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Monday, October 19, 2009

Rabbit Rabbit and Suburban Motel in Montreal

November 10 - 29
By Amy Lee Lavoie
Directed by Guy Sprung
Starring Ashley Dunn & Howard Rosenstein

Larry, a paedophilic birthday clown, is on

a "date" with Britney, a sixteen-year-old prostitute working for a fetish escort service. If Britney gets another bad score from a client - she's had a string of bad-luck lately - her pimp will put her back out on the street. Larry asked for his usual girl, twelve-year-old Sabrina, who wasn't available. He really wanted his regular fix, as he has his sights set on a young girl who he will be seeing next week at a birthday party, his next clown job. He knows what he will do if he doesn't get some relief. It is D-Day in the hotel room. Through embarrassing, traumatic attempts at having sex, and in spite of Britney's nerves and Larry's broken routine, the two characters form a unique bond. The hotel room becomes a confessional for dark secrets and future dreams.

Bain St-Michel

5300 St-Dominique
Tues. thru Sat. - 8 PM
Sun. matinˆ©e - 2 PM
Adult.: $20 - Students & Seniors: $15 - Groups (6+): $10 MATURE SUBJECT MATTER
(514) 987 - 1774

"Rabbit author"(Amy Lee Lavoie) at

tached - courtesy of Infinithˆ©ˆ¢tre

November 10 - 29

Tableau D'Hˆ¥te Theatre
By George F. Walker

Set in the same seedy motel room in no-place Canada, Governor General Award winning playwright George F. Walker brings us this hilarious and tragic series of six plays that can exist on their own but also share one interconnecting theme. The first time all six plays have been produced consecutively, Tableau D'Hˆ¥te Theatre invites you to celebrate some of Canada's most exciting talent, featuring over thirty local actors, directors, and designers in this Montrˆ©al first.

Mainline Theatre
3997, boul. St-Laurent
Tues. thru Sat. - 8 PM
Sun. matinˆ©e - 2 PM
Adult.: $20 - Students & Seniors: $15 - Special Group Rates available MATURE SUBJECT MATTER
514-849-FEST (3378)

"Motel Collage" photo attached by Martin Reisch

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