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Day 3: Semifinals Concludes with Excitement

By Wah Keung Chan / June 2, 2002

Canadian Measha Brueggergosman made an imposing presence at the closing session of Day 3 (June 1, 2002) of the First Jeunesses Musicales Montreal International Music Competition in Voice. The Third Day of competition presented another strong showing from the 16 remaining candidates.

A packed Salle Pierre-Mercure was anticipating an outstanding performance from the renowned Canadian soprano, and they were not disappointed. Appearing second in the evening, Brueggergosman opened with a moving rendition of "Allmächt'ge Jungfrau, hör mein Flehen!" from Wagner's Tannhäuser; her imposing timbre made the room of voice enthusiasts and singers take notice. Brueggergosman used the same dramatic approach to her three remaining song groups, captivating the audience. Technically, the program was not that difficult as it did not test her upper range nor any coloratura, and a little instability was detectable in her vibrato, but Brueggergosman's use of pianissimo and dramatic attention to the text made the blemishes unimportant. Brueggergosman has now emerged as a true artist.

Singing immediately afterward, Canadian soprano Hélène Guilmette, who was suffering from a cold that knocked out her speaking voice, gave a fine performance. The evening closed with the intelligent and touching singing of Philipino baritone Marvin Gayramon.

Earlier in the day, audiences were treated to the charisma of Russian baritone Mikhail Davydov, the majestic mezzo of South Korean Sooyun Chung, the brilliant soprano Sin-Nyung Hwang, a lovely performance of the Linda di Charmounix aria from the soft-grain voiced American Jennifer O'Loughlin and the majestic bass of Moldavian Metodie Bujor.

After the last performance ended at 9:10 p.m., the audience was asked to wait 60 minutes for the tabulation of results. With the high standards of singing presented in the three days of competition, the task of narrowing the field to10 finalist would not be very easy; La Scena Musicale estimates that 20 of the 51 candidates have a good chance of advancing.

Stay tuned for a detail report of Day 3

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