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issues directories
deadlines for sending
your questionaire answers
LSM April-May
(Quebec distribution)
music and arts festivals, spring, Canada March 23
LSM June
(distributed nation-wide)
classical music, jazz, world, folk, pop music, film, visual arts, theatre and dance festivals, summer, Canada May 20

Don't wait for the deadline. Do it now. Avoid the rush.

coverage options, costs, email addresses

Every festival can have the following items published in the magazine.

publishable items >
festival listed* description of
1-50 words
description of
51-100 words
logo or photo rectangular ad
cost for canadian festivals
free $60 for one edition / $90 for both editions $110/$165 $60 for one edition / $90 for both editions see our advertising page
cost for non-canadian festivals
$20 $60 for one edition / $90 for both editions $110/$165 $60 for one edition / $90 for both editions
send text or graphic file to >
phone >
514-948-2520, Kiersten van Vliet

* festival listed = name, date start-end, website, place, phone (from your questionnaire)

Classical Music festivals may also have their concerts listed. For details and conditions, see below.

For any purchases, please:

  • contact your sales rep
    • if you don't have an LSM sales rep, write to sales@lascena.org
  • then send your text or graphic file to the right email address (as shown above)
    • and in your email, state clearly the purchase confirmation and the name of your sales rep.

register your festival > the questionnaire
in this section >> the questionnaire | sample email | how we do things

The registration procedure is the same for all festivals, all directories. It just means providing the following details about your festival to us, by email. You will find below a sample email.

required fields required format, tips
published in our magazine
festival name unilingual please
website www.festival-XYZ.org
city (cities), province of events City1, City2, ON

City, NS

if province = QC or ON


please choose 1 among these 6:
  • region: Montreal and area
  • region: Québec and area
  • region: Ottawa-Gatineau
  • region: Toronto and area
  • region: elsewhere in QC
  • region: elsewhere in ON
festival dates from 2007-7-5 to 2007-7-25

from 2007-5-25 to 2007-8-12

from 2007-6-5 to 2007-10-12

phone numbers for the public 555-555-5555

the phone number you put here should be the same as in your concert listings.

genres in your festival new choose 1 or more among the following:
  • classical
  • jazz
  • world music
  • folk music
  • blues
  • pop
  • theatre
  • dance
  • cinema
  • visual arts

put them in order of most events to fewest events.

description of your festival in your own words

free for Canadian festivals.

  • may be unilingual or bilingual
  • avoid redundancy, do not repeat info listed above; ex. your phone, dates, website.
  • you might want to mention your non-musical events here (ex. fireworks, river cruise) because you cannot put them in your concert info.
  • if you want a longer description (max. 100 words), please say that you acept the $90 supplement, and include a billing address.
for our records only
contact info for festival registration

that's the person filling out this questionnaire

registration contact: yourname, email, phone

for this contact's email, we strongly recommend that you give us an email that belongs to your festival's permanent addresses, as opposed to a press relations person which can change every year, so that we can contact you first through this address every year.

contact info for advertizing

so we can help you get what you want

sales contact: name, email, phone, fax

this is the person we will contact (or who will contact us) regarding the possible purchase of advertizing in our magazine or website.

contact info for concert listings

for Canadian music festivals only

concert listings contact: name, email, phone

this is the person who will send the concert info to the calendar team and who will do the followup.

sample email
To: "La Scena Musicale" <directories@scena.org>
From: "Festival XYZ - John St. John" <john@festivalxyz.org.com.ca>
Subject: Festival XYZ - registration 2007 calendar


Here is the requested info.

Festival XYZ
Smallville, ON
region: elsewhere in ON
from 2007-5-15 to 2007-8-25

genres: classical, jazz, dance

Celebrating its 250th anniversary, Festival XYZ is the most wonderful thing on Earth. We will have the most amazing musicians performing the most wonderful music ever written. Come and enjoy the most beautiful scenery in this galaxy. Just a 10-hour drive north of Bigville.

contact info:
registration contact: John Johnson, john@festivalxyz.org.com.ca, 800-555-1255
sales contact: Jill Jillson, jill@festivalxyz.org.com.ca, 800-555-1244, fax 800-555-1277
concert listings contact: Jack Jackson, jack@festivalxyz.org.com.ca, 800-555-1266

  • One questionnaire per festival, one festival per questionnaire.
    • send us your questionnaire only once, even if your festival is to appear in more than one directory (ex. festivals with classical music AND jazz), before the earliest applicable deadline.
  • We only accept registration info sent by email; we will not retrieve it from the web, press releases, print material or fax.
  • After we receive your questionnaire, you will get a reply, and this will be your last chance to make corrections to your info.
  • Canadian Music Festivals: see extra instructions below.
  • Festivals who were listed last year:
    • If you were in our directories last year, you will probably receive an email from us with your questionnaire info from last year. You may use that email to update your info for 2010. But there are fields above new to this year.
    • If you have not received it yet, please just send all the info requested above to guides@lascena.org, and put the subject "Festival XYZ - registration 2010" (Festival XYZ being the name of your festival, of course).

PDF versions of 2007 festival directories

classical music festivals Canada spring download
classical music festivals Canada summer download
jazz festivals Canada download
world and folk music festivals Canada download

Canadian music festivals
  • as always, all concert listings received (whether classical or not, whether festival or not) for Canada will appear in our web calendar.
  • as always, all concerts in QC and Ottawa region (including within festivals) will appear in LSM's Regional Calendar for the period covered by that issue (what does this mean?)
  • only the summer classical music festivals directory/calendar will have concert listings (that's why it's a directory/calendar and not just a directory)
    • To make this directory/calendar, WE will combine your questionnaire info (sent to the directories department) with your concert listings (sent to the free calendars department).
    • concert listings for all other festivals will be available in the web calendar only.

how to send your concert listings

  • The procedure and required format have not changed since 2000. See instructions in the free calendars section.
  • Send the listings of ALL your concerts for the whole festival, from first to last, even if it starts before or ends after the period of the print calendar (since we also have a web calendar).
  • There are late fees of $10 per concert for the magazine calendars. (see our deadlines)
  • Do not send your concert listings to the same address as the questionnaire, they are two unrelated departments. The procedure for sending concert listings is independent of the procedure for registering your festival.
    • If you don't know the email address for sending your concert listings, click here.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any text which does not meet our formatting requirements.

  • LSM = the magazine about music that covers the province of QC and the Ottawa region, quasi monthly
  • La Scena = the magazine about arts other than music, quarterly
  • festival directory: list of festivals, by order of region first, then by alphabetical order; each festival has the general info received by way of the questionnaire described below
  • calendar: a list of events (concerts, lectures, workshops, etc.) in chronological order, with full details for each concert (date, time, place, contents, participants, etc.)
  • festival directory/calendar: a text which is both a festival directory and a festival calendar
    • This year, we will publish only one festival directory/calendar, the one for summer classical music festivals in Canada.
  • spring = april, may
  • summer = june, july, august, early september
  • arts festivals = festivals on dance, theatre, cinema, visual arts, etc.? (any art other than music)
  • non-classical music = jazz, world music, folk (we do not cover pop, rock, country)
  • the same festival can have classical and non-classical music, or can have music and other art forms; therefore the same festival can be listed in more than one directory.

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