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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shaw Festival Establishes Governors International Advisory Council

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, July 17, 2008 Ķ The inaugural meeting of the newly established Shaw Festival Governors International Advisory Council, which takes place tomorrow at the Festival, will celebrate the international breadth of The Shaws audiences and the global reputation of the Festivals work.

In late March the Shaw Festivals Board of Governors voted unanimously to establish the Governors International Advisory Council. The Council will be a proactive body which represents the Festival in strategic centres across North America, with members acting as ambassadors for The Shaw. The Council will assist the Board in expanding The Shaws reach, reputation and base of support. Its establishment recognizes The Shaws position as a world-renowned theatre company whose audience is 40% American and drawn from all over Canada and the world. The group will consist of up to 16 Canadian and up to 16 American or International positions. (A position is comprised of an individual or a couple.)

Members of the Governors International Advisory Council are elected for their passion and commitment to the Shaw Festival, their residence in a geographic area with current or potential strength in stakeholder support, and their ability to build bridges between The Shaw and local, regional and national individuals and institutions.

The current membership of the Governors International Advisory Council, which is expected to continue to grow, is comprised of:

The Hon. Lincoln M. Alexander, Hamilton, ON

David and Carol Appel, Toronto, ON

Anthony Herbert Bogert, Chelsea, QC

Elizabeth T. Daly, Bryn Mawr, PA

Leslie L. and Anna Dan, Toronto, ON

James and Margaret Fleck, Toronto, ON

Susan Glass, Winnipeg, MB

Nona Macdonald Heaslip, Toronto, ON

Sir Michael Holroyd, London, England

William B.G. Humphries, Toronto, ON

Malcolm S. Macdonald, Chair, Bloomfield Hills, MI

Gerry C. Miovski, Westfield, NJ

Dr. Ross H. Paul, Windsor, ON

Walter and Cathleen Ross, Palm Beach, FL

Judy Goetz Sanger and Dr. Sirgay Sanger, New York, NY

James M. and Michal Wadsworth, Buffalo, NY

Gregg D. Watkins, Bloomfield Hills, MI

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