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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

LotusLand Project crosses musical style and space

Upcoming shows in Montreal and Almonte on February 27 and 28

MONTREAL, February 17th, 2009. Next week offers a cross-continent and cross-style musical experience brought to Montreal and Ottawa by four of Canada's most prolific jazz musicians. In the LotusLand Project, Newfoundland-born violinist Mark Fewer from Montrˆ©al and pianist John Novacek from Los Angeles join Vancouver-based jazz musicians Jodi Proznik on double-bass and Brad Turner on trumpet and drums. Their successful hybrid show features a mix of 20th century classical and jazz music, ranging from Fritz Kreisler to George Antheil, from Charlie Chaplin to Stuff Smith and Phil Dwyer.

The LotusLand Project started in 2005 with a live broadcast commissioned by the CBC. Since then, LotusLand has continued to expand, with new works being written by jazz musicians and classical composers across the continent.

Its director Mark Fewer is a versatile virtuoso with a talent for moving between styles. 2009 has already seen him perform with a brass band, a percussion ensemble, and a string orchestra; his current projects feature a baroque orchestra, a string quartet, a piano trio, and a jazz quartet.

John Novacek, pianist of LotusLand, is a sought-after collaborative artist and arranger who gained a Grammy nomination in 2004.

Bassist Judi Proznik was recently nominated Bassist of the Year at the 2008 National Jazz Awards.

Trumpet player Brad Turner has won several Juno and multiple jazz awards and is one of Canada's most prominent jazz musicians of our day.

Show dates:

Feb 27, 2009: 5 pm St. James United Church, Montrˆ©al, 463 rue Sainte-Catherine West (Metro McGill)

Feb 28, 2009: 8 pm Almonte Old Town Hall, 14 Bridge St, Almonte, Ontario

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