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Friday, February 13, 2009

Canadian powerhouse quartet joins the ESO for one night only - May 4

The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra presents vocal sensations and powerhouse quartet The Canadian Tenors

One Night Only!

Monday, May 4, 2009 ĺ─ý 7:30 pm

Edmonton, AB ĺ─Â The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (ESO) is thrilled to present one of Canadaĺ─˘s national treasures, The Canadian Tenors, live on-stage, for one night only! Having captivated audiences from coast to coast, and around the world, now is your opportunity to experience the incredibly powerful vocals, undeniable charm and dazzling blend of crowd-pleasing repertoire that will take your breath away. It will be a concert event unlike any other, featuring an eclectic mix of classical and contemporary pop ballads and operatic arias, performed in English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Tickets are on sale now! Ticket prices range from $20 - $65 (agency fees apply) and are available by calling the Winspear Centre Box Office at (780) 428-1414.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Lafayette Quartet Performs at Bartok Symposium


"Bartłäk's String Quartets: Tradition and Legacy"
University of Victoria
September 19 & 20, 2008

Attention string quartet enthusiasts: In these two upcoming concerts, the Lafayette String Quartet is performing two distinctly different programs showing how the music of Bartłäk was so strongly influenced by the music of Beethoven and how, in turn, Bartłäk's music influenced the next generation of the great Hungarian composers GyłĆrgy Kurtł░g and Zoltł░n Jeney. This will be one of the rare opportunities to hear the diversity of these giants back to back.

These concerts are taking place in conjunction with the international symposium "Bartłäk's String Quartets: Tradition and Legacy." All symposium events are free and open to the public.

The Lafayette String Quartet has performed the Beethoven Cycle to critical acclaim across Canada. Their "thought-provoking interpretations" and "technically perfect ensemble" are not to be missed. "Splendidĺ─Â powerful and riveting in every way." (New York Times)

Open Rehearsal ĺ─ý Lafayette String Quartet with Judit Frigyesi (Bar Ilan University)
Phillip T. Young Recital Hall
Friday September 19, 1:30-2:30 pm (free event)

Concert #1:
Lafayette String Quartet
Phillip T. Young Recital Hall
Works by Beethoven, Jeney, Bartłäk and Kurtł░g
Friday September 19, 8:00 pm

Concert #2:
Lafayette String Quartet
University Centre Farquhar Auditorium
Works by Beethoven, Jeney, and Bartłäk
Saturday, September 20, 8:00 pm

Concert Tickets:
$23 & $19 for each concert
Box Office: 250.721.8480, 9:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Olivier Messiaen



C'est encore les doigts agitłęs de chants d'oiseaux que Louise Bessette se prłępare pour un autre concert soulignant l'importance d'Olivier Messiaen sur la scł«ne musicale. Le 8 juin, łŢ 15h, dans le site historique du Sharon Temple, łŢ Sharon, Ontario, elle interprłętera le Quatuor pour la fin du temps en compagnie de Simon Aldrich (clarinette), Yegor Dyachkov (violoncelle) et Olivier Thouin (violon).

Oeuvre marquante dans l'łęvolution expłęrimentale du compositeur, le Quatuor pour la fin du temps a łętłę łęcrit alors qu'Olivier Messiaen słęjournait au Stalag VIII A pendant la deuxił«me guerre mondiale, en Silłęsie. La formation instrumentale correspond aux instruments disponibles dans le camp de prisonniers. Malgrłę des contraintes physiques et łęmotionnelles extrłümes, Messiaen compose, sans les instruments sous la main, une musique dans un langage essentiellement immatłęriel, spirituel et catholique qui le mł«nera indubitablement vers les recherches musicales plus poussłęes des annłęes łŢ venir. Crłęłęe au camp, trois jours avant sa libłęration, avec Messiaen lui-młüme au piano, cette Č˙uvre reste un hommage musical poignant łŢ la vie et łŢ l'humanitłę. Au młüme programme, le Trio opus 11 en Sib Majeur pour piano, clarinette et violoncelle de Beethoven, une oeuvre de chambre trop peu joułęe, dłędiłęe łŢ la comtesse Maria Wilhelmine von Thun, protectrice du compositeur łŢ Vienne. łÔgalement, le public entendra en crłęation mondiale Le temps des impossibles du compositeur qułębłęcois Nicolas Gilbert, quatuor łęcrit pour les quatre musiciens en hommage łŢ Olivier Messiaen, grłóce łŢ une subvention du Conseil des Arts du Canada.

Musicienne chevronnłęe et pianiste de haute voltige, Louise Bessette est une artiste constamment recherchłęe et estimłęe. Elle a une vingtaine d'enregistrements łŢ son actif. Premier Prix au Concours International de Musique Contemporaine de Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Premier Prix au Concours International Gaudeamus, Prix Opus Č┤soliste de l'annłęeȬ, 1996-1997, pour son rłęcital consacrłę aux Vingt Regards sur l'Enfant-Jłęsus d'Olivier Messiaen, membre de l'Ordre du Canada, Officier de l'Ordre national du Qułębec, Louise Bessette cumule les distinctions honorifiques, soulignant l'importance de son apport musical. Depuis 1996, elle est titulaire d'une classe de piano au Conservatoire de Musique de Montrłęal.



Her fingers still hot with Messiaen's "birdcalls" from her last performance, Louise Bessette is getting ready to attack another masterpiece by the French composer. On June 8, at 3PM, on the historical landmark of Sharon Temple, in Sharon, Ontario, she will perform the Quartet for the end of time with Simon Aldrich (clarinet), Yegor Dyachkov (cello) and Olivier Thouin (violin).

Significant composition for the experimental evolution of the composer, Quartet for the end of time was written when Olivier Messiaen was a prisonner of the Second World War, in Stalag VIII A, in Silesia. The chamber formation corresponded to the available intruments in the camp. Through extreme physical and emotional pressure, and without the instruments at hand, Messiaen composed a work glowing with ethereal, spiritual and catholic musical qualities, which would paved the way for his foray into musical research of future years. Created at the camp, three days prior to his release, with him at the keyboard, this masterpiece remains one of the most poignant homage and celebration of life and humanity. Completing this program is Beethoven's Trio opus 11 in Bb Major for piano, clarinet and cello, a delightful chamber work not performed often enough and dedicated to the Countess Maria Wilhelmine von Thun, a patron of the composer in Vienna. Finally, the public will hear Le temps des impossibles, a world premiere by quebecer composer Nicolas Gilbert, a quartet specially written for the four musicians, thanks to a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts, and a musical tribute to Olivier Messiaen.

A versatile musician with an acrobatic mastery of the keyboard, Louise Bessette is appreciated throughout the world. She performs frequently with renowned formations and is seen regularly in festivals throughout Europe and America. She won the First Prize at the Concours International de Musique Contemporaine in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, the First Prize and the Special Prize for Piano at the International Gaudeamus Competition, the 1991 Flandre-Qułębec Award, and the Prix Opus for "soloist of the year" 1996-97, awarded by the Conseil Qułębłęcois de la Musique. Piano teacher at the Conservatoire de musique de Montrłęal since 1996, she is transmitting to young virtuosos her passionate love of music.

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