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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Winners of the 70th edition of the OSM Standard Life Competition

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The OSM reveals the identities of the winners of the 70th edition
of the OSM Standard Life Competition
(piano and percussion)

Montreal, November 21, 2009 – The winner of the OSM Standard Life Grand Prize is Jan Lisiecki, pianist from Alberta, born in 1995. The 70th edition of the OSM Standard Life Competition wound up after four days of auditions (semi-finals and finals) in Tanna Schulich Recital Hall at McGill University’s Schulich School of Music. Twenty-one (21) competitors took part in the semi-finals of the Competition, this year devoted to piano and percussion.

The jury chairman and judge (semifinals, finals - piano and percussion)  was Henry Fogel. Mr Fogel is  Dean of the Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University as of July 2009, President and CEO of the American Symphony Orchestra League from 2003 to 2008, and President and CEO of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra from 1985 to 2003. "The 70th OSM Standard Life Competition was an extraordinary and thrilling event to be part of. The musical quality was exceedingly high, the world class jury was a model of what a competition jury should be, and the Orchestre symphonique de Montreal's  staff and volunteers did a fabulous job in organizing it. It has been a privilege for me to be a part of it" said Henry Fogel.
The jury for the semi-finals in the piano category was made up of Michel Béroff, concert pianist and Professor at the Paris Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse, and Robert McDonald, Professor at The Juilliard School of Music in New York. In the percussion category, it was made up of Louis Charbonneau, Principal Timpani with the OSM from 1950 to 1998, and Emmanuel Séjourné, percussionist and Head of Percussion Department of the Strasbourg Conservatoire.

For the finals, the following judges joined the semi finals’ jury: Earl Blackburn, Senior Vice-President and Agent with Opus 3 Artists, and Walter Homburger, Artist Manager since 1947 and General Director of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra from 1962 to 1987.

The jury for the preliminary round, in the piano category, consisted of Lise Boucher, pianist and Head of the competition Prix d'Europe, Stéphane Lemelin, concert pianist, Professor and Chair of the School of Music at Ottawa University, and member of Trio Hochelaga, and Natalie Pepin, pianist and Professor Emeritus at Université de Montréal. In the percussion category, it was made up of Ian Bernard, Principal Timpani at the National Arts Centre Orchestra in Ottawa, Serge Desgagnés, Principal Percussion with the OSM, and Carol Lemieux, percussionist and Director of the Conservatoire de musique de Québec.



The winner of the OSM Standard Life Grand Prize is Jan Lisiecki, pianist from Alberta born in 1995. This prize is awarded to one of the first-prize winners (piano and percussion) who made the strongest impression during the Competition.

In addition to receiving a $10,000 scholarship offered by Standard Life, the winner will perform in aconcert with the OSM, under the direction of Roberto Minczuk, on January 12, 2010 in Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier at Place des Arts, as part of the OSM 2009-2010 Season. The Grand Prize OSM  Standard Life also include:

  • The Espace musique Prize: a professional recording in one of the CBC studios

  • A recital at the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, as part of the 2010-2011 NACC season

  • A concert with the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra in St. John’s, Newfoundland, as part of the 2010-2011 NSO season

  • The Orford Arts Centre Prize: a recital at the Orford Arts Centre presented in 2010

The first prizes

  • A $10,000 Standard Life Scholarship, awarded in each of the three categories

Piano category (class A): the winner is Tristan Longval-Gagné, Québec, (21 years old)
Piano category (class B): the winner is Jan Lisiecki, Alberta (14 years old)
Percussion category: the winner is Benjamin Duinker, Nouvelle-Écosse, (26 years old)

The second prizes

  • A $5,000 scholarship, offered by Marjorie and Gerald Bronfman, piano category, class A.
The winner isAlexander Malikov, Alberta, (20 years old)

  • The $5,000 Rosemary-Bell and Gabrielle-Côté scholarship, offered by the OSM Volunteer Committee, piano category, class B
The winner isMeagan MilatzSaskatchewan (16 years old)

  • The $5,000 V. E. Lambert scholarship, offered by the Succession Lambert-Fortier-Gagnon, percussion category
The winner is: Clara Warnaar, Québec, (18 years old)

The third prizes

  • The $2,000 V.E. Lambert scholarship, offered by the Succession Lambert-Fortier-Gagnon, piano category, class A
The winner isOlivier Hébert-Bouchard, Québec, (21 years old)

  • The $2,000 Aline-Hector-Perrier scholarship, offered by the Fonds Les Amis de l'Art, piano category, class B
The winner isSimon Boily ProulxQuébec, (16 years old)

  • A $2,000 scholarship, offered by an anonymous contributor, percussion category
The winner isNoam Bierstone, Ontario, (19 years old)

Prizes for the best performance of a Canadian work

  • A $2,000 scholarship, offered by the Groupe Archambault, piano category, class A
The winner is: Tristan Longval-GagnéQuébec (21 years old)
Marc-André Hamelin, Etude no 2, "Prélude et fugue"

  • A $2,000 scholarship, offered by the OSM Musicians Association, piano category, class B
The winner isJan Lisiecki, Alberta (14 years old)
Marjan Mozetich, Prélude, extrait de Three Pieces for Piano

  • A $2,000 scholarship, offered by the OSM Volunteer Committee, percussion category
The winner isBenjamin DuinkerNouvelle-Écosse (26 years old)
Alcides Lanza, Diastemas

The other prizes

  • The Paul Merkelo scholarship: open to all participants and awarded by a jury chaired by Paul Merkelo, principal trumpet of the OSM, the $2,000 scholarship aims at encouraging musical excellence and providing relevant financial assistance to a candidate's proposed training program
The winner isCharles Richard-Hamelin, (piano), Québec, (26 years old)

  • The Banff Centre Prize: three scholarships covering tuition and accommodation for a three-week session in the Music and Sound Department at the Banff Centre for the Arts, in 2010

·         Piano category (class A): the winner is Charles Richard-Hamelin, Québec, (26 years old)
·         Piano catégorie (class B): the winner is Jan Lisiecki, Alberta, (14 years old)
·         Percussion catagory : the winner is Clara Warnaar, Québec, (18 years old)

  • The Domaine Forget Prize: one scholarship covering tuition and accommodation for a two-week music session within the framework of the Rencontres de musique nouvelle en Charlevoix, at the Domaine Forget in 2010

The winner isNoam Bierstone, (percussion)Ontario, (19 years old)

  • The Orford Arts Centre Prize: three scholarships covering tuition and accommodation for a two-week music session at the Orford Arts Centre, in 2010

·         Piano category (class A): the winner is Tristan Longval-Gagné, Québec, (21 years old)
·         Piano category (class B): the winner is Simon Boily Proulx, Québec, (16 years old)
·         Piano category (class B): the winner is Meagan Milatz, Saskatchewan, (16 years old)

  • The Toronto Summer Music Festival Prize: two scholarships covering tuition for a music session lasting up to four weeks at the Toronto Summer Music Academy, in 2010

·         Piano category (class A): the winner is Alexander Malikov, Alberta, (20 years old)
·         Piano category (class B): the winner is Benjamin Woo, Colombie-Britannique (18 years old)

The Orchestre symphonique de Montréal congratulates all the winners and thanks the partners who made it possible to stage this competition. Sponsored for 18 years by the Standard Life Assurance Company of Canada, the OSM Standard Life Competition, this year under the presidency of Mr. Jean Élie, is a Canada-wide competition offering $100,000 in prizes and scholarships.

About Standard Life
Standard Life is an important Scottish asset-management group that carries out its activities around the world, including in Canada for more than 175 years. Today it specializes in investment products for retirement and in insurance for individuals and for companies. With 2,000 employees based in Montreal and across Canada, the Canadian operation is Standard Life’s largest outside the U.K.
For more information:

The Orchestre symphonique de Montréal is presented by Hydro-Québec


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Friday, October 30, 2009

BENT By Martin Sherman

Directed by Carolyn Fe
Thursday, November 5 - Sunday, November 15, 2009

Max: "We'll miss the Olympics next month in Berlin."
Horst: "I knew there was a reason I didn't want to be here in Dachau."

Montreal, October 2009 - BENT is a story of acceptance, tolerance and love in the wrong place and time. Altera Vitae is honoured to present their fourth production, playing at Espace 4001 (formerly Geordie Space) from November 5 to 15. Directed by Carolyn Fe, the talented cast includes Vance De Waele, Yves Jacquier, Adam Leblanc, Christopher Moore, Serge Turcotte and Mark Waters in this poignant piece. Altera Vitae produces quality works of theatre that engage and service the community. One of the company's raisons d'êtres is helping those who need to be heard. With each new production, they partner with a valuable organization whose mandate is similar to themes in the play. For Bent, Altera Vitae supports GRIS-Montreal. Says Carolyn Fe, Altera Vitae's artistic director, "I am proud to have found GRIS-Montreal for this production. Their important work takes them into the schools and demystifies homosexuality to local youth by educating students with a non-lecturing, judgment-free approach." This year marks GRIS-Montreal's 15th year servicing the community.

Bent highlights Paragraph 175, a largely ignored German law making homosexuality a criminal offense, which Hitler reactivated and reinforced during his rise to power. Gays were arrested and interned at work camps prior to the genocide of the Jews, Gypsies and handicapped, and continued to be imprisoned even after the fall of the Third Reich and liberation of the camps. To director Carolyn Fe, herself a visible minority, it is important to show the 'minorities' that were sharing the horrors of the concentration camps. Each coloured patch- pink, red, green, black, brown, purple, blue and of course, yellow, had a meaning and a 'pride line'. The pink triangle was the lowest. Fe hopes the play reminds people how to find strength and dignity at their lowest moments, "For me, this play goes beyond the pink triangle; it goes all the way to accepting and believing in oneself regardless of how difficult the environment or the times may be." The company is so pleased at the number of school groups who will be seeing the production.

Christopher Moore plays Max, a character both filled with hope and in denial. For Moore, the play is summed up beautifully and painfully in the last lines when Max says to Horst, "I love you. What's wrong with that?" He says the role has brought to his attention what it takes to survive certain atrocities that many people outside (and some inside) North America face every day, "I hope the audience is able to appreciate the idea of this union of love in a time when it was illegal and especially in the camp, unthought-of and not dared." He would like people to go home answering, "There is nothing wrong with that". For Vance De Waele, in the role of Horst, additionally, "The themes in the play go beyond sexual orientation or identity." Bent also contains an unforgettable love scene.

The integral designs are by creative team Scott Drysdale, lights and Dan Legault, sound. The stage manager is Anne-Marie Pierre. The play's theme song is David Bowie's Heroes: "Though nothing will drive them away; We can beat them, just for one day; We can be Heroes, just for one day."

Taken from the Latin expression, Spes Altera Vitae, meaning 'another hope of life', Altera Vitae Productions proposes a peek at another life through theatrical presentations. This, if only for a brief moment in time, whether it be as a member of the audience, on stage or behind the scenes. In keeping with Altera Vitae providing a peak at 'another life', Bent is an excellent example. In its short time on the local theatre landscape, Altera Vitae has managed to capture the attention of the public and the media, garnering an Honorable Mention for the Revelation Award at the 2008 Montreal English Critics' Circle Award (MECCA) ceremony.

"I worked a deal. I'm good at that."- Max

Altera Vitae Productions
Playing at Espace 4001
4001 Berri (near Duluth)

Tuesday to Sunday, 8:00 pm
Matinees: Saturday and Sunday, 2:00 pm
20$ regular, 18$ students/seniors
Two-for-one: Sat. Nov. 7 and Sun. Nov. 8 at 2pm, to help spread word of mouth

Reservations: 514-823-8823 or purchase online:

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Monday, October 19, 2009

L'Orchestre Symphonique des Musiciens du Monde présente L'Est rejoint l'ouest - le monde s'unit par la musique

Joseph Milo, Chef d'orchestre Lundi 19 octobre au Centre Pierre Péladeau

MONTREAL, Le Octobre 2009 – L'orchestre symphonique des musiciens du monde (OSMM) sous la direction de Joseph Milo, a le plaisir d'annoncer un concert de music folklorique et classique mettant en vedette plusieurs troupes d'artistes invitées provenant de cinq régions différentes du monde. En effet, durant la première partie du spectacle, des musiciens de Chine, de l'Inde, du Moyen Orient, du Pérou et d'Afrique vous enchanteront avec leur vaste répertoire de pièces. Ensuite, ils se joindront à l'orchestre symphonique des musiciens du monde pour vous entraîner encore plus loin.

L'OSMM a connu beaucoup de succès en trois ans d'existence, en effet, depuis qu'ils sont ensemble ils ont mis sur pied plus de 20 concerts. Le programme du concert international en question inclus: The Butterfly Lovers, des extraits du concerto pour violon interprète par la soliste Venus Fu qui est imbue de culture folklorique chinoise ancienne, Ragleela, un groupe qui interprète des pièces reflétant la spiritualité des Indes, Okto Echo, un groupe dédié a l'évolution de la music du moyen orient vers un style moderne, Armonia Andina qui se spécialise en mélodies émouvantes des Andes, un mélangé de mélangé de musique Péruvienne, Argentine et Bolivienne ainsi que Samajam, une troupe de percussion africaine soulevante qui viendra finir la soirée avec des rythmes entrainants !

Après l'entracte, tous ces musiciens invites se joindrons ensuite a l'OSMM pour présenter la pièce Dvorak une symphonie du Nouveau monde, soutitree The Global Sound. Dans le contexte de cette œuvre, ils interprèterons des solos dans un in dialogue fascinant avec les musiciens de l'orchestre. L'inspiration de composer la Symphonie du Nouveau monde vient de ce que Dvorak a vu en Amérique surtout les gens différents de ceux en Europe. Le concert se terminera par une grande finale ou tous seront intègres artistiquement accompagnes de la musique inspirante 'paix sur la terre'. Cette expérience de concert spécial ne doit pas être manquée.

L'OSMM a été créée pour répondre à un besoin particulier de la communauté musicale de Montréal. Le chef d'orchestre, Joseph Milo, a réalisé que plusieurs musiciens ayant beaucoup de talent et provenant de partout au monde, qui après leur immigration au Canada, n'avaient aucunes opportunités d'exprimer leur talent. Il a donc, pris l'initiative de former un orchestre multiculturel qui permettrait à ces derniers de déployer leur talent et de s'intégrer dans la communauté musicale de Montréal. Pour Milo, l'OSMM dépasse la somme de ses membres. « En ce qui concerne le concert l'est rejoint l'ouest, ceci est encoure plus vrai, « Nous à l'OSMM, représentons un pont reliant la musique du monde entier et les fervents de musique à travers le monde.»

Cet orchestre est extrêmement important pour tous les membres et ce concert en particulier, personnifie la mission de l'orchestre. Faire parti de l'OSMM est vital pour Venus Fu, notre maître de concert. « L'orchestre apporte un nouvel espoir à tous ces musiciens immigrants. Ils peuvent à nouveau contribuer leur talent à la promotion des arts et de la culture. » Pour Paul Serralheiro, l'OSMM a élargie son monde musical, « L'orchestre représente un tremplin qui m'a permis de sortir et de faire parti d'un monde actif de la musique ». Pour plusieurs comme Anna Levitina, être membre de l'OSMM a un impact plus grand que celui de jouer en groupe, « L'orchestre m'a donné la chance de rencontrer des gens magnifiques, m'a servi de stimulus pour améliorer ma performance et a enrichi ma vie en général. »

L'OSMM qui comprend plus de 50 musiciens provenant de partout au monde est le premier orchestre de ce genre au Canada. Il a été reconnu avec enthousiasme par la Ville de Montréal. Le rêve de tous ses membres est de faire une tournée à travers tous leurs pays d'origine donc la Korê, la Chine, la Russie, l'Arménie, la Romanie, l'Allemagne, l'Iran, la Nouvelle Zélande, le Venezuela, l'Estonie, la Grèce, les ÉU, la Moldovie, le Kazakhstan, l'Égypte, la Hongrie, la Scandinavie, l'Israël, l'Albanie, le Portugal and la Belarusse et d'autres.

« Au départ, certains musiciens ne voulaient même être assis ensemble dans la même, cependant la musique et le besoin de collègues et d'amis ont très vite rendu le groupe solidaire et ont fait dissiper les egos. »

-Lucy Ravinsky, Directrice Exécutive OSMM

Pour de plus amples renseignements prière de visiter le site suivant:

Salle Pierre Mercure au the Centre Pierre Péladeau
300 boulevard de Maisonneuve Est
Billets: 35$, 25$ pour les étudiants et pour les aînés. Prix de groupe disponibles.
Billets en vente au Bureaux de l'Orchestre: 514 484-7428 ou à la Salle Pierre Mercure 514 987-6919 ainsi aux bureaux d'admission, 514-790-1245,
(des frais de service sont applicables donc économisez en achetant vos billets directement au guichet ou en les réservant au bureau de l'orchestre)

Joseph Milo, Fondateur et Chef d'orchestre
Joseph Milo est chef d'orchestre, compositeur et pianiste diplômé de l'Académie de Musique d'Israël. Il a étudié avec plusieurs grands maîtres aux ÉU et en Italie. Il est aussi diplômé avec distinction de l'université McGill dans les disciples de chef d'orchestre sous la tutelle d'Alexander Brott. Il a vécu à New York où, il a dirigé plusieurs ensembles orchestraux, des chorales et les troupes de théâtre musical et a aussi enseigné dans plusieurs écoles de musique. Depuis qu'il habite Montréal, il a dirigé l'Orchestre symphonique junior de Montréal sous le patronage de Sir Wilfrid Pelletier, l'Orchestre de chambre de Hampstead et plusieurs chorales. De plus, pendant plusieurs années, il a été le directeur musical du Centre des Arts Saidye Bronfman. Mr Milo a fondé l'Orchestre symphonique des musiciens du monde en 2006 afin d'offrir aux immigrants qui sont musiciens professionnels une avenue pour déployer leur talent à Montréal.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

L'Automne à l'Outremont

MONTRÉAL, LE 9 OCTOBRE 2009 - D'ici à la fin octobre l'arrondissement d'Outremont offre à son jeune public l'occasion de découvrir deux compagnies théâtrales dont la renommée n'est plus à faire. Dans le cadre des dimanches jeune famille Youtheatre présentera Simon et l'œuf et le Théâtre de l'Avant-Pays, la pièce de l'auteure Marie-Christine Lê-Huu, Le voyage. Par ailleurs, le 22 octobre, l'Orchestre Métropolitain présentera le concert À la russe. À cette occasion, l'OM sera dirigé par le chef britannique Leo Hussain.

Différents forfaits sont disponibles pour profiter de la programmation de l'arrondissement d'Outremont. Tous les billets sont disponibles à la billetterie du Théâtre Outremont (1248, avenue Bernard Ouest); informez-vous en téléphonant au (514) 495-9944. Cependant les achats téléphoniques se font exclusivement via Ticketpro au (514) 908-9090.


Le mardi 27 octobre, à 19 h 30
CIBLER (danse)

Le dimanche 1er novembre, à 16 h
LA MIGRATION DES OISEAUX INVISIBLES (théâtre, Dimanche jeune famille)

Le mardi 3 novembre, à 19 h 30

Le dimanche 8 novembre, à 16 h

Le mardi 10 novembre, à 19 h 30

Le dimanche 20 décembre, à 16 h
Simon et l'Oeuf
Le dimanche 18 octobre, à 16 h

L'Homme reçoit, de la part d'un certain Simon, un colis contenant un œuf géant brillant de lumière qui le transporte sur une île fragile et mystérieuse nommée Penumbra. L'île semble d'abord paradisiaque, mais l'Homme constate rapidement les effets néfastes de changements climatiques et de catastrophes environnementales ! Ne sachant toujours pas pourquoi il se retrouve sur cette île, l'Homme s'aperçoit que Penumbra ressemble étrangement à sa planète, la Terre. Il découvre alors l'importance de ne pas abandonner l'espoir d'un monde meilleur.

© Alexis Chartrand
Le voyage
Le dimanche 25 octobre, à 16 h

Un enfant et sa mère marchent à travers les montagnes, au Japon, pour atteindre un village. Ils sont dans la neige, au milieu de nulle part. Leur survie dépend de ce trajet épuisant pour l'enfant. Sa mère, pour lui donner du courage, lui racontera trois histoires. Des histoires d'amour, de courage et de patience, qui l'aideront non seulement à marcher dans le froid et le noir, mais aussi à apprivoiser la nouvelle vie qui les attend tous deux. Cette nouvelle vie dont l'enfant ne voulait pas vraiment…

Le Théâtre de l'Avant-Pays a débuté ses activités en 1976. Tout au long de son histoire et à travers 31 productions différentes, la compagnie a présenté à son public enfance-jeunesse et adulte la diversité du langage « marionnettique ». À travers ses 32 saisons, la compagnie aura donné 3 291 représentations au Québec, en Ontario, au Nouveau-Brunswick, en France, en Belgique, en Allemagne et aux États-Unis rejoignant plus de 712 000 spectateurs. Plusieurs de ses spectacles ont marqué la pratique de la marionnette au Québec. Soucieux de populariser le médium de la marionnette, la compagnie a participé à plusieurs festivals et organisé de nombreuses expositions.

Orchestre Métropolitain : À la russe
Le jeudi 22 octobre, à 19 h 30
Conférence pré-concert à 18 h 30

Trois des plus grands compositeurs russes de l'époque romantique sont ici réunis pour notre bonheur. Composée immédiatement après le Capriccio espagnol et Shéhérazade, l'ouverture de concert La Grande Pâque Russe restitue de manière saisissante la majesté et la couleur si particulière des offices religieux de l'église orthodoxe.

Avec Casse-Noisette, l'irrésistible Concerto pour violon de Tchaïkovski compte parmi les œuvres les plus joyeuses du compositeur. C'est aussi l'un des concertos les plus virtuoses et les plus populaires du répertoire violonistique tout entier. Il sera interprété par le violoniste belge d'origine hongroise Yossif Ivanov.

Par ses sources d'inspiration, la Symphonie no 2 de Borodine, dite « épique » est voisine de son opéra Le Prince Igor. Comme ce dernier, elle s'inspire de l'histoire de la Russie médiévale avec, tour à tour, des épisodes enflammés, des échos de danses russes et des mélodies nostalgiques d'une grande beauté.

Le jeune chef d'orchestre britannique Leo Hussain, qui a collaboré avec Yannick Nézet-Séguin à Salzbourg à l'été 2008, sera sur le podium.


Tournée en Chine de l'Orchestre I Musici de Montréal

English follows

Montréal, le 9 octobre 2009 — L'Orchestre de chambre I Musici de Montréal (IMM) finalise ses derniers préparatifs pour sa prochaine tournée en Chine. Du 14 au 25 octobre, l'Orchestre dirigé par maestro Yuli Turovsky visitera sept villes de la République populaire de Chine : Dongguan, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Changzhou, Wuhan, Zhengzhou et Beijing. Le répertoire inclura notamment Souvenir de Florence, l'ultime œuvre de musique de chambre de Tchaïkovski qui a fait d'ailleurs l'objet d'un enregistrement récent par I Musici, sous étiquette Analekta.

Quatrième tournée en Chine pour IMM
La dernière visite dans l'Empire du Milieu de l'orchestre montréalais remonte à 1997. La première escale de 2009 se fera au Dongguan Yulan Grand Theatre puis au Shenzhen Poly Theatre. L'un des temps forts de la tournée sera une prestation au prestigieux Concert Hall du Shanghai Oriental Art Center. Dotée d'une acoustique remarquable, cette salle de concert a vu se produire plusieurs instrumentistes de renom tels que Yoyo Ma et Isaac Stern ainsi que plusieurs orchestres de la cité, dont le Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. Par la suite, la tournée se poursuivra au Changzhou Grand Theater puis au Wuhan Quintai Grand Theatre. Le 22 octobre, un concert sera présenté au splendide Henan Art Center de Zhengzhou — un complexe architectural moderne et hautement sophistiqué, réalisé par l'architecte canadien Carlos Ott. Finalement, la tournée d'I Musici de Montréal se terminera dans la capitale chinoise au Beijing Forbidden City Concert Hall, situé à proximité de Tian'anmen dans l'enceinte de la Cité interdite.

Le programme de la tournée présentera des pages incontournables au répertoire de l'Orchestre. Divertimento K 136 de Mozart, le huitième quatuor à cordes de Chostakovitch et trois pièces majeures de Tchaïkovski : Sérénades pour cordes, Andante Cantabile et Souvenir de Florence. Cette dernière œuvre, qui baigne dans une contagieuse joie de vivre, est considérée comme l'une de ses compositions les plus lumineuses. L'album Souvenir de Florence mis en valeur dans une splendide transcription orchestrale de Yuli Turovsky est disponible chez les disquaires depuis le 22 septembre dernier. Enregistré à l'église Saint-Matthieu de Beloeil, ce nouvel opus, le 52e enregistrement d'I Musici de Montréal, est sous étiquette Analekta (AN 2 9954).

La tournée en Chine de l'Orchestre de chambre I Musici de Montréal est rendue possible grâce au soutien financier du Conseil des Arts du Canada, du Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec. I Musici de Montréal tient également à remercier chaleureusement Power Corporation Canada, commanditaire majeur pour cette tournée.

Pour être au fait des dernières nouvelles de l'Orchestre, visitez notre site Internet :


Montreal, October 9, 2009 — I Musici de Montréal is thrilled to be returning for the fourth time to China for a seven-city concert tour between October 14-25, 2009! Maestro Yuli Turovsky and the fifteen string players will perform at prestigious concert halls in Shanghai, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Zhengchou, Changzhou, Wuhan and end the tour in splendour, playing at the Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing.

The orchestra will have the privilege of performing in state-of-the-art concert halls such as the Dongguan Yulan Grand Theatre, the Shenzhen Poly Theatre, the Shanghai Oriental Art Centre and the Henan Art Centre in Zhengzhou; a sophisticated building created by the Canadian architect Carlos Ott.

I Musici de Montréal will perform a wonderful programme of works by Mozart, Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich. The highlights will include Shostakovich's "Chamber Symphony in C minor", Opus 110a and Tchaikovsky's "Souvenir de Florence", Opus 70, and his famous "Serenade for Strings". The latter work can be enjoyed, accompanied by Tchaikovsky's delightful "First String Quartet in D major" Opus 11, on I Musici's most recent recording on the Analekta label. Both works are splendid string orchestral transcriptions created by Maestro Turovsky.

The tour has been made possible thanks to the support of the Canada Arts Council, the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec as well as the generosity of Power Corporation of Canada, the principal sponsor of the tour.

To learn all the latest news on the orchestra, visit our web site at

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Art & Fine Living with Jona Partners with The Montreal Bach Festival 2009

Proudly promoting music and arts for over a decade!
Program airs:
Sundays at 4pm; Tuesdays at 11pm

Jona Rapoport's radio show, Art & Fine Living with Jona on CJRS 1650 in Montreal, is proud to announce media partnership with the third edition of the Montreal Bach Festival. The festival, inspired by the venerable tradition of the Bach festivals in Europe, runs from November 24th to December 5th , bringing together many of the most prestigious classical music artists on the international stage with the best of the classical music scene in Montreal.

Art & Fine Living with Jona is the brainchild of Montreal radio host and producer, Jona Rapoport, who has contributed to Radio Shalom for over a decade. It is a veritable showcase of some of the world's renowned and emerging talents in music, theatre, cinema, dance, literature, visual and performing art. The show has been lauded as a unique platform which supports the arts through insightful interviews, cultural news, coverage of upscale lifestyle trends and presentation of new releases in classical music and jazz. The show is also a proud media partner of L'Opera de Montreal and the Centaur Theatre Company. Jona Rapoport is also an artist manager and publicist who represents acclaimed American composer Lori Laitman.

Art & Fine Living with Jona has been endorsed by some of Canada's leading cultural institutions and presenters, among them Celebritas, The Centaur Theatre Company, The Montreal Symphony Orchestra, The Opera de Montreal, I Musici and many others.

For more information on the festival's events visit

Visit Art & Fine Living with Jona at
Visit Jona Rapoport's official website at

Guests who appeared on Art & Fine Living with Jona include, among many others, the prolific piano virtuoso Lang Lang, Orford Artistic Director Davis Joachim, Festival Lanaudiere Artistic Director Alex Benjamin, Jazz vocalist Susie Arioli, Montreal International Jazz Festival Programming Director, Caroline Johnson, Violinist Alexandre da Costa, Playwright Vittorio Rossi, Singer Sean Lennon, Soprano Marie-Josee Lord, Violinist Gil Shaham, Actor/Director Maurice Podbrey, Pianist Elena Bashkirova, Soprano Natalie Dessay, Film director Mike Newell, Cellist/Conductor Yuli Turovsky, Poet David Mason,Soprano Measha Brueggergosman, Ritz Chef Paul Little, Actress Caroline Cave, Saxophonist Walter Blanding, Choreographer Peter Quanz, Director Bryna Wasserman, Conductor Yoav Talmi, Saxophonist Bill Prouten, Opera Atelier director, Chantal Lambert, Conductor Jacques Lacombe, Grand Ballets Alain Dancyger, Composer Lori Laitman, Violinist Jonathan Crow, Conductor Yannick Nezet-Seguin, Playwright Daniel Lillford, Comedy duo Bowser & Blue, Bassist Alain Caron, Bass Denis Sedov, Soprano Suzie Leblanc, Recital series director Richard Turp, Dancer Callie Robinson, Choreographer Stijn Celis, Director Peter Hinton, Violinist James Ehnes, Choreographer Shen Wei, Tenor Richard Margison, Photographer Varda Pollak-Sahm, Choreographer Ohad Naharin, Composer Ofer Ben-Amots, Director Roy Surette, Pianist Simon Tedeschi, Tenor Marc Hervieux, Composer Ofer Ben-Amots, Film Producer George Weiss, Cellist Denise Djokic, Dancer/Choreographer Margie Gillis, Conductor Bernard Labadie, Jazz Vocalist Sophie Milman, Artist Boaz Kaizman Tenor Ben Heppner and dozens of other fine artists!

Jona's website:

Jona Rapoport
Executive Producer/Host

Art & Fine Living with Jona is a veritable showcase of some of the world's renowned and emerging talents in music, theatre, cinema, dance, literature, visual and performing arts. The show has been lauded as a unique platform which supports the arts through insightful interviews, cultural news, coverage of upscale lifestyle trends and presentation of new releases in classical music and jazz.

Jona Rapoport
Executive Producer & Host
Art & Fine Living with Jona
 CJRS 1650 AM
 Tel: 514: 488-0246

Media Partner of:

The Centaur Theatre Company 
L'Opera de Montreal
The Montreal Bach Festival 2009

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Hold the Dates! Altera Vitae Productions Presents Bent

By Martin Sherman
Directed by Carolyn Fe

Mark these dates in your fall calendar

Thursday, Nov. 5 – Sunday, Nov. 15, 2009
Bent is a story of acceptance, tolerance and love in the wrong place and time.

With: Vance De Waele, Yves Jacquier, Adam LeBlanc, Christopher Moore, Serge Turcotte and Mark Waters

Altera Vitae – helping those who need to be heard
Each Altera Vitae production is partnered with a community organisation whose mandate is similar to the theme of the play. For this production, Altera Vitae is proud to support GRIS, an organisation that provides a judgment free environment for teens coming out of the closet.

Altera Vitae Productions
At Espace 4001 (formerly Geordie Space)
4001 Berri (corner of Duluth)

Tuesday to Sunday, 8:00 pm
Matinees: Saturday and Sunday, 2:00 pm
Two-for-one: November 7 and 8 matinees
Tickets: 514-823-8823 or purchase online at
Join them on Facebook under Altera Vitae Productions

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Inherit the Wind & Pulitzer Prize Winner at Segal Centre

The Segal Centre for Performing Arts
Ernst & Young
By Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee
Directed by Greg Kramer
October 18 to November 8, 2009

MONTREAL October 5, 2009 – The Segal Centre is proud to launch its new theatre season with Lawrence and Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-nominated play, Inherit the Wind.

This thrilling courtroom drama was inspired by the famous ‘Scopes Monkey Trial’ of 1925 in Dayton, Tennessee where schoolteacher John Scopes was accused of violating a state law against teaching the theory of human evolution.

“Lawrence and Lee wrote Inherit the Wind during the 1950s when Senator McCarthy was on the scene in the United States,” said Bryna Wasserman, Artistic and Executive Director of the Segal Centre. “The play is a metaphor for the importance of intellectual freedom and the dangers of restricting free speech

“Our production will make a lasting impression on theatergoers”, adds Wasserman. “Director Greg Kramer’s brilliant choice of actors adds a unique dimension and depth to the play and Elli Bunton’s imaginative set strives to bring the audience into the action of the play”.

Costumes are by Susana Vera and lighting is by Robert Thomson. John Gilbert is the musical director.

The play stars Sean McCann (defence lawyer Henry Drummond) and David Francis (prosecutor Matthew Harrison Brady). McCann is one of Canada's most esteemed character actors and has been presented with or nominated for almost every major Canadian award in film, TV and theatre. Francis works equally in English and French in film, television, radio and theatre and has won Critics Choice Awards for both Sleuth and Passion Play at the Segal Centre.

In keeping with the Segal Centre’s objective to enhance the theatregoing experience, we are pleased to announce that Pulitzer Prize recipient Edward Larson will lecture at Sunday @ the Segal on October 18, 2009 at 11am.

Professor Larson won the Pulitzer Prize for history for his book, Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Trial and America’s Continuing Debate Over Science and Religion.

Larson is a professor at the Pepperdine University School of Law. He has addressed Inherit the Wind audiences in the United States, including Tony Randall’s National Actors Theatre production on Broadway, and on the Showtime television version of the play with George C. Scott and Jack Lemmon. More recently, Larson’s work was featured in the playbill for the 2007 Broadway revival of Inherit the Wind with Christopher Plummer and Brian Dennehy. Dennehy used Larson’s book to prepare for his character.

Several scholars, scientists and theologians will attend Professor Larson’s lecture at the Segal Centre, including renowned ethicist Margaret Somerville. Somerville is the Founding Director of the Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law at McGill University.

This year marks the bicentenary of the birth of Charles Darwin and the 150th anniversary of his work, On the Origin of Species. The debate between Darwin’s theory of evolution and creationism is as relevant today as it was in 1925.


Tyrone Benskin - Reverend Jeremiah Brown
Tyrone has appeared on some of Canada’s most distinguished stages and in over 100 film and television projects. His most recent roles include: Joseph Boulogne in Le Code Noir (Black Theatre Workshop), an Alaskan in An Enemy of the People (Segal Centre), and Bob in the Hallmark production of The Christmas Choir. As the Artistic Director of Black Theatre Workshop and the National Vice-President of ACTRA, life is full!

Tamara Brown – Rachel Brown
When Tamara first walked through the doors of the Segal Centre it was to teach theatre classes at the Youth Institute. Four years later, she is thrilled to debut on the Segal stage and to work with this incredible team. Tamara’s acting credits include: Blacks Don't Bowl and Harlem Duet (Black Theatre Workshop); and Lion in the Streets (Tableau D’Hôte Theatre).

Bill Corday – Elijah

Bill came to Montreal 40 years ago from Philadelphia, where he was a prominent director of dramas, musicals and operas. His work with the Rittenhouse Opera Society led to a position at The Academy of Vocal Arts teaching acting for opera. In Montreal he produced and directed at the Czarda Dinner Theater. As a screen actor he appeared in many films, including Nuremburg and Varian’s War.

Bill Croft – Judge
Originally from Vancouver, Bill appeared on the hit television series’ McGyver, DaVinci’s Inquest, X Files, Stargate and Andromeda. Movie credits include Legends of the Fall, Stakeout, Needful Things, It and Shoot to Kill. Bill spent six months in China filming Charge out of the Amazon, which won China’s best picture in 2002. Bill recently performed in the Segal’s production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Graham Cuthbertson – Tom Davenport
Graham is a graduate of Concordia University's Theatre department and a founding member of the SideMart Theatrical Grocery. SideMart's winter production of Haunted Hillbilly will run in the Segal Centre Studio this December and feature Juno-nominated musician Matthew Barber and an all-star Montreal ensemble. Haunted Hillbilly's workshop production won Graham the Best New Script award from Montreal Critics.

David Francis - Matthew Harrison Brady
An intrepid traveler, David’s career has taken him throughout England and Europe, India and the South Atlantic, the U.S and Canada – most recently to Stratford for eight seasons. But nothing beats going to work on the metro. Home again, he’s just finished Quartet (Hudson) and Truth and Treason (Teesri Duniya). David has a special affection for the Segal since appearing here in Sleuth and Passion Play.

Holly Gauthier Frankel – Mrs. Blair
Holly is thrilled to be at the Segal once again, last seen in their production, Houdini. A professional voice actor and singer for over 20 years, Holly can be heard in various cartoons, films and commercials. She also performs burlesque all over the world, teaches workshops, and is planning a cross-Canada tour with a one-woman burlesque extravaganza! Love and thanks to all!

Karl Graboshas - Bertram Cates
A native Montrealer, Karl is thrilled to be back at the Segal (where he last performed in Death and Taxes) sharing the stage with this fine group of actors. A graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada (’02) and Dawson’s Professional Theatre Program (’99), Karl’s recent credits include roles in the series Durham County and the feature Beastly. Karl thanks his friends and family for their invaluable support.

Marcel Jeannin - E. K. Hornbeck
Segal credits: The Odd Couple, An Enemy of the People, The Diary of Anne Frank and Tuesdays with Morrie. Marcel has performed in various theatres across Canada, notably the National Arts Centre, the Great Canadian Theatre Company, the Stratford Festival, Theatre Columbus, the Globe Theatre in Regina, and the Centaur Theatre, where he will be seen next year in The Comedy of Errors.

Elan Kunin – Jesse Dunlop
Elan began his career at the Segal Centre with The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz in the breakout role of Duddy. He followed that with leading roles in Old Wicked Songs, On Second Ave, The Great Houdini, Pirates of Penzance, and several others. He is currently the Composer in Residence at the Segal where he is writing the upcoming production of The Jazz Singer and a new English musical.

Daniel Lillford – Mr. Meeker
Daniel has been an actor and playwright for 27 years, working in Australia and Canada.
He was last seen at the Segal in An Enemy of the People. Over 30 productions of his plays have been produced (garnering several awards) in Australia, Canada, the United States and Scotland. Daniel and his wife Rachel, who left Australia in 1997, live in Nova Scotia with their three sons.

Sean McCann - Henry Drummond
Sean is one of Canada's most esteemed character actors. He has been presented with or nominated for almost every major Canadian award in his long career in film, TV and theatre. His notable film and TV credits include: the Academy Award winning Chicago, Simon Birch, Tommy Boy, Naked Launch, Guilty as Sin, and the mini series The King Chronicle where he played the title role of MacKenzie King.

Leni Parker – Mrs. Brady
Leni has worked with numerous companies for the past 23 years. Her recent credits include Down From Heaven, Age of Arousal, The Baroness and The Pig, (MECCA for Best Production 2008), Life is a Dream, Isadora: Fabulist, Chapter Two, Assorted Candies (MECCA for Best Actress), Bye Bye Baby,Tout comme elle. Her TV and film credits include Earth: Final Conflict, Adam’s Wall, Afterwards, and Orphan.

Glenn Roy – Storekeeper/Sillers
Glenn is very pleased to be appearing in his first production at the Segal Centre. Selected Montreal area productions: Brigit’s Reel (Theatre Panache); The Eddy Cantor Story (Cameo Productions); Ethan Claymore, Melville Boys (Hudson Village Theatre West); Look Back In Anger, Juno and the Paycock, Oliver! (Centaur); Man of La Mancha, The Megantic Outlaw, Groucho, Loot, Mrs. Warren’s Profession (Theatre Lac Brome).

Set Designer ELLI BUNTON
Costume Designer SUSANA VERA
Lighting Designer ROBERT THOMSON
Stage Manager TODD BRICKER
Assistant Stage Manager JEN JONES
Assistant Director CAITLIN MURPHY
Musical Director JOHN GILBERT

88.5 CBC Radio One proudly presents Sunday-@-the-Segal

Sunday, October 18, 2009 - 11am. Admission is free.

Lecturer: Pulitzer Prize recipient Edward Larson. Professor Larson won the Pulitzer Prize for history for his book Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Trial and America’s Continuing Debate Over Science and Religion.

Monday Night Talkbacks 

As usual following the play, some of the actors and/or designers will remain on stage to take questions from the audience. Monday Night Talkbacks provides an intimate opportunity for audiences to engage up close and personal with the personalities bringing first class professional English language theatre to Montreal.
Building audiences for the future

Everyone knows the importance of creating and fostering new theatre audiences. To this end, the Segal Centre is offering substantial savings for those under 30, providing an opportunity for full-time college and university students and young professionals to experience high quality theatre at an affordable price.


October 18 to November 8, 2009

October 18 - 1:30 pm

October 19-21 - 8:00 pm

October 18 - 11:00 am
Monday - Thursday, 8:00 pm

Saturday 8:30 pm

Sunday 7:00 pm

Wednesdays 1:00 pm

Sundays 2:00 pm

Box Office: 
(514) 739-7944

(514) 790-1245

Segal Centre for Performing Arts

5170 Côte Ste. Catherine Rd.

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BTW Presents Ranee Lee in Swan Song of Maria by Carol Cece Anderson Beginning Nov. 3

Ranee Lee returns to the theatrical stage in a moving production about one woman’s struggle against Alzheimer’s

Black Theatre Workshop Presents

Swan Song of Maria
(A Tragic Fairy Tale)

By Carol Cece Anderson - Directed by Tyrone Benskin

Starring Ranee Lee and Joel Miller
With Classical Ballet Performances Throughout the Production

November 3 – 22 - MAI – 3680 Jeanne Mance

This year we are in a more intimate space so tickets will sell out quickly
Call today: 514-932-1104 ext 226 or email:

In Collaboration with Alzheimer Groupe Inc.

“You’ll look into my eyes. And you won’t see me anymore. You won’t see me anymore, because I’ll be gone. I’ll have surrendered. That’s when the time will come, Joe...That’s when you’ll know.” – Jillian from Swan Song of Maria

Montreal, October 7 – If nothing changes, over one million Canadians will have Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia within 25 years, with no hope of surviving. Black Theatre Workshop presents the magical world premier of its Mainstage production Swan Song of Maria (a tragic fairy tale) by Carol Cece Anderson. Starring two of Canada’s finest performers, Ranee Lee and Joel Miller, accompanied by a classical ballerina and live pianist, Swan Song of Maria studies this mysterious decease, and tells the poetic story of a couple’s past, present and uncertain future. Spanning over fifty years and across two continents, this incredible production is directed by Tyrone Benskin and presented at the MAI from November 3 – 22, 2009.

“Before it all went to hell, it was just…confusion. Just a dark space. Just a huge yawning space that swallows you for an instant. Takes you back in time. And tricks you into thinking you’re still here. ‘Til you come out of it. And you don’t know where you’ve been. And you don’t have any idea how long you’ve been away.” – Jillian from Swan Song of Maria

Recently work shopped and commissioned by the National Arts Centre in Toronto, this award winning production brings together language, music and dance flavoured with a Latin twist to tell the tale of Jillian. As she struggles with Alzheimer’s and the theft of her past, Jillian is haunted by her husband Joe’s ever present muse: a beautiful ballerina named Maria. Jillian fights against being drawn into a world where time and all that she was starts to disappear, all the while wondering where she belongs in her husband’s life. Spanning the years before and during their lives together Swan Song of Maria is a story of two hearts struggling to rediscover love before it is lost forever.

Black Theatre Workshop’s productions are reaching new levels this year as we come closer to our 40th anniversary, and today we stand as the only African Canadian Theatre Company in the world. Whether for BTW’s Mainstage productions, school tours for Black History Month, Youthworks performance troupes, or for community arts development projects, all contributions are dedicated to encouraging and promoting the development of a Black and Canadian Theatre. To purchase tickets call our box office at 514-932-1104 ext. 226. For more information on Black Theatre Workshop go to our website

Please Join us on Twitter and Facebook for special deals and promotions throughout the run

Join us on Facebook!

Join us on Twitter!

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One night only! Musicians of the World Symphony Orchestra presents East Meets West- The World Unites in Music

Joseph Milo, conductor
Monday, October 19 at Centre Pierre Péladeau

To see an uplifting video about the Orchestra: Musicians of the World Symphony Orchestra

MONTREAL, October 2009 – The Musicians of the World Symphony Orchestra (MWSO), under the conductorship of Joseph Milo,

is pleased to announce a unique folk and classical music concert featuring invited guest artist ensembles from five different parts of the world. Musicians from China, India, the Middle East, Peru and Africa will engage you with their wide spectrum of pieces in the first half of the evening. They will then join the Musicians of the World Symphony Orchestra and continue to wow you even further. The MWSO's nickname is The People's Orchestra- people from around the world for the people of Montreal

The MWSO has been unbelievably prolific in the over three years they have been together, having performed 20 concerts. This u

pcoming international program includes: The Butterfly Lovers, segments of a violin concerto performed by soloist, Venus Fu, rich with ancient Chinese folklore; Ragleela, an ensemble playing selections in the spirit of India; Okto Echo, a group dedicated to the advancement of Middle Eastern traditional music in a modern style; Armonia Andina, haunting melodies of the Andes in a mix of Peruvian, Argentinian

and Bolivian music, and Samajam, an exciting African percussion band to enhance the evening with lively rhythms!

The guest musicians will then join the MWSO after the intermission for the presentation of Dvorak's New World Symphony, subtitled The Global Sound. Here, they will be performing solos in a fascinating dialogue with the orchestral musicians. Dvorak was inspired to write the New World Symphony by the various peoples he saw in America, so different from what he was used to in Europe. The concert will culminate in a grand finale with everyone playing together, all artistically integrated, and inspiring a 'world at peace, through music'. This special concert experience is not to be missed.

The Musicians of the World Symphony Orc

hestra was created to fulfill a very special

need in the Montréal musical community. Conductor Joseph Milo realized that there were a large number of talented musicians from all over the world who, after immigrating to Canada, could not find orchestral playing opportunities despite their talent. Consequently, he took the initiative to form a multicultural orchestra

that would offer a platform on which to he

lp these musicians showcase their talents while integrating into the Montréal musical community. For Milo, the Musicians of the World Symphony Orchestra exceeds the sum of its parts. And for this East Meets West concert in particular, that is truer than ever, "We at the MWSO are the bridge connecting music of the world for the benefit of music lovers the world over."

This orchestra is extremely meaningful for the member musicians and this concert in particular personifies the orchestra's mission. Being part of the MWSO is vital to Venus Fu, concertmaster, "The Orchestra provided new hope to all these immigrant musicians; they can once again contribute their talent to the promotion of art and culture." For Paul Serralheiro, the MWSO has expanded his musical world, "The orche

stra has been a means for me to get out and be part of a larger experience of music making." For many, such as Anna Levitina, being part of the Musicians of the World Symphony Orchestra has meaning beyond just playing together, "The orchestra gave me an opportunity to meet many wonderful people, to find a stimulus for enhancing my performance and to enrich my life in general."

Made up of over 50 musicians from all over the world, the MWSO is the first of its kind in Canada, and has been received with great enthusiasm by the City of Montréal. Their dream is to eventually tour to every country that makes up the orchestra, including Korea, China, Russia, Armenia, Romania, Germany, Iran, New Zealand, Venezuela, Estonia, Greece, USA, Moldovia, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Hungary, Scandinavia, Israel, Albania, Portugal and Bellarusse, among others.

"At first there were musicians who would r

ather not sit together in the same room, but the music, the need for colleagues and friends made the group cohesive almost from the beginning, and egos quickly evaporated."-Lucy Ravinsky, Executive Director, MWSO

For further information please visit:

Musicians of the World Symphony Orchestra- One Night only!
East Meets West- The world unites in music
Monday, October 19, 2009 at 8:00 pm
Salle Pierre Mercure at the Centre Pierre Péladeau
 300 blvd. de Maisonneuve Est
Tickets: $35, $25 for students and seniors. Group rates available.
Tickets can be purchased from the Orchestra office: 514 484-7428 or Salle Pierre Mercure, 514 987-6919 as well as from Admission, 514-790-1245,
(Service charges applicable- save money by purchasing tickets directly at the box office or reserving through the Orchestra office)

About Joseph Milo, conductor and Orchestra founder
Joseph Milo, conductor, composer and pianist, is a graduate of the Israeli Academy of Music, and has studied with various masters in the US and Italy. He is also a graduate of McGill University, graduating with distinction in conducting, under the tutelage of Alexander Brott. While living in New York, Mr. Milo directed various orchestral ensembles, choirs and musical theatre, and taught in a number of music schools. In Montreal, he directed the Montreal Junior Symphony Orchestra under the patronage of Sir Wilfrid Pelletier, the Hampstead Chamber Orchestra, many choirs and was the music director of the Saidye Bronfman Center for the Arts for many years. Mr. Milo founded the Musicians of The World Symphony Orchestra in 2006 to offer a platform for immigrant professional musicians in Montreal.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Lancement du tout premier disque solo
de la percussionniste Catherine Meunier

Mercredi 7 octobre, 17 h

Conservatoire de musique de Montréal

4750, rue Henri-Julien, Métro Mont-Royal

Information : 514.252.8221

MontréalCatherine Meunier, percussionniste québécoise bien connue, lancera son tout premier disque solo, Night Chill, sur étiquette Centrediscs, dans le cadre de la série Évolutions 2009 le mercredi 7 octobre, à 17 h.

Pour souligner le lancement, Catherine Meunier donnera une prestation d’une vingtaine de minutes.

Catherine Meunier

Native de Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada, Catherine Meunier débute son apprentissage des percussions dès l'âge de 12 ans. Elle est la première percussionniste lauréate du prestigieux Prix d'Europe, où elle reçoit également le Prix du Centre de Musique Canadienne pour la meilleure interprétation d'une œuvre canadienne.
En tant que soliste et chambriste, Catherine Meunier s'est produite au Canada, aux États-Unis, au Mexique, à Taiwan et au Japon. Elle a été invitée comme concertiste avec l'Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Mexico, l'Orchestre Symphonique de Longueuil et l'Ensemble Prestissimo. En duo avec Marie-Hélène Breault à la flûte, Catherine Meunier a participé à la saison 2004-2005 des Jeunesses musicales du Canada, donnant plus de 40 concerts au Québec, en Ontario et dans les provinces Maritimes. Le duo a également été finaliste au prix Opus 2006-2007 dans la catégorie Concert de l'année - Régions. Active dans le milieu de la création musicale contemporaine, Catherine Meunier a fait la première de plusieurs pièces pour marimba ou percussion de compositeurs tels qu'Andrew MacDonald, Michel Frigon, Alejandra Odgers, Nicolas Gilbert, Christien Ledroit, Katia Makdissi-Warren et Emily Hall. En Novembre 2006, aux cotés de Shawn Mativetsky et Marie-Hélène Breault, elle a été invitée à jouer au Percussive Arts Society International Convention à Austin, Texas. Elle a donné plusieurs classes de maître au Canada en plus d'être membre du jury au Concours de musique du Canada. Elle est membre fondatrice de l'Ensemble Mont-Royal et du duo de violon et marimba The Wooden Project. On a aussi pu l'entendre sur les ondes de la Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio-Canada et Opus 94 (Mexique).
Catherine Meunier a terminé son Doctorat en interprétation musicale à l'Université de Montréal. Elle a également obtenu un Graduate Performance Diploma au Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University, une Maîtrise en interprétation musicale à l'Université McGill et un Baccalauréat en interprétation musicale à l'Université de Sherbrooke. Elle a étudié avec plusieurs professeurs, dont Robert van Sice, Mario Boivin, Serge Desgagnés, D'Arcy Gray, Andrei Malashenko et Pierre Béluse.
Catherine Meunier est une artiste commanditée par la compagnie Pearl/Adams.

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Young Toronto Conductor gets Montréal Symphony Appointment



Toronto, July 3, 2009 – Nathan Brock, 30, has been named assistant conductor of l’Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal. He will take up residence in Montreal this month and assist Maestro Kent Nagano during the symphony’s busy summer at the Lanaudière and Knowlton festivals.

The orchestra members and Maestro Nagano chose Brock, who is currently based in Zürich, Switzerland, from a field of more than 40 internationally based candidates. He will work closely with Maestro Nagano and guest conductors during the symphony’s 2009-10 and 2010-11 seasons in Montreal. In addition, he will conduct family, education, outreach, and symphonic concert programs.

His first OSM concert, also his Canadian debut, will be with soprano Marie-Josée Lord at Montreal’s Notre Dame Cathedral, December 15 and 16, 2009.

Brock is currently an instructor and assistant to Professor J. Schlaefli, leader of the orchestral conducting program at the Hochschule der Künste in Zürich, Switzerland.

About his return to Canada and the new position, he commented, “The OSM is highly regarded in Europe, largely because of its Decca recordings, which it made under former conductor Charles Dutoit. I look forward to playing a role as the orchestra continues to blaze new trails under Maestro Nagano.”

Born in Toronto in 1978, Nathan Brock began his varied musical training at an early age, first as a drummer/percussionist, continuing on piano, and treble and bass viola da gamba, and finally cello. Holding an Honours BA in History and a performance certificate in Music from the University of Toronto, where he studied cello with Shauna Rolston, he began conducting in 2002 and moved to Switzerland the following year to complete his studies in orchestral conducting at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste. Through this program, he conducted many concerts across Europe. He has also conducted concerts in the U.S. and Mexico.

With the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Nathan Brock conducted in master classes around the world with such great conductor/pedagogues as Jorma Panula, Bernard Haitink, Gennady Rozhdestvensky and Michael Tilson Thomas. He received his first formal training at the Pierre Monteux School, and has twice been invited as a fellow by David Zinman to the American Academy of Conducting at the Aspen Music Festival.

From 2003 to 2008, he served as founding artistic director and conductor of the Northern Lights Music Festival in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Brock won the 2007 Bern Chamber Orchestra’s young conductors’ competition and was one of six finalists in a field of more than 150 at Spain’s eighth Cadaqués International Conducting Competition in May 2006.

Quebec native Stéphane LaForest has also been named assistant conductor of the OSM, and begins in September.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Dancing Monkey Theatre presents I AM I

A dark, comedic, Rock n' Roll alternative
to Montreal's festival frenzy
written by Mike Czuba
directed by Larry Lamont
starring Patricia Mckenzie, Tristan D. Lalla and George Bekiaris
Players' Theatre
3480 McTavish, 3rd Floor
July 8 - 24

"I AM I" Reveals…Us!

Dancing Monkey Theatre offers a wild and quirky alternative to the endless stream of festivals parading through Montreal this summer with I AM I, the latest from Montreal playwright and screenwriter, Mike Czuba, author of The Elusive, (Mirror's Best Play of 2007-08). Audiences can escape the madding crowds of frenzied festival fans to see this dark and multi-layered comedy at the Players' Theatre, located at 3480 McTavish on the McGilll University Campus in the heart of downtown from July 8 - 24. Directed by Larry Lamont and starring Patricia Mckenzie, George Bekiaris and Tristan D. Lalla, the new work features the added attraction of live music by electro-acoustic sound designer, Tai Timbers. Mylène Choquette designs with assistance from Phillip Kadowaki and Allie Smith stage manages as well as assists in the direction.

Man 1 and Man 2 are locked in a life long struggle between wants and needs, the desired and the rational, never fully understanding that one without the other means nothing. This battle of ideals comes to a head with the introduction of Sonya, the latest object of interest and the metaphor for all that came before. Not only does she represent the women, but their dreams and identities as well.

Using deceptively simple language, Czuba explores the quagmire where our inner voices run rampant, exposing every fear, base instinct and childish need with sharp and ruthless wit He explains, "Right now, today, how do we connect with each other, and more importantly, with ourselves? We create a persona for each of the roles we play in our daily routine; labels that we inadvertently get caught up in and that confuse us."

MAN 2: I don't care what anyone says, a man has to be strong, in command, emotional but reserved, an anchor.

MAN 1: A man has to be sensitive, caring, nurturing, considerate…

Czuba continues, "We know we are more than our masks and want to connect with our deeper selves and in turn, have more meaningful connections with those around us, yet we don't seem to be able to do that. We can't reconcile the contradictory pieces of ourselves that don't fit in. We struggle with those grey areas of our psyches, are ashamed of them and try to bury those bits, not realizing that we're hiding that which makes us unique and also unites us, the very qualities that would enable us to connect."

MAN 1: …We like to make these grand statements, proclamations.

We do it without even knowing it, every time we describe ourselves.

I'm happy, I'm confident, I'm neurotic, I'm shy… It's false, because these

things are based on arbitrary controls, it's false but if we say it enough times,

we start to buy it. But truth, the good stuff, the things that you wish someone else

could see, are only visible in the quiet. When we're no longer trying, thinking, singing and dancing,

then we're seen. If I was gone, I'd be revealed, …

Czuba playfully refers to his work as "sneaky", the everyday dialogue disclosing subtle layers of deeper truths and insights, slowly drawing the audience in, peeling away the separation between them and the actors until they merge, becoming "truly connected". As the characters externalize all the thoughts and impulses that monopolize the space between our ears; the twisted, irrational, perverse, even moronic things that everyone is thinking in any given millisecond and that God forbid, anyone should actually hear, the audience bonds with each other and the actors in their common experience.

MAN 2: …no more sensitive bullshit. I want to fuck and touch and taste and consume and experience!

And I'm sick and tired of you [MAN 1] getting in my way!

"There isn't a person in the audience who won't relate on at least one level. The play is totally accessible. We demolish the fourth wall as it becomes obvious that I, as an audience member, am the actor and the actor is me. The play reveals us to ourselves! Who's not up for that?"

I AM I - July 8 to 24

Opening Night:

Wednesday, July 8 20:00

Dates & Times:

July 8 - 11 20:00

July 15 - 18 20:00

July 22 - 24 20:00


Adult: $20.

Seniors/Students: $15


Players' Theatre

3480 McTavish, 3rd Floor

Box Office:

(514) 369 - 6954

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