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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Analia Llugdar wins 2008 Jules Lą©ger Prize for New Chamber Music

Analia Llugdar wins 2008 Jules Lą©ger Prize for New Chamber Music

Ottawa, February 10, 2009 íńž The Canada Council for the Arts announced today that the work Que sommesíńŽnous by composer Analia Llugdar is the winner of the 2008 Jules Lą©ger Prize for New Chamber Music. The work was commissioned by Radio-Canada and was premiered by the Ensemble contemporain de Montrą©al+, under the baton of Vą©ronique Lacroix, in May 2008.

This annual award is a partnership between the Canada Council, Canadian Music Centre and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/Socią©tą© Radio-Canada. The prize is designed to encourage the creation of new Canadian chamber music and to foster its performance by Canadian chamber groups. The $7,500 prize was established in 1978 by the Right Honourable Jules Lą©ger, then Governor General of Canada.

The competition for the prize is administered by the Canadian Music Centre. The Canada Council funds the award, selects the peer assessment committee and organizes the prize presentation ceremony. Every year, the winning work is broadcast nationally by CBC Radio 2 and Espace musique, Radio-Canada's music network. Que sommes-nous will be broadcast by CBC Radio 2 on June 14 and 16 between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. on The Signal, with hosts Pat Carrabrą© and Laurie Brown, and on Espace musique on May 14 during the Soirą©es classiques between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m., hosted by Michel Keable.

The members of the peer assessment committee for the 2008 Jules Lą©ger Prize were composer and pianist John Burge (Kingston, ON), composer John Oliver (New Westminster, BC) and composer Isabelle Panneton (Montreal). The committee was a "blind jury" which evaluated the works without knowing the names of the composers.

Of Que sommes-nous the jury said, "This piece displays virtuosic instrumental writing of the highest order, scored with a deftness that energizes the texture to masterfully combine transparency and density. This work is also characterized by a huge release of breath that supports it as it unfolds in an unforeseeable and always captivating way."

The jury made a special mention of two other works submitted for the Jules Lą©ger Prize. Icebergs et soleil de minuit íńÓ Quatuor en blanc by Simon Martin, which was premiered by Quatuor Bozzini in April 2007, and Big City, Little City by Michael Oesterle, which was premiered by Steven Dann and the Soundstreams Canada Chamber Ensemble in October 2007.

An image of Ms. Llugdar can be downloaded from the Canada Council image gallery at:

Analia Llugdar
Born in Argentina in 1972, Analia Llugdar studied piano and composition at CąĄrdoba National University, Argentina. She continued her composition studies at University de Montrą©al, where she completed a master with Josą© Evangelista and a PhD in Music composition with Denis Gougeon.

She has received several awards for her work, including First Prize in the Composition Competition of the Orchestre de l'Universitą© de Montrą©al, the Canada Council for the Arts Grand Prize for the CBC Young Composers Competition (2002), and the Jeunesses Musicales du Canada Award. She has also received the Quą©bec-Flandres Prize 2007 and a special mention for Le chąĀne et le roseau in the 2006 Jules Lą©ger Prize competition.

Her music has been performed by the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, the Ensemble Contemporain de Montrą©al+, the Trio Fibonacci, Prą©mices duet, the Laval Symphony Orchestra (Quebec), the Enfants Terribles, the ensemble S:I.C., the Ensemble de flą™tes Alizą© and the ensemble I solisti del vento.

Le chąĀne et le roseau represented Canada at the 52nd International Rostrum of composers. Several of her works were performed at festivals including the Montrą©al Nouvelle Musique (MNM), the Conference of Contemporary Music (Brussel), the International Society of Contemporary Music Concerts (Flandres), the Biennale Musiques en Scąģne 2008 (Lyon), the Voix Nouvelles festival (Royaumont, France), Domaine Forget (Quebec), the 2008 Cornerstone Festival (Liverpool) and the Huddersfield New Music Festival (Huddersfield, UK).

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