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Friday, April 24, 2009

Laudate Singers present VIVA VIVALDI! May 22

Laudate Singers present



Nancy DiNovo, violin

and Baroque instrumentalists

Friday May 22, 2009 at 8:00 pm

St. David's United Church, West Vancouver

(Taylor Way @ Hwy 1)

Tickets $25 / $20 / Free for ages 17 & under (reservation required)

604.729.6814 or

Laudate Singers and artistic director Lars Kaario bring their 14th season to an exhilarating close, as they join forces with violinist Nancy DiNovo and an ensemble of VancouveríńŰs finest Baroque instrumentalists for Viva Vivaldi! The choir and orchestra will present such beloved Vivaldi masterpieces as the joyful Gloria, the refined Beatus Vir (both featuring soprano soloists Catherine Crouch and Heidi Ackermann and mezzo-soprano Jennifer Stephanson) and the Credo. DiNovo will also perform the glittering Spring movement from Vivaldi's most famous work, The Four Seasons.

Viva Vivaldi! provides a brilliant, spirited conclusion to a season that íńž in true Laudate fashion íńž has ranged from the very old to the brand new, including several world premieres of new pieces by Canadian composers. The choiríńŰs varied programming has spanned centuries, cultures and musical styles, taking audiences on a journey through the ancient mysteries of the medieval mass, the colourful sounds of the tango and, now, the beauties of a Baroque Venetian spring. Hearts will be lifted and ears dazzled, as Laudate Singers, Nancy DiNovo and friends give virtuoso performances of some of the most popular works in the Western classical canon.

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Vivaldi's Four Seasons

VivaldiíńŰs Four Seasons with the VSO and the Canadian debut of violinist/conductor Duncan Riddell

Vancouver BC íńž VivaldiíńŰs Four Seasons is a timeless classic and a fundamental staple for the Holiday season. This year, Duncan Riddell will lead the orchestra from the violin in his interpretation of the piece, as well as chamber works by Mozart and Mendelssohn. The concerts take place on December 19th and 20th at the Chan Centre for Performing Arts and, NEW this year, the VSO returns to Massey Theatre in New Westminster on December 21st for one performance at 7:30pm.

Currently the Concertmaster of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Duncan Riddell has appeared as guest concertmaster with several prestigious orchestras around the United Kingdom including the London Symphony and London Philharmonic. Mr. Riddell is a chamber music specialist and will lead and perform in his element. The VSO welcomes Mr. Riddell in his Canadian debut.

VivaldiíńŰs Four Seasons is of course one of the most popular works ever written. Vivaldi played a significant role in many important music developments, most notably the rise of the concerto. He wrote over five hundred concerti(!) for various instruments, the most popular of those being for the violin. Vivaldi was paid the tremendous compliment of having no less a musical titan as Johannes Sebastian Bach transcribe many of his concerti, such a fan of VivaldiíńŰs music he was. The Four Seasons are of course VivaldiíńŰs most enduringly popular works, probably due both to their exceptional quality and the programmatic, or descriptive, nature of the music. Vivaldi made pioneering efforts in the area of descriptive composition, and was explicit to a greater degree than any of his other compositions in terms of his elaborate description of what the music portrays. The Four Seasons has become an iconic work, standing alongside the likes of BeethoveníńŰs 9th as the most recognized and loved music ever written. It is now a beloved Lower Mainland music tradition, in its eight consecutive season at the Chan Centre in late December with the VSO.


Bach & Beyond & Specials:

VivaldiíńŰs Four Seasons

Friday & Saturday, December 19 & 20, 8pm, Chan Centre

Sunday, December 21, 7:30pm, Massey Theatre

Duncan Riddell, leader/violin

Mozart Divertimento, K.136

Mendelssohn Sinfonia No.9 in C Major

Vivaldi Four Seasons

Tickets for December 19 & 20 at the Chan Centre:

Tickets $35 to $59 (Student, Senior and Subscriber discounts available)

Tickets available ONLY through Ticketmaster outlets, Charge-by-Phone at 604.280.3311 or online at

Tickets for December 21 at the Massey Theatre:

Tickets $37 (Student, Senior and Subscriber discounts available)

Tickets available by phone at 604.876.3434 or online at as well as the Massey Ticket Centre 604.521.5050

The VSOíńŰs Bach & Beyond Series Endowed By:

The Chan Foundation of Canada

The presentation of this series is made possible in part through the generous assistance of the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts of the University of British Columbia.

Radio Sponsor:



Duncan Riddell, leader/violin

British born violinist Duncan Riddell studied with Professor Nicholas Roth from the age of eleven and subsequently as a student at Trinity College of Music in London. During this time he became Concertmaster of both the European Community Youth Orchestra under the baton of Claudio Abbado and the International Festival Youth Orchestra with C M Giulini, as well as winning internal college prizes and the silver medal at the first Shell/London Symphony Orchestra scholarship for string players in1978. On leaving Trinity College, he founded the Roth String Quartet with whom he won international prizes, performed extensively around Britain and in Europe and made many recordings for BBC Radio as well as on disc. In 1989, the quartet disbanded and Duncan accepted a principal position in the North German Radio Philharmonic in Hannover which led to recordings and performances as a soloist and with chamber groups in Germany. At the beginning of 1994, he was appointed co-concertmaster of the London Philharmonic Orchestra with whom he also made recordings and concert appearances as a soloist and director.

íńķDuncan Riddell assumes the mantle of [Wolfgang] Schneiderhan with no mean success.íńý

(Gramophone Magazine, Maria Trypticon-Frank Martin)

Duncan Riddell is currently Concertmaster of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra with which he has appeared many times as soloist including a live BBC Radio 3 broadcast of BeethoveníńŰs Triple Concerto with Andrew Litton. His increasingly frequent appearances as director of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra in both chamber and string orchestra form have elicited considerable critical acclaim.

He also continues to appear as guest concertmaster with many of the orchestras around the UK including the London Symphony and London Philharmonic orchestras and was invited to lead a joint orchestra of the members of the London Philharmonic and Orchestre National de France for Maestro Kurt MasuríńŰs 80th birthday concert at the BBC Promenade Concerts in the summer of 2007.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Orchestre Symphonique de Laval

Une soirą©e sous le signe des grands maą∆tres du baroque allemand et italien

Bach et Vivaldi sont ą› l'honneur ą› l'OSL!

Laval, 27 octobre 2008 íńž L'Orchestre symphonique de Laval vous propose une fąĀte baroque haute en couleur pour cą©lą©brer le gą©nie de J.-S. Bach, l'effervescence des Quatre Saisons de Vivaldi et la beautą© du Concerto pour hautbois et cordes de Marcello. L'orchestre est trąģs heureux d'accueillir ą› son pupitre pour ce fabuleux concert Mark Fewer, qui se fera ą©galement violon solo le temps des Quatre saisons de Vivaldi et du Concerto pour violon, hautbois et cordes en rą© mineur de Bach. Chambriste extrąĀmement prisą© en Amą©rique du Nord, Mark Fewer ą©tait, jusqu'ą› tout rą©cemment, violon solo de l'Orchestre symphonique de Vancouver. Ce concert mettra ą©galement de l'avant le talent de Lise Beauchamp, la superbe hautbois solo de l'OSL, qui sera ą› l'honneur lors des concertos de J.-S. Bach et Marcello. Offerte dans le cadre de la są©rie LES CLASSIQUES DE L'OSL, cette grande fąĀte baroque sera prą©sentą©e, le mercredi 5 novembre ą› 20 h, ą› la salle Andrą©-Mathieu. Mark Fewer et Lise Beauchamp vous invitent ą› la confą©rence d'avant-concert, dąģs 19 h 15.

Mark Fewer, violon

Originaire de Saint-Jean, Terre-Neuve, oąľ son pąģre s'est taillą© une rą©putation enviable en tant que chanteur et musicien, Mark Fewer joue du piano ą› quatre ans, du violon ą› six et du saxophone ą› dix. Ayant arrąĀtą© son choix sur le violon, il a ą©tudią© ą› Toronto, Londres et Budapest, notamment auprąģs de David Zafer, Jose-Luis Garcia et Ferenc Rados.

Musicien polyvalent, Mark Fewer a occupą© jusqu'en 2008 le poste de violon solo ą› l'Orchestre symphonique de Vancouver. Il est directeur artistique du Scotia Festival of Music d'Halifax et du SweetWater Music Weekend ą› Owen Sound (Ontario). Comme chambriste, il est membre fondateur du Trio Duke et membre du quatuor ą› cordes SuperNova. Il s'est rą©cemment illustrą© dans l'intą©grale des sonates et partitas pour violon seul de Bach. En plus de sa carriąģre de musicien, il enseigne le violon et la musique de chambre ą› titre de professeur adjoint au dą©partement de musique de l'Universitą© McGill.

Lise Beauchamp, hautbois

Ną©e ą› Montrą©al, Lise Beauchamp a dą©couvert la musique ą› l'ąĘge de neuf ans. ą‚tudiante au Conservatoire de musique de Montrą©al, sous la direction de Bernard Jean, elle obtient en 1985 son diplą•me d'ą©tudes supą©rieures et un premier prix. Elle s'est ensuite perfectionną©e avec Elaine Douvas ą› la cą©ląģbre Juilliard School of Music de New York, y terminant sa maą∆trise en 1990. Hautbois solo ą› l'Orchestre Mą©tropolitain du Grand Montrą©al et ą› l'Orchestre symphonique de Laval, Lise Beauchamp est reconnue comme une excellente hautboąōste.

Depuis 1985, Lise Beauchamp a jouą© au sein des ensembles les plus rą©putą©s du Quą©bec : l'Orchestre Mą©tropolitain du Grand Montrą©al, les Violons du Roy, I Musici de Montrą©al, l'Orchestre Baroque de Montrą©al et plusieurs autres. Elle fut hautbois solo de l'Orchestre Philharmonique de Mexico en 1988 et elle a reprą©sentą© le Canada au sein de l'Orchestre Mondial des Jeunesses Musicales ą› trois reprises. Elle enseigne ą› la Facultą© de musique de l'Universitą© de Montrą©al et au Conservatoire de musique de Montrą©al.


Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

Concerto Brandebourgeois en sol majeur, BWV 1048

Les six Concertos Brandebourgeois tirent leur appellation de l'oncle du roi de Prusse, le Margrave Christian Ludwig von Brandeburg, une dą©dicace de la main de Bach, accompagnant la partition, lui ą©tant adressą©e. Le troisiąģme Concerto Brandebourgeois en sol majeur, BWV 1048, a ą©tą© composą© selon le schą©ma traditionnel des concertos italiens (vif-lent-vif). Les cordes sont divisą©es en trois groupes qui dialoguent (violons, altos et violoncelles), accompagną©s et soutenus par la basse continue. L'adagio, le deuxiąģme mouvement, est formą© d'une courte succession d'accords, qui sert traditionnellement de support ą› une cadence pour le clavecin.

Allessandro Marcello (1684-1750)

Concerto pour hautbois et cordes en do mineur

Compositeur assez mą©connu, et surtout moins cą©ląģbre que son frąģre Benedetto, Allessandro Marcello consacra sa vie tant ą› la musique qu'aux mathą©matiques, ą› la peinture et ą› la philosophie. Son Concerto pour hautbois est sa plus grande Čžuvre; elle fut attribuą©e ą› quelques autres compositeurs, dont son frąģre, et mąĀme ą› Vivaldi. Bach en fit une traduction pour clavecin solo (BWV 974). L'Čžuvre vous sera interprą©tą©e dans sa tonalitą© originale, mais elle est aujourd'hui plus souvent jouą©e en rą© mineur. Le premier mouvement est un andante d'un style un peu austąģre. Le deuxiąģme mouvement laisse toute la place ą› la soliste, dans une cantiląģne d'une grande beautą©. Le finale est un ą©change endiablą© et trąģs vivant entre la soliste et l'orchestre.

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

Concerto pour violon, hautbois et cordes en rą© mineur, BWV 1060

Bach a ą©crit une version de ce concerto pour deux clavecins. Le style d'ą©criture nous laisse cependant croire qu'il a d'abord ą©tą© ą©crit pour deux instruments diffą©rents et mą©lodiques, ce qui appuie l'hypothąģse que l'Čžuvre originale a ą©tą© ą©crite pour violon et hautbois. On retrouve comme dans le Concerto Brandebourgeois la forme vif-lent-vif. Les premiers et troisiąģmes mouvements sont ą› la fois ą©nergiques et dynamiques, mettant en valeur la virtuositą© des deux solistes. Le mouvement lent leur permet, quant ą› lui, un dialogue d'une grande beautą©.


Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (1678-1741)

Les Quatre Saisons

Considą©rą©e par plusieurs comme une des premiąģres Čžuvres de musique ¨ī ą› programme¨™, illustrant des ą©vą©nements ou sentiments, Les Quatre Saisons Opus 8, no 1 ą› 4, ouvrent le recueil de ¨ī La bataille entre l'harmonie et l'invention ¨™. L'Čžuvre est accompagną©e de quatre sonnets attribuą©s ą› Vivaldi dą©crivant le dą©roulement des saisons. Sur la partition, le compositeur note avec exactitude certains dą©tails du texte (noms d'oiseaux : coucou, tourterelle et pinson dans les partitions de trois violons solistes, au 1er mouvement du printemps ; aboiements de chien dans la partie d'alto au 2e mouvement du printemps). Ces quatre concertos pour violons et orchestre ą› cordes sont parmi les Čžuvres les plus aimą©es et jouą©es du rą©pertoire.

En rą©sumą©

Concert : le mercredi 5 novembre ą› 20 h, ą› la salle Andrą©-Mathieu

Confą©rence d'avant-concert avec Mark Fewer et Lise Beauchamp : dąģs 19 h 15 ą› la salle Andrą©-Mathieu. Ce concert fait partie des Grandes Soirą©es Hydro Quą©bec.

Les billets pour ce concert sont disponibles

En ligne :

Au guichet de la salle Andrą©-Mathieu : 475, boul. de l'Avenir, Laval

Par tą©lą©phone, billetterie de la salle Andrą©-Mathieu : (450) 667-2040

Via le Rą©seau admission : (514) 790-1245

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Rappel Concerts populaires de Montrą©al

Orgue et couleurs



Cinquiąģme et sixiąģme concerts ą› 19h30,

Les mercredis 23 juillet et 30 juillet 2008

au Centre Pierre-Charbonneau

3000, rue Viau, Montrą©al (mą©tro Viau)

Renseignements et billetterie : 514.899.0938

Montrą©al, vendredi 18 juillet 2008 - La 44e saison des concerts populaires de montrą©al se poursuit le mercredi 23 juillet 2008 ą› 19h30. Laissez-vous conter fleurette et porter par les ą©motions de certaines des plus belles pages classiques et romantiques en compagnie de l'Ensemble Appassionata et du chef Daniel Myssyk. L'ensemble sera ą©galement accompagną© par Olivier Thouin au violon.

Au programme :

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : Serenata Notturna ; Edvard Grieg : Heart's Wound et The last Spring ; Guillaume Lekeu : Adagio ; Leo¨Ų JanąįüÁek : Idyla ; Antonio Vivaldi : Concerto no 10 pour violon en mi majeur L'amoroso RV 271.

Le 6e et dernier concert de la są©rie se dą©roulera quant ą› lui le mercredi 30 juillet 2008 ą› 19 h30. Une soirą©e royale ąń la cour d'Angleterre en compagnie de l'Orchestre Mą©tropolitain du Grand Montrą©al et de son chef invitą© Julian Wachner. Deux grands maą∆tres, deux ą©poques; sans rą©vą©rences, ni courbettes !

Au programme :

Edward Elgar : Pomp and Circumstance Opus 9 no1 en rą© majeur ; Są©rą©nade en mi mineur, Opus 20 ; Variations sur un thąģme original, Opus 6, ¨ī Enigma ¨™

Georg Friedrich Handel : Music for the Royal Fireworks, Ouverture - Bourrą©e - Sicilienne ¨ī la Paix ¨™ - La Rą©jouissance - Menuets I et II

27$ (rą©gulier) et 23$ (rą©duit) pour la section parterre

22$ (rą©gulier) et 18$ (rą©duit) pour la section gradin

Service aux tables (boisson et repas lą©ger) au parterre en sus

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

New music for international summer music festival

Calgary, AB íńž Throughout the thirty days of the Morningside Music Bridge festival, works by famous composers, such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Igor Stravinsky and Antonio Vivaldi will be performed at Mount Royal College and around the city.

But this year, newly-written music is also on the agenda. John Abram, an instructor at the Mount Royal Conservatory and music consultant for Morningside Music Bridge, has written a piece especially for the young musicians who will perform in the festivalíńŰs final gala, taking place July 31 at the EPCOR CentreíńŰs Martha Cohen Theatre, starting at 7 p.m.

íńķEvery year Morningside Music Bridge invites really excellent young musicians from around the world to take part, and you can basically throw the most difficult pieces from the classical repertoire at them. My goal was to write a new piece for string orchestra that will challenge them in a different way, based on ensemble playing versus solo playing,íńý says Abram.

The result is Pluck íÓń a modern and fun composition of four movements. Abram describes the first movement as being very intense because of some unusual playing techniques that create a sense of tension; the second, he says, is very easy going at the beginning but becoming frenzied at the end; in the third movement, the music slows down and is quiet, featuring solo playing; the last movement follows without a break and is very fast and energetic, and rhythmically quite complicated.

Abram chose the title with equal deliberation. íńķAt itíńŰs most basic, Pluck refers to the plucking of the strings, but I also wanted a name that reflects the gusty nature of the students and the courage it takes to follow a career path in music,íńý Abram explains.

According to Paul Dornian, director of the Mount Royal Conservatory, AbramíńŰs piece is the first of many organizers hope to commission with other composers over the coming years. íńķWe, along with the sponsors, decided that it is part of our responsibility to upcoming generations of performers to encourage engaging new works of music that complement the historical repertories of Brahms, Beethoven and Mozart.íńý

As for Abram, he hopes the students and audience will enjoy his work. íńķI had an absolute blast composing the piece and hope everyone who hears it becomes lost in the music.íńý

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