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February-March 2015
Vol. 20, No.5

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*Kiya Tabassian: A Musician Without Borders
*From the Editor
*Industry News
*Cléo Palacio-Quintin : Between Humans and Machines
*The Eternal Struggle: Women and Musical Creation
*Sean Michaels: Electric Atmosphere
*Alexander Brott - The Creator
*Science and Music: The Mystery of Amusia
*L’Aiglon: A Reflection on Patriotism
*ATMA’s Johanne Goyette: A Renaissance Woman
*Analekta’s Mario Labbé Predicts the Future
*Les Petits Violons All Grown Up
*LAGAMME.MU: A New Co-operative for Quebec’s Professional Musicians
*Listening Suggestions: Love Transfigured
*Jazz: Hot Sounds to Chase the Winter Chill
*Prochainement… Upcoming camp activities
*Institut Suzuki Montréal