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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Victoria Symphony awarded asteroid for contributions during IYA2009

Victoria, BC ĺ─ý On November 1 and 2, at the Royal Theatre, the Victoria Symphony will be presented a certificate of the discovery and naming of an asteroid during The Planets concerts. This asteroid, VicSympho, was named in recognition for the Victoria Symphonyĺ─˘s strong contributions towards music and science education during the International Year of Astronomy.

According to Jim Hesser, Director of the National Research Councilĺ─˘s Dominion Astrophysical Observatory, Victoria, and Chair of the IYA Canada Committee, ĺ─˙This international honour reflects the gratitude of the astronomical community for the Orchestraĺ─˘s early and inspirational commitment to marrying the arts and sciences to help children appreciate the majesty of music and of the skies during the International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009).ĺ─¨

On November 1 and 2, Jim Hesser and discoverer David Balam will present the Victoria Symphony with an official VicSympho certificate at The Planets concert. This day also marks when VicSympho will be 532 million km from the Earth and 543 million km from the sun. (More information about the asteroid attached.)

At the concert, the Victoria Symphony presents the sights and sounds of Holstĺ─˘s The Planets, as Dr. Josłę Francisco Salgadoĺ─˘s critically-acclaimed video suite is projected on a screen while the orchestra performs. These suites were featured in the opening ceremony of the IYA2009 at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris and are being shown around the world as part of IYA2009 festivities. Written for a huge orchestra, The Planets is a work of great subtlety and elegance, even in its most ferocious moments. ĺ─˙Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollityĺ─¨ is the most popular of all the movements. Preview ĺ─˙Jupiterĺ─¨ The Planets video suite was produced and directed by Dr. Salgado and the executive producers were Adler Planetarium in Chicago and Vectors & Pixels Unlimited.

Gustav Holstĺ─˘s The Planets is just one of the may ways the Victoria Symphony has continuously supported and contributed to music and science education throughout IYA2009. From performing Holstĺ─˘s dramatic masterpiece, to hosting the COU's telescopes at the Bayview Residences Victoria Symphony Splash, to creating an educational concert, Music of the Spheres, the Victoria Symphony made strong efforts to bridge music and science for children and families for Canadian communities.

Music Director Tania Miller wrote and conducted an educational concert celebrating IYA2009 and the 400th Anniversary of Galileoĺ─˘s telescope. Music of the Spheres was performed for thousands of Vancouver Island students in February and April, for more than 20,000 of Toronto children in May, and once again for Victoria children and families at the Concert for Kids this Saturday, October 25. Teacherĺ─˘s guides combining music and astronomy were produced to engage the students and provide an accessible and fun experience. At these concerts, the IYA2009 collectable AstroCards were given out to all ages and provided opportunities for the community to send their names into space.

The Victoria Symphony is Vancouver Islandĺ─˘s largest and most active arts organization performing for more than 125,000 people each year, including 10,000 schoolchildren. Showcasing the outstanding talents of its musicians and guest artists, the Victoria Symphonyĺ─˘s 2009-2010 season offers a diverse and exciting line-up of over 50 concerts led by its vibrant Music Director Tania Miller.

The Planets Music of the Spheres
November 1 at 2:30pm, Royal Theatre October 25 at 2:30pm, Royal Theatre
November 2 at 8pm, Royal Theatre 250.385.6515 or 250.386.6121
250.385.6515 or 250.386.6121 $12.50+ for Kids, $14.50+ for Adults
$12, $29.50, $39.50, $48.50


Monday, March 30, 2009

Victoria Symphony announces 2009-2010 season

Grammy-award winner James Ehnes headlines Victoria Symphony's 09/10 season!

Victoria, BC ĺ─ý On Friday, March 27, Music Director Tania Miller unveiled the Victoria Symphonyĺ─˘s new season of concerts for 2009/10. Highlights include performances by acclaimed violinist James Ehnes and jazz vocalist Michael Kaeshammer and of masterworks such as Holstĺ─˘s The Planets, Bachĺ─˘s Magnificat and Rachmaninoffĺ─˘s Piano Concerto no. 3.

In front of an enthusiastic crowd of over 500 Victoria Symphony supporters, media and members of the arts community at the Royal Theatre, Maestra Miller, Conductor in Residence Giuseppe Pietraroia, trombonist Marcus Hissen and Concertmaster Terence Tam, presented personal highlights for the season.

The biggest announcement of the evening was that the Grammy-award winning violinist James Ehnes would appear with the Victoria Symphony in December and perform Beethovenĺ─˘s powerful Violin Concerto.

The return of the Canadian College of Performing Arts and the Victoria debut of renowned pops specialists Five By Design in the Beltone Pops series was met with much excitement. In addition, the orchestral debut performance of jazz pianist and vocalist Michael Kaeshammer with the Victoria Symphony is set to be one much anticipated concert in the season, as well as Charlie Chaplinĺ─˘s silent film City Lights which will be screened with orchestral accompaniment.

Maestra Tania Miller comments, ĺ─˙We are very proud of the series weĺ─˘ve assembled this year and we will continue to connect and engage our audience. Many of our series show great strength in the music and the special guests we have this season. Iĺ─˘m very excited that artists such as James Ehnes, Five By Design and the students of the CCPA will be joining us, as well as again working with homegrown talent such as the Victoria Choral Society and Nikki Chooi.ĺ─¨

This season launch marks the Victoria Symphonyĺ─˘s 69th year and Tania Millerĺ─˘s 7th year as Music Director. Conductors Alain Trudel, Giuseppe Pietraroia and Brian Jackson join Maestra Miller as the Victoria Symphonyĺ─˘s artistic leaders.

The Victoria Symphony is Vancouver Islandĺ─˘s largest and most active arts organization. It is committed to producing high quality live music, fostering new music and encouraging community involvement through music education. The 2009/10 season offers a diverse and exciting line-up of over 50 concerts led Tania Miller, its vibrant Music Director.

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