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Thursday, June 12, 2008

AFM of the US and Canada endorses the principles of the copyright reforms tabled in Parliament

Toronto (June 12, 2008)

AFM Canada, the Toronto-based national office of the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada has today endorsed the principles reflected in the copyright reforms tabled in Parliament today.

The American Federation of Musicians is the largest organization in the world representing the interests of professional musicians. With more than 15,000 members in Canada alone, AFM is also certified under Federal Status of the Artists as the representative of all musicians in this country.

Its about time we caught up with the protection offered creators in the UK, Europe, the United States and many other countries around the world, some of which we consider inferior to us in many areas, stated Alan Willaert, International Representative and Electronic Media supervisor at AFM Canada.

After a cursory view of the major provisions, we believe that this legislation, while far from perfect, is a step forward.

Many of our higher-profile members have expressed concerns about legislation that would entail suing their fans for illegal file sharing. While no one wants to see this happen, there still have to be rules and boundaries clearly established, and with that, consequences.

Willaert went on to say, One of the most promising aspects is the stiffer penalties for those who upload illegally acquired materials, as opposed to those who download it.

AFM is also positive regarding the penalties for circumventing digital locks and TPMs. Whether its songs or software, or the front door of your house, folks have to understand that its somebodys property and that makes it theft.



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