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La Scena Musicale - Vol. 6, No. 5 - February 2001
Articles in English
Special: Music in our lives
An Interview with pianist David Jalbert
Today's Musicians… Tomorrow's Artistic Leaders
The RCM's Advanced Certi cate in Early Childhood Music Education
Ruby Mercer (1906 – 1999)
A Nation of Music
Learning Through the Arts TM Education as you've never seen it before
Oscar Peterson
Prime Minister and Madame Chrétien Attend Convocation

Main Features
The transition from bel canto to dramatic opera
Contemporary Music for all Generations
American symphonic jazz: an excursion into the geography of music
Yegor Dyachkov: A Passion for Playing
Valentins musicaux: les dix favoris / Top 10 Musical Valentines
Les revues dédiées à l'opéra / Vocal Magazines
Agents: a World of Operatic Proportions
Les Notes / Notes
Book Review / Critique de livre
CD reviews
Calendar CD Reviews

More articles in French / Plus d'articles en français
Version Française - February 2001
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