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Monday, April 20, 2009

Free public reading May 8

Free Public Reading of

Speak Oppenheimer or Elephants

by Jaspreet Singh

Infinithéâtre is pleased to present a free public reading of award-winning Montréal writer Jaspreet Singh's play, Speak Oppenheimer or Elephants on Friday, May 8th 2009 at 7:30 PM at the NDG Maison de la culture.

The drama focuses on the culturally schizophrenic post-9/11 existence of Irfan Hussein, a Kashmiri-American nuclear physicist traveling back to his birthplace to bury his mother. The play explores themes of nuclear proliferation, terrorism, racism and the complicated identities that characterize our globalized existence.

Montreal writer Jaspreet Singh was born in India and moved to Canada in 1990. A former research scientist, Singh holds a PhD in chemical engineering from McGill University. Singh has won critical acclaim for his short stories, including his collection entitled, 17 Tomatoes: Tales from Kashmir. His First novel, Chef, published last year, was nominated for four major national and international literary awards.

An open discussion of the play will follow the reading with the author present. The reading of Speak Oppenheimer or Elephants, will be held at:

Friday,May 8, 2009


Maison de la culture in NDG

3755 rue Botrel

Call to reserve:

(514) 872 - 2157

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Parution : Tempus Perfectum n°5

couverture 05

Parution : Tempus Perfectum n°5

Pour sa deuxième collaboration à la revue Tempus Perfectum, Philippe Gonin nous propose de revenir sur les circonstances de la naissance de la première musique de film, dont 2008 a marqué le centenaire. La musique de L'Assassinat du duc de Guise (1908) est écrite par un compositeur alors au faîte de sa gloire et des honneurs, Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921).

Vous pouvez également vous procurer les anciens numéros de la revue et trouverez tous les détails concernant l’achat au numéro en consultant notre site internet.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

5e édition du coffret Mille mots d'amour

5e édition du coffret

Mille mots d'amour

En librairie dès janvier 2009

Montréal, le dimanche 18 janvier 2009 – Pour la 5e édition du coffret Mille mots d'amour, Les Impatients vont à l'international. Cette édition, comprenant entre autres des lettres de Leonard Cohen, Nancy Huston, Christian Bobin, Daniel Pennac, ,Daniel Bélanger, Brigitte Haentjens, Ali Dilem (Algérie), Fred Pellerin et un inédit de Jacques Brel, est en vente dès maintenant dans tous les Renaud Bray du Québec.

Une nouveauté! Cette année, plus de 110 étudiants âgés de 15 ou 16 ans du Collège Saint-Sacrement de Terrebonne se sont installés à leur table et ont eux aussi laissé leur cœur parler afin de participer à cette édition. Un professeur attitré à ce projet a sensibilisé les jeunes aux problèmes de santé mentale. Une belle initiative.

Mille mots d'amour est composé de lettres offertes par des écrivains, des artistes, des médecins, des Impatients, des journalistes et des gens du grand public. Les lettres du grand public proviennent d'un concours mené par Mme Giroux, marraine de l'événement et animatrice de l'émission Fréquence libre, qui invitait les auditeurs à y participer lors de son émission quotidienne.

Les Impatients est un lieu de création destiné aux personnes souffrant de problèmes de santé mentale. Le coffret Mille mots d'amour a pour but de recueillir des fonds pour permettre aux Impatients de poursuivre sa double mission qui est d'offrir un lieu d'expression artistique et thérapeutique aux personnes souffrant de problèmes de santé mentale et de favoriser les échanges avec la communauté par la diffusion de leurs réalisations.

Au-delà de l'impact financier de l'événement, il s'agit pour le centre Les Impatients de sensibiliser le grand public aux réalités des personnes connaissant des problèmes de santé mentale, qui touchent une personne sur cinq au Québec.

Le coffret sera en vente dès janvier 2009 dans tous les Renaud-Bray du Québec ainsi qu'à la Fondation Les Impatients ( 100, rue Sherbooke est, 4e étage ) au montant de 39,95$.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Memoir from Anne Murray


January 15, 2009 (Toronto) Alfred A. Knopf Canada is proud to announce that it is the acquiring Canadian publisher for a memoir from music icon Anne Murray. The book, tentatively titled All of Me, is scheduled for publication in the Fall of 2009.

“We are thrilled to be publishing what is sure to be one of the most sought after memoirs of 2009. We all grew up with Anne Murray. She is one of Canada’s most enduring music legends – and a beloved, admired figure well beyond the music field,” says Michael Schellenberg, Knopf Canada’s Associate Publisher and acquiring editor of the book. “She has legions of fans who are going to want to find out what the somewhat private performer has to say about her career and the challenges she has met being in the public eye for over four decades. As a great entertainer, she has taken on the writing of her memoirs with the same vitality and professionalism that she brings to her work. This will be a major book for fall 2009.”

"After being on tour for most of my adult life, the time was right to stop and reflect. The years pass so quickly when you're on the road, trying to raise a family, going into the studio and dealing with all the other pressures that come with the business. Besides", Murray said with a chuckle, "I thought it was important to do this memoir, while I can still remember things!"

From her humble beginnings in Springhill, Nova Scotia, Anne Murray has sold more than 50 million albums in a distinguished career that spans four decades and includes four Grammy awards, three American Music Awards, three Canadian Country Music Association Awards and twenty-four Juno Awards. She has been making music since the late 1960s, and the story of her rise to international success mirrors the story of the Canadian music industry.
As one of the few Canadian megastars of that era, she prides herself for having remained in Canada.

Quite simply, Anne Murray is a Canadian icon, a Companion of the Order of Canada, and is synonymous with our country.

The book will be written alongside Michael Posner (the author of 4 non-fiction books including The Last Honest Man, a biography on Mordecai Richler). Arnold Gosewich, Murray’s literary agent and Anne Murray’s manager Bruce Allen completed the deal.

For more information, please contact Tracey Turriff at (416) 957-1568.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

"Pen of Iniquity"..Coming to Bookstores February 28, 2009 by Deno Sandz

"In Northville Prison...there's a GHOST IN MY CELL"

Coming to Bookstores 2009



PublishAmerica Presents Pen of Iniquity by Deno Sandz

Frederick, MD .--PublishAmerica is pleased to announce the official release date in stores of Deno Sandz of Chicago, Illinois 3rd Supernatural/Horror novel titled "PEN OF INIQUITY," ISBN: 1-60813-073-8 February 28, 2009 and it will capture the FEARS and IMAGINATION of fiction readers worldwide.

Short Synopsis of "PEN OF INIQUITY"

In 1998, Derrick Samuel pleaded innocent to an armed robbery of a

convenience store, but was found guilty and incarcerated.

Four years earlier, miscreant Daniel Gordon, serving a ten-year sentence

for murder at the Northville Prison, was brutally tortured and murdered

by the warden, his guards, and six inmates because of his involvement

with the outside world regarding the murders being committed by guards

and inmates ordered by Warden Verdana. Daniel also complained about

the improper living conditions, drug trafficking, and inhumane working


That evening four years ago, before the prison closed down due to funding,

the guards forcefully pulled Daniel out of his cell and dragged down to a

decaying boiler room. Inside the room awaited the six inmates and the

warden. They beat him, chained him to an open steam pipe, and turned

it on.

After a few minutes they took him down from the steam pipe thinking he

was dead. Suddenly, Daniel spoke, "I shall remember you." Then, into

the furnace they placed him…burning him alive.

It is now the year 2002 and a Pen of Iniquity

is about to be opened.


Deno Sandz, a husband and father of six, was

born in Alabama and raised in Chicago. He is

the prolific author of two supernatural/horror

novels titled Miss Mary Weather: A Southern

Nightmare and I AM.

Deno Sandz

Pen of Iniquity

ISBN: 1-60813-073-8

Genre: Supernatural/Thriller Horror/Suspense

PublishAmerica LLLP
P.O. Box 151
Frederick, MD 21705

PublishAmerica Online Bookstore




Contact: Shawn Street
Public Relations

(301) 695-1707

Author e-mail: or 312-213-2148

Author Web Page:

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why do so many Asians devote their lives to playing Western classical music?

Temple University Press: For Immediate Release
New from Temple University Press:

Musicians from a Different Shore

Now Available in Paperback:
Musicians from a Different Shore
Asians and Asian Americans in Classical Music

Mari Yoshihara

Publication Date: November 10, 2008
288 pp., 18 halftones, 6 x 9 "
paper 978-1-59213-333-8 $22.95

Why do so many Asians devote their lives to playing Western classical music?

"[A] comprehensive cultural, historical and ethnographic study of Asians and Asian-Americans who pursue Western classical music in the United States…[a] probing authoritative survey." –Publishers Weekly

"[Yoshihara] offers stunning insights, the most powerful of which concerns the ways in which Asian musicians have reinvented the Western repertoire." –Leon Botstein, President of Bard College

Musicians of Asian descent enjoy unprecedented prominence in concert halls, conservatories and classical music performance competitions, In Musicians from a Different Shore: Asian Americans in Classical Music (Publication Date, November 10, 2008), Mari Yoshihara looks into the reasons for this phenomenon, starting with her own experience of learning to play piano in Japan at age 3. Yoshihara shows how a confluence of culture, politics and commerce after the war made classical music a staple in middle-class households, established Yamaha as the world's largest producer of pianos, and gave the Suzuki method of music training an international clientele.

Against this historical backdrop, she interviews Asian and Asian American musicians, such as Cho-Liang Lin, Margaret Leng Tan and Kent Nagano, who have taken various routes into classical music careers. They offer their views about the connections of race and culture and discuss whether the music is really as universal as many claim it to be. Their personal histories and Yoshihara's observations present a snapshot of today's dynamic and revived classical music scene.

Mari Yoshihara is Associate Professor of American Studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She is the author of Embracing the East: White Women and American Orientalism.


Friday, October 31, 2008

SHIFT Festival


Movement and meaning between Canada and the Netherlands

A Festival of Canadian and Dutch Music, Film and Literature

Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in Amsterdam: November 18 – 22, 2008

Harbourfront and the Music Gallery in Toronto: February 25 – March 3, 2009

For Immediate Release – Toronto, October 31, 2008: Continuum Contemporary Music is pleased to announce SHIFT, a festival of Canadian and Dutch music, film and literature, taking place November 18-22, 2008 in Amsterdam and February 25-March 3, 2009 in Toronto. Programmed by some of Canada’s top artistic voices – Continuum Contemporary Music, Authors at Harboufront Centre and The Images Festival, in collaboration with The Netherlands’ influential Muziek Centrum Nederland (formerly Gaudeamus) and the internationally acclaimed Asko|Schönberg and Ives ensembles -- in Amsterdam SHIFT is hosted by the architecturally stunning new Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ while Canadian activities take place at Toronto’s jewel of the waterfront, Harbourfront Centre, as well as the Music Gallery.

Amsterdam events include concerts, pre-concert talks moderated by well-known Dutch cultural critics, a live VPRO Radio broadcast, film and live music collaborations, late night screenings of film and video, and panel discussions featuring authors from both countries, one of which will be recorded for later broadcast on CBC radio. With 36 Canadian artists represented, 29 of them present, SHIFT is the largest festival of Canadian art to take place in Europe in many years. Added to those numbers are 42 Dutch musicians, composers, filmmakers and writers, making SHIFT an exceptional cultural event.

SHIFT was conceived by Continuum’s Artistic Director Jennifer Waring during her Metcalf Foundation funded residency with Gaudeamus in 2005-06. At its root, the festival is an investigation of the bond between the two markedly different countries, created during the Second World War and through the subsequent wave of immigration to Canada, and provides a new perspective on the relationship. She writes, “The Netherlands is small, rich in human history, and still comparatively uniform in makeup; Canada is large, young as a modern state, and diverse in its population. In these rather obvious factors the countries are diametrically opposed, and to an expatriate – a privilege I had on and off over seven years – the contrast is a head-swiveling, breathtaking experience that can provoke hyperactive theorizing. But a base of common outlook and perception prevents total disorientation and makes comparison possible. Beyond these is an ineffable but strong affinity.”

SHIFT’s musical highlights include:

  • On November 18, a performance by the one of the world’s premiere new music ensembles, the ASKO|Schönberg Ensemble, with internationally acclaimed Canadian soprano Barbara Hannigan and conductor Etienne Siebens. The programme features premieres funded by The Canada Council for the Arts by James Rolfe and Michael Oesterle, as well as the Dutch premiere of Lettura di Dante by the late Claude Vivier and a new work by the young Dutch composer Corrie van Binsbergen;
  • On November 19, a performance by Quatuor Bozzini, twice winner of the Prix Opus from Conseil québécois de la musique featuring works by Canadian composers Martin Arnold and Michael Oesterle, and Dutch composers Richard Ayres, Hanna Kulenty and Martijn Voorvelt.
  • On November 20, a joint concert by Continuum and the Ives Ensemble. Recognized as leaders in new music in their respective countries, IE and Continuum premiere music written for the combined ensembles – Linda Bouchard (CA) (funded by the Canada Council for the Arts) and Guus Janssen (NL) (funded by Nederlands Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten NFPK+) and for the separate ensembles – Makye Nas (NL) for Continuum, and Gyula Csapo for IE. Continuum also performs raW (by James Rolfe), winner of the 2006 Jules-Léger Prize. The concert will be broadcast live by VPRO Radio.

SHIFT features an ambitious programme of film and music collaboration in Notes on Composing: 5 collaborations in film and music, November 21. The result of a programming collaboration between Continuum Contemporary Music and The Images Festival, Notes on Composing features world premieres of five short films with live music performed by Continuum and violinist/composer Malcolm Goldstein. Most of the collaborating artists had never met or worked together – as Images Festival Artistic Director Pablo de Ocampo writes, “these collaborations represent something of a leap in faith, or a dare on the part of all the parties involved.”

  • Winnipeg-based Guy Maddin (a multiple award-winner at local and international film festivals including Best Canadian Feature at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival for My Winnipeg) working with the brilliant British/Dutch composer Richard Ayres;
  • video artist Vera Frenkel (winner of the 2006 Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts, the Canada Council Molson Prize, the Bell Canada Award for Video Art, the 2006 Governor General’s Award and a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts) working with acclaimed Toronto percussionist and composer Rick Sacks;
  • Canadian filmmaker Daïchi Saïto working with one of the originators of North American musical experimentalism, Montreal-based Malcolm Goldstein;
  • environmental biologist turned filmmaker Christina Battle working with Toronto composer Martin Arnold;
  • Toronto-based filmmaker and poet Clive Holden working with Rotterdam composer Oscar van Dillen.

The program will be repeated in Toronto on opening night of The Images Festival in April 2009.

SHIFT will also feature two nights of screenings of short films from Canada and The Netherlands, curated by The Images Festival and The Impakt Festival (Utrecht) respectively.

Programming for the literature component of SHIFT has been undertaken by Authors at Harbourfront Centre, with events in Amsterdam falling under the banner of the International Festival of Authors (IFOA). In its 35 year history, Authors at Harbourfront Centre has presented more than 5,000 authors from more than 100 countries. The world-renowned IFOA, now in its 29th year, annually presents more than 100 authors – established and emerging – from around the world as part of an 11-day festival each October. IFOA Amsterdam is the first time an element of the Festival has been presented overseas. Events in both Amsterdam and in Toronto feature panel discussions in which Canadian and Dutch authors at different stages in their career open up new debates around literature, culture, and shared international perspectives. The line-up for Amsterdam is: From Canada: Dionne Brand (What We All Long For, Inventory), Lewis DeSoto (A Blade of Grass), Helen Humphreys (Wild Dogs, Coventry), Andrew Pyper (Lost Girls, The Killing Circle), and, as event moderator, Eleanor Wachtel (host of CBC Radio's Writers & Company). From The Netherlands: Gerbrand Bakker (The Twin), Lieve Joris (The Rebels' Hour), Lucette ter Borg (The Gift from Berlin), Anja Sicking (The Silent Sin), and, as event moderator, Michaël Zeeman (cultural correspondent for de Volkskrant). Canadian author Richard Clewes (Finding Lily) hosts all events. The discussion moderated by Eleanor Wachtel will be recorded for broadcast on CBC Radio. Continuum has worked with Authors at Harbourfront Centre Director Geoffrey Taylor to set up these author events.

Continuum Contemporary Music presents the work of emerging Canadian composers alongside works by established national and international composers in its concert series, at festivals, on tour, over the air waves and through recordings. The Chalmers Award-winning group has generated interdisciplinary projects with celebrated Vancouver choreographer Conrad Alexandrowicz; Montreal video artist Ramona Ramlochand; and John Oswald. For l'Oreille Fine, Continuum combined new music and philosophy in concerts and a symposium wherein philosophers, poets and critics dealt with the subject of new music. Formed in 1985, Continuum has a core ensemble of flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion which is often varied and combined with electronics. The organization has commissioned and premiered over 100 new works from emerging and established Canadian composers; increasingly it commissions international composers. Continuum toured Canada in 1999 and Europe in 2003, and will be on tour again in the fall of 2008, with performances in Aberdeen, 's-Hertogenbosch, Amsterdam and Huddersfield. It has released two CD's on its own label, recorded one for Centrediscs and has two CD projects in the works.

Established in 1987, The Images Festival is the largest festival in North America for experimental and independent moving image culture, showcasing the innovative edge of international contemporary media art both on and off the screen. From Super-8 and hand-tinted celluloid to the latest video art, Images has presented thousands of films and media based projects in our 21+ year history. Images is committed to an expanded concept of film and video practice: alongside film and video screenings, the festival presents groundbreaking live performances, media art installations in local galleries and new media projects by many renowned Canadian and international artists. We go out of our way and over the edge to provide Toronto with an annual extravaganza of image making. Attended by more than 30,000 people each year, Toronto’s 2nd oldest film festival is a critical forum for the independent media arts in Canada and around the world and provides artists with a supportive and professional forum in which to present their projects. Many influential media artists have been nurtured by Images’ willingness to embrace new creative concepts and modes of expression in the media arts field. The Images Festival exhibits and encourages the work of artists producing film and video outside of mainstream commercial production, distribution systems and aesthetic conventions. In addition to the international competition programs drawn from submissions to the festival, Images includes artists' retrospectives, national and regional cinema spotlights, publishing projects, touring programs and special guest-curated sections.

The world renowned Authors at Harbourfront Centre programme is home to a weekly reading series (September to June), the annual International Festival of Authors (IFOA) (October) and, for younger readers, YoungIFOA (October), ALOUD: a Celebration for Young Readers (May) and Forest of Reading® Festival of Trees™ (May). Established in 1974, Authors at Harbourfront Centre's mandate is to present the world's most important and influential authors and distinctive new writers, Canadian and international, in a forum that celebrates books and writing. The programme provides Canadian authors with an internationally recognized platform on which to present their work, and fosters an awareness in its audiences of the variety and richness of writing from Canada and around the world. Since programming began, Authors at Harbourfront Centre has presented more than 5,000 authors, including 15 Nobel Laureates and countless other prize winners, on its stages. In 1980, the fledgling IFOA became the first international literary festival in North America. At that time it presented 18 poets over 6 days. Twenty-nine years later, IFOA continues to grow. The 2008 festival included nearly 70 public events, featuring writers of fiction, non-fiction, travel writing, poetry, graphic novels, and books for younger readers in a series of readings, interviews, and panel discussions. Annual special events include readings by the authors shortlisted for the three major Canadian fiction awards, the awarding of the $10,000 Harbourfront Festival Prize, and a gala benefit to support of PEN Canada.

Continuum is supported through grants from The Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the city of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council; the Metcalf Foundation's Strategic Initiatives programme; the SOCAN, Emerald and McLean foundations; by patrons Aurora Tewksbury Reford, Ann Southam and Christopher Des Brisay; by the accounting firm Newman & Sversky; and as well, through the generosity of many private donors.

SHIFT is supported by The Canada Council for the Arts, Muziek Centrum Nederland, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, the Consulate-General of The Netherlands, the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund, le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Charles Street Video and a variety of individual and corporate donors.

For more information on SHIFT please contact Festival Coordinator Josh Grossman at (416) 924-4945 or , or visit .

Ticket prices will be posted shortly.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Colette Boky à la Bibliothèque Georges Dor

Pour lancer sa saison littéraire, L’Agence littéraire Alinéa reçoit la chanteuse soprano Colette Boky qui parlera de sa carrière, de sa vie et de ses contemporains avec sa biographe Mireille Barièrre. Sa biographie Colette Boky, le chant d’une femme vient de paraître aux éditions Triptyque. Les invités pourront échanger avec Mme Boky.
Lieu : Bibliothèque George-Dor,
2760, chemin Chambly,
Date et heure : le dimanche 26 octobre entre 11h et 13h
Coût : 7 $ pour les membres (on peut devenir membre sur place)
10 $ pour les non-membres
Café, jus et brioches
Réservations : par courriel : tel : 450 616-6658 (avant le 24 octobre)

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Elmer Iseler, Choral Visionary

“VISIONARY” Concert & Book Launch

Celebrating 30th Anniversary Season

Sunday, September 21 at 7:00 p.m. at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church

Toronto, September 10, 2008: The Elmer Iseler Singers and conductor Lydia Adams launch their 30th anniversary season with a performance featuring the glorious music of Canadian composers John Beckwith, Ruth Watson Henderson and Imant Raminsh. The evening also includes the moving mystical works of Maurice Duruflé, Henryk Gorecki and Eric Whitacre. This concert is the perfect occasion to launch Walter Pitman’s new book, “Elmer Iseler, Choral Visionary”, a biography that outlines the spectacular career (spanning five decades) of the legendary Elmer Iseler. The event takes place on Sunday, September 21 at 7PM at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church (78 Clifton Road) in Toronto.

In addition to celebrating the Elmer Iseler Singers’ 30th anniversary season, this concert marks the 10th anniversary of Lydia Adams as Artistic Director and Conductor. Special guest Walter Pitman (O. C., O. On.) joins Canada’s foremost vocal ensemble to introduce “Elmer Iseler, Choral Visionary” (Dundurn Press 2008) - the first-ever biography of the choir’s founder. With a personalized forward written by Jessie Iseler and over 50 black & white photos, the Iseler story belongs to the thousands of singers and hundreds of conductors that have ever sung and worked with Elmer Iseler. All proceeds of sales through the Elmer Iseler Singers go towards the work of the Elmer Iseler Singers.

Elmer Iseler was pivotal to the development of choral music in Canada. Though he passed away on April 3, 1998, his impact will continue undiminished through his many recordings, the work of the Elmer Iseler Singers, through The Elmer Iseler Chair in Conducting, the Elmer Iseler National Graduate Fellowships in Choral Conducting at the University of Toronto and through this biography.

The September 21 performance features John Beckwith’s Sharon Fragments; Imant Raminsh’s Ave Verum Corpus; Ruth Watson Henderson’s Missa Brevis; Maurice Duruflé’s Quatre Motets (Ubi caritas, Tota pulchra es, Tu es Petrus and Tantum ergo); Henryk Mikołaj Górecki’s Totus Tuus, Op. 60; and Eric Whitacre’s When David Heard.

The Elmer Iseler Singers Board of Directors is pleased to announce that this 2008/2009 Toronto 30th Anniversary Series is very generously sponsored by Hooey Remus LLP – a premier law firm based in Toronto.

VISIONARY” Concert and Book Launch: Sunday, September 21, 2008 at 7:00 p.m.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church78 Clifton Road at St. Clair, Toronto (West of Mt. Pleasant)

Special Guest: WALTER PITMAN, O.C., O. On.

Author of “Elmer Iseler, Choral Visionary” (Dundurn Press)

Tickets: $35/ regular - $30/Seniors - $10/Students (with valid student i.d.)

Please call Janet Johnson at 416-217-0537 for tickets and information.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Harbourfront Centre Courses & Workshops

Enjoy, learn, make friends and have the time of your life at Harbourfront Centre's Courses & Workshops!

TORONTO, Tuesday, August 12, 2008—Harbourfront Centre is excited to offer a diverse and engaging line-up of contemporary culture courses throughout the fall and winter months. Adults can learn to paint; explore the world of circus arts; tour the city's culinary neighbourhoods; join a book club, and much more! Harbourfront Centre's Courses & Workshops are affordable and provide a perfect environment for adults to learn, and expand their social circle with like-minded individuals at Toronto's leading arts and cultural centre. Courses & Workshops begin on September 15, at Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queens Quay West. Register early as class size is limited. To register or for more information, the public can call

416-973-4093 or visit

Fall/Winter 2008 Courses & Workshops

Visual Arts & Design

• Drawing for Fashion Design (5 Mondays, September 15 to October 20, excluding Thanksgiving Monday)

• Expressive Arts (8 Mondays, September 15 to November 10, excluding Thanksgiving Monday)

• Creativity Kickstart (October 4)

• Parent Workshop: Engaging Kids with Contemporary Arts (October 4 & December 4)

• Artist Books (5 Mondays, November 3 to December 1, inclusive)

• Sewing 101 (5 Mondays, November 3 to December 1, inclusive)

• Painting (6 Tuesdays, November 4 to December 9, inclusive)

• Fashion 101 (5 Tuesdays, November 4 to December 1)

Media Studies

• Creating your own Website (5 Mondays, September 15 to October 20, excluding Thanksgiving Monday)

• Demystifying the Digital Camera (September 27)

• Podcasting (October 4-5)

• Digital Photography Manipulation (November 15-16)

Performing Arts

• Circus (4 Mondays, Session 1: September 15 to October 6; Session 2: November 3 to 24)

• Hip Hop (5 Tuesdays, September 16 to October 14, inclusive)

• Flamenco Dance (5 Thursdays, September 18 to October16)

Literary Arts

• Authors at Harbourfront Centre (8 Tuesdays once a month, September to April)


• Make Your Own Holiday Cards (November 15)

Urban & Cultural Studies

• Artistic Architecture in the Public Space (6 Wednesdays, September 17 to October 22)

• Explore Toronto's Culinary Neighbourhoods (September 20: Little India; September 27: Kensington/Chinatown; October 4: Little Italy;

October 11: Danforth)

• Film & Food Club (3 Fridays, October 3 to 17, inclusive)

• Surreal in the City (6 Wednesdays, October 29 to December 3, inclusive)

• Urban Portraiture (6 Tuesdays, November 4 to December 9, inclusive)

Craft Studio Courses

• Introduction to Jewellery (8 week year-round course, 3 hrs/week, evening/weekends available)

• Intermediate Jewellery (8 week year-round course, 3 hrs/week, evening/weekends available)

• Textiles (5 week year-round course, 3 hrs/week, evenings; 1-day year-round workshop, 6 hours)

• Glass Blowing (Friday to Sunday from September to May, 20 hours in total)

• Ceramics (8 week year-round course, 3 hrs/week, evenings)

FOCUS: Borders

Harbourfront Centre travels beyond Borders. Is the world smaller than you think? What would a world without borders look like? Can culture be a universal language? What are the limits of your personal space? Through to September, Harbourfront Centre wants you to read between the lines and consider borders through all of our programming—borders within countries, borders within relationships, open borders, psychological borders, shifting borders and more. Harbourfront Centre—culture without borders.

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