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Emily D’Angelo: "Stay grateful and remember that it's not about me", Joseph So , Musical Toronto, 3/21/2016
Ask Doctor K: Music is effective therapy in improving medical outcomes, Your Houston News, 3/16/2016
10 Questions for Composer Errollyn Wallen, Jessica Duchen, The Arts Desk, 3/16/2016
Clara Rockmore: Story of the theremin virtuoso who inspired Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, Cara McGoogan, The Daily Telegraph, 3/10/2016
Facing the music: Renaud Capuçon, The Guardian, 2/8/2016
Daniel Taylor: Carols for the Canadian Winter , Catrin Dowd, 2/1/2016
Women on Strings: Julie Triquet and Yukari Cousineau , Michèle-Andrée Lanoue, 2/1/2016
Victoria Livengood: From the farm to the Met, Roy C. Dicks, The News & Observer, 1/17/2016
Milestones in Yehudi Menuhin's Career, As Told by the Man Himself, Strings Magazine, 1/10/2016
Opera star Ermonela Jaho: from communist Albania to New York, Teresa Levonian Cole, expat lives, 1/9/2016

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