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October 2013
Vol. 19, No.2

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*Frank Zappa, American Composer (1940-1993)
*Industry News
*Some Great Works by Quebec Composers: Listening  Suggestions
*Rediscovering Quebec Musician Auguste Descarries (1896-1958)
*Francis Poulenc: Man of Melodies
*For the Glory of Venice
*Arts Previews
*Montreal’s Mayoral Race: Artists want an inspiring mayor
*OFF Festival de Jazz de Montréal: From Album to Concert
*Off the Record: Jazz Reviews
*Montreal International Music Competition: Marc Bouchkov
*Prix d’Europe: Ariane Brisson
*Banff International String Quartet Competition: Dover Quartet
*2012 OSM Standard Life Competition : Xiaoyu Liu
*Canadian Music Competition: Jocelyn Lafond & Ji Soo Choi
*Queen Elisabeth Competition: Boris Giltburg
*Van Cliburn Piano Competition: Vadym Kholodenko
*Radio-Canada Discovery of the Year: Vin"); document.write ("ncent Lauzer