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La Scena Musicale - Vol. 19, No. 3

CMC Celebrates 40 Years in Quebec

by Charles-David Tremblay / November 1, 2013

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Since 1959, the Canadian Music Centre (CMC) ensures the accessibility of local music. To sustain it, the Quebec division of CMC has taken on the task of collecting, classifying and developing an exhaustive catalogue of Canadian compositions. President Ana Sokolović asserts that the CMC in Quebec “takes care to conserve our musical heritage as well as the distribution of the most recent creations: scores, recordings, musicologists' writings, analytical writings, photos, etc.”

Among its many services, the consultation of scores remains essential. With more than 22,000 documents, the music library is a resource of scores, books and recordings. These are accessible via Musiflots, an online listening platform. With more than 1500 titles and about 200 Canadian and foreign labels, the distribution service can also transmit digital recordings. Members of the CMC living in Canada can borrow up to ten scores for up to six months.

The consultation of repertoire is a free and personalised tool: one can search by instrumentation, level of difficulty and individual themes. Accessible in paper or electronic format, this service is a complement to the musical archives.

The CMC also offers the ability to find scores from CMC accredited composers. The editing service provides printing and binding services for its members to produce professional materials. In addition, the synchronisation licences make some works available to various artistic productions. The licensed music catalogue offers the television, radio, cinema or the video games industry the opportunity to choose a sound track.

Furthermore, L’Espace Kendergi is a meeting venue where Quebecois and Canadian composers can present performances in the province. As mentioned by Sonia Pâquet, “this performance venue promotes music in Quebec.”

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, CMC Quebec is organising a benefit concert at the Chapelle du Bon-Pasteur on December 3 at 7:30 PM. Its Executive Director Sonia Pâquet says that the event “will be in the presence of composers and will include works dedicated to the performers.” For 40 years, the services offered to professionals as well as music lovers have constantly evolved, allowing Canadian music to prosper.


Translated by Emilie White

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