pour appuyer le projet du Vivier!

Lancement du groupe Le Vivier
Jeudi 18 sept., 17 h
Sociłętłę des arts technologiques (SAT)
1195, boul. Saint-Laurent


A shower of fresh news for the fall!

A new name...
An ensemble and more, Ensemble contemporain de Montrłęal is pleased to announce its new name: ECM+ (Ensemble contemporain de Montrłęal +), a small modification to reflect the multiple aspects of our company. This year again, our different series ECM+live, ECM+presents, ECM+debut, ECM+film... give center stage to Canadian music creation.

...a new season...
With its "Creating sounds naturally" theme, ECM+ unveils a 100% creative 2008-2009 season! Each musical work was harvested with care by ECM+ for the health of your ears. See our attached season flyer. (Our new website will be up very shortly and you can download our season's brochure for more information).

... and a collective launch!
This is also an invitation to Groupe Le Vivier's collective launch. ECM+ is proud to be part of a group working to establish a venue dedicated to new music. Olivier Maranda, percussionist, who mesmerized the public in last season's ECM+debut concert, will perform an excerpt of Xenakis' Rebond. We hope to see you Thursday for the pleasure of hearing him again and meeting with us to support our Vivier project!

Groupe Le Vivier launch
Thursday September 18, 5PM

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Angela Cheng with the Victoria Symphony

One of Canada's brightest stars, pianist Angela Cheng opens the 2008/2009 Victoria Symphony Legacy Series

Victoria, BC ĺ─ý On September 29, Canada's own Angela Cheng will open the Victoria Symphony's innovative and inspiring Legacy Series. Conducted by Tania Miller, Ms Cheng will perform Brahms' Piano Concerto No. 1. Pieces also on the program are Dvo뢳░k Symphony No.6 and Overture to Russlan and Ludmilla composed by Glinka. There will be only one performance at the Royal Theatre, September 29 at 8:00pm.

Consistently cited for her brilliant technique, tonal beauty and superb musicianship, Angela Cheng is one of Canada's brightest stars. She has appeared as a soloist with virtually every orchestra in Canada as well as many across the United States. Ms Cheng has received rave reviews from major newspapers and media across the country: "ĺ─Âmore important is the musical evidence that [Cheng] is now speaking not with the voice of generic virtuosity and conventional received wisdom, but with her own voice, about individual works in which she is passionately and artistically involved...It was enthralling." The Globe and Mail.

Cheng will be performing Brahms' Piano Concerto no.1, a piece that overflows with vibrancy and colour. The second movement features beautiful passages highlighting the oboes and clarinets and the last movement is brought home with heroic themes and spectacular flourishes.

The Legacy Series presents performances of past and present legacies, honouring musical works that have endured the test of time and also introducing future classics. In 2008/2009 glorious symphonies such as Mendelssohn's Symphony no. 1 and Schubert's Symphony

no. 9 "The Great" will be performed as well as the world premiere of Estacio's Symphony no. 2. Concertmaster Terence Tam makes his solo debut with the orchestra and three extraordinary pianists, Angela Cheng, Anton Kuerti and Katherine Chi will make guest appearances. The finale of the Legacy Series is an impressive performance of Carmina Burana led by Music Director Tania Miller.

Angela Cheng appears regularly on recital series throughout the U.S. and Canada and has collaborated with numerous chamber ensembles including the Takł░cs, Colorado and Vogler quartets. Her many festival appearances include Chautauqua, Colorado, Houston, Vancouver and the Festival International de Lanaudił«re in Quebec. This summer Ms Cheng performed with Pinchas Zuckerman and the National Arts Centre Orchestra and with Kent Nagano and the Montreal Symphony Orchestra.

Ms Cheng was the 1986 Gold Medal winner at the Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Masters Competition as well as the first Canadian to win the prestigious Montreal International Piano Competition in 1988. In the same year, the Canada Council awarded Ms Cheng its coveted Career Development Grant. For her outstanding interpretations of Mozart, she received the Medal of Excellence at the Mozarteum in Salzburg in 1991.

The 2008-2009 season marks Tania Miller's sixth as music director of the Victoria Symphony, an appointment that made her the first woman to hold such a significant position in Canada. Her vibrancy and dynamic approach to music making have inspired many innovations with the Victoria Symphony and a new era of artistic growth for the orchestra.

The Victoria Symphony is Vancouver Island's largest and most active arts organization offering its audiences 68 years of tradition, a commitment to fostering new music and a dedication to community involvement through music education. Showcasing the outstanding talents of its musicians and guest artists the Victoria Symphony's 2008-2009 season offers a diverse and exciting line-up of over 50 concerts led by its vibrant Music Director Tania Miller.

The Victoria Symphony's Legacy 1 concert with Angela Cheng takes place at the Royal Theatre on Monday, September 29 at 8:00pm.

Tickets from $28.50 to $67.50. Student tickets from $16 to $25.50.

Tickets can be purchased by calling 250.385.6515 or 250.386.6121 or online at

Support for this concert provided by Neville and Jill Gibson.

For complete programming details of the 2008-2009 season please visit

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Hold the dates: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Hold the Dates!

The Leanor and Alvin Segal Theatre
and Ernst & Young Present
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
By Tennessee Williams
Directed by Greg Kramer

Mark these dates in your fall calendar
Sunday, October 26- Sunday, November 16, 2008

88.5 CBC Radio One presents the Sunday-@-the-Segal lecture for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof on Sunday, October 26, 11am with acclaimed director Diana Leblanc.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
The Leanor and Alvin Segal Theatre
At The Segal Centre for the Performing Arts at the Saidye
5170 Cote St. Catherine Rd.
Monday to Thursday at 8:00 p.m. Saturday at 8:30 p.m. Sunday at 7:00 p.m.
Matinłęes: Wednesdays, 1:00pm and Sundays, 2:00 pm

Reservations: (514) 739-7944

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French flair launches Sundays at 3 season

French flair launches Sundays at 3 season

A prince among performers is set to tackle the king of instruments when French virtuoso Vincent Dubois performs on the renowned Davis Concert Organ at the Winspear Centre for Music (99 St. & 102 Ave.) Sunday, October 5 at 3 p.m. Dubois' Winspear appearance is the focus of Edmonton's first annual Winona and Stuart Davis Memorial Organ Recital, which also launches the Sundays at 3 Organ Recital Series 2008/2009 season.

Dubois hasn't even reached the age of 30 and already he's been hailed as "one of the world's leading young concert organists" by trade publication The American Organist. He's also won the Recital Gold Medal at the 2002 Calgary International Organ Competition and the Grand Prize at the 2002 International Competition of Toulouse, France, which resulted in a performance itinerary that has since stretched around the globe. He's appeared solo and with such world-renowned ensembles as the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, the Hong-Kong Philharmonic and the Orchestre National de France. Dubois also has an expanding discography that includes interpretations of the work of Franz Liszt on the Vox label as well as two releases recorded in France on the Jav label.

Born in 1980, Dubois started on organ when he was 11 at the Cathedral of St. Brieux, before furthering his studies at the National Conservatory of Angers and the Conservatoire National Supłęriour de Musique de Paris, studying with Olivier Latry, who performed in Edmonton at Windspiration in 2007. Dubois is currently the Assistant Director of the Conservatoire National of Angers, where he previously was an instructor, and has been the titular organist at the Cathedral of Soissons since 2001.

Dubois will perform an all-French program that begins with a transcription by Marcel Duprłę of a Bach cantata orchestral overture. Following some of the most colourful works by Cłęsar Franck, Louise Vierne and Maurice Duruflłę, Dubois will improvise on submitted themes showcasing his virtuosity and creating on the spot a new and dazzling work. His improvisations have enthralled audiences and critics worldwide.

Tickets for the Winona and Stuart Davis Memorial Organ Recital are $20 and available at the Winspear box office or Tix on the Square; Jan, Feb. concerts $15 at Tix on the Square or at the door. Season subscriptions are $45 and available by calling (780) 454-3882 or Tix on the Square at (780) 420-1757 or For more information, contact the Sundays at 3 Organ Concert Series at (780) 429-1655 or visit their website at

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Portland Symphony Orchestra opens Music Director Robert Moody's Inaugural Season


PORTLAND, Maine ĺ─ý Portland Symphony Orchestra (PSO) is celebrating Music Director Robert Moody's dynamic new vision for the PSO at the opening concert of his inaugural season on Tuesday, October 7 at Merrill Auditorium. Moody will open the evening with Dvo뢳░k's exuberant Carnival Overture followed by Liquid Interface by Mason Bates, commissioned and recently premiered by the National Symphony at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. The celebratory program concludes with the always-popular Pictures at an Exhibition, composed by Mussorgsky and arranged by Maurice Ravel.

Limited seating is available for this exciting opening of PSO's 2008-2009 season. The concert, which is sponsored by Fairpoint Communications, begins at 7:30 p.m. with a Concert Conversation at 6:15 and a post-concert After Party.

Other Inaugural Events:

  • PSO @ SPACE: Sunday, October 5
    Robert Moody will host this unique first-time collaboration between the PSO and Portland's SPACE Gallery. In addition to his show with the PSO on Tuesday, Mason Bates, who is also known as DJ Masonic, will perform with the Improvisational String Quartet (Yasmin Craig Vitalius, PSO violinist; Nathan Kolosko, classical guitar; Al Giusto, resonator guitar; and Catherine Stambach, acoustic bass). For details, call (207) 828-5600 or visit
  • PSO Pops: "Tribute to John Williams" ĺ─ý October 11-12
    Moody opens the PSO Pops! series joined by members of the Choral Art Society, USM Chamber Singers, and Saco Bay Children's Choir, along with special guests from the 501st Legion, a worldwide Star Wars fan club. Patrons will hear John Williams' most memorable classics from Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter and more. Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 2:30 p.m. Sponsored by L.L. Bean.
  • Masked Inaugural Ball ĺ─ý Saturday, October 25
    This elegant, black-tie evening to honor Moody's inaugural season will be held at the Portland Country Club. For details and reservations, call (207) 773-6128 or email

All Portland Symphony Orchestra tickets are sold through PortTix at (207) 842-0800 or, and new this year, the website offers real-time online seat selection. Tickets may also be purchased in person at the box office at 20 Myrtle St., Monday through Saturday, noon to 6 p.m. For complete season information, including artist biographies and program notes, visit

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York's Petrowska Quilico premieres Ann Southam cycle

Pianist Christina Petrowska Quilico launches York U Faculty Concert Series

Toronto, September 16, 2008: Christina Petrowska Quilico, renowned pianist and champion of Canadian music, launches the 2008-09 Faculty Concert Series of York Universityĺ─˘s Music Department on October 7 in the Tribute Communities Recital Hall at York. Her concert, titled Pond Life, will feature the Toronto premiere of ĺ─˛Creeks and Riversĺ─˘, a new cycle of 17 solo piano movements written especially for her by noted Canadian composer Ann Southam.

Building on the success of an earlier collaboration titled ĺ─˛Rivers,ĺ─˘ which Petrowska Quilico has performed internationally and released on a three-CD set by Centrediscs in 2005, ĺ─˛Creeks and Riversĺ─˘ marks several decades of musical partnership as well as a longstanding friendship.

ĺ─˙Ann and I met 25 years ago,ĺ─¨ said Petrowska Quilico. ĺ─˙She asked if I would record some of her repertoire, and thatĺ─˘s how it started. We had a good working relationship from the beginning. She is very open and I am flexible, and together weĺ─˘re all about the music.

ĺ─˙Since then, weĺ─˘ve lived parallel lives, with various traumas and a lot of good times too, and weĺ─˘ve become very good friends. The security of our friendship and our mutual trust encourages experimentation in our work together. That freedom is part of the reason I love playing her music.ĺ─¨

ĺ─˙On this project I think we had the most fun coming up with the titles for the pieces,ĺ─¨ Petrowska Quilico said. ĺ─˙Annĺ─˘s music is deeply inspired by nature, and the names in this cycle describe the pieces so well. There are three creeks, ĺ─˛Commotion Creekĺ─˘, ĺ─˛Fidget Creekĺ─˘ and ĺ─˛Fiddle Creekĺ─˘, and there is a ĺ─˛Noisy Riverĺ─˘. I will book-end the recital with ĺ─˛Spatial View of Pond 1ĺ─˘ and ĺ─˛Pond 2ĺ─˘.

Petrowska Quilico describes ĺ─˛Creeks and Riversĺ─˘ as ĺ─˙90 minutes of virtuosic, introspective music.ĺ─¨ She gave the world premiere performance of the work this summer at the Sound Symposium in St. Johnĺ─˘s NL.

ĺ─˙People looked really happy and blissed-out when they left," she said. ĺ─˙Itĺ─˘s that kind of program ĺ─ý itĺ─˘s spiritual.ĺ─¨

Petrowska Quilico has premiered and recorded numerous Southam compositions.

Southamĺ─˘s ĺ─˛Glass Housesĺ─˘ is one of the Petrowska Quilicoĺ─˘s signature pieces, and she has included selections from that suite on three other solo albums: Virtuoso Piano Music of Our Own Time (1992), Northern Sirens (1998) and most recently, Ings, her 20th recording, released this spring by Centrediscs. Reviewers hailed her rendition of Southamĺ─˘s music on Ings as ĺ─˙hypnotically beautifulĺ─¨ (David Olds, Wholenote) and ĺ─˙ĺ─Âgiven loving treatmentĺ─Â. the intelligence informing the performances [is] generous and warmĺ─¨ (J.H. Stape, Review Vancouver).

Prior to her 2005 recording of the entire ĺ─˛Riversĺ─˘ series for Centrediscsĺ─˘ Ann Southam - Canadian Composers Portrait, Petrowska Quilico featured excerpts of the work on her 1996 CD Mystic Streams.

"ĺ─Â when Christina performed it, I loved the sound and what was happening as her hands interacted,ĺ─¨ Southam said of her ĺ─˙Riversĺ─¨ performance. ĺ─˙And I loved the little tunes and motifs that could be heard in the interaction between the hands. It takes a whiz-bang pianist to make those heard. I don't how she does it!"

One of Canadaĺ─˘s foremost pianists, Petrowska Quilico is widely recognized as an innovative and adventurous artist and a leading ambassador of the music of our time. She has appeared in solo recitals, chamber settings and with orchestras on four continents. Much in demand as an interpreter of contemporary music, she has premiered more than 100 works by eminent national and international composers. She has been a professor of piano performance and musicology at York since 1987.

Petrowska Quilicoĺ─˘s Pond Life is the first of five performances in the Faculty Concert Series spotlighting faculty artists in the Department of Music at York University. Upcoming concerts will feature drummer Trichy Sankaran (Oct. 27), jazz bassist Al Henderson (Jan. 13), violinist Jacques Israelievitch (Jan. 27) and pianist Dorothy de Val (Feb. 10).


What: Christina Petrowska Quilico, piano: Pond Life
When: Tues. October 7 at 7:30pm
Where: Tribute Communities Recital Hall, Accolade East Building, York University, 4700 Keele St. [Map]
Admission: single tickets $15, students & seniors $5 | series tickets: three-concert package for $30
Box Office: 416.736.5888 |

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Le Chëýur de la montagne

Le Chëýur de la montagne convie le grand public

łŢ partager une inoubliable expłęrience chorale !

Beloeil, le 17 septembre 2008 - Dans le cadre de la 12e łędition des JOURNłÔES DE LA CULTURE, le Choeur de la montagne invite le grand public łŢ se familiariser avec le chant choral. Venez vivre une passionnante expłęrience chorale : apprivoisez la lecture łŢ vue et participez łŢ l'une des premił«res rłępłętitions du Gloria de Vivaldi qui sera prłęsentłę en concert les 13 et 14 dłęcembre łŢ Beloeil. En aprł«s-midi, trois ateliers musicaux vous sont proposłęs.

Date Samedi, 27 septembre 2008, de 09h00 łŢ 16h30

Lieu Centre de formation artistique du Choeur de la montagne, 620, rue Richelieu, Beloeil (entrłęe arrił«re du Centre culturel)


9h00 łŢ 9h15 Arrivłęe et accueil

9h15 łŢ 9h45 Rłęchauffement et technique vocale

9h45 łŢ 11h45 Lecture des mouvements Č┤chëýursȬ du Gloria de Vivaldi

11h45 łŢ 12h45 DłĂner

13h00 łŢ 13h40 Choix d'ateliers musicaux avec reprise de 13h45 łŢ 14h30 pour permettre łŢ chacun de faire 2 des 3 activitłęs

1) Lecture de Madrigaux, dirigłęe par Robert Ingari

2) Technique vocale, dirigłęe par Julie Dufresne

3) Lecture de notes et de rythmes, dirigłęe par Francine Lacroix

14h30 łŢ 15h00 Pause

15h00 EnchałĂnement des mouvements "choeurs' avec les musiciens prłęsents.

Bienvenue łŢ tous !

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Nathaniel Dett Chorale's 10th anniversary

Founder, Artistic Director Brainerd Blyden-Taylor

The 2008-2009 season gives Canada's acclaimed Nathaniel Dett Chorale more reason than ever to sing! The Chorale presents its 10th anniversary season from a new home in downtown Toronto with more concerts, old friends, two tours, and a new program to cultivate the next generation of Chorale vocalists.

Through a partnership with the Corporation of Massey Hall and Roy Thomson Hall, the Nathaniel Dett Chorale moves to the acoustically dazzling Glenn Gould Studio in the Canadian Broadcasting Centre. The ever-popular concerts will once again be centred around the themes of "An Indigo Christmas" as the holiday offering; "Voices of the Diaspora" will be performed in February, and "And Still We Sing" in May. The February concert will also feature famous Chorale alumni. Throughout the season, the Chorale will give two performances of each program, with concerts on Wednesday and Saturday evenings.

Two major tours also highlight the 2008-2009 season. From the end of September through October, the Nathaniel Dett Chorale tours the United States with stops in Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and Tennessee. In February 2009, the Chorale heads out west for concerts in Alberta, British Columbia, and the Yukon.

This season, the Chorale also launches its first training choir for senior high school students. Working in cooperation with the Toronto District School Board, the Chorale will select talented students of African Heritage from across the Greater Toronto Area to participate in this initiative, which includes vocal coaching, sight singing and ear training instruction, mentoring in choral technique, and immersion in Afrocentric repertoire, history, and philosophy. Participating students will be given the opportunity to interact and perform with the professional singers of The Nathaniel Dett Chorale, and will be encouraged to demonstrate leadership and mentorship in their home schools. This pilot project is made possible through the generous support of The Bennett Family Foundation (Toronto) and the RBC Foundation.

The Nathaniel Dett Chorale is Canada's first professional choral group dedicated to Afrocentric music of all styles, including classical, spiritual, gospel, jazz, folk and blues. These 21 classically-trained, outstanding vocalists have shared the stage with internationally recognized artists such as Juno Award-winning jazz pianist Joe Sealy, opera star Kathleen Battle, and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. The Nathaniel Dett Chorale's vision is to build bridges of understanding, appreciation, and acceptance between communities of people, both Afrocentric and other, through the medium of music. They seek to dissolve the barriers of stereotype, to empower humans in general, and those of African descent in particular.

The Nathaniel Dett Chorale's 2008.09 Concert Season in Toronto
An Indigo Christmas Great Joy!: Wednesday, December 17, and Saturday, December 20, 2008, at 8pm
Voices of the Diaspora Dett to Africa: Wednesday, February 25, and Saturday, February 28, 2009, at 8pm
And Still We Sing All o' We Is One: Wednesday, May 27, and Saturday, May 30, 2009, at 8pm
Glenn Gould Studio, 250 Front Street West, Toronto
Subscribe to all 3 concerts for $99; individual tickets $39.50, students/seniors $35
Tickets available in person at the Roy Thomson Hall box office, 60 Simcoe St.,
by calling 416.872.4255 or online at

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2 Gemeaux pour Toc Toc Toc


Montrłęal, le lundi 15 septembre 2008 ĺ─ý Aprł«s seulement une annłęe de diffusion, Toc Toc Toc a rłęcoltłę deux trophłęes hier au gala des Prix Głęmeaux dans les catłęgories Meilleur site web pour une łęmission ou słęrie jeunesse (Carmen Bourassa et Lucie Veillet) et Meilleur rłąle de soutien : jeunesse pour le comłędien Denis Houle (M. Craquepoutte). Produite par Tłęlłęfiction (Pin-Pon, Cornemuse), Toc Toc Toc, la słęrie prłęfłęrłęe des 3 łŢ 8 ans, łętait en nomination dans quatre autres catłęgories.

Depuis le 8 septembre, les tout-petits peuvent retrouver Youłě, Alia, Kao, Zalałę, Rabou, Musette, Azim, Babiouche, la Grubule et le grognon M. Craquepoutte tous les matins de la semaine łŢ 7h30 łŢ Radio-Canada. Dł«s le 22 septembre, Tłęlłę-Qułębec diffusera aussi les 65 nouvelles aventures, en semaine łŢ 17h30.

Toc Toc Toc est une słęrie tłęlłę qui stimule lĺ─˘imaginaire des enfants. Lĺ─˘action se dłęroule dans un village mystłęrieux nichłę dans une vallłęe entourłęe dĺ─˘immenses rochers. Cĺ─˘est ainsi que la tłüte pleine dĺ─˘idłęes et propulsłęs par leur curiositłę, Youłě, Alia, Kao et Zalałę explorent leur univers, exercent leur imagination, inventent des jeux, des chansons, des aventures qui leur permettent de sĺ─˘amuser tout en apprenant.

Les DVD de Toc Toc Toc volumes 1 et 2, regroupant chacun 5 łępisodes tirłęs de la premił«re saison, sont disponibles en magasin. La peluche de la Grubule est łęgalement offerte łŢ la boutique de Radio-Canada et chez Archambault.

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Mozart Brahms Festival includes Pinchas Zukerman, Itzhak Perlman, Zubin Mehta, and more!

The NAC Orchestra launches its 08-09 season with a Mozart Brahms Festival led by Music Director Pinchas Zukerman, including special guests Itzhak Perlman, Zubin Mehta, Janina Fialkowska, the Tokyo Quartet and more, Sept. 23-Oct 2

Ottawa, Canada ĺ─ý Pinchas Zukerman opens his tenth season as Music Director of the National Arts Centre Orchestra on Tuesday, September 23 with a Mozart Brahms Festival that runs until Thursday, October 2. For ten magnificent days these two classical titans meet face to face in concerts featuring such superstars as violinist Itzhak Perlman, conductor Zubin Mehta, pianist Janina Fialkowska, the Tokyo and Escher String Quartets and Pinchas Zukerman as conductor, violinist and violist. Audiences will hear how each composer illuminates the other through orchestral, vocal, chamber and family concerts including pre- and post-concert talks given by media and musical celebrities. There are five orchestral concerts on September 23, 24 and 27, and October 1 and 2 in Southam Hall at 8 p.m.; four chamber music concerts at the National Gallery of Canada on September 26 and 28 and October 1 and 2 (at various times); and two separate daytime family events on September 27. (A chronological listing of concerts follows.)

The Festival includes pre-concert talks at 7 p.m. prior to each of the five orchestral concerts, in English on Sept. 23, 27 and Oct. 2, and in French on Sept. 24 and Oct. 1. Speakers include CBC Radio personalities Eric Friesen, Alan Neal and Jill LaForty, and music critics Richard Todd, Jean-Jacques Van Vlasselaer and Franł▀ois Tousignant. In addition, on Sept. 27 principal bassoon Christopher Millard will record a podcast with Pinchas Zukerman and his daughter Arianna Zukerman in front of a live audience for the Orchestraĺ─˘s renowned NACOcast series.

The musical content of the Festival includes all four Brahms symphonies, with Nos. 1, 3 and 4 conducted by Pinchas Zukerman and No. 2 conducted by Zubin Mehta in his NAC Orchestra debut. Mehta will also lead Pinchas Zukerman in the Brahms Violin Concerto; violinist Itzhak Perlman will join violist Zukerman for Mozartĺ─˘s Duo for Violin and Viola in G major and Sinfonia Concertante; pianist Janina Fialkowska will perform Mozartĺ─˘s Piano Concerto No. 24; and Pinchas Zukerman will conduct Mozartĺ─˘s Requiem with his daughter soprano Arianna Zukerman, mezzo-soprano Heather Johnson, tenor Wesley Rogers and bass John Fanning, with the Cantata Singers of Ottawa, the Ottawa Choral Society and the Ottawa Festival Chorus under chorus master Duain Wolfe. The concerts on Sept. 23 and 24 are also the opening concerts of the Mark Motors Audi Signature Series, and the concerts on Oct. 1 and 2 are the opening concerts of the Ovation Series.

CBC Radio 2 (103.3) is the official broadcast partner of the Festival. All four Brahms Symphonies plus the Violin Concerto are being recorded by CBC Radio 2 for broadcast on Tempo hosted by Julie Nesrallah and Sunday Afternoon in Concert hosted by Bill Richardson.

The world-famous Tokyo String Quartet will perform two different programmes combining Mozart, Brahms, Haydn and Webern on September 26 at 8 p.m. and on September 28 at 2 p.m. (the latter doubling as the opening chamber music concert of the Music for a Sunday Afternoon series). The rising star Escher Quartet, made up of four of Pinchas Zukermanĺ─˘s students from the NAC Summer Music Institute and the Manhattan School of Music, will perform Mozart, Brahms and Beethoven in two different programmes in the Rideau Chapel of the National Gallery at 12 noon on October 1 and 2.

There are two family events on Saturday, September 27. The Shoestring Opera will present a show for children aged 5 to 8 based on Mozartĺ─˘s Magic Flute in the Panorama Room at 11 a.m. At 3 p.m. there will be an interactive workshop exploring the NACĺ─˘s Flentrop Organ for ages 8 to 15 given by organist Thomas Annand and Ian MacKay of the Royal Canadian College of Organists.



Tuesday, September 23 at 8 p.m.

Mark Motors Audi Signature Series and Mozart Brahms Festival

Pinchas Zukerman, conductor, viola

Itzhak Perlman, violin

MOZART Duo for violin and viola in G major

MOZART Sinfonia concertante

BRAHMS Symphony No. 1

Pre-Concert Chat at 19:00 (in English)

ĺ─˙The Mozart/Brahms Connectionĺ─¨

with CBC Radio Network Host Eric Friesen


Wednesday, September 24 at 8 p.m.

Mark Motors Audi Signature Series and Mozart Brahms Festival

Pinchas Zukerman, conductor, viola

Itzhak Perlman, violin

MOZART Duo for violin and viola in G major

MOZART Sinfonia concertante

BRAHMS Symphony No. 4

Pre-Concert Chat at 19:00 (in French)

ĺ─˙Aimez-vous Brahms? Et Mozart?ĺ─¨

with music critic Jean Jacques Van Vlasselaer


Friday, September 26 at 8 p.m.

Mozart Brahms Festival

National Gallery of Canada Auditorium

Tokyo String Quartet

HAYDN String Quartet No. 60 in G major, Op. 76, No. 1

MOZART String Quartet No. 22 in B-flat major, ĺ─˙Prussian 2ĺ─¨

BRAHMS String Quartet No. 1 in C minor


Saturday, September 27 at 11:00 (in English)

Mozart Brahms Festival

Panorama Room: mats for children and chairs for grown-ups (for ages 5-8)

Based on Mozartĺ─˘s famous opera, Shoestring Opera presents the story of Allegra, lost in a dark forest on her way home from school. Enter Papageno, a feathered birdcatcher pursued by a Dragon ĺ─ý and the fun, adventure and glorious singing begin! Featuring two singer-actors, a cellist, a pianist and Mozartĺ─˘s beautiful music this is an ideal childĺ─˘s introduction to the joy of opera.


Saturday, September 27 at 3 p.m.

Mozart Brahms Festival

For ages 8-15

Southam Hall backstage

Thomas Annand, organ

Ian MacKay, Royal Canadian College of Organists

Ever wonder why the organ is called ĺ─˙the king of instrumentsĺ─¨? Find out in this exciting interactive workshop especially for families held backstage in Southam Hall. Hear the music of Mozart and Brahms as your children explore the massive Flentrop organ, a thank-you gift to the NAC from the Dutch community in Canada.


Saturday, September 27 at 8 p.m.

Mozart Brahms Festival

Pinchas Zukerman, conductor