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La Scena Musicale

5th Anniversary
Fundraising and Awareness Campaign

La Scena Musicale is pleased to announce the details of their fundraising and awareness campaign to mark their 5th Anniversary.

5th Anniversary Issue (September 2001):

  • - La Scena Musicale will look back at some of the highlights of the last 5 years.
  • - On the cover: Louis Lortie plays Beethoven
  • - Follow-up on our artists who will perform in the Benefit Gala
  • - Fall Preview: Hot Concert Picks in Quebec, Canada, and beyond
  • - In addition: articles, news, books and CD reviews
  • - 40,000 copies
  • - 64 pages: 8 glossy pages and 56 newsprint pages (with 16 pages in mando)

Benefit Gala: the first La Scena Musicale Benefit Gala will be held on September 12 at the Centre Pierre-Péladeau in Montreal. The participation of many of Canada’s leading musicians, all of whom have agreed to waive their concert fees, makes this the event to launch the musical season in Montreal.

 • Benefit Gala Mailing Campaign: the inclusion of a leaflet announcing the Benefit Gala in the August or September mailing of music and arts groups, and the inclusion of the announcement of the gala in newsletters.

 • La Scena Musicale Awareness Months: distribution of copies of La Scena Musicale during September and October at concerts.

 • La Scena Musicale Subscription Partnership: Arts groups can offer their subscribers a one-year subscription to La Scena Musicale at a 50% reduction ($12.50 including taxes).

Media Contact:
Hélène Cantin
(514) 426-1814


Wah Keung Chan
(514) 274-1128


Benefit Gala Tickets / Billets


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