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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Works Calgary Presents: The People United Will Never Be Defeated!

The People United Will Never Be Defeated!

New Works Calgary presents pianist Corey Hamm on Tuesday, Nov. 11, 8 pm at the Eckhardt-Gramattłę Hall, Rozsa Centre.

"The People United Will Never Be Defeated" (1975) is a piano composition by the American composer Frederic Rzewski. It is a set of 36 variations based on the Chilean song "El pueblo unido james sere vencido!" by Sergio Ortega and Quilapayen. This song is one of many that emerged from the Unidad Popular in Chile between 1969 and 1973 prior to the overthrow of the Salvador Allende government. Rzewski composed the variations as a tribute to the struggle of the Chilean people against a newly imposed repressive regime.

Many pianists consider the technical demands of this work to be among the most severe of any well-known piece of the 20th Century. The pianist, in addition to needing a virtuoso technique, is required to whistle, slam the piano lid, and catch the after-vibrations of a loud attack as harmonics: all of these are "extended techniques" in 20th Century piano writing.

The concert will also include "Fickle" by Calgary composer George Fenwick, "kamelyin" by Gordon Fitzell, and Michel Gonneville's "Chute/Parachute".

Corey Hamm is Assistant Professor of Piano and Chamber Music at the University of British Columbia School of Music in Vancouver. Hamm is the pianist and a founding member of the prominent new music ensembles Hammerhead Consort and the Nu:BC Collective. He is regularly broadcast on CBC Radio as a soloist and chamber musician and is actively involved in the promotion and performance of contemporary music.

Tickets are available is advance at Campus Tickets at the University of Calgary (403-220-7202) or at the door: adults $20, seniors and students $15.

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