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October 2011
Vol. 17, No.2

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*Valery Gergiev: Maestro Russia
*From the archives: Prokofiev Was Stalin’s Final Victim
*Pinchas Zukerman and the Next Generation of Music
*Discovery CD: Bach’s Mass in B-Minor is a Timeless Musical Monument
*Lisztomania! Lang Lang on his favourite composer
*Art Songs
*Gabriel Dharmoo: Going Beyond
*Michelle Cormier
*Jean-François Lapointe is Taking On Onegin
*Instrumental Insights: The Trumpet
*Organ City, Organ Contest
*Variations on a Theme: Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5
*McGill’s Music’s New Dean: “What We Do Best”
*Dean McLean’s Four Wishes
*Education Notes
*The Institutionalization of Mus"); document.write ("sic Education