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After fine-tuning and importing your data, we will send you an email with the subject line "Here is what we have", which is the closest thing to a confirmation of receipt that we can provide. It is a compilation of all the listings related to your company (usually "after today"), which we have received from you and other sources. We ask you to keep these emails at least 12 months, as they will come in handy again and again.

This email is to be used when sending your revisions

  • either immediately > answers to our questions, correcting errors, changes and cancellations already confirmed, duplicates
  • or later throughout the season > changes and cancellations, answers which come to you later

but never to send us new listings. Revisions and new listings are not processed by the same people, so they must be sent in separate emails.

However, your listings, as they appear in our email, can be used as a model for the next time you send us new listings, if you choose our format #1 >> see step 1 sending.

Our text will be slightly different from what you had sent us: standardization, correction, info from other sources, our questions, etc. We reserve the right to modify your text as we see fit in order to conform to our style (refined over the last 11 years), save space and add clarity. Some of our criteria are explained in the page ourfields, but it's impossible to cover every possibility; many questions will be resolved on a case by case basis. Normally we do not retype your text, so typos should be quite rare. If something is not clear in your original data (usually because you did not use our format), sometimes we have to make an arbitrary decision; we are not mind-readers, so if we get it wrong, please write your correction simply, without hostility. Remember that we process 8000 listings each year.

We are not asking you to correct our text in our email, that would be pointless. We are asking you to insert your proofreading comments, so that we can make the changes in our database. That's where everything is stored.

We are only interested in factual errors, not stylistic preferences, because we have our own style. So reverting back to your original style after we took the time to re-write your data in our style would be a waste of time, we would reject the revision.

Revisions submitted according to our requirements will be incorporated into our database.

step by step

When you get our email

  • click on "reply"
  • do not change our subject line
  • do not change the "To" line
  • read everything, delete nothing
  • if you have something to change, answers to our questions, etc.
    • write them using our *** notation >> see explanations and examples
    • come back to the beginning of your email, write an intro (Hi, Here are our revisions...)
    • add your signature if it is not automatic >> see the page when writing to us
    • send.
  • if not, then you do not need to answer; or just say "Hi, Everything is fine. Thank you", for example.
  • keep our email for one year, in case you need to submit more revisions later, and also for the reason explained above, in grey-blue text.

sample email 1: if everything is perfect
(you may also not reply.)
sample email 2: if you have revisions
To: LSM free calendar <>
From: "Orchestra XYZ" <daisy@orchXYZ.zzz>
Date: 14 Jul 2007 12:34:43 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: RE: Orchestra XYZ - Here is what we have


Everything is fine. Thank you.

By the way, blablabla <your comments if any>

Your contact for the free calendars:
Daisy Garden
Press relations assistant
Orchestra XYZ
514-555-1234 x08

= = = = = = = =

On 12 Jul 2007, LSM Calendar wrote:
> Here is what we have in our database for Orchestra XYZ after today.

To: LSM free calendar <>
From: "University ABC" <rosie@UnivABC.zzz>
Date: 14 Sep 2007 12:34:43 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: RE: University ABC - Here is what we have


Please find below my revisions within your original text.

By the way, blablabla <your comments if any>

Your contact for the free calendars:
Rosie Backyard
Concerts & Publicity
University ABC, Music Department
514-555-1234 ext. 1234

= = = = = = = =

On 12 Sep 2007, LSM Calendar wrote:
> Here is what we have in our database for University ABC after today.

when we get your reply

We will only process the revisions we understand and which meet our requirements.

When we accept a revision, we will modify the corresponding listing in our database. In the next few days, we will update the web calendar, so you can see it there. And if the data has been received in time, it will appear in the regional calendar of the relevant magazine issue.

We may send you a new "Here is what we have" email if

  • we make major changes (cancellations, date changes)
  • your corrections bring up new questions
  • there were revisions we could not do because we did not understand them or for other reasons
  • or you ask us for one.

you have questions?

If you have questions about step 2 proofreading, see our Q&A page.

If you still have a question, don't hesitate to write to us. >> see the page when writing to us

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