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May 2005
Vol. 10, No.8

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*Prize Song Are singing competitions a way to the top?
*Montreal International Music Competition Notes
*Natalie Choquette: Diva and Devotee
*Natalie Dessay in Conversation
*Christian Gerhaher
*Great Singers Remembered Moishe Milstein (Robert Merrill): Effortless Voice
*Victoria de los Angeles (Barcelona, Spain, November 1, 1923 January 15, 2005)
*Renata Tebaldi (Pesaro, Italy, February 1, 1922 San Marino, December 19, 2004)
*Eve Queler: Following the Music
*Au rayon du disque / Off the Record
*Livres / Books
*Guide des abonnements musicaux / Subscription Series Guide
*Concerts venir / Concert Picks
*Petites annonces - Classified Ads
*Exploring Improvisation Between the Arts