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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Scarborough Society of Musicians

Scarborough Musicians want to keep the Music Alive

A quartet of Scarborough graduates have formed the Scarborough Society of Musicians with the mission of keeping music alive for post-secondary students who are not pursuing professional studies in music. They plan to provide an environment for the members to continue developing and exercising their talent.

Their goal is to involve those graduates who would like to keep involved in music but do not have the time to be involved in community groups that practise weekly and in most cases meet on week nights. Musicians will meet twice a month for practices and the quartet hopes that students who are now studying out of town will be able to attend the practices on Saturday
mornings. The tentative rehearsal location is Dr. Norman Bethune C.I. which has an award winning music programme and fostered the musical interests of some of these students who now want to give back to the community.

Because they benefited from participation in music studies in elementary and high schools, the group also plans to contribute to the community by helping to keep music alive in the community and fostering links.

For further information about this new venture check the website: or e-mail

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