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La Scena Musicale - Vol. 6, No. 1 - September 2000
Articles in English

Cover Story

Charles Dutoit -- Stepping Forward and Looking Back

Special: La dernière note / The Final Note
A Maestro Need Not be a Mister

Main Features
Welcome to our Fifth Year
Gilles Cantagrel -- Passion Bach
The State of Music Education in Quebec
Jazz Education -- Panacea or necessary evil?
Education Magazines
Youth Education -- Demystifying the Suzuki Method
Youth Education The Violin, King of the Orchestra
The Performer's Equilibrium: The Key to Controlling Performance Anxiety
Les gagnants du concours d'articles d'étudiants 2000 / Winners of the Student Writing Contest 2000
XXth Century -- ''Les Six'', Satie, and Cocteau
XXth Century Erik Satie: Première Gnossienne
Les notes / Notes
CD reviews
Calendar CD Reviews

More articles in French / Plus d'articles en français
Version Française - September 2000
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