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La Scena Musicale Celebrates 2001 with a Special 90,000-Copy Issue in Partnership with the Royal Conservatory of Music


December 1, 2000 (Montreal) -- La Scena Musicale has entered into a partnership with The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) to produce a special February 2001 issue of 90,000 copies--a doubling of its current print run--which will include the RCM's national magazine Music In Our Lives as a special section. The issue will be mailed directly to 40,000 RCM alumni across Canada, and will include a classical music calendar (Feb. 1 to March 7, 2001) for every region in Canada.

"We are very excited about this special issue. The mailing to RCM alumni will widen the distribution of the magazine, and at the same time provide improved visibility for the Royal Conservatory of Music," said Wah Keung Chan, president of La Scena Musicale. "It is a win-win situation for both organizations." Louise Yearwood, Director of Development for The RCM says that, "The RCM is delighted about this exciting partnership with La Scena Musicale. We are pleased to be able to tell more Canadians about The RCM's programs and events and to offer our alumni the opportunity to enjoy one of Canada's best classical music publications."

The February 2001 will be distributed as follows: 45,000 copies will be circulated according to La Scena Musicale's current distribution network, 40,000 copies will be mailed to RCM alumni, 4,000 will be added to the current Toronto distribution and 1,000 copies will used for RCM promotion. The special issue will have a street date of January 31, 2001. RCM alumni in Metro Toronto will receive the magazine by February 2, 2001, while those in other regions will receive the magazine in the following week.

The special issue will contain an interior in newsprint (64-80 pages) and a full-colour glossy exterior (8-16 pages). The newsprint interior section will be the same for the 90,000 copies. The full-colour glossy exterior will have two different print-runs to allow advertisers to take advantage of selective marketing. In all, the February issue will reach 180,000 classical music lovers and musicians, and will be read 810,000 times in the month.

About La Scena Musicale
La Scena Musicale is a free monthly magazine published in English and French by La Scène musicale, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of classical music. Each issue contains a comprehensive calendar of concerts, compact disc reviews, interviews with musicians as well as feature articles on the local, national and international classical music scenes.

The printed version of La Scena Musicale is distributed across Canada with particular emphasis in the Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa-Hull and Toronto regions. The electronic version is available world-wide on the internet at

About The Royal Conservatory of Music

Since 1886, The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) has bound together millions of Canadians with the thread of shared musical experiences. The exceptional curriculum for music study developed by The RCM is used by people in every region of the nation and through its professional training programs, The RCM has produced generations of graduates, including Glenn Gould, Jon Vickers, Teresa Stratas, Isabel Bayrakdarian and Martin Beaver, building the infrastructure for music in our nation.

RCM Examinations, The RCM's Glenn Gould Professional School and The RCM Community School work with over 125,000 students each year and Learning Through the Arts(tm), an innovative educational initiative in dozens of public schools across Canada will reach over 100,000 students this year. The Frederick Harris Music Company, Ltd. of The RCM is recognized worldwide as a leader in publishing musical materials of the very highest quality.

The RCM alumni list is a result of The Historic Register, an ongoing project started three years ago to register the estimated 3 million members of The RCM "family". The first volume was published in March 2000, including more than 45,000 names of RCM alumni and students from across the country.


Wah Keung Chan
La Scena Musicale
(514) 274-1128

Cathy Landolt
Royal Conservatory of Music
(416) 408-2825 ext. 325


Local, Music and Cultural
(514) 484-3890

National Advertising (non-music)
DPS Media, (416) 413-9291



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