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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

February Theatre event

Tableau D'Hôte Theatre Productions and The Segal Centre for Performing Arts present the world premiere of Haunted House, written by the poet and playwright, Endre Farkas. The play, running in The Studio from February 18 until March 5, is about Abraham Moses Klein, one of Canada's most important poets, whose 100th birthday will be celebrated in February 2009.

The play is a poignant and innovative journey into the labyrinth of A.M. Klein's, mind, soul and times. One of the most creative Canadian poets of the 20th century, Abraham Moses Klein was born a century ago to Jews who fled the pogroms of the Ukraine to Montreal. During his lifetime, he produced a rich and powerful body of work that reflected the turbulent 20s, 30s and 40s.

A complex and conflicted man, Klein grew up as a "Jew boy" in the neighbourhoods around St. Urbain, The Main and Mount Royal, the ghetto streets of Montreal where he "dreamt pavement into pleasant bible-land" and battled the nightmares of private and worldly hells.

Seamlessly weaving his own text with Klein's poems, fiction, journals, and editorials, Farkas succeeds in creating an evocative, multi-layered play about the "realities" Klein lived in, explored, became entangled in, and never exited.

Directed by Liz Valdez, Haunted House is the multi-faceted portrait of Klein the poet, Klein the ghostwriter, Klein the lawyer, editorialist, almost-politician, and lobbyist for a Jewish homeland before and after the Holocaust. Valdez, who has previously worked with Farkas on a number of projects including his plays Surviving Wor(l)ds and Voices, brings her unique directorial insight and vision to make this play, this journey into silence, a truly haunting experience.


General Admission: $22.00

Students and Seniors $15.00

Group rates $14.00

Box Office: Venue:

514-848-9696 THE STUDIO, Segal Centre for Performing Arts 5170, ch. de la Côte-Ste-Catherine

Schedule - Feb. 18 – Mar. 5 Web Sites:

Preview Feb. 18 8:00 PM

Opening Feb. 19 8:00 PM

Tues. through Sun. 8:00 PM

Sunday Matinees 2:00 PM

Mondays & Fridays DARK

Closing Mar. 5 8:00 PM

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