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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Almost Blue, Altera Vitae at MainLine Theatre- Nov. 5-16

Almost Blue

By Keith Reddin

Directed by Carolyn Fe

Wednesday, November 5 - Sunday, November 16

"They couldn't put me away long enough. Not for a hundred years, it wouldn't be long enough."- Phil

Montreal, October 2008- Altera Vitae is thrilled to present their second production, Almost Blue, playing at MainLine Theatre from November 5 to 16. This marks Carolyn Fe's directorial debut. The able cast includes Rick Bel, Anisa Cameron, Vance De Waele and Patrick Goddard. Altera Vitae produces works of theatre that engage and service the community. With each new production, the company partners itself with a valuable organization whose mandate is similar to themes in the play. For Almost Blue, Altera Vitae supports NEO-DEP (New Departure’ÄìNouveau Dˆ©part), born out of Correctional Services Canada. Says Carolyn Fe, Altera Vitae's artistic director, "We hope to spread the word about this pilot group helping former inmates reintegrate into society with the help of trained volunteers." Carolyn continues, "This play has forced me to look at the other side of any story and put prejudices aside."

In this 'stage noir', four people are stuck in a place they desperately need to get out of. We are slowly drawn into the lives of Phil- just out of prison; Blue- a lonely pornography ghostwriter; Steve- an ex-con needing to settle scores; and Liz- a beautiful woman in trouble, as they edge into a dirty web of lies and mind games. Written in a series of brutal, funny encounters, Almost Blue is a journey into the dark night, full of plot twists and sultry exchanges.

With arts and culture in the forefront these days, Carolyn hope the audience is as moved as she is by the play and the power of theatre in general, "If it wasn't for the arts, we'd remain unaware and numb about what goes on around us." She confides she has learned to ask, "How can I make this better for you? Or simply, what have you gone through?" Carolyn would like audiences to look at the other side of the coin and to take action by calling Father Renˆ© an dvolunteering for NEO-DEP.

The creative team comprises stage manager and lighting designer Mindy Sirois and sound designer Dan Legault. The original theme song playing throughout is written and performed by Carolyn Fe, backed by veteran musicians Yves Jacquier, Dan Legault and Naveen Uttamchandani.

"Everybody needs somebody to talk to. Everybody. Please talk to me, Phil. Please." - Blue

Almost Blue

Altera Vitae Productions

Playing at MainLine Theatre

3997 Blvd. St. Laurent

Tuesday to Sunday, 8:00 pm

Matinees: Saturday and Sunday, 2:00 pm

18$ regular or Four Play Card: $48 for 4 tickets

Pay-what-you-can: Wed. Nov. 5 preview and Nov. 8 and 9 matinˆ©es, to help spread word of mouth

Reservations: 514 849-3378 or

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