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deadlines for the free printed calendars
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  • The word "deadline" means "at the latest on the...", not "preferably on the ...". So do not wait, send your listings early.
  • It is never too early to send us properly formatted listings. (... OK, maybe one year is too much.)
  • Deadlines are for listings that you want to see in our free print calendars (the regional calendar and the summer festival calendar).
    • There are no deadlines for the web calendar. However if we get the listings too late, we may not have a chance to update the web calendar in time.
    • Every properly-formatted listing we receive will be listed on the web sooner or later. So do send them even if they are late.
  • Listings are accepted at no cost until the deadline. Listings will be accepted for 10 days after the dealine if you accept to pay the late fees.
  • Deadlines are published here permanently, and in our monthly magazine, and emailed to our contacts at least once a month.
  • Do not confuse deadlines for the free calendar with deadlines for advertizing which are mentioned in newsletters, press releases, emails, etc. sent by LSM departments other than the calendar department.

QC + Ottawa region
September 1 - October 7 September August 10
October 1 - November 7 October September 10
November 1 - December 7 November October 10
December 1 - February 7 December-January November 10
February 1 - April 7 February-March January 10
April 1 - June 7 April-May March 10
summer classical music festivals June May 10
June 1 - September 7 June-July-August May 10

elsewhere in Canada
summer classical music festivals summer May 10
others none (web only) none (just do your best)

late fees for the print calendars

The late fee is $10 per late listing.
A listing means one performance, one broadcast, one lecture, one masterclass, etc., and not a whole season or a whole month.

If we receive your listings after the deadline, we will send you an email asking you if you accept to pay the late fees.

  • If you send us timely listings and late listings in the same email, fees will apply only to the latter. Our email will specify which listings are late.
  • As explained in the table above, each regional calendar covers the first seven days of the next calendar period. If your listing falls within that period, then it can appear both in the upcoming issue (for which it is considered late) and the following one (for which it is considered on time).
    • Example: If on September 15, you send us a listing for a concert taking place on November 5, the listing will be considered late for the October issue but on time for the November issue.
    • Example: If on November 15, you send us a listing for a concert taking place on February 5, the listing will be considered late for the December-January issue but on time for the February issue.
  • There are no late fees for our web calendar. Please check the previous section to see if your listing is subject to being published in our magazine or not, and therefore subject to a late fee or not.

how to reply to our "late fee" email
  • You must reply immediately, so we can process your listing.
    • If you accept the late fees, please include your name and a mailing address for billing in your reply.
    • If you do not accept or if you do not reply in time, your listing will not be published in the upcoming issue.
      • but it will appear in our online calendar... eventually.
      • if it is late for issue x but not for issue x + 1, it will be published in the issue x + 1.
  • If you know your listings are late when you send them, you can speed things up by doing the following:
    • if you accept the late fees, please say so, and include your name and mailing address for billing, and the amount you are willing to pay.
    • if you do not accept the late fees, please say so.
    • if you say nothing or if you under-estimate the amount, we will have to send you our email and no time will have been saved, which increases the chance of your listings getting published in the subject issue.
  • Late fee exemption:
    • If you have purchased an ad (minimum business card size or value) in our upcoming issue, you are exempt from paying the late fees. However you must inform the calendar department of your purchase, as we are separate from the sales department.

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