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Taylor Swift donates $50,000 to Seattle Symphony, Brendan Kiley, Seattle Times, 12/3/2015
The 10 best Canadian classical albums of 2015, Matthew Parsons and Robert Rowat, CBC, 12/2/2015
TSO Announce Modest 2014-15 Annual Surplus, Michael Vincent, Musical Toronto, 11/24/2015
Music matters most in new production of Elektra, Arthur Kaptainis, Montreal Gazette, 11/23/2015
Elektra will take the top of your head off, Robert Kilborn, Westmount Magazine, 11/23/2015
After Paris attacks, Toronto's Opera Atelier opens defiantly, CBC, 11/19/2015
Sound and Music survey highlights problems faced by composers, Classical Music Magazine, 11/16/2015
A high-tech work of Wagnerian scale is being staged across Los Angeles, Alex Ross, The New Yorker, 11/13/2015
Liselyn Adams's Favourite Art Song , 11/11/2015
CBC Music dishonest in promoting ‘Canada’s Greatest Music Class’ contest, Bramwell Tovey, Globe And Mail, 11/2/2015

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