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La Scena Musicale - Vol. 4, No. 3

Gorecki in Montreal

November 1, 1998

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On November 20, the great Polish composer Henryk Gorecki will visit Montreal to accept an honorary degree from Concordia University. Although he is among the most famous of living composers, he is also an intensely private man who believes that "success and fame are a dangerous poison."

Gorecki was born on December 6, 1933, in Czernica, Poland. In a recent interview he described his origins: "I was born in Silesia, an ancient Polish land that has three coexisiting cultures: Polish, Czech, and German. Nobody chooses their time and place of their birth but I was lucky to grow up with them all." Gorecki's music defies classification and he rarely speaks about his work. He avoids press conferences and interviews, but he likes to quote the Pope, who said that art "is only a distant echo of God's word ". His early period was violent and explosive, his later period more contemplative and religious. At all times his music is rooted in the folk and religious music of old Polish culture.

Gorecki's phenomenally popular Symphony No. 3, which sold over one million copies, shows only one side of Gorecki's music. To discover the different facets of Gorecki's more rarely played music, it is recommended that listeners attend one of the concerts to be held this month in honour of his visit to Montreal and Quebec City. Programs will include Three Pieces in an Old Style, Musiquiette 3, Genesis I, Choros I, String Quartet No. 2, Little Fantasia, and Sonata for Two Violins. Gorecki will give a seminar at Concordia University on November 18, receive an honorary degree at Place des Arts on November 20 and attend an evening concert of his own chamber works at Concordia Concert Hall that evening. There will be a Gala Concert at the St. Leon de Westmount Church, 4311 de Maisonneuve West, at 8:00 pm on Saturday November 21, to celebrate the composer's 65th birthday. After the concert, the audience will have a chance to meet the composer. (The same concert will be presented in Quebec City on November 22). Tickets cost 20$, 10$ for students. Call (514) 487-5550 or Admission 790-1111

Version française...

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