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February 2001
Vol. 6, No.5

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*The transition from bel canto to dramatic opera
*Contemporary Music for all Generations
*American symphonic jazz: an excursion into the geography of music
*Yegor Dyachkov: A Passion for Playing
*Valentins musicaux: les dix favoris / Top 10 Musical Valentines
*Les revues dédiées à l'opéra / Vocal Magazines
*Agents: a World of Operatic Proportions
*Les Notes / Notes
*Book Review / Critique de livre
*Prime Minister and Madame Chrétien Attend Convocation
*Oscar Peterson
*Learning Through the Arts TM Education as you've never seen it before
*A Nation of Music
*Ruby Mercer (1906 – 1999)
*The RCM's Advanced Certi cate in Early Childhood Music Education
*Today's Musicians… Tomorrow's Artistic Leaders
*An Interview with pianist David Jalbert
*CD reviews