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Facing the music: Viktoria Mullova, The Guardian, 11/2/2015
Jazz: Three of a kind , Marc Chénard, 11/1/2015
Andrew Gray: From Singer to Choir Conductor , Christine Man-Ling Lee, 11/1/2015
Jon Vickers , Richard Turp, 11/1/2015
Irving Guttman and his Legacy , Richard Turp, 11/1/2015
Music for the Unthinkable: Composer Jürgen Simpson talks Air India, David Gordon Duke, Vancouver Sun, 10/31/2015
Georg Friedrich Haas: ‘We live between contrasts', Gavin Plumley, The Guardian, 10/31/2015
William Kentridge on Lulu: 'You know there’s going to be a body on stage', Seth Colter Walls, The Guardian, 10/31/2015
Facing the music: Kim Brandstrup, The Guardian, 10/26/2015
Willard White, opera singer: ‘The bass voice is often seen as the voice of God. But it’s good at being the devil too’, Fiona Maddocks, The Guardian, 10/25/2015

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