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Summer Festivals 2003 Festivals d'été


Distribution A — 40,000 copies
Montreal ...24,400
Quebec City ... 5000
Province of Quebec ... 3600
Ottawa-Gatineau ... 5000
Rest of Canada ... 1800
International ... 200

Distribution B — 20,000 copies
Toronto / Southern Ontario ...10,000
Winnipeg ... 2500
Edmonton ... 2500
Calgary ... 2500
Vancouver ... 2500

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June 2003 - La Scena Musicale's 7th Annual Summer Festival Issue

June 2003 features our 7th Annual Summer Festival Guide containing comprehensive listings and schedules of Canadian classical music festivals, and a look at Canadian Jazz festivals.

Distribution for this special issue will increase from the normal 40,000 copies to 60 000 copies. As a result the total distribution of the Festival Issue will be as follows:

Distribution A
- 24,400 in Montreal
- 3600 in the province of Quebec
- 5000 in Quebec City
- 5000 in the Ottawa-Hull region
- 1800 in the rest of Canada
- 200 outside of Canada

Distribution B
* additional copies
- 10,000 in Toronto and area
- 10,000 in Western Canada (2 500 each in Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver)


  • The June Summer Festival Issue will include details of all Canadian summer classical music festivals at no charge. The information will also be available at La Scena Muscale's award winning website <http://www.scena.org>
  • Canadian Jazz festival descriptions will be listed free of charge. Individual concerts can be listed for $15 each.
  • Map of Canada. For the 2nd year in a row, a Map of Canada will display the location of Canadian festivals (over 85 in 2002).
  • For the inclusion of a festival logo, an additional charge of $50 will apply.
  • Special split run for glossy colour ads.
  • Non-Canadian Listings. Listings are available to non-Canadian festivals and are free with a minimum purchase of a 1/4 page ad. Without an ad, a $50 fee applies. * Listings will include: festival name, address, website, dates, and up to a 50 word description of the festival. * Individual concerts can be listed for $15 each.

Fill out the festival listing form (Download Word format or PDF format). Deadline: May 1, 2003

Deadline for festival listings: May 7, 2003

Advertising in the June Festival Issue:
• pay only 20% more for 50% more copies
• Advertise in June and save 30% on May or July/August
• Advertise in June and save 40% on May and July/August
• Special split run for glossy colour ads.

See the promotion

Advertising Rates (PDF format)

For more information: Visit http://ads.scena.org

(514) 948-2520


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