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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Slavery and the Absence of Truth. Online Solo Exhibition by Juan Carlos Llera

Slavery and the Absence of Truth
Online Solo Exhibition by Juan Carlos Llera

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Where will you be in 100 years and how prepared are you for this crushing reality? Can you separate the real from the delusional? Why do we, as a society, create the world we inhabit on a daily basis and feel victimized over what we see on the 10:00 p.m. news all the while never becoming conscious of the role we play in our own self created suffering?

Contemporary Cuban American Artist Juan Carlos Llera presents a series of virtual works intended to encourage reflection and ignite consciousness in the viewer. Through a virtual world of ones and zeros you are cordially invited to download and view his one man show "Slavery and the Absence of Truth" in the form of a PDF file which contains the unreal conceptual snapshots of the thoughts that generate them. It is the conceptual world and its relationship to natural truth which is being explored here. It is visual poetry constructed to break through thought and gain access to consciousness and awareness in its purest form.

Please accept an invitation to participate in the work by downloading, viewing, reflecting and commenting on the material presented.

For more information, please contact the artist at:

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