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Friday, March 27, 2009

Classissima : launch of the collaborative website dedicated to classical music and opera

e-media management launches, the collaborative website dedicated to classical music and opera

Classissima is a collaborative website dedicated to classical music and opera. It offers to music lovers and casual visitors possibilities to discover contents available on the Net, to share preferences and comments. As such, it can be called as a "social network".

Today, Classissima is an international directory of websites related to classical music: almost 6000 are already available. Classissima also incorporates editorial and multimedia contents produced daily by third parties for each language covered. For example, it provides access to more than 7,000 biographies and dozens of news flows about classical music and opera.

Classissima opens in English and French. Other languages will be available soon: Spanish, Italian, German, ... Classissima is completely free for users. Innovative information services will come soon.

The vocation of Classissima is to support all audiences of classical music and opera in their use of the Internet. Without bias, Classissima is the site of all those interested in classical music, in all their diversity.

Internet and music settle in a sustainable way in all the cultural universes. Our vision is that Classical music and opera should particularly benefit from the opportunities of the web: diversity of works and artists, diversity of knowledge and expectations, importance of the quality of information, need to share and exchange, absence of frontiers...

Classissima is provided in total independence. e-media management ensures full funding. The advertising revenue of the site will contribute to its development and give resource to develop all the information services required by classical music and opera.



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