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October 2014
Vol. 20, No.2

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*Stéphane Tétreault: Man with the Golden Cello
*Save the Conservatories
*Industry news
*Prokofiev and Quebec
*Musica Camerata: 45 years of Chamber Music
*Montreal OFF Jazz Festival: Composers’ Views
*Off the Record: Long Ago and Far Away
*AKOUSMA and Électrochoc, Two Series to Discover
*The Quartier des Spectacles: Giving Montreal a New Life
*Jayson Gillham
*Charles Richard-Hamelin
*Bénédicte Lauzière
*Victor Fournelle-Blain
*Yolanda Bruno
*Éric Champagne
*Kerson Leong
*Sumi Hwang
*Stephen Waarts
*Karine Boucher
*Andrew Haji