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La Scena Musicale - Writer's Agreement

La Scena Musicale welcomes unsolicited manuscripts. Unless agreed upon separately, all unsolicited and solicited manuscripts published in the print magazine La Scena Musicale and in the website La Scena Musicale Online are subject to the following conditions.

La Scena Musicale Writer's Agreement


  • LSM acquires all legal and moral rights to the article, including the rights of translation. The writer specifically and irrevocably waives in favour of La Scena Musicale all moral rights of the article in all downstream iterations of the work arising under the Copyright Act (Canada) as amended (or any successor legislation of similar force and effect).
  • Should an author wish to retain any specific legal or moral right, it is possible to negotiate that on a piece by piece basis, noting that the price shall be adjusted accordingly.
  • not withstanding the above, the writer may sell or give the piece to another publisher/media outlet. The article must appear first in LSM, and an LSM credit line "originally published in La Scena Musicale" must appear, and if in digital format, appear with a hyperlink to the LSM homepage.
  • in exchange for point 1 above, the author shall acquire the right to have his or her name hyperlinked from La Scena Musicale Online to the author's web page.
  • La Scena Musicale will create a basic homepage for the author, upon request.
  • La Scena Musicale will endeavor not to have the article altered or taken out of context in downstream iterations.
  • where possible, and if asked, LSM will inform writers where their material has been used.

[Version française]

(c) La Scena Musicale 2001