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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MAˆèTA at Geordie

Geordie Productions
Geordie Productions presents MaˆØta on the Mainstage!

MONTREAL - Geordie Productions is proud to present MaˆØta, by Esther Beauchemin, produced by the Thˆ©ˆ¢tre de la Vieille 17 and the Thˆ©ˆ¢tre de Sable in collaboration with the Thˆ©ˆ¢tre Franˆßaise at the National Arts Centre. MaˆØta is presented in an English translation by Henry Gauthier at the D.B. Clarke Theatre from March 13 to 22, 2009. Directed by Robert Bellefeuille, this poetic marionette production about freedom and hope is appropriate for adults and children age 7 & up.

ABOUT THE PLAY | Originally produced in 2000, MaˆØta comes to Geordie after an extensive tour in three different languages that has brought it across Quebec, Canada, to the United States and even Mexico. The production was last seen in Montreal in 2002 for an extremely successful French-language run at La Maison Thˆ©ˆ¢tre. Esther Beauchemin won the Christine-Dumitriu-Van-Saanen Prize at Toronto French Book Fair for the script, and the production was a finalist at the 2003 Soirˆ©e des Masques for best production for young audiences, sound conception and original text.

THE STORY | MaˆØta, the daughter of a puppet maker, is sent by her father to work in a factory in order to pay off family debts. Before leaving his 8-year-old daughter, he bestows upon her Issane, a precious puppet on which MaˆØta's mother has sewn 1461 pearls, one for each day until her father will come for her. Since she knows how to read and write, MaˆØta becomes indispensable to Wunan, the factory foreman. MaˆØta works hard, but when night falls she recounts the tale of Issane - The Princess of Light - through shadow puppetry to the other children, and counts the days until she will finally gain her freedom.

GEORDIE'S VOW OF SILENCE | In honour of the true events that inspired this play, Geordie will be participating in Free the Children's "Vow of Silence" campaign. Free The Children is a Canadian charity and the world's largest network of children helping children through education, with youth involved in its innovative education and development programs in 45 countries. Beginning at 3pm on March 5, 2009 Geordie will join people around the world in remaining silent in support of those who are unable to speak up themselves. For more details, please visit

MaˆØta | Written by Esther Beauchemin | Produced by Thˆ©ˆ¢tre de la Vieille 17 and the Thˆ©ˆ¢tre de Sable and in collaboration with the French Theatre of the National Arts Centre

STARRING: Esther Beauchemin, Roch Castonguay, Henry Gauthier, Marie-Thˆ© Morin, Nathalie Poirˆ©; STAGE DIRECTION: Robert Bellefeuille; PUPPET DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION: Josˆ©e Campanale; STAGE MANAGEMENT & LIGHTING: Jean Hazel

PERFORMANCES: March 13 - 22, 2009| Opening night: March 13 at 7:00pm |

Weekend Family Performances: Mar. 14 & 15 at 3pm; Mar. 21 & 22 at 1pm & 3pm | School Matinˆ©es: Mar. 17 - 20, 10am & 12pm

VENUE: D.B. Clarke Theatre, Concordia University Hall Building | 1455 de Maisonneuve W.

TICKETS:(ON SALE NOW): $13.50 children, $16 adults; $15 seniors; all prices include tax

AGE RECOMMENDATION: Children age 7+ and adults of all ages | 60 minutes

BOX OFFICE and INFORMATION: (514) 845-9810 or

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