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Norman Lebrecht is a prolific writer on music and cultural affairs, whose weekly column has been called 'required reading for anyone interested in classical music.' His books have been translated into 10 languages and topped the amazon.com best-seller music charts. They include: * THE COMPLETE COMPANION TO 20TH CENTURY MUSIC (published January 2000), the first (and only) comprehensive guide to the the gamut of composers, trends, fads and ideas that shaped the modern era. * THE MAESTRO MYTH lifts the lid off the mysterious world of conducting, a world populated by geniuses and charlatans and preyed upon by the greatest power brokers in the entertainment industry. * WHEN THE MUSIC STOPS (also known by its US title WHO KILLED CLASSICAL MUSIC) recounts the furtive history of the classical music industry, the powers behind the glory. * MAHLER REMEMBERED is a key text on the composer, assembling dozens of first-hand biographical accounts linked by Lebrecht's commentary.

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CD of the Week
2016-1-25 La Scena Musicale is pleased to announce the return of Norman Lebrecht's weekly CD reviews. See links below.

> Previous CDs of the Week (February 19, 2007 to March 3, 2014)

2016/05/20. Lebrecht Weekly - Ralph Vaughan Williams: Symphonies 2 and 8 (Onyx)
2016/05/17. Critic Quits after Newspaper Bows to Pressure and Pulls his Opera Review
2016/05/13. Lebrecht Weekly - Joseph Haydn: Violin concertos (Panclassics)
2016/05/09. Lebrecht Weekly - Beethoven: Symphonies 4 and 5 (Sony)
2016/05/02. Lebrecht Weekly - Mahler: 3rd symphony (DSO Live)
2016/04/25. Lebrecht Weekly - Deutsche Grammophon: The Mono Era, 1948-57 (51-CD Box Set)
2016/04/18. Lebrecht Weekly - Argerich and Barenboim: Live from Buenos Aires (DG)
2016/04/11. Lebrecht Weekly - NDR Symphony Orchestra/Krzysztof Urbanski (Alpha)
2016/04/04. Lebrecht Weekly - Ludmila Berlinskaya: Pasternak And Scriabin (Melodiya)
2016/03/28. Lebrecht Weekly - FolksLied: Beethoven, Britten, Haydn (BR Klassik)
2016/03/22. Bottles roll down the aisles in brave New York opera venue
2016/03/21. Lebrecht Weekly - Debussy, Elgar &c: violin sonatas (Onyx)
2016/03/16. No men allowed in Sweden’s opera conservatories
2016/03/16. Sicklist: Yannick’s out
2016/03/14. Lebrecht Weekly - British Clarinet Concertos 2 (Chandos)
2016/03/10. An opera on the innocent youth of Bill Clinton
2016/03/09. How tough is it to pass an opera studio audition? Here’s how
2016/03/07. Lebrecht Weekly - Mahler: 1st symphony (BR Klassik)
2016/03/06. Nikolaus Harnoncourt: An exemplary human being
2016/03/02. Opera mourns a mighty chorusmaster
2016/02/29. Three views on women in opera, one radical
2016/02/29. Lebrecht Weekly - Rudi Stephan, Albéric Magnard (accentus)
2016/02/22. Lebrecht Weekly - Ivry Gitlis (SWR/Naxos Deutschland)
2016/02/15. Lebrecht Weekly - Yevgeny Sudbin: Medtner/Rachmaninov (Bis)
2016/02/08. Lebrecht Weekly - Bartók: 44 Duos (Decca)
2016/02/01. Lebrecht Weekly - Wihan Quartet: Dvořák/Janáček (Nimbus Alliance)
2016/01/26. God saves classical music (again)
2016/01/25. Lebrecht Weekly - Manhattan Intermezzo (Naxos)
2016/01/23. Are opera directors the new divas?
2016/01/20. Dresden gives residency to Israel Phil
2016/01/13. A record legend has faded out
2016/01/10. A chicago symphony violist brings hope to syrian refugees
2016/01/02. Chief Met Opera Negotiator Has Died
2015/12/31. Vienna Phil's Fiercest Critic Admits 'Notable Progress'
2015/09/08. Vienna declares it’s better off without a music director
2015/08/11. Death of an international opera director
2015/08/06. The beginning of the end for classical radio?
2015/07/30. Disaster: Ex-Met chief quits English National Opera
2015/07/23. Czech quartet member has died
2015/07/23. With NASA’s help, Houston we have opera….
2015/07/20. US opera chief is killed in car crash
2015/07/20. Breaking: Long-serving orchestra manager calls it quits
2015/07/16. Breakthrough: These opera glasses deliver subtitles
2015/07/03. Maestro Move: Minkowski lands French opera
2015/06/25. Ronald Wilford: The most powerful man in classical music
2015/06/23. What musicians say about Kirill Petrenko
2015/06/19. Maestro fumes as opera cuts 9-month season to 3 weeks
2015/06/12. Monks sell more albums than the next 20 classical releases
2015/06/11. BBC gives Cardiff Singer streaming to Austrian firm
2015/05/22. Just in: Pirates beats Met to steal cinema record for live opera
2015/04/28. The most-watched Tchaikovsky concerto on Youtube
2015/04/20. The earliest classical videos on Youtube?
2015/04/17. Canada gives millions to music majors (classical included)
2015/04/09. Exclusive: Chief conductor is erased from Russian opera house
2015/03/27. New Yorker ‘won’t publish’ letter from Metropolitan Opera
2015/03/17. Listening to Mozart can boost brain function (but only if you already know the music)
2015/02/25. Adams: To be a composer, I gave up political activism
2015/02/24. Just in: Charles Dutoit and Montreal kiss and make up
2015/02/24. Six film composers and a piano
2015/02/17. The Met refuses a donation
2015/02/17. If Bochum and Birmingham can, why not Munich and London?
2015/02/17. Trebles all round as violinist sings countertenor
2015/02/17. A week of Vienna Opera for free
2015/02/16. The Rattle Daily: He’s gone, the work continues
2015/02/10. Why Simon Rattle is the Tony Blair of classical music
2015/02/09. And the classical Grammy winners are…
2015/02/05. Orchestra gets plastered on roof of Sydney Opera House
2015/01/20. "Classical music isn’t dead! It’s just too expensive."
2015/01/12. My Gift - or Curse - of the Perfect Pitch
2014/11/17. Hilary Hahn is Back
2014/10/11. Noted Coloratura Soprano Rita Shane Dies
2014/10/11. The Met Starts Selling Off Assets
2014/10/05. Yuri Lyubimov, a Titan of Russian theatre and opera has died
2014/07/30. Precious Oboe Stolen in Montreal
2014/02/15. An open letter to Gustavo Dudamel on the Venezuela situation
2013/12/01. Death at the opera: today’s premiere is cancelled after backstage fatality
2013/11/28. An event of continental magnitude: Frank Gehry to build concert hall for Dudamel in Venezuela
2013/10/19. Dresden plans to share operas with Sydney and New York
2013/09/07. Violinist bitten by lethal spider at Lucerne Festival
2013/08/01. Music critic who sued his paper is fired in sweeping layoffs
2013/07/28. Anna Netrebko must state her position on gay rights in Russia
2013/07/16. Awful news: Rising Italian violinist is dead, aged 24
2013/05/31. A ‘Titanic violin’ sceptic changes his tune
2013/03/16. Lina and the Wolf: Prokofiev was a great composer and a lousy human being
2013/02/21. Abandoned daughter of an avant-garde composer was mentored by Humphrey Bogart
2012/10/15. Banff Centre classical music programming in upheaval with departure of Henk Guittart
2012/09/10. Just in: Kent Nagano lands another new job
2012/09/03. Exclusive: New York Times demotes a critic
2011/12/21. Exclusive: ‘classical’ music magazine to shut down
2011/10/01. From the archives: Prokofiev Was Stalin’s Final Victim
2011/10/01. Dans les archives : Prokofiev, la dernière victime de Staline
2011/07/22. News just in: Now Bryn Terfel quits Verbier
2011/07/17. Breaking: Much-loved American singer dies
2011/07/15. Canadian soprano dies – rare pics from a half-forgotten past
2011/07/11. Breaking news: Blue-blood opera boss dies
2011/06/26. Two Boys leads the charge into the 21st century
2011/06/14. Dutch opera company faces shutdown
2011/06/12. How Manchester inspired far more than Mahler
2011/05/25. Washington slams lid on the Domingo era
2011/04/05. Breaking: Bayreuth loses its next Ring director in 3-D row
2011/03/29. Sad news: Robert Tear is dead
2011/03/22. Exclusive: Biggest archive of composer manuscripts to be sold
2011/03/11. Musicians caught in Japan quake
2011/03/06. Facebook protest prompts orchestral blackout
2011/02/23. Rattle's Mahler Third - or Mahler's?
2011/02/03. Depressing news from the north
2011/01/31. Big Canadian coup at Scottish orchestra
2011/01/31. Sad death of a great leader
2011/01/21. Happy birthday, Placido. We're trashing your legacy
2010/10/15. The maestro must never play second fiddle
2010/10/04. Deal of the century is off
2010/08/14. Rolando Villazon should learn from the classical heroes
2010/07/04. Music with an urge to heal the world
2010/07/01. The Rise of Gustav Mahler
2010/07/01. How I Became a Novelist
2010/04/05. The concert hall should be out of this world
2010/02/17. One Abbey Road for sale
2010/02/02. Sony Pays $3 Million to Win Pianist Lang Lang
2010/02/01. Classical numbers - where it hurts most
2010/01/21. New talent in a bookstore
2010/01/17. Why I'm going on the fiddle
2009/12/31. Yannick-Nézet Séguin - Unconventional Maestro Makes Met Debut With ‘Carmen’
2009/12/29. Unconventional Maestro Makes Met Debut With ‘Carmen’: Interview
2009/12/07. Chewing up the critics
2009/11/26. A squirm at the opera
2009/11/19. Unsung premiere
2009/11/13. You want to know what's wrong with the Met?
2009/10/19. How a master of dogma became the acme of cool
2009/10/07. Alan Gilbert stumbles into New York
2009/10/06. Cuba Fiasco Spoils Philharmonic’s Gilbert Crowning: Commentary
2009/09/22. BBC’s ‘The Choir’ Spurs Britons to Sing
2009/09/21. BBC’s ‘The Choir’ Spurs Britons to Sing
2009/09/15. How Beethoven is rebuilding Bonn
2009/07/26. Genius in Paradise
2009/07/17. Mendelssohn, Mahler and the Jewish Question (Is that a yes or a no?)
2009/06/26. A tale of two cities
2009/06/08. Recession Blues Spurs Classical Music: Norman Lebrecht
2009/05/27. How the Proms became a brand
2009/05/06. Are we down to our last tenor?
2009/05/02. You're still André Previn. But what happens when your reps admit to fraud?
2009/04/29. When four arts work together
2009/04/22. Why artists need a Geneva Convention
2009/04/17. What makes a music capital?
2009/04/08. Lang Lang, The pianist who is more famous than the Beatles
2009/04/01. The British Museum is about to get bigger
2009/03/25. Hallelujah! England finds the true Messiah
2009/03/18. Martinu and Me
2009/03/11. Theatre needs a showcase
2009/03/09. Michael Ignatieff: An open letter
2009/03/04. Return of the Great British Soprano
2009/02/25. End this downloads ban
2009/02/23. Justifying genocide
2009/02/18. How to get a handle on Haydn
2009/02/18. Stop that track
2009/02/11. Singing soon on a screen near you
2009/02/04. The BBC climbs back on board
2009/02/04. Shutting down at number one: death comes to Decca
2009/01/28. Barack Obama's New Deal for the arts
2009/01/21. The maestros who are making Paris a music capital, at last
2009/01/14. The face of modern opera
2009/01/14. A different sprig of heather
2009/01/07. The Miller's return
2008/12/31. The homage we owe to creators
2008/12/17. Whatever happened to Mendelssohn?
2008/12/17. New head for dead body
2008/12/10. A Mahler dream come true
2008/12/03. How to hook the next generation
2008/11/26. The English interpreter
2008/11/12. The rise of an orchestral superpower
2008/11/12. Opera catches a cold
2008/11/05. Gulf orchestra a mirage
2008/11/05. This is one musical too far
2008/10/29. New man at the Bank
2008/10/29. Last of the great pianists
2008/10/22. Why the fate of music hinges on a $20 million violin
2008/10/22. Katherine cashes in her opera chips
2008/10/16. Gergiev is selling us short
2008/10/08. Anyone for cafe culture?
2008/10/01. Let the concert wars commence
2008/09/24. Was this TV's finest hour?
2008/09/24. Chocs for aunties at the seaside band
2008/09/17. The Kaiser's legacy
2008/09/17. Whatever became of specialist conductors?
2008/09/12. Three Cheers for the Proms. Now will the BBC Learn?
2008/09/10. Karajan's Drive for Power at Salzburg Examined
2008/09/10. Why Messaien doesn't raise my spirits
2008/09/03. So which of the Beecham stories are true?
2008/09/01. Richly miserable
2008/08/28. Daniel Barenboim, Everything is Connected Weidenfeld & Nicolson, £16.99
2008/08/27. Edinburgh needs a new dawn
2008/08/20. Can music add years to your life?
2008/08/13. Take back the cultural Olympics from the bureaucrats
2008/07/30. Russian to the rescue
2008/07/09. Natalie Dessay - A different class of diva
2008/07/02. How London fever beat New York lucre
2008/07/02. What's the use of producer opera?
2008/06/25. How YouTube shrank the classical world
2008/06/24. `Third Man' Museum Digs Up Vienna's Past
2008/06/18. Putting a different spin on the record business
2008/06/11. Big composer who acted small
2008/06/04. They really would do anything
2008/05/28. How do you solve a problem like the Fuhrer?
2008/05/23. Why does the Southbank need another £16.5 million?
2008/05/11. A New Hero for the Cello
2008/05/07. The music revolution starts here
2008/04/30. The Vaughan Identity
2008/04/28. Birtwistle's Musical Creatures Lure Londoners
2008/04/23. A new hero for the cello
2008/04/16. Virtuoso Vengerov Gets Bored, Retreats
2008/04/16. Bayreuth isn't safe with the Wagner sisters
2008/04/16. And this man is a classical hero?
2008/04/10. I can't bear the synthetic sound of this fuhrer with a baton
2008/04/09. This Arts Council farce has lost the plot
2008/04/09. An opera house by any other name
2008/04/05. The clapped-out legacy of Karajan that impoverished classical music
2008/04/04. Trisexual? Tell It to England's Arts Council
2008/04/02. Is a Strad a sound investment?
2008/04/02. China's new star on the guitar
2008/03/26. Why talent is forced to go it alone
2008/03/26. Chasing a music that didn’t exist
2008/03/05. Kennedy's hit and miss
2008/03/05. A new view of Mahler
2008/02/27. Gordon gets it right with culture
2008/02/27. Atonement's Oscar strikes the right note
2008/02/22. Maazel's Troops Bumble Into Korean Ambush
2008/02/20. La Scala Goes to the Movies, too
2008/02/20. Is pop music bad for your health?
2008/02/19. Barenboim's Beethoven Will Resound for Decades
2008/02/13. Barenboim's piano prodigy
2008/02/13. Classical music goes clubbing
2008/02/12. Stockhausen gets a second wind
2008/02/12. Sweeney Todd: When a Movie Outshines the Outstanding Original
2008/02/06. Gabriela Montero - The pianist who plays My Way
2008/02/06. Don't bank on your sponsors
2008/01/30. Don't put more fans on boards
2008/01/30. The monster and his myth
2008/01/23. The future of music is free
2008/01/09. Who cares where conductors come from?
2008/01/09. When a movie outshines the oustanding original
2007/12/21. Karajan Year Will Honor Musical Autocrat
2007/12/21. The sincerest form of flattery
2007/12/21. Now the Arts Council really has lost the plot
2007/12/19. Last love of a piano legend
2007/12/12. Stockhausen gets a second wind
2007/12/05. Rattle's net gains
2007/11/21. The arts are coloured brown
2007/11/21. Glyndebourne gets in groove
2007/11/14. New hot rod in the podium
2007/10/31. Tales of the recording angel
2007/10/24. The missing link in the reel
2007/10/17. Heavy reading
2007/10/17. We’re going to make a classical star
2007/10/10. Kennedy’s classical comeback
2007/10/03. Singing in the last chance saloon
2007/10/03. London needs to form its own arts council
2007/10/03. Luciano Pavarotti: He made the world smile
2007/10/03. Luciano Pavarotti : Il semait la joie
2007/09/26. How Nureyev played the fame game
2007/09/26. A round of applause for Riccardo Muti
2007/09/19. Is Natalie the new du Pre?
2007/09/19. Master of no Musick
2007/09/12. Dressed to impress
2007/09/12. Why Bryn walked out of Wagner’s Ring
2007/09/06. He made the world smile
2007/08/30. The joy of Solti's last concert
2007/08/30. How the classical record industry is fighting back
2007/08/22. In bed with the Fuhrer
2007/08/15. Why the stars aren’t out in Salzburg
2007/08/15. Best sound man in the business
2007/08/13. Wagners Flirted With Hitler, Had Gay Lovers
2007/08/08. The man who put opera on the front page
2007/08/01. Can the young blades cut the big stuff?
2007/08/01. How to ruin a Prom
2007/07/27. The first musicians of Auschwitz
2007/07/11. Kurt Masur: The survivor’s tale
2007/07/05. The best pianist you've never heard
2007/07/05. Uncalculated disaster
2007/06/27. Catching up with the rising Juro
2007/06/20. Urban disaster: the opera
2007/06/13. Much improved, and much to prove
2007/06/10. Vienna Opera's Music Chief Is Outspoken Exile
2007/06/06. Shut that noise
2007/06/06. Opera makes its next media move
2007/05/30. Sounding better on the south Bank
2007/05/30. The boy who would be Wagner
2007/05/24. All they needed was love
2007/05/24. Max and the missing half a million
2007/05/20. Los Angeles maestro, 26, has heads turning
2007/05/16. Piano genius with mass appeal
2007/05/09. Odd couple returns to Broadway
2007/05/09. Classic choice for the iPod generation
2007/05/02. Slava, the naive and sentimental
2007/05/02. Classical honours for Sting and McCartney
2007/04/30. How Gorecki makes his music
2007/04/18. China's musical revolution
2007/04/11. Who says he's Elgar the Great?
2007/04/11. Why Alagna walked out - he says
2007/03/28. Save our People’s Opera
2007/03/28. How do you solve a problem called laryngitis?
2007/03/21. The Classic Million-sellers
2007/03/14. British Museum Steals a March on China
2007/02/28. How Gorecki makes his music – an exclusive interview Norman Lebrecht
2007/02/28. ENO’s death by 1,000 cuts
2007/02/21. How to make a classical fake
2007/02/21. Tusa’s shoes
2007/02/14. Young, gifted and left to go it alone
2007/02/07. End of the road for opera's lovers
2007/02/07. No more downloads from the BBC
2007/01/31. Waiting for the axe to fall
2007/01/31. It's a blogger's world
2007/01/24. Clearing Prime Time for Tchaikovsky
2007/01/18. We need a national instrument fund
2007/01/18. Where Kylie met Akram
2007/01/10. Get those pants off my stage
2007/01/10. Love’s laments lost
2007/01/03. A Tale of Two Women
2007/01/03. The future is Latin
2006/12/27. How to avoid anniversary fatigue
2006/12/22. Don't be shy - sing in the streets
2006/12/20. Brought to book, one last time
2006/12/13. Stop the opera, I want to get off
2006/12/07. Brought to their knees
2006/12/07. Onto the sub-continent
2006/12/05. How Wayne will change the Royal Ballet
2006/11/29. The best of British to Covent Garden
2006/11/29. Vandalising a Beatles shrine
2006/11/28. Wanted: a new vision to rescue the BBC
2006/11/22. Opera finds a new world
2006/11/17. Radio 3 is not out of tune
2006/11/08. A walk on the web side
2006/11/05. A subtext for deepening confusions: Steve Reich at 70
2006/11/01. Berlin's Perfume doesn't smell so sweet
2006/10/27. Eschenbach Experiment Shows Musicians Now Rule
2006/10/25. The elephant in the Arts Council room
2006/10/05. ABBA Sung by Mezzo-Soprano Still Sounds Crass: Norman Lebrecht
2006/09/27. Sting switches strings
2006/09/20. The Barbican means business
2006/09/13. Musicians must come down to earth
2006/09/06. More Cracks Opening in the Shostakovich Code
2006/09/06. Why there’s a hole in the Proms
2006/09/06. More Cracks Opening in the Shostakovich Code
2006/08/30. A Game of Haydn Seek
2006/08/23. Rattle has a battle on his hands
2006/08/18. More cracks opening in the Shostakovich code
2006/08/09. A subtext for deepening confusions: Steve Reich at 70
2006/08/06. Another Record Crash!
2006/08/02. How would you like to be locked in the quiet room?
2006/07/26. The Piano Man
2006/07/24. Is the South Bank safe in these hands?
2006/07/12. The future lies in the past
2006/07/12. The man who's changing the sound of the BBC
2006/07/05. The man who is changing the sound of the BBC
2006/06/29. South Bank 'vision' falls short of expectations
2006/06/28. The old composer, his wife and his lovers
2006/06/14. Tosca scores again
2006/06/12. Another record crash
2006/05/31. There's no boating like show boating
2006/05/26. How I dread the sound of silence
2006/05/17. Fear and loathing at the opera
2006/05/10. The trouble with boys
2006/05/03. And he shall build Jerusalem
2006/04/26. Put out more flags for English music
2006/04/25. Life and death without the hocus-pocus
2006/04/19. Watch out for the lightning conductor
2006/04/12. An art that silences women
2006/04/11. Ban this freak show
2006/04/05. Ring-and-ring-a-download
2006/03/29. Vandals at the museum door
2006/03/22. Battles over Bolshoi
2006/03/08. Time to break the stranglehold of state funding
2006/03/07. ENO's new music director
2006/03/01. The Shame of La Belle France
2006/03/01. How the festival floundered
2006/02/22. How Domingo Killed the Three Tenors
2006/02/15. An introduction to chamber musicals
2006/02/08. Are we scared of going mad?
2006/02/01. Letting the streets in
2006/01/25. Finding his inner Mozart
2006/01/11. Where are ENO's angels?
2006/01/04. An art is born
2005/12/28. ENO drops music director
2005/12/28. How The Producers went sour on me
2005/12/21. English National Opera Chairman Resigns
2005/12/21. Will music be safe in their hands?
2005/12/14. Too much Mozart makes you sick
2005/12/13. Reliving the Munich massacre
2005/12/07. A fright at the opera
2005/11/30. Bitter tears over operatic blunder
2005/11/29. Fresh turmoil at ENO
2005/11/23. Who can save Edinburgh?
2005/11/21. Have an enjoyable Holocaust trip
2005/11/16. Making an opera out of a crisis
2005/11/09. Hallelujah - it's Messiah in miniature
2005/11/02. Scenes from a Revolution
2005/10/27. Watch out for the Pavamingo
2005/10/19. Counting the Freeloaders
2005/10/12. A cry for help
2005/10/05. The fiddler who should be banned
2005/09/29. How racist is Oliver Twist?
2005/09/27. The Koestler Conundrum
2005/09/22. 100 Definitive Recordings
2005/09/22. Playing the Survivor
2005/09/21. Meet the MyWaymen
2005/09/14. Why Music Doesn't Pay
2005/09/07. Why give a day to the mad scientist of music?
2005/08/31. Why do they do it?
2005/08/24. Playing the Survivor
2005/08/22. Death of the Library?
2005/08/10. The little label musicians love
2005/08/03. Jude and the Obscure
2005/07/27. The loneliest job on earth
2005/07/25. In love and despair
2005/07/20. Another slice of heritage?
2005/07/06. Why are the Aussies running our arts?
2005/06/29. The buzz about Beethoven
2005/06/22. Sex, drugs and symphony orchestras
2005/06/15. Those wicked old Wagners
2005/06/08. The New Designer Label
2005/06/01. Prisoner of the Opera
2005/05/29. Show me some ID
2005/05/19. Time to change tune
2005/05/13. Makers of the modern world
2005/05/05. Free Beethoven Now
2005/04/27. English Composers Lost at the Proms
2005/04/21. Big Brother Goes to the Opera
2005/04/13. Whose music is it anyway?
2005/04/09. Who's Afraid of Classical Concerts?
2005/04/07. The Mystery of Margot Fonteyn
2005/03/30. Tomorrow's hall today
2005/03/23. Toppling the tyrant at La Scala
2005/03/17. Musical numbers that don't add up
2005/02/24. Sounding off on the South Bank
2005/02/16. A chorus of approval
2005/02/10. Who's afraid of classical concerts?
2005/02/02. And the bands play on
2005/01/27. Karl Amadeus Hartmann - One Good German
2005/01/20. Going off the rails
2005/01/12. Getting Rattled
2005/01/05. On the fiddle
2004/12/30. Another record year
2004/12/22. Michael Tippett - A composer to Forget
2004/12/15. Banned by the Met
2004/12/08. British Opera's Ring of woes
2004/11/17. The House is rocking
2004/11/15. Springtime for the Musical
2004/11/11. How the Met was fixed
2004/11/03. Valery Gergiev: 'I don't want us to be remembered for Beslan'
2004/10/28. Herbert Breslin – The man behind Pavarotti
2004/10/21. Anne-Sofie von Otter - The baroque diva who has turned to pop
2004/10/14. Notes of caution will kill orchestras
2004/09/30. Bela Bartok - There's a composer at the next station
2004/09/24. Lloyd Webber's latest - a ghost of an opera
2004/09/18. CD2: Abbado's Brahms First
2004/09/18. How biopics lost the plot
2004/09/01. The Definitive CDs
2004/08/20. Two Classes of Orchestra
2004/08/11. Star spangled manner
2004/08/04. Classic Follies on London Concert Halls
2004/07/30. Carlos Kleiber: Not a great conductor
2004/07/26. Sony Walkman - Music to whose ears?
2004/07/18. Simon and Garfunkel - The Mother and child of reunions
2004/07/14. A Funny Thing Happened to Stephen Sondheim
2004/07/08. The novel of the opera
2004/06/23. How British opera is killing itself
2004/06/15. Conductors who Score
2004/05/27. Mikko Franck - The beat generation
2004/05/24. A Tale of Two Writers
2004/05/20. The Two BBCs
2004/05/13. Mahler's Going for a song
2004/05/05. Master Marriner
2004/04/28. The band won't play on
2004/04/21. The Philadelphia Story
2004/04/16. A Revolution in the Stalls
2004/04/07. Samuel Taylor-Coleridge: One Hit Wonder
2004/03/31. A critical gap
2004/03/24. The Fight for Shostakovich
2004/03/17. According to Mel Gibson
2004/03/10. Outsized talents
2004/03/03. It's not about love, darling
2004/02/25. Land of Max and Harry
2004/02/18. Why the big music jobs are no-go arias
2004/02/04. The Music of Mel Brooks
2004/01/29. Fit for the future?
2004/01/21. Power of Song
2004/01/07. Stretching the band
2003/12/31. Look who's been dumped
2003/12/10. Hector Berlioz - The unloved genius
2003/12/06. Arnold Schoenberg's Second String Quartet
2003/12/03. Daniel Barenboim - Playing Politics
2003/11/26. Music's Missing Faces
2003/11/05. Sounding a revolution
2003/10/29. Mariss Jansons - Rattle gets a rival
2003/10/22. Arnold Schoenberg's Second string quartet - The day music went mad
2003/10/15. Dvorak - Best thing since sliced bread
2003/10/08. How the PC brigade is destroying our orchestras
2003/10/02. What Makes a great critic
2003/09/25. How money men stole our brands
2003/09/17. Changing Hands
2003/09/11. Funding is for fools
2003/09/03. No Strings Attached
2003/08/13. The Lost Art
2003/08/06. Prommers ruin the Proms
2003/07/30. Otto Klemperer - Behind every great conductor
2003/07/09. Gambling with the lottery
2003/07/02. Off the record
2003/06/25. A Wizard Lesson for All
2003/06/18. Down on the South Bank
2003/06/11. The death of Luciano Berio - And then there were none
2003/06/04. Prokofiev, la dernière victime de Staline
2003/06/04. Prokofiev Was Stalin's Final Victim
2003/05/28. Valery Gergiev - Conducting History
2003/05/21. Famous Last Notes
2003/05/14. Buying Munich
2003/05/08. When Outrage Catches the Buzz
2003/05/01. Bong go the classics
2003/04/23. Way to go, LSO
2003/04/16. Rachmaninov - Shrinking the Score
2003/04/11. Show's coming off the road
2003/04/09. Show's coming off the road
2003/04/02. Leos' Janac'ek - Animal magic
2003/03/26. The ultimate orchestral sensation
2003/03/26. The ultimate orchestral sensation
2003/03/19. Striking a false note
2003/03/19. Striking a false note
2003/03/12. The new disorder
2003/02/26. Stalin: his final victim
2003/02/19. Hyperion's Ted Perry - Patron Saint of Independents
2003/02/12. Tale of two opera companies
2003/01/29. When greatness grates
2003/01/22. Monica Mason - I like the idea of risk
2003/01/15. Berthold Goldschmidt - Stirrings af a Lost Composer
2003/01/08. The Unsung Sondheim
2002/12/19. Mahler comes Second at last
2002/12/04. The Real Szpilman Revealed
2002/11/27. A Classical Dilemma
2002/11/20. John Williams - The Magpie Maestro
2002/11/13. Tomorrow, the World
2002/11/06. Daniel Barenboim - The Paradox of the Peacemaker
2002/11/03. The Tragedy and the Truth
2002/10/30. Stravinsky: Missing from His Music
2002/10/23. Drawing the Classical Line
2002/10/22. Death becomes them
2002/10/16. Can ENO Win Again?
2002/10/14. The next big thing?
2002/10/10. Whose Music Is It Anyway?
2002/10/02. The poison in the opera house split
2002/10/02. Payback time for Vilar
2002/10/02. Classical music plays away
2002/09/25. William Lyne Retires - Sunset on a golden era
2002/09/19. Classical music plays away
2002/09/11. Leonard Slatkin - Last Night of the Proms
2002/09/07. Dispelling the Scotch myth
2002/09/04. Entering the realm of fiction
2002/08/29. Death becomes them
2002/08/14. Alberto Vilar - The benefactor and his bride
2002/08/07. Still all white on the night
2002/08/06. Too popular by half
2002/07/17. Haitink's Legacy
2002/07/10. RSC could crown wrong head
2002/07/03. Where has the competition gone?
2002/06/26. Composers fall off the radar
2002/06/19. Conductors drop their batons
2002/06/12. Pourquoi Mozart me rend malade
2002/06/12. Why I'm sick of Mozart
2002/06/05. This age of unenlightenment
2002/05/22. The Classical Brit - It's one big classical charade
2002/05/15.   Stuck in a digital radio daze
2002/05/09. Stop messing with our Mahler
2002/05/02. Changements impromptus de direction dans les institutions culturelles anglaises (Pourquoi ils perdent tous la tête).
2002/05/02. Why they're all losing their heads
2002/04/25. Orchestral manoeuvres on the air
2002/04/17. Why conductors have great sex
2002/04/17. Pourquoi les chefs d’orchestre prennent leur pied
2002/04/10. Laissons les restes de la Marche de Chopin en paix
2002/04/10. Let Chopin's dirge rest in peace
2002/04/03. The Wagners and the rabbi
2002/04/03. Les Wagner et le rabbin
2002/03/27. Londres a besoin de Russell Johnson
2002/03/27. London needs Russell Johnson
2002/03/20. L'industrie du disque entre en phase terminale
2002/03/20. Record industry goes into terminal phase
2002/03/07. A rarely seen grandeur
2002/03/07. After a decade on the cultural front line, it's time to say goodbye
2002/03/07. Une grandeur rarement égalée (le Barbican center)
2002/02/20. Probably the worst time in recorded history
2002/02/13. Classical music makes great strides
2002/02/06. Uri Caine - Musician who breaks all the boundaries
2002/01/31. Culture slips through the net
2002/01/23. Exit the maestro
2002/01/16. Only one man can save the South Bank - and that's Mandelson
2002/01/09. How Walton killed his own talent
2002/01/03. Kurt Sanderling - At last, a maestro departs with dignity
2001/12/27. Online Musicians' Diaries Superficial
2001/12/26. After Pooter, the diary of a Dalek
2001/12/19. Throw away the Christmas rapping
2001/12/12. We can handle more than Messiahs
2001/12/05. How to Kill Classical Music
2001/11/28. Can these youngsters beat time?
2001/11/21. Unwelcome echoes from beyond
2001/11/14. Faint-hearts are doing us a favour
2001/11/07. A crescendo of cash crises
2001/11/07. A crescendo of cash crises
2001/10/31. Ghetto blasting
2001/10/24. Discordant saga
2001/10/17. Michael Kaiser - Can he see off the gremlins?
2001/10/10. A time to show courage
2001/10/03. Musicians on the corporate scrapheap
2001/09/26. Who was Mahler?
2001/09/19. Responding to tragedy
2001/09/12. The marriage of mobiles and music
2001/09/05. Digital dos and don'ts
2001/08/30. Disgrace of a South Bank Show That's Going Nowhere
2001/08/22. Cultural perversity
2001/08/15. Temple to concert hall, via Vatican
2001/08/09. Beware music's healing power
2001/08/01. The beginner's guide to Salzburg
2001/07/25. Malcolm and Malcolm: your time will come
2001/07/18. The appointment of Andre Previn - How not to choose a music director
2001/07/11. Sweating it out in the House
2001/07/08. Why We're Still Afraid of Schoenberg
2001/07/07. Embracing the Bogeyman: Is the World Finally Warming to Schoenberg?
2001/07/04. Requiem for the classical record
2001/06/27. Tessa Blackstone - The Red Baroness swoops in
2001/06/20. Only heroes could save Berlin and the Bolshoi
2001/06/14. The Problem with Chris Smith, Former Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport
2001/06/06. We stand for excellence says Tony Hall
2001/05/30. Lorin Maazel - Older and More Mellow
2001/05/23. Does Alberto Vilar show a new future for opera?
2001/05/16. The Kirov cure
2001/05/09. Nigel Kennedy - Practice makes perfect
2001/05/02. The chamber revolution
2001/04/25. Why conducting is a health hazard
2001/04/25. Why conducting is a health hazard
2001/04/18. Cyberspace spawns a Mahler legend
2001/04/11. Royal Festival Hall at 50 - A hollow-sounding birthday bash
2001/04/04. Why we're awash with sorry soaps
2001/03/28. Banging the drum for art
2001/03/28. Banging the drum for art
2001/03/21. Set the arts free and see what can happen
2001/03/14. Leaders of a lost generation
2001/03/11. PC in the Arts
2001/03/07. They think it's all overpriced
2001/02/28. Propaganda Wars
2001/02/21. Bands play on as crisis looms
2001/02/14. Viktoria Mullova - Ice Queen melts to the blues
2001/01/31. Time to take stock
2001/01/24. Could Silver Fox, the manager of maestros, be losing his grip?
2001/01/17. Baton handover
2001/01/12. Hall handled TV divas, now for the real thing
2001/01/10. Grove has grown too fat
2001/01/03. My manifesto for a richer life
2000/12/31. Conductors of the New Century
2000/12/27. Little sympathy for British symphonies
2000/12/20. Is Covent Garden looking for a new chairman, too?
2000/12/13. Italy still needs its operatic saviour
2000/12/13. Italy still needs its operatic saviour
2000/12/06. Generosity gap
2000/11/29. Chaos reigns on the South Bank
2000/11/22. The Royal Opera House - The job that can't be done
2000/11/22. The job that can't be done
2000/11/18. A one-man brand
2000/11/15. Top brass paid for top brass
2000/11/15. Top brass paid for top brass
2000/11/01. Royal Opera House: Invaders win Berlin's culture war
2000/11/01. Invaders win Berlin's culture war
2000/10/25. True pioneers deserve better
2000/10/19. A wonderfully vocal minority
2000/10/18. Thomas Quasthoff - A wonderfully vocal minority
2000/10/14. A blast of Birtwistle
2000/10/11. Concert-Hall Blues - Oh for an Acceptable Symphonic Environment
2000/10/04. Rumours at NYPO
2000/09/29. The floundering state of the arts
2000/09/20. Forecourt wars - Universal plans on taking on Naxos
2000/09/12. The rise and fall of Michael Kaiser
2000/09/11. Margot and Rudi: were they lovers?
2000/09/09. How the Garden lost its glory
2000/09/06. Living on the edge - Reputations are on the line as audience opinion goes live on Radio 3
2000/08/30. A Maestro Need Not be a Mister
2000/08/30. A Return to Arts Rationing - Why BBC4 will Fail
2000/08/16. He might be smiling now... - Franz Welser-Möst Returns to Conduct the Proms
2000/08/09. British Pianism and the Art of the Possible
2000/08/09. British Pianism and the Art of the Possible
2000/07/19. Poison in the Garden - The declining importance of the arts in the political agenda
2000/07/12. Long Live the Russian Revolution
2000/07/05. Bucks Stop Here - The Biggest Need Not Be the Best
2000/07/01. The Final Note / La dernière note
2000/06/29. A maestro need not be a mister
2000/06/28. Not All Is Lost - the Decline of Serious Music Criticism
2000/06/26. Two Boys leads the charge into the 21st century
2000/06/22. Ida Haendel - The One They Don't Want You to Hear
2000/06/21. Royal Opera House - Unmanageable
2000/06/20. ROH in turmoil as chief resigns
2000/06/14. Noxious Crossover
2000/06/12. Generosity gap
2000/06/07. How Smith Has Crippled Culture
2000/05/31. Mariss Jansons - High Drama on the Podium
2000/05/24. Scots grip Vienna
2000/05/17. Friends in need?
2000/05/17. Zemlinsky Biography Reviewed
2000/05/10. Good Managers are Hard to Find
2000/05/03. Heard But No Longer Seen
2000/05/01. La dernière note - Jouer avec la propagande
2000/05/01. The Final Note - Playing with Propaganda
2000/04/26. One More Knell for Classical Recording
2000/04/19. The Battle for Berlin's Heart
2000/04/12. Punishment by Puccini
2000/04/05. The True Humanity of Alma Rosé
2000/04/01. Yehudi Menuhin - So much love for man, so little for us
2000/03/22. Pierre Boulez - Playing with Propaganda
2000/03/15. Cellist Nina Kotova - From Catwalk to Concert Hall
2000/03/08. The demon drink
2000/03/01. Bach is bad for business
2000/02/23. New contender in the battle of the upper shelves
2000/02/16. Roberto Alagna and Angela Gheorghiu – The Singing World's Golden Couple?
2000/02/10. Why artists have a duty not to ostracise Austria
2000/02/09. Going...going...gone?  UK Public Libraries
2000/02/02. Domingo goes solo
2000/01/26. Can he see off the gremlins?
2000/01/19. Dissident notes
2000/01/12. A great time to give
2000/01/05. How will this century sound?
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