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October 2015
Vol. 21, No.2

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*Jazz: Two New Arrivals at McGill
*Korean Sensation: Keon-Woo Kim & Hyesang Park
*From the Editor
*Industry News
*What Makes an Art Song Great?
*Philippe Chiu, Winner of the Prix Goyer
*Xiaoyu Liu, Winner of the Prix d’Europe
*Byungchan Lee, Winner of the Golden Violin Competition
*Hugo Laporte, winner of the OSM Manulife Competition
*Andrei Feher, Winner of the Prix Opus
*Jeanne Amièle & Helen Pei, Winners of the CMC
*Jazz Winners 2015: FIJM and Jazz en Rafale competitions
*Ji Young Lim, Winner of the Queen Elisabeth Competition
*Luca Buratto, Winner of the Honens Piano Competition
*Brian Current, Winner of the Azrieli Commissioning Competition
*Infusion Baroque, EMA Baroque Performance Competition winner
*Other Competition Winners
*Parents and Music Lessons: Surviving Practice
*CD Reviews
*2015 Federal General Election: Public debate on Arts and Culture
*André Bourbeau: Arts-Business Award 2015
*Completing the Incomplete: Auguste Descarries’ Quartet
*Dissonances: Let’s fight back