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La Scena Musicale - Vol. 6, No. 5

Today's Musicians… Tomorrow's Artistic Leaders

February 1, 2001

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Following a century-long tradition, the modern agenda for professional training at The Royal Conservatory of Music began in 1987 with the introduction of three programs designed to prepare students for the diverse range of activities required to be a leading professional musician. In 1997, that tradition was reaf rmed with the founding of The Glenn Gould Professional School (GGPS), named after The Royal Conservatory of Music's most celebrated alumnus, Glenn Gould. The school has grown dramatically from 6 students in 1987 to 180 students in 2000. In 1999, The GGPS was of cially recognized by The Government of Canada's Department of Canadian Heritage through its National Arts Training Contribution Program as a national training institute for musicians.

The GGPS has quickly gained international acclaim for its innovative philosophy and program offering. The School's progressive curriculum is unique in North America, developing musicians whose superior performing abilities are complemented by an ability to communicate with a variety of audiences; to teach and inspire future generations of musicians to manage careers and professional opportunities successfully; to utilize new technologies for creative and artistic purposes; and to dedicate their lives to the advancement of the art form in society. In addition, students receive high levels of lesson time and individual attention from a world-class faculty and internationally acclaimed guest artists.

The overall calibre of GGPS students is a distinguishing feature has helped to create a Canadian institution that ranks among the best in the world.

y´he Glenn Gould Professional School's guiding principal is that talented young Canadians should not have to leave Canada or compromise their standards to receive high quality music training. The GGPS is now an institution that could be compared favorably with established schools in the United States and abroad.


Highlights of The Glenn Gould Professional School


Master Classes

The GGPS believes that master classes are one of the most effective ways for young musicians to become fully aware of the international level of musicianship required for success. Each year, students can observe and participate in more than 150 master classes, conducted by internationally renowned artists such as Leon Fleisher, William Preucil, Warren Jones, Jeanne Baxtresser, Gilbert Kalish, Claude Frank and many others.


Innovative and Unique Curriculum
The Glenn Gould Professional School's mission is to train musicians for successful careers as professional musicians and teachers, equipping them to make a positive and profound impact on society. Legendary Canadian Lister Sinclair, Toronto Star music critic William Littler, artist manager Andrew Kwan and art historian Francis Broun contribute to a distinguished faculty offering courses in career management, music criticism, art history and creative aspects of art & music. Students also learn about the latest technologies and how they play a key role in the professional life; advanced pedagogy courses are offered in order to prepare students for the challenging task of teaching music; and mock orchestral auditions and support for international music competitions are provided.



Year after year, students from The Glenn Gould Professional School dominate the Canadian competition scene while many continue their success in the international circuit. This can be attributed to one of the nest music schools in North America. Each student receives 1.5 hours of private lesson time per week, which is approximately 60% more lesson time than at the conventional music school.


Distinguished faculty of The Glenn Gould Professional School include:

Piano: James Anagnoson, Andrew Burashko, Marc Durand, Leslie Kinton, André Laplante, Peter Longworth, David Louie, Boris Lysenko, Andrew Markow, Marietta Orlov, John Perry, Jenny Regehr, Dianne Werner

Violin: Marie Bérard, Lorand Fenyves, Mark Fewer, Jeanne Lamon, Erika Raum, Mayumi Seiler

Viola: Steven Dann, Rennie Regehr (Dean of The Glenn Gould Professional School)

Cello: Simon Fryer

Double Bass: Joel Quarrington

Harp: Judy Loman

Guitar: Jeffrey McFadden

Flute: Julie Ranti,

Kathleen Rudolph

Oboe: Keith Atkinson,

Richard Dorsey

Clarinet: Max Christie,

Avrahm Galper

Bassoon: Fraser Jackson, Nadina Mackie Jackson, Michael Sweeney

Horn: Chris Gongos, Fred Rizner, Joan Watson

Trumpet: Andrew McCandless

Trombone: David Archer, Jeffrey Hall (bass), Gordon Sweeney

Tuba: Frank Tetreault

Percussion: Paul Houle, David Kent, John Rudolph

Voice Teachers: Joel Katz, Jean MacPhail, Ann Monoyios, Elisabeth Pomes, Roxolana Roslak, Donna Sherman, Eraine Shwing-Braun.

Voice Coaches: Brahm Goldhamer, Stephen Philcox, Peter Tiefenbach

Compositition: Jack Behrens, Samuel Dolin, Gary Kulesha, Larysa Kuzmenko, Alexander Rapoport



The GGPS offers a post secondary 4-year Performance Diploma Program and, through an articulation agreement with British Columbia Open University, an option for a Bachelor of Music Degree in Performance as well as a post-bachelor's 2-year Artist Diploma Program. Piano, Orchestral instruments and undergraduate Voice studies were established in 1987. New to the school are the Performance Diploma Program in guitar, Performance Diploma Program in composition, Artist Diploma Program in voice and the ground-breaking Artist Diploma Program in Piano Performance and Pedagogy.



The Royal Conservatory of Music has an outstanding 115-year record of achievement. The RCM has trained some of the world's leading artists including: soprano Teresa Stratas, tenor Jon Vickers, pianist Glenn Gould, soprano Lois Marshall, composer Harry Somers, conductor Mario Bernardi, entertainer Paul Shaffer, and writer/producer David Foster. Thousands of other graduates have established independent businesses as local community teachers and musicians. The accomplishments of its graduates comprise a major part of the cultural history of Canada. Today, The RCM continues its unique role in training Canadians for careers in music through The Glenn Gould Professional School and The Young Artist Performance Academy. Supervised by The GGPS, the Young Artists Performance Academy of The Royal Conservatory of Music is a comprehensive performance program that develops performance skills, musicianship and excellence in gifted young musicians, ages 7 to 18. This program prepares young people for post-secondary studies in music and it also gives them a jump-start towards professional music careers.


Here are some of our distinguished alumni:

Andrew Burashko, piano

Peter Longworth, piano

Kevin Fitzgerald, piano

St. Lawrence String Quartet - Geoff Nuttall, Barry Schiffman, Leslie Robertson and Marina Hoover

Francine Kay, piano

Mariko Anraku, harp

Richard Raymond, piano

Naida Cole, piano

Barbara Croall, composer

Stephen Ham, piano

Lisa Yui, piano

Isabel Bayrakdarian, soprano

Timothy Haig, baroque violin

Genevieve Gilardeau, baroque violin

Rosemary Shaw, viola

Stewart Goodyear, piano

Robert Pomakov, bass

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