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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Miami Dade College opens its Gallery Season at the Freedom Tower with an Exhibition of the Works of Late Cuban Modern Master Cundo Bermłćdez

Location: Freedom Tower. 600 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33132

Dates: From Sept 4th through Nov 7th, 2009

Hours: Tuesdays to Fridays, noon to 5:00 p.m. Saturdays: 11:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Admission: Free

The Miami Dade College (MDC) Art Gallery System (AGS) officially opens its art gallery season by paying tribute to one of Cubaĺ─˘s greatest artists, the late master Cundo Bermłćdez, with the exhibition Under a Brilliant Sun: Cundo Bermłćdez into the 21st Century at its National Historic Landmark Freedom Tower starting on September 4th, 2009. The exhibition runs through November 7th and is made possible by Bank of America. The exhibition will honor the artist's fertile career and his contribution to modern art by highlighting an outstanding selection of more than 100 paintings, drawings and sculpture, including an important part of his latest artworks never shown in an exhibition of this magnitude.

Cundo Bermłćdez, one of the last members of the important Cuban Vanguard movement, died on October 30th, 2008 at the age of 94. He had called Miami home for the last twenty years of his life and was painting and drawing up until the end. Cundo was one of the first Cuban Modernists to be collected by the Museum of Modern Art as two of his nine paintings exhibited in the landmark Cuban Paintings exhibition in 1944 were accessioned.

He was a very prolific artist who lived for his art. Only music rivaled this passion of his and he was known to paint and draw while listening to favorite works by famous Cuban composers. It is, therefore, not surprising that one of the works for which Cundo is best known - at least in Miami - is the wonderful mural he designed for Miamiĺ─˘s Center for the Performing Arts (now the Arsht Center for the Performing Arts). Designed during the years 1997-1999, it heralded a new phase for Cundo as he entered the 21st century determined to create a body of work for a new era. Approximately half of this exhibition is devoted to these works - a testament to the artistĺ─˘s remarkably strong will to create.

Over the more than 70 years of a long and illustrious career, Bermudez had accomplished so much. From participation in the groundbreaking MoMa exhibit of 1944 to the completion of major public commissions to representation in major public and private collections, Bermudez was one of the leading figures in 20th Century Cuban art.

ĺ─˙We are honored to be the site of the first major exhibition of Cundoĺ─˘s work following his passing. Itĺ─˘s especially moving to pay tribute to this great artist at the Freedom Tower,ĺ─¨ said MDC President Dr. Eduardo J. Padrłän. ĺ─˙I want to thank Bank of America and the collegeĺ─˘s art gallery system team for making this exhibition possible.ĺ─¨

Under a Brilliant Sun: Cundo Bermłćdez into the 21st Century honors the prolific career of Bermłćdez and his contributions to modern art by showcasing a selection of works that includes some of his latest and featuring pieces never shown in exhibitions.

This exhibition highlights a considerable body of work created by Bermłćdez in the last decade of his life when he called Miami home. ĺ─˙Meeting Cundo and watching him work was one of the highlights of this authorĺ─˘s curatorial career and I am honored to have had the opportunity to spend time with him. It is not often that an art historian is able to meet an artist whose career spanned so many years.ĺ─¨ said art historian, researcher and curator of the exhibition Ruth Grim.

Cundo Bermłćdez is part of a generation of artists that reshaped and gave new directions to art in Latin America like the depictions of daily life of their own rounded existences and the use of new concepts in the linear treatment of the figure. These approaches are common in artists like Diego Rivera, Rufino Tamayo, Josłę Clemente Orozco in Młęxico; Fernando de Szyszlo and Ricardo Grau in Perłć; Joaqułén Torres-Garcłéa and Gonzalo Fonseca in Uruguay; Tarsila do Amaral in Brazil; Emilio Pettoruti, Juan del Prete and Gyula Kusice in Argentina and Armando Reverłän in Venezuela.

ĺ─˙This unique exhibition is a point of departure to explore the many other elements of painting that were not only important to Cundo but also to the evolution of Cuban and Latin American art through modernismĺ─¨. Said Jorge Luis Gutierrez, Director of MDC Art Gallery System. ĺ─˙This exhibition provides a complete narrative to the many facets of his remarkable accomplishments.ĺ─¨

As MDC now serves as the proud steward of the Freedom Tower, thanks to its donation to the college by Pedro Martin and family, it is using the building as a significant educational and cultural center. In the recent years since MDC acquired it, the iconic building has been used for other major art exhibitions, including showcasing the works of great artists such as Salvador Dalłé, Goya, Leonardo Da Vinci, Janet Cardiff, Carlos Alfonso and Wendy Wischer among others.

About the Artist

Born in Havana in 1914, Bermłćdez was a founding member of Cubaĺ─˘s Association of Painters and Sculptors. He led the tide of modern Cuban art in the 1940s and 1950s drawing from the people, landscape, music and political climate around him. He led the continued modernization of Cuban art during the 1940s and 1950s and on canvas, synthesized the character and national identity of his homeland through the color and luminosity of its iconic people, sites and musical scenes. His works have been exhibited across the globe. He passed away at 94 on Oct. 30, 2008, at his home in the Westchester neighborhood of Miami-Dade County.

Exhibition Catalogue

Accompanying the exhibition will be a publication featuring color reproductions, with text by art historian and curator of the exhibition Ruth Grim, and introductions by art historian Vivian Donnell Rodriguez, Executive Director of Cultural Affairs at MDC and Jorge Luis Gutierrez, Director and Chief Curator of MDC Art Gallery System.


The Miami Dade College Art Gallery System proudly presents the lifetime work of this great modernist master as part of is arts program oriented to welcome and engage all visitors by offering personal, extraordinary experiences that connect art and ideas to stimulate the thriving, creative community that is Miami. The Mission of the Miami Dade College Art Gallery System is to encourage the appreciation and understanding of art and its role in society through direct engagement with original works of art and art-related creative processes. The AGS organizes exhibitions and educational programs to offer enjoyment and encourage inquiry, while building and preserving its collections in trust for future generations.

With a system of seven art galleries throughout Miami Dade and the art spaces at the iconic Freedom Tower in Downtown Miami, it is the largest art network in Florida.

For special hours, guided tours and education events and programs please contact: MDC Art Gallery System at 305.237.7186, 305.237.7700, or visit

For more information about local openings and events, please visit

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Art for Obama: Designing Manifest Hope and the Campaign for Change

Designing Manifest Hope and the Campaign for Change
Edited by Shepard Fairey & Jennifer Gross

Art for Obama front cover

Few events in recent memory have captivated the world's attention like that of Barack Obama's historic presidential campaign. Not only did it stir passionate political momentum, but it also inspired an array of creative arts from a world of artists, illustrators, and graphic designers. Shepard Fairey's iconic "HOPE" portrait became the face of the campaign, prompting a personal thank-you note from the president, which is included in ART FOR OBAMA (Abrams Image; October 2009; $22.50 US / $29.50 CAN; ISBN: 978-0-8109-8498-1). In conjunction with the themes of hope and change, all of the authors' profits from this book will be donated to Americans for the Arts ( charity.

Innovative portraits and graphic designs from artists around the country became a powerful symbol of the country's desire for change, and engaging artists-from the grassroots level to the international level-became a central strategy to inspire passion and win the presidential race. In ART FOR OBAMA, Fairey showcases 150 of those powerful images from the campaign, including works created by well-known artists such as, Ron English, David Choe, Kwaku Alston, Maya Hayuk, Justin Hampton, and Shel Starkman. The Manifest Hope art shows, which took place in Denver during the Democratic National Convention and Washington DC preceding the inauguration, featured artists who used their talents to motivate the grassroots movement that carried Barack Obama to victory. The shows were put on by Evolutionary Media Group, Obey Giant,, Political Action, SEIU and Studio Number One.

ART FOR OBAMA is comprised of collages, paintings, photo composites, prints, and computer-generated pieces, showcasing the well-known images of the campaign as well as less famous, but equally creative pieces from around the globe. This is a volume for design and art aficionados, as well as supporters of the forty-fourth president of the United States who want a keepsake as uncommon as his extraordinary campaign.

ART FOR OBAMA: Designing Manifest Hope and the Campaign for Change
Abrams Image / October 2009
$22.50 US / $29.50 CAN; ISBN: 978-0-8109-8498-1
150 full-color illustrations; 184 pages

# # #

Michael Murphy Rafael Lopez David Choe


Shepard Fairey is the man behind OBEY GIANT, the graphics that have changed the way people see art and the urban landscape. What started with an absurd sticker he created in 1989 while a student at the Rhode Island School of Design has since evolved into a worldwide street art campaign, as well as an acclaimed body of fine art. In 2003, Shepard founded Studio Number One, a creative design firm dedicated to applying his ethos at the intersection of art and enterprise. Shepard's art reached a new height of prominence in 2008, when his "HOPE" portrait of Barack Obama became the iconic image of the presidential campaign and helped inspire an unprecedented political movement. Shepard is currently the subject of a 20-year career survey at the ICA Boston. The show's next stop is the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA and will continue to tour museums across the U.S. in 2010. For more information, visit

Abrams logo

Founded by Harry N. Abrams in 1949, ABRAMS was the first company in the United States to specialize in the creation and distribution of art and illustrated books. Now a subsidiary of La Martinił«re Groupe, the company publishes visually stunning illustrated books in the areas of art, photography, cooking, interior and garden design, craft, architecture, entertainment, fashion, sports, pop culture, as well as children's books and general interest titles. The company's imprints include Abrams, Abrams ComicArts, Abrams Image, Abrams Books for Young Readers, Amulet Books, Stewart, Tabori & Chang, and STC Craft/Melanie Falick Books. Abrams also distributes books for The Vendome Press, Victoria & Albert Museum, Tate, Royal Academy of Arts, Booth-Clibborn Editions, Five Continents and others.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Une installation sonore hors du commun cet łętłę au Gesł╝

Imaginez une łęglise sans clocher qui malgrłę tout fait sonner et rłęsonner des sons dĺ─˘ici et dĺ─˘ailleurs au travers dĺ─˘un clocher invisible. Entrez et dłęcouvrez Les voix dans la nef et Le dialogue imaginaire, deux installations interactives oł╝ le visiteur sera entrałĂnłę au fil des sons dĺ─˘une culture łŢ une autre.

Le compositeur Hans Tutschku rencontrera ceux et celles qui auront rłępondu łŢ lĺ─˘appel des cloches le dimanche 27 septembre de 13 h łŢ 16 h dans le cadre des journłęes de la culture.


IMAGINE workers, tourists and artists walking on De Bleury Street by habit ou by pure coincidence. The sounds of unusual bells lead their gazes towards a tower without a bellĺ─Â They enter into the naveĺ─Â They travel to the other end of the worldĺ─Â Will they dare to undertake this imaginary dialogue?

Le clocher invisible (extłęrieur): Tous les jours de 12 h łŢ 18 h
Intłęrieur : Du 2 au 23 aoł¬t, du mardi au dimanche
de 14 h łŢ 18 h et les dimanches 30 aoł¬t, 6, 13 et
20 septembre de 13 h łŢ 16 h


Cette partie de lĺ─˘installation a łętłę prłęsentłęe dans le passłę dans les villes suivantes : Jena, Weimar, Posterstein (Allemagne), Montbłęliard (France), Florence (Italie), Cambridge MA (łÔ.-U.). Cĺ─˘est une installation qui a suscitłę beaucoup de rłęactions positives łŢ un tel point que la ville de Montbłęliard voulait lĺ─˘acheter pour la rendre permanente.

This part of the installation has been previously shown in: Jena, Weimar, Posterstein, Germany ; Montbłęliard, France ; Florence, Italy ; Cambridge, Mass., USA

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Friday, October 31, 2008

SHIFT Festival


Movement and meaning between Canada and the Netherlands

A Festival of Canadian and Dutch Music, Film and Literature

Muziekgebouw aan ĺ─˛t IJ in Amsterdam: November 18 ĺ─ý 22, 2008

Harbourfront and the Music Gallery in Toronto: February 25 ĺ─ý March 3, 2009

For Immediate Release ĺ─ý Toronto, October 31, 2008: Continuum Contemporary Music is pleased to announce SHIFT, a festival of Canadian and Dutch music, film and literature, taking place November 18-22, 2008 in Amsterdam and February 25-March 3, 2009 in Toronto. Programmed by some of Canadaĺ─˘s top artistic voices ĺ─ý Continuum Contemporary Music, Authors at Harboufront Centre and The Images Festival, in collaboration with The Netherlandsĺ─˘ influential Muziek Centrum Nederland (formerly Gaudeamus) and the internationally acclaimed Asko|SchłĆnberg and Ives ensembles -- in Amsterdam SHIFT is hosted by the architecturally stunning new Muziekgebouw aan ĺ─˛t IJ while Canadian activities take place at Torontoĺ─˘s jewel of the waterfront, Harbourfront Centre, as well as the Music Gallery.

Amsterdam events include concerts, pre-concert talks moderated by well-known Dutch cultural critics, a live VPRO Radio broadcast, film and live music collaborations, late night screenings of film and video, and panel discussions featuring authors from both countries, one of which will be recorded for later broadcast on CBC radio. With 36 Canadian artists represented, 29 of them present, SHIFT is the largest festival of Canadian art to take place in Europe in many years. Added to those numbers are 42 Dutch musicians, composers, filmmakers and writers, making SHIFT an exceptional cultural event.

SHIFT was conceived by Continuumĺ─˘s Artistic Director Jennifer Waring during her Metcalf Foundation funded residency with Gaudeamus in 2005-06. At its root, the festival is an investigation of the bond between the two markedly different countries, created during the Second World War and through the subsequent wave of immigration to Canada, and provides a new perspective on the relationship. She writes, ĺ─˙The Netherlands is small, rich in human history, and still comparatively uniform in makeup; Canada is large, young as a modern state, and diverse in its population. In these rather obvious factors the countries are diametrically opposed, and to an expatriate ĺ─ý a privilege I had on and off over seven years ĺ─ý the contrast is a head-swiveling, breathtaking experience that can provoke hyperactive theorizing. But a base of common outlook and perception prevents total disorientation and makes comparison possible. Beyond these is an ineffable but strong affinity.ĺ─¨

SHIFTĺ─˘s musical highlights include:

  • On November 18, a performance by the one of the worldĺ─˘s premiere new music ensembles, the ASKO|SchłĆnberg Ensemble, with internationally acclaimed Canadian soprano Barbara Hannigan and conductor Etienne Siebens. The programme features premieres funded by The Canada Council for the Arts by James Rolfe and Michael Oesterle, as well as the Dutch premiere of Lettura di Dante by the late Claude Vivier and a new work by the young Dutch composer Corrie van Binsbergen;
  • On November 19, a performance by Quatuor Bozzini, twice winner of the Prix Opus from Conseil qułębłęcois de la musique featuring works by Canadian composers Martin Arnold and Michael Oesterle, and Dutch composers Richard Ayres, Hanna Kulenty and Martijn Voorvelt.
  • On November 20, a joint concert by Continuum and the Ives Ensemble. Recognized as leaders in new music in their respective countries, IE and Continuum premiere music written for the combined ensembles ĺ─ý Linda Bouchard (CA) (funded by the Canada Council for the Arts) and Guus Janssen (NL) (funded by Nederlands Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten NFPK+) and for the separate ensembles ĺ─ý Makye Nas (NL) for Continuum, and Gyula Csapo for IE. Continuum also performs raW (by James Rolfe), winner of the 2006 Jules-Lłęger Prize. The concert will be broadcast live by VPRO Radio.

SHIFT features an ambitious programme of film and music collaboration in Notes on Composing: 5 collaborations in film and music, November 21. The result of a programming collaboration between Continuum Contemporary Music and The Images Festival, Notes on Composing features world premieres of five short films with live music performed by Continuum and violinist/composer Malcolm Goldstein. Most of the collaborating artists had never met or worked together ĺ─ý as Images Festival Artistic Director Pablo de Ocampo writes, ĺ─˙these collaborations represent something of a leap in faith, or a dare on the part of all the parties involved.ĺ─¨

  • Winnipeg-based Guy Maddin (a multiple award-winner at local and international film festivals including Best Canadian Feature at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival for My Winnipeg) working with the brilliant British/Dutch composer Richard Ayres;
  • video artist Vera Frenkel (winner of the 2006 Governor Generalĺ─˘s Award in Visual and Media Arts, the Canada Council Molson Prize, the Bell Canada Award for Video Art, the 2006 Governor Generalĺ─˘s Award and a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts) working with acclaimed Toronto percussionist and composer Rick Sacks;
  • Canadian filmmaker Dałěchi Sałěto working with one of the originators of North American musical experimentalism, Montreal-based Malcolm Goldstein;
  • environmental biologist turned filmmaker Christina Battle working with Toronto composer Martin Arnold;
  • Toronto-based filmmaker and poet Clive Holden working with Rotterdam composer Oscar van Dillen.

The program will be repeated in Toronto on opening night of The Images Festival in April 2009.

SHIFT will also feature two nights of screenings of short films from Canada and The Netherlands, curated by The Images Festival and The Impakt Festival (Utrecht) respectively.

Programming for the literature component of SHIFT has been undertaken by Authors at Harbourfront Centre, with events in Amsterdam falling under the banner of the International Festival of Authors (IFOA). In its 35 year history, Authors at Harbourfront Centre has presented more than 5,000 authors from more than 100 countries. The world-renowned IFOA, now in its 29th year, annually presents more than 100 authors ĺ─ý established and emerging ĺ─ý from around the world as part of an 11-day festival each October. IFOA Amsterdam is the first time an element of the Festival has been presented overseas. Events in both Amsterdam and in Toronto feature panel discussions in which Canadian and Dutch authors at different stages in their career open up new debates around literature, culture, and shared international perspectives. The line-up for Amsterdam is: From Canada: Dionne Brand (What We All Long For, Inventory), Lewis DeSoto (A Blade of Grass), Helen Humphreys (Wild Dogs, Coventry), Andrew Pyper (Lost Girls, The Killing Circle), and, as event moderator, Eleanor Wachtel (host of CBC Radio's Writers & Company). From The Netherlands: Gerbrand Bakker (The Twin), Lieve Joris (The Rebels' Hour), Lucette ter Borg (The Gift from Berlin), Anja Sicking (The Silent Sin), and, as event moderator, Michał┤l Zeeman (cultural correspondent for de Volkskrant). Canadian author Richard Clewes (Finding Lily) hosts all events. The discussion moderated by Eleanor Wachtel will be recorded for broadcast on CBC Radio. Continuum has worked with Authors at Harbourfront Centre Director Geoffrey Taylor to set up these author events.

Continuum Contemporary Music presents the work of emerging Canadian composers alongside works by established national and international composers in its concert series, at festivals, on tour, over the air waves and through recordings. The Chalmers Award-winning group has generated interdisciplinary projects with celebrated Vancouver choreographer Conrad Alexandrowicz; Montreal video artist Ramona Ramlochand; and John Oswald. For l'Oreille Fine, Continuum combined new music and philosophy in concerts and a symposium wherein philosophers, poets and critics dealt with the subject of new music. Formed in 1985, Continuum has a core ensemble of flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion which is often varied and combined with electronics. The organization has commissioned and premiered over 100 new works from emerging and established Canadian composers; increasingly it commissions international composers. Continuum toured Canada in 1999 and Europe in 2003, and will be on tour again in the fall of 2008, with performances in Aberdeen, 's-Hertogenbosch, Amsterdam and Huddersfield. It has released two CD's on its own label, recorded one for Centrediscs and has two CD projects in the works.

Established in 1987, The Images Festival is the largest festival in North America for experimental and independent moving image culture, showcasing the innovative edge of international contemporary media art both on and off the screen. From Super-8 and hand-tinted celluloid to the latest video art, Images has presented thousands of films and media based projects in our 21+ year history. Images is committed to an expanded concept of film and video practice: alongside film and video screenings, the festival presents groundbreaking live performances, media art installations in local galleries and new media projects by many renowned Canadian and international artists. We go out of our way and over the edge to provide Toronto with an annual extravaganza of image making. Attended by more than 30,000 people each year, Torontoĺ─˘s 2nd oldest film festival is a critical forum for the independent media arts in Canada and around the world and provides artists with a supportive and professional forum in which to present their projects. Many influential media artists have been nurtured by Imagesĺ─˘ willingness to embrace new creative concepts and modes of expression in the media arts field. The Images Festival exhibits and encourages the work of artists producing film and video outside of mainstream commercial production, distribution systems and aesthetic conventions. In addition to the international competition programs drawn from submissions to the festival, Images includes artists' retrospectives, national and regional cinema spotlights, publishing projects, touring programs and special guest-curated sections.

The world renowned Authors at Harbourfront Centre programme is home to a weekly reading series (September to June), the annual International Festival of Authors (IFOA) (October) and, for younger readers, YoungIFOA (October), ALOUD: a Celebration for Young Readers (May) and Forest of ReadingČĂ Festival of TreesĺĐó (May). Established in 1974, Authors at Harbourfront Centre's mandate is to present the world's most important and influential authors and distinctive new writers, Canadian and international, in a forum that celebrates books and writing. The programme provides Canadian authors with an internationally recognized platform on which to present their work, and fosters an awareness in its audiences of the variety and richness of writing from Canada and around the world. Since programming began, Authors at Harbourfront Centre has presented more than 5,000 authors, including 15 Nobel Laureates and countless other prize winners, on its stages. In 1980, the fledgling IFOA became the first international literary festival in North America. At that time it presented 18 poets over 6 days. Twenty-nine years later, IFOA continues to grow. The 2008 festival included nearly 70 public events, featuring writers of fiction, non-fiction, travel writing, poetry, graphic novels, and books for younger readers in a series of readings, interviews, and panel discussions. Annual special events include readings by the authors shortlisted for the three major Canadian fiction awards, the awarding of the $10,000 Harbourfront Festival Prize, and a gala benefit to support of PEN Canada.

Continuum is supported through grants from The Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the city of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council; the Metcalf Foundation's Strategic Initiatives programme; the SOCAN, Emerald and McLean foundations; by patrons Aurora Tewksbury Reford, Ann Southam and Christopher Des Brisay; by the accounting firm Newman & Sversky; and as well, through the generosity of many private donors.

SHIFT is supported by The Canada Council for the Arts, Muziek Centrum Nederland, Muziekgebouw aan ĺ─˛t IJ, the Consulate-General of The Netherlands, the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund, le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Qułębec, the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Charles Street Video and a variety of individual and corporate donors.

For more information on SHIFT please contact Festival Coordinator Josh Grossman at (416) 924-4945 or , or visit .

Ticket prices will be posted shortly.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Action terroriste socialement acceptable


du 2 octobre au 11 dłęcembre 2008, łŢ Montrłęal

En dłęcembre 1997, Lĺ─˘ATSA poussait son premier cri dĺ─˘indignation en orchestrant dans lĺ─˘urgence, devant le Musłęe dĺ─˘art contemporain, une premił«re intervention artistique, politiquement et socialement engagłęe, La Banque łŢ Bas, trał▀ant ainsi leur stratłęgie, dite terroriste : sĺ─˘attaquer łŢ la pauvretłę, łŢ lĺ─˘exclusion, au gaspillage et łŢ la pollution ; livrer des messages aux titres choc, par le biais dĺ─˘un art vivant et engagłę en interaction avec autrui et par des interventions spectaculaires dans lĺ─˘espace urbain, transformłę pour lĺ─˘occasion en espaces scłęnique et de dłębat. Depuis, les artistes fondateurs de lĺ─˘ATSA, Annie Roy et Pierre Allard ont produit plus dĺ─˘une vingtaine dĺ─˘interventions urbaines engagłęes sur des problłęmatiques de justice sociale, environnementale et patrimoniale, invitant les citoyens łŢ expłęrimenter leur capacitłę dĺ─˘action.

Lĺ─˘ATSA cłęlłębrera, du 2 octobre au 11 dłęcembre 2008,
10e anniversaire avec la prłęsentation de trois łęvłęnements

du 2 octobre au 11 dłęcembre 2008, ouverture du magasin temporaire CHANGE

Le 2 octobre lĺ─˘ATSA ouvre au grand public son propre fond de commerce et pendant dix semaines sĺ─˘offrira en cobaye en investissant le monde de la mise en marchłę. Tout en offrant une rłętrospective de lĺ─˘ensemble de ses interventions rłęalisłęes sur la place publique, photos dĺ─˘archives, artłęfacts et produits dłęrivłęs seront mis łŢ la vente. Une occasion unique pour dłęcouvrir ou revisiter la production iconoclaste de lĺ─˘ATSA et se questionner sur lĺ─˘łęvolution des problłęmatiques investigułęes par ce duo dĺ─˘artistes engagłęs. Lĺ─˘adresse de CHANGE sera dłęvoilłęe en septembre 2008.

le jeudi 2 octobre, lancement de la publication ATSA : Quand lĺ─˘Art passe łŢ lĺ─˘Action
Lancłęe au magasin CHANGE, cette publication anniversaire bilingue redonne vie aux dix ans de production atsałěenne et rassemble des photographies dĺ─˘archives. On y retrouvera łęgalement des textes de grands communicateurs, tels Sami Aoun (politicologue), Patrick Beauduin (spłęcialiste du marketing), Dinu Bumbaru (Hłęritage Montrłęal), Guy Sioui Durand (sociologue de lĺ─˘art), Steven Guilbeault (porte-parole de łÔquiterre), Louis Hamelin (łęcrivain), Louis Jacob (historien de lĺ─˘art), Jean Lemire (cinłęaste et biologiste) et Laure Waridel (sociologue et co-fondatrice dĺ─˘łÔquiterre), qui ont łętłę conviłęs łŢ livrer leurs rłęflexions sur lĺ─˘art engagłę et sur les enjeux sociaux et environnementaux. Un entretien avec les deux artistes fondateurs rłęalisłę par Sonia Pelletier (directrice de la revue Spirale) ouvre cet ouvrage qui sera en vente au magasin CHANGE et en librairies en octobre.

du 26 au 30 novembre, place łŢ la 10e łędition dĺ─˘łÔtat dĺ─˘Urgence
En 1998, lĺ─˘ATSA montait son premier łÔtat dĺ─˘Urgence, installant un camp de rłęfugiłęs urbains pour les sans abris en plein cëýur de Montrłęal. Cĺ─˘łętait le cinquantił«me anniversaire de la Dłęclaration universelle des droits de lĺ─˘Homme ĺ─ 2008 en cłęlłębrera le soixantił«me. Lĺ─˘ATSA sĺ─˘associe pour lĺ─˘occasion łŢ Amnistie Internationale. Pendant cinq jours, 24 heures sur 24, ce Manifestival accueillera des sans-abri et de nombreux błęnłęvoles et offrira une programmation artistique engagłęe multidisciplinaire et gratuite, sĺ─˘articulant autour des 30 articles et du prłęambule de cette Dłęclaration. łÔtat dĺ─˘Urgence est rłęcipiendaire du prix Citoyen de la culture 2008 par les Arts et la Ville.

Č┤ Ce couple tente depuis une dizaine dĺ─˘annłęes de nous brasser la cage par toutes sortes de moyens originaux. On reproche souvent łŢ lĺ─˘art contemporain dĺ─˘łütre trop hermłętique, snob, coupłę du public. Cĺ─˘est tout le contraire avec lĺ─˘ATSA. Ȭ
Nathalie Collard, LA PRESSE, 2007

Les rłęalisations de lĺ─˘ATSA, en bref

Lĺ─˘ATSA propose une vision active et responsable de lĺ─˘artiste comme acteur prenant part au dłęveloppement durable de sa sociłętłę. Parmi ses nombreuses activitłęs, qui ont fait leur marque dans lĺ─˘imaginaire de plusieurs łŢ Montrłęal, Paris, Vancouver, Toronto, mentionnons : La Banque łŢ Bas (17 dłęcembre 1997 au 12 fłęvrier 1998) ĺ─ţ des portes de połüles de cuisine faisant office de guichet automatique, distribuant des bas chauds aux itinłęrants victimes des banques sans cëýur ; neuf łęditions de lĺ─˘łÔtat dĺ─˘Urgence ĺ─ţ un Č┤manifestivalȬ artistique interdisciplinaire et solidaire, accueillant un camp de sans-abris au centre-ville ; Parc Industriel (17 aoł¬t au 4 septembre 2001) ĺ─ţ un site archłęologique fait de rebuts proposant une rłęflexion sur la sociłętłę de consommation ĺ─ţ ; Attention : Zone łÔpineuse (5 au 15 octobre 2002) ĺ─ţ une promenade attentive sur le Mont-Royal sur la prłęcaritłę des patrimoines łęcologiques, rappelant la vocation naturelle su site ; ĺ─ţ Murs du feu et de Frag sur la Main (depuis 2005) ĺ─ţ deux parcours graphiques permanent in situ sur lĺ─˘histoire du boulevard St-Laurent ; Attentat (depuis 2003) ĺ─ţ une słęrie sur lĺ─˘hyper dłępendance aux łęnergies fossiles, dont les constats dĺ─˘infraction citoyenne collłęs sur les pare-brise des VUS.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Harbourfront Centre Courses & Workshops

Enjoy, learn, make friends and have the time of your life at Harbourfront Centre's Courses & Workshops!

TORONTO, Tuesday, August 12, 2008ĺ─ţHarbourfront Centre is excited to offer a diverse and engaging line-up of contemporary culture courses throughout the fall and winter months. Adults can learn to paint; explore the world of circus arts; tour the city's culinary neighbourhoods; join a book club, and much more! Harbourfront Centre's Courses & Workshops are affordable and provide a perfect environment for adults to learn, and expand their social circle with like-minded individuals at Toronto's leading arts and cultural centre. Courses & Workshops begin on September 15, at Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queens Quay West. Register early as class size is limited. To register or for more information, the public can call

416-973-4093 or visit

Fall/Winter 2008 Courses & Workshops

Visual Arts & Design

ĺ─ó Drawing for Fashion Design (5 Mondays, September 15 to October 20, excluding Thanksgiving Monday)

ĺ─ó Expressive Arts (8 Mondays, September 15 to November 10, excluding Thanksgiving Monday)

ĺ─ó Creativity Kickstart (October 4)

ĺ─ó Parent Workshop: Engaging Kids with Contemporary Arts (October 4 & December 4)

ĺ─ó Artist Books (5 Mondays, November 3 to December 1, inclusive)

ĺ─ó Sewing 101 (5 Mondays, November 3 to December 1, inclusive)

ĺ─ó Painting (6 Tuesdays, November 4 to December 9, inclusive)

ĺ─ó Fashion 101 (5 Tuesdays, November 4 to December 1)

Media Studies

ĺ─ó Creating your own Website (5 Mondays, September 15 to October 20, excluding Thanksgiving Monday)

ĺ─ó Demystifying the Digital Camera (September 27)

ĺ─ó Podcasting (October 4-5)

ĺ─ó Digital Photography Manipulation (November 15-16)

Performing Arts

ĺ─ó Circus (4 Mondays, Session 1: September 15 to October 6; Session 2: November 3 to 24)

ĺ─ó Hip Hop (5 Tuesdays, September 16 to October 14, inclusive)

ĺ─ó Flamenco Dance (5 Thursdays, September 18 to October16)

Literary Arts

ĺ─ó Authors at Harbourfront Centre (8 Tuesdays once a month, September to April)


ĺ─ó Make Your Own Holiday Cards (November 15)

Urban & Cultural Studies

ĺ─ó Artistic Architecture in the Public Space (6 Wednesdays, September 17 to October 22)

ĺ─ó Explore Toronto's Culinary Neighbourhoods (September 20: Little India; September 27: Kensington/Chinatown; October 4: Little Italy;

October 11: Danforth)

ĺ─ó Film & Food Club (3 Fridays, October 3 to 17, inclusive)

ĺ─ó Surreal in the City (6 Wednesdays, October 29 to December 3, inclusive)

ĺ─ó Urban Portraiture (6 Tuesdays, November 4 to December 9, inclusive)

Craft Studio Courses

ĺ─ó Introduction to Jewellery (8 week year-round course, 3 hrs/week, evening/weekends available)

ĺ─ó Intermediate Jewellery (8 week year-round course, 3 hrs/week, evening/weekends available)

ĺ─ó Textiles (5 week year-round course, 3 hrs/week, evenings; 1-day year-round workshop, 6 hours)

ĺ─ó Glass Blowing (Friday to Sunday from September to May, 20 hours in total)

ĺ─ó Ceramics (8 week year-round course, 3 hrs/week, evenings)

FOCUS: Borders

Harbourfront Centre travels beyond Borders. Is the world smaller than you think? What would a world without borders look like? Can culture be a universal language? What are the limits of your personal space? Through to September, Harbourfront Centre wants you to read between the lines and consider borders through all of our programmingĺ─ţborders within countries, borders within relationships, open borders, psychological borders, shifting borders and more. Harbourfront Centreĺ─ţculture without borders.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Provocation - ARTundressed, une exposition łęrotique et sensuelle internationale łŢ Montrłęal

Festival d'art łęrotique de Montrłęal, du 12 au 17 aoł¬t de 14h00 łŢ 23h00
Musłęe Juste pour rire 2100 boul. Saint-Laurent, Montrłęal

Dans le cadre de l'łęvłęnement " Provocation Sensualitłę łÔrotisme " et en collaboration avec Le Bal łÔrotique et Erotic Signature, le Conseil des Arts du Qułębec (CAQ) accueille " ARTundressed " une exposition internationale en tournłęe (Miami, Montrłęal, Berlin, Amsterdam, Londres) avec plus de 150 artistes dont les Č˙uvres cłątoieront celles d'une trentaine d'artistes słęlectionnłęes par le Conseil.

Plusieurs Č˙uvres prłęsentłęes łŢ Montrłęal se retrouvent dans les tomes I et II du livre " The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today ". Le tome III (sortie 2009) inclura aussi des Č˙ëýuvres d'artistes qułębłęcois.

Provocation Sensualitłę łÔrotisme, six journłęes pour promouvoir positivement la sensualitłę, l'łęrotisme et la beautłę łŢ travers les arts : arts visuels, danse, performances, dłęfilłęs de mode, musique, vidłęo, films, lancement de livres et bien d'autres surprises.

Le Bal łÔrotique

Par cet łęvłęnement, le Conseil des arts du Qułębec rejoint les objectifs du Bal łÔrotique :
Čů crłęer un łęvłęnement culturel annuel visant łŢ łęlargir les mentalitłęs sur la sensualitłę et l'łęrotisme ;
Čů offrir un environnement artistique pluridisciplinaire ;
Čů łętablir une plateforme de rłęflexion sur l'esthłętique et l'ouverture sur l'art łęrotique ;
Čů promouvoir la culture ainsi que la communautłę artistique Qułębłęcoises et Montrłęalaises.

Prix d'entrłęe par journłęe: 10$
Passeport aux six jours de programmation: 30$
Membre du CAQ - escompte de 50%

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

SHIFT- A festival of Canadian and Dutch Arts


A major festival of Canadian and Dutch Arts

Presented by Continuum Contemporary Music and Images Festival


Saturday, June 21, 7-10 pm

Gallery 345, 345 Sorauren Avenue, south of Dundas

Toronto, June 10, 2008: On Saturday, June 21 at 7 pm, Continuum Contemporary Music and Images Festival host a media launch and fundraising event for SHIFT, a festival of Canadian and Dutch Arts to be held in Amsterdam in November, 2008, and in Toronto in February, 2009. The event will feature Guy Maddin as guest-speaker, and other guests will include SHIFT partners Jennifer Waring, Artistic Director of Continuum, Scott Miller Berry, Executive Director of the Images Festival, and Geoffrey Taylor, Director of the International Festival of Authors; also in attendance will be Astrid de Vries, Deputy Consul-General of the Netherlands. Catering for the event will be provided by Grano.

The evening will feature short presentations from Jennifer Waring, Scott Miller Berry and Geoffrey Taylor; a performance by Continuumĺ─˘s musicians; and a talk by guest speaker Guy Maddin. The event will be held at Gallery 345; the gallery, owned by Edward Epstein, specializes in exhibitions of photography and is a frequent venue for concerts of contemporary music and arts-related special events.

Conceived by Continuumĺ─˘s Artistic Director Jennifer Waring, SHIFT is a festival of Canadian and Dutch arts with activities in Amsterdam in November, 2008, and in Toronto in February, 2009. SHIFT will create opportunities for exploration, exchange and new artistic and cultural understanding between Canada and The Netherlands. SHIFT is programmed by some of Canadaĺ─˘s top artistic voices ĺ─ý Continuum, International Festival of Authors, Visual Arts at Harbourfront Centre and Images Film Festival ĺ─ý in collaboration with the internationally acclaimed ASKO and Ives ensembles, and Impakt Film Festival, Utrecht. In Amsterdam, the architecturally stunning Muziekgebouw aan ĺ─˛t IJ is the host venue; Canadian activities will be hosted by Torontoĺ─˘s jewel of the waterfront, Harbourfront Centre. SHIFT will present music, film, literature and visual arts as distinct forms while also encouraging their combination: Canadian and Dutch artists will work together to create new and exciting interdisciplinary projects. Highlights include the premiere of new works by no less than eleven Canadian and Dutch composers; a project of film and live music; exhibitions of Canadian and Dutch photography, metalwork and more; readings by established and emerging Canadian and Dutch authors; and in Toronto, a three-day architectural charrette during which the most innovative Dutch and Canadian architects will grapple with a set issue, followed by a public forum for discussion of the results.

Winnipeger Guy Maddin is an internationally acclaimed screenwriter and director whose most distinctive quality is his fondness for recreating the look and style of silent or early sound era films. His short and feature-length films, which include The Saddest Music in the World, and Brand upon the Brain! featuring narrator, live musicians and foley artists, have won numerous awards and honours including a Genie, Best Canadian Feature at the Toronto International Film Festival, a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Telluride Film Festival, and a directorĺ─˘s spotlight at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. For SHIFT he is creating a new work in collaboration with British/Dutch composer Richard Ayres, to be premiered in Amsterdam by Continuum and repeated in Toronto at the Images Festival.

Continuum Contemporary Music, led by Artistic Director Jennifer Waring, was formed in 1985 and has been responsible for commissioning and premiering more than 100 new works from emerging Canadian composers. One of the finest new music ensembles in the country, Continuum was awarded the 1994 Jean A. Chalmers Award for its focus on new works for voice, has toured Canada and Europe, and in 2007 released its second compact disc, Sea Change. Members are Anne Thompson (flute), Max Christie (clarinet), Benjamin Bowman (violin), Paul Widner (cello), Ryan Scott (percussion) and Laurent Philippe (piano). Continuum will perform in Amsterdam as part of SHIFT, and then will enhance their European presence with performances in Huddersfield, Aberdeen and Den Bosch.

The Images Festival was established in 1987 as Toronto's only alternative to the Toronto International Film Festival, integrating film and video from its inception, and later expanding to include installations, performances and new media. It is now the most comprehensive event of its kind in Canada, and a critical forum for the Canadian independent media arts community, as well as media artists and programmers operating on an international level. Over its long history, the Images Festival has become intrinsically linked to the survival of independent production as well as to the profile of Canadian work both here and abroad.

The International Festival of Authors (IFOA) was inaugurated in 1980 with a mandate to bring together the best writers of contemporary world literature. The IFOA includes readings, interviews, lectures and round-table discussions as well as public book signings and a festival bookstore. Recent participants have included Man Booker Prize-winners Anne Enright, Kiran Desai, John Banville, and Yann Martel; Nobel Prize-winner Orhan Pamuk; and Pulitzer Prize-winner Geraldine Brooks. The IFOA also presents a number of special events including readings by Scotiabank Giller Prize and Governor Generalĺ─˘s Literary Awards finalists, as well as the awarding of the Harbourfront Festival Prize.

Tickets for the event are $75 (purchasers receive a $50 tax receipt) and must be reserved in advance. For more information or to reserve tickets please contact Festival Coordinator Josh Grossman at (416) 924-4945 or

Continuum Contemporary Music presents

SHIFT media launch and fundraiser

Saturday, June 21 at 7 pm at Gallery 345

345 Sorauren Avenue, south of Dundas

Tickets $75 ($50 tax receipt), reservations required

For tickets and information contact Josh Grossman at or (416) 924-4945.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Peurs bleues / Here Be Monsters

Peurs bleues

Quand la mer crłęe les lłęgendesĺ─Â

MONTRłÔAL, le 14 mai 2008
ĺ─ý Dans le cadre des festivitłęs de 2008 entourant l'łętablissement de la colonie franł▀aise en Amłęrique, le Musłęe du Chłóteau RamezayPeurs Bleues, une exposition qui aborde la relation de l'homme łŢ la mer, depuis le 15e sił«cle jusqu'łŢ nos jours. prłęsente, du 21 mai au 19 octobre,

Peurs bleues, une adaptation de l'exposition conł▀ue par La Corderie Royale ĺ─ý Centre International de la Mer łŢ Rochefort, en

Collection Nelson Cazeils

France, propose un voyage au cëýur de l'univers marin. Que pouvait reprłęsenter la mer pour ceux qui s'y aventuraient? Un monde sans repł«re, peuplłę de monstres, frappłę par les tempłütes, la maladie et la piraterie.

Premił«re łępreuve łŢ surmonter pour s'łętablir en Amłęrique, la mer a fał▀onnłę l'identitłę qułębłęcoise. De l'Europe aux rives du Saint-Laurent, sabre d'abordage, figure de proue, cartes anciennes et autres objets inusitłęs rłęvł«lent les secrets de cet univers hostile.

Embarquez-vousĺ─Â la mer vous attend!

Le Musłęe du Chłóteau Ramezay est situłę en plein cëýur du Vieux-Montrłęal, łŢ deux pas de la Place Jacques-Cartier et du młętro Champ-de-Mars, face łŢ l'Hłątel de Ville de Montrłęal.

Here be Monsters

When the Sea spawns Legendsĺ─Â

MONTRłÔAL, May 14, 2008. The love-hate relationship between people and the sea, from the 15th century to today, is the fascinating subject of the exhibition "Here be Monsters" presented by the Chłóteau Ramezay Museum, from May 21 to October 19, 2008, as a contribution to the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the founding of the first French colony in the New World.

Adapted from an exhibition created by La Corderie Royale- Centre international de la Mer in Rochefort, France, "Here be Monsters" takes you on a voyage that plumbs the depths of human imagination and the deep blue sea. To early explorers, the sea was a world without landmarks, inhabited by monsters, threatening tempest, sickness and piracy.

As the first obstacle to be overcome when venturing to settle in the Americas, the sea put its stamp on the cultural identity of Quebec. From the shores of Europe to the barks of the St. Lawrence, maps, charts, travel accounts, cutlass, figurehead and much else reveal the secrets of this hostile universe.

Set your sailĺ─Â. the sea is calling you!

The Chłóteau Ramezay Museum is located in the heart of historical Old Montreal, just east of Place Jacques-Cartier and across from the Montreal City Hall.

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4th Annual WAWA (We Are Women Artists) Show

The Beautiful People Association and CKUT 90.3FM are pleased to present the 4th edition of the WAWA Show, an evening of women's performance by Montreal singers, dancers, comediennes and artists. The event will take place on Thursday, May 29 at 8:30 p.m. at Sala Rossa (4848 blvd. Saint Laurent). Tickets are $10 and available at the door.

Participants include:

Music & Performance
Empire Isis (SOBA award-winning hip hop reggae star)
Amanda Mabro (Cabaret pop noir vocalist)
Briga ĺ─ý Brigitte Dajczer (Eastern European folk violin & vocals)
Annabelle Chvostek (Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist folk chanteuse)
Jordi Rosen (Singer/songwriter and accordionist)
Raylene Campbell (Accordionist and electro acoustic performer)
DJ Amyl Nitrate
Erica Ruth Kelly (Poet)

Miss Sugarpuss, Emcee (Actress, singer & burlesque dancer)
DeAnne Smith (Just for Laughs comedienne)

Amy Arnott for Black Sheep Betty (Design), Celine Vautour for WA'OU creations (Design), Eva Blue (Photography), Mary Jane Caro (Photography), Nadia Nespeca (Photography), Caroline Jean (Painting), Adrianna Coluccio (Multimedia), Catherine Rizzetto (Crafts) Amanda Rhodenizer (Painting), Amanda Schurman (Painting), Anita Abbasi (Film), Brigitte Dajczer (Film), Andrea Fryett (Dance), Tony Elias (Magic), Jill Murray (author), Erica Ruth Kelly (poet), Four Minutes to Midnight (zine), Hannah Byrne and Shayl Prisk for SNAP! Magazine
The following night, Friday May 30, 8:30 p.m, WAWA will host a second event showcasing Montreal's women designers at an interactive fashion show at Black Sheep Betty, an art and fashion gallery in Montreal's Mile End district (4816b Avenue du Parc). Admission is $5.

The WAWA show's creator, Amanda Mabro, took partial inspiration from comedienne Gilda Radner's Legendary "Baba Wawa" sketch when creating this annual event. WAWA is about fostering community among female artists in all fields and is proud to bring women together in a positive and inspiring forum.

For more information visit the website at

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