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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Daniel Hope delivers the Classics Keynote for the Popkomm Conference

The violinist and author is the keynote speaker for the Classics section of this year's Popkomm Conference

He is an internationally renowned violin virtuoso, a celebrated author and one of the stars of the world of classical music: Daniel Hope. Popkomm has been able to acquire the prominent South African violinist as one of the main speakers on the Classics Panel of this years Popkomm Conference.

Hope is recognised as an outstanding interpreter of Berg, Britten and Shostakovich, as well as of Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and Vivaldi.

For many years he was the musical partner of the legendary Yehudi Menuhin. As Daniel Hope explains: Classical music is an important part of our society, and must remain so. At a meeting such as this we, as classical musicians, must show an understanding and a willingness to communicate in order to ensure a discerning and dynamic platform for the 21st century. These efforts are also being supported by Popkomm. The importance of the classics at Popkomm is underlined by the involvement of the Association of Classical Independents in Germany e.V., known by the acronym CLASS, for the first time, according to the General Manager of Popkomm, Dr. Ralf Kleinhenz.

Daniel Hopes active life began in 1974 in Durban, South Africa, although the family emigrated only six months later. His father Christopher, a writer, was an opponent of apartheid. In London the mother of Daniel Hope, Eleanor, became Yehudi Menuhins secretary and later his manager. Hope had his first violin lessons at the age of four, made his first television appearance at ten, and at eleven he played Bartk with Menuhin on German television. This was the first of over 60 concerts given by the two violinists. In 2001 the London Evening Standard named Hope as Classical Performer of the Year, and one year later he became the newest member of the legendary Beaux Arts Trio the pinnacle of achievement for a chamber musician. In 2004 he was appointed deputy artistic director of the Savannah Music Festival, was named Young Artist of the Year at the Classical Brit Awards in London, and received the Deutsche Schallplattenpreis and the first of a total of three Classics Echos. One year later he played in Dachau to mark the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp, and was also nominated for two Grammys. Since 2006 he has been collaborating with Stewart Copeland, drummer with The Police. In 2007 his first book was published, entitled Familienstcke: Eine Spurensuche (Family Album: Following the Trail), a complex investigation of the history of his Jewish family, who were expelled from Germany by the Nazis.

Dr. Ralf Kleinhenz, General Manager of Popkomm: With Daniel Hope an outstanding musician has been acquired as a keynote speaker at Popkomm, but he is also a person who thinks outside the box, who is at home in different areas of music and has also experienced success as a writer.


As an international platform for the music and entertainment industry Popkomm attracts thousands of trade visitors from all over the world. What makes Popkomm so unique is the integrated concept of this event. Popkomm is the only industry meeting place in the world that combines a trade show with a conference and a festival. Consequently Popkomm is a major attraction not only for its core business of music but also because it brings the representatives of other sectors such as concerts, the movies, mobile entertainment and advertising to the exhibition halls in Berlin. The fifth Popkomm is taking place in Berlin in 2008, from 8 to 10 October. It is organised by Popkomm GmbH, Berlin. This year the partner country at Popkomm is Turkey.

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