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La Scena Musicale - Vol. 10, No. 4 - December - January 2004
Articles in English

Cover Story

Violin + Passion = Success

Special: Les Fêtes / Holidays
Suggestions de cadeaux / Gift Suggestions


Special: Jazz
A Tale of Two Pianists
Au rayon du disque / Off the Record


Special: Coin des musiciens / Musician's Corner
Notes sur la philanthropie / Philanthopy Notes
Guide de la philanthropie / Philanthropy Guide
Constance Pathy - Master Volunteer Receives 'Sweet' Award for Lifetime of Service to the Arts
The State of Arts Philanthropy in Canada


Special: Opera
Siegfried Through the Lens

Main Features
Courrier des lecteurs
Concerts à venir / Concert Picks
Petites annonces /Classified Ads
Calendar CD Reviews

More articles in French / Plus d'articles en français
Version Française - December - January 2004
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