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  • Choose one language of correspondance for your company. Please do not send two versions of your info, one is enough.
  • Your emails will be delegated to unilingual staff, therefore the email body, the subject line and the attachment must all be in the same language, and the email must be sent to an address corresponding to the chosen language.
  • Of course, titles of works can be in the original language. Ex.: Le Nozze di Figaro (especially if sung in Italian); Quatuor pour la fin du temps; Tod und Verklärung; Concierto de Aranjuez; Ein Deutsches Requiem; etc.
    • Exception: Genres and titles that include a genre (ex. "opera excerpts", "traditional folk music from...", "ballet music", "18th century cantatas", "Concerto for ...", "Sonata for ... and ...", "Symphony #..."), instrument names, and key signatures ("in C major", "in F sharp minor") must be in the language of correspondance.

our email addresses

Just add to complete these addresses. Example: We write them like that to reduce spam.

Do not add these addresses to any newsletter list or press list.

location of your events
email in French
email in English
QC + the Ottawa area
= regions covered by La Scena Musicale
ON (except the Ottawa area), MB, SK, AB, BC, NT, YU, NU
= regions covered by The Music Scene
radio and television broadcasts

your subject line

Most of your emails will be forwarded to other staff, so the subject line is the only header that will remain. Therefore it must be clear and specific.

If you are sending us new listings
  • subject = company + period
  • max. length of company = 30 letters, so please abbreviate wisely.
  • period = period covered by the listings you are sending. Don't be more specific than the month. Example: If you are sending listings for Sep 1-Oct 7 and you have one lisitng on Oct 2, you can just write Sep 2007, because it corresponds to one magazine issue.
  • Examples:

Subject :
Orchestra XYZ 2006-2007
Subject :
XYZ Recital Society fall 2006
Subject : University of XYZ dec-jan
Subject :
University of XYZ march 2008

DO NOT reply directly to our reminders. We do not want to get emails with the subject "reminder deadlines" or "operation 2006-2007".

If you are answering one of our emails - examples
  • step 2 Here is what we have
  • notice of late fees
  • contact info
  • do not change the subject.

Subject :
Re: Company XYZ - Here is what we have
Subject : Re: urgent - late fees ...
Subject :
Re: Company XYZ - Contact info for your company

If you are writing on a different subject (rare!!!)
  • Put a clear, specific and relevant subject.
  • Subjects like "info", "press release", etc. are not helpful.
  • We will not read emails with an empty subject line.

your attachments

The only attachment accepted by the free calendars department is a Word file (extension is .doc) containing your formatted listings.
We do not want .docx, .rtf files, or photos, graphics (embedded or otherwise), pdf.
Don't put anything other than your listings in the attachment. If you have anything to add (questions, comments), write it in the body of the email.

The attachment name should be similar to the email subject = company + period, minus any accent, umlaut, cédille... Examples:

Orchestra XYZ 2007-2008.doc
XYZ Recital Society fall 2007.doc
University of XYZ oct 2007.doc

your signature, contact info

In every one of your emails, preferably in an automatic signature (to save you time), we need the following info:

  • your name
  • your phone number
  • the company for which you are writing, if any
  • the website of the company

The website will be used in our web calendar. The rest of your contact info will not be published.
Do not put your signature in the attachment.
Your email address is also part of your contact info, but we can get that from the email header.

changes to your contact info
If your address or phone number has changed, please bring it to our attention because we need to make a note of it in our database and we probably will not notice it otherwise. Write a note like:
  • Please note my new email address. My previous address was ...
temporary or permanent replacements
If you are our new contact, or you are not our usual contact, please add a note like:
  • I am your new contact for Orchestra XYZ.
  • I am replacing Joe Schmoe for one month.

If you are replacing our contact for just a few days, or if you have access to his or her emails during his or her absence, then we will not make any change in our contacts database.

other departments > email addresses

Each department has its own requirements and ways of doing things. Contact them for more info.
Items marked with a $ are not free and require an agreement before you send them to us; sending them to calendar addresses is useless.
Click here for sales staff names, phone, email addresses.
Click here to see still more addresses.

Pull-Out Calendar $
Arts Calendar (upcoming events in the arts other than music) artscal
paid advertizing (including photos) $
approved graphic material (photos and logos appearing anywhere in our magazines) $ graf
classifieds $ classifieds
news about your organization not relevant to the calendar (new artistic director, retirements, awards, contest winners, fundraising results, past events, etc.)
anything related to jazz (this is an editorial department) jazz
anything related to world music (this is an editorial department) world
editorial content, articles, reviews, cover story editorial
listings in the Webcasts Calendar webcasts
any other subject not mentioned in this page info

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