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Monday, March 31, 2008

Protest at CBC Vancouver on April 1


Contemporary composer Anita Sleeman of West Vancouver, BC is spearheading a protest on Tuesday morning at 10am at the CBC building Temporary Entrance, 775 Cambie Street in Vancouver. She is asking everyone who disagrees with the elimination of the CBC Orchestra to attend, including musicians, listeners, and members of the public.

"Composers depend on the skill and dedication of such performers as the CBC Radio Orchestra for the production of their compositions, music which presents unique techniques and concept approaches, beyond the requirements of the mainstream repertoire. Discontinuing this ensemble is putting musical creation back into the nineteenth century."

"The CBC belongs to the people of Canada, not a political party. The President of CBC was a Harper appointee. If the people of Canada don't want the public purse raided, we must stand up to this cultural tyranny."

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