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La Scena Musicale - Vol. 12, No. 1 September 2006


by Wah Keung Chan / September 5, 2006

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Last week, artist agent Ann Summers contacted La Scena Musicale to express concern over the challenges young Canadian singers have in developing their careers. Summers was in Montreal attending the closing concerts of the Canadian Vocal Arts Institute. During our conversation, she lamented, “We train singers well, but nobody is telling them about the difficulty of finding work.” The musical landscape has changed even more in recent years. Logistical issues owing to stringent security measures following 9/11 create travel nightmares that add to the difficulties everyone, including musicians, have to face. Concert organizers now have to juggle visa requirements as much as subscription sales. Last month’s London bomb scare served as a reminder of how world events affect the music industry. Festival Vancouver had to scramble for visiting Italian Academia Montis Regalis Orchestra whose instruments were left behind due to security delays. Fortunately, Canadians came through with 16 quality period instruments for the concert.

Five years ago, the shocking tragedy of September 11 made La Scena Musicale’s 5th Anniversary Gala, which was held the following day, possibly 9/11’s first memorial concert — all participating musicians were moved to dedicate their performance in memory of the victims. When Marie-Nicole Lemieux opened the evening with the normally upbeat piece, L’invitation au Voyage composed by Henri Duparc, in a melancholy tone, the tragic event became more palpable.

Ann Summers calls for La Scena Musicale to address the changing business of music, something that we strive for every day at LSM. Being the magazine of reference for the musical community in Canada is both a source of pride as well as a responsibility. As LSM enters its eleventh year, we will continue exploring relevant facets of the industry from the latest news and changes, to musical reviews, performance, education, interviews with musicians and composers, and yes, even analyzing musical scores. It motivates us to know that our magazine serves as a meeting place of sorts for musicians, and music-lovers alike.


Now that LSM has completed its first 10 years of actively promoting music in Canada, I experience a special kind of satisfaction that comes in knowing that “the little magazine that could (and can)” is a part of your daily lives.

Our October issue will be a commemorative issue that looks back at some of the best articles we’ve published through the years. The celebration continues with our 10th Anniversary Gala on October 21st featuring some of Montreal’s finest musicians. I invite each one of you to join us during this special event. In the meantime, why not vote for your favourite cover (see p.11), send us a note to share with us what La Scena Musicale means to you and/or show your support by taking an ad of congratulations. Your feedback and contribution will help propel us into the next 10 years of serving the musical community. Life is full of challenges but music soothes the way.

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