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Thursday, October 30, 2008

York U World Music Fest Nov 6-7

Tour the Globe with York Uĺ─˘s World Music Festival

Toronto: Take a sonic trip around the globe with York Universityĺ─˘s World Music Festival, two full days of concerts November 6 and 7. Performances take place in the informal, club-like setting of the Martin Family Lounge and the Sterling Beckwith Studio in the Accolade East Building at Yorkĺ─˘s Keele campus. Admission is free and no passport is required!

This whirlwind tour of musical cultures and traditions from five continents ranges from West African drums and classical Chinese orchestra to steelpan, flamenco and Klezmer music.

The rotating concert schedule features performances by rising young artists, directed by leading lights of Toronto's world music scene. Produced by Matt Vander Woude and Rob Simms, the lineup highlights some of the 20+ international cultures represented in York's world music program.

Event Details

Locations: Martin Family Lounge (MFL), 219 Accolade East Building &
Sterling Beckwith Studio (SBS), 235 Accolade East Building
Admission: Free
Info: 416.736.2100 x 22926

Performance Schedule:

Thursday, November 6, 2008 10am - 8:30pm

10am SBS West African Drums (Mande) directed by Isaac Akrong
12noon MFL Klezmer Ensemble directed by Brian Katz
1pm SBS West African Drum& Dance (Ghana) dir. by Kwasi Dunyo, Larry Graves
2:30pm MFL Escola de Samba directed by Rick Lazar
4pm SBS Cuban Music dir. by Paul Ormandy, Ruben Esguerra, Steve Mancuso
5:30pm MFL West African Drums (Mande) directed by Anna Melnikoff
7pm SBS Middle Eastern Ensemble directed by Bassam Shahouk

Friday, November 7, 2008 10am - 9:30pm

10am SBS Caribbean Ensemble directed by Gareth and Lindy Burgess
11:30am MFL African-American Piano directed by Catherine Wilson
12:45pm SBS Chinese Orchestra directed by Kim Chow-Morris
2pm MFL Korean Drums directed by Charles Hong
2:45pm SBS Japanese Music Ensemble directed by Linda Caplan
4:15pm MFL Flamenco Guitars directed by Roger Scannura
6pm SBS World Music Chorus directed by Judith Cohen
7pm MFL Balkan Music Ensemble directed by Irene Markoff

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