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La Scena Musicale - Vol. 19, No. 6 - April-May 2014
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Gabriela Montero: Seizing the Moments that Count

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From the Editor
Industry News
The Grand Pierre-Béique Organ: A Historic Premier at the Maison Symphonique
A New Nagano Generation: The Artistry Continues
Keys to Success: Pianos Bolduc
Wanda Kaluzny: A True Canadian Musical Pioneer
The Life of Alice Herz Sommer
Choosing the Road Less Travelled: Marc David of the OSDL
25 Years with the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne
Miklós Takács: A Longstanding Relationship with Choral Singing
I Medici: An Orchestra of Science
Aria of the Month: Nessun Dorma
Jazz: Three Takes on the Montreal Scene
Art & Economy: Increasing Philanthropy’s Role in Quebec Arts Funding
Calendar CD Reviews

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Version Française - April-May 2014
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